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83 comments on “Aaron Wawra”

  1. Words cannot describe how much of a tragedy this is. I remember entering year 7 and I started catching the bus I was introduced to you my mate and after that you had to be the funniest guy I knew. You were a wonderful person you managed to turn anyone’s life the right side up. I wish I got to know you better but in the short time that I did it was an amazing time.
    Fly high mate you will be missed.
    Love Baylee

  2. Aaron, You were the brightest of young stars. Your energy, sense of fun and joy of life were so infectious one could not help but be lifted in your presence. I have witnessed the devastating loss felt by your Nan, Diana, your Mother Christy, Sister Adele, Uncle Mike and family, Uncle Luke and Greer, even Blakey seems to be at a loss sometimes. As for my own feelings, it still seems unreal that we won’t see you again, we won’t get to see what amazing things you would have achieved, all the while making it all fun and seem so easy taking it all in your stride. So proud to have known you. From Shakespeare’s Hamlet – “Now cracks a noble heart.– Good-night, sweet Prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!”. Farewell Aaron.

  3. Dear Aaron,
    words cannot describe how much i will miss you, we saw each other a lot over the lat few months, with you driving me everywhere in your yellow car and our late night trips to maccas. You always had a smile on your face and always happy whenever I saw you, even after a long day at uni. I will miss our trips to the 1000 steps even though i complained every time about walking them and also your amazing advice you always gave to me. I will forever love the memories we had.
    Rest in peace Aaron

  4. Our heartfelt condolences to Aaron’s family. A lovely celebration of Aaron’s life. You can be all so proud to have raised such a beautiful son. He has certainly, positively touched so many peoples lives and going to live on in so many people’s hearts.
    Rest In Peace Aaron,
    Love from Wendy, Greg and family.❤️

  5. Dear Aaron,
    Words just don’t truly describe the part you played in my life. You always had a contagious energy that was always around everywhere you went or a smile on your face. Your energy was annoying from time to time, but boy that’s what i loved about you. You gave everyone a boost in life. You were always there to put a smile on my face or anyone else’s face. The fun times we shared will forever be in my heart. You supported me whenever things got tough, you helped me at school and you always wanted to see me smile. I remember the time when you said you love it when i smile and on that day it left an everlasting memory. Although we were in different year levels, that never stopped us from bonding. I always loved the times we saw each other at school and said hello to each other and it always lead into a great conversation with us smiling the whole way through us talking. It’s sad and very tough to believe you are gone, you were gone too soon. Forever in my heart, forever with me and never forgotten. Miss you bro. Rest In Peace.
    Love from Kallen

  6. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal
    Love leaves a memory no one can steal

    Rest n Peace Aaron

    Love from Barry and Shirley

  7. Dear Aaron, words can’t describe how sorry I am for the way we parted and if I could go back in time our last conversation would go a lot differently. You were an amazing friend and I will never be able to thank you enough for the effort you put in to bringing a smile to my face when you knew I needed it. You had so much light and energy even while you were with us hardly ever would you’re charisma go unnoticed, it seemed as if you were incapable of entering a room without drawing some kind of attention to yourself whether it was because you were telling a story or just loudly saying hello to the class as you entered. I will miss your sense of humour and the way you could anyone laugh so easily, I won’t ever forget you and my heart goes out to your family for I can’t even imagine the deeper impact this would be having on them right now. Rest In Peace and fly high, you’re beautiful soul will never be forgotten ❤️

  8. My heartfelt sympathy to all who loved Aaron. I only met Aaron once, he spoke to me like he’d known me forever, I knew from that moment that he was kind and loving.
    Christy, you raised and gave the world an amazing young man, he will live on forever in your memories and in your heart.
    Fly High Beautiful Boy

  9. Dear Aaron,
    My love for you is immeasurable. I remember that fateful day were Will asked me, ‘Do you mind if I add my friend Aaron to the call?’ I will forever remember beatboxing, singing at the top of our lungs, dancing, goofing off and playing video games into the early hours of the morning. Today while I eat some honorary spaghetti bolognese with 2 extra spoons of sugar I think back on all the memories we made. Every brief moment I spent with you I will cherish forever. I will never forget how much of an impact you had on my life. I will always think of you; whenever I go ice skating, whenever I ride a scooter, play a game, make a discord call. I will forever remember the times we would try our best in WoW PVP and get smashed, I will forever remember the times when we fanboyed over Bajheera so hard we server transferred just to join his guild. I remember we would talk for hours on end and never get bored. I remember we would goof off and mess around on video chat until there was no more to do. Every day I miss you more and more, but my love for you grows ever stronger with time. I will forever be grateful for the way you touched my heart. Azzagon the (not so) Patient I will forever be in debt for the joy you have brought into my life and although I may not have had the privilege of visiting you one last time I will forever cherish every message, call and word we shared. You were truly my brother, and my heart aches that I cannot hear your voice one more time. Until we meet again, fly high, rest easy, I love you man.


  10. Dear Aaron,
    It’s hard to fathom how much of a difference any one person can have on a life. I remember downloading WoW of the first time, Will had told me it would be fun. A few short days later Will asks me that one fateful question, ‘Can I add my friend Aaron to the call?’ Never had I thought one moment in time could change my whole life forever. Everyday beyond that single moment I have thought of you. I would be so excited to come home and play games with you; your infectious personality and joy radiated through your voice, your words, through the screen. I remember when I first visited you in Melbourne, it’s like all things were right in the world. I could never be sad in your presence, you lifted me higher than I could ever imagine and however brief our moments together were I will forever love you for everything you gave to me. I remember beatboxing in skype calls, dancing to songs in the back of the car on the way to the beach, teaching me how to ice skate, teaching me to be open and confident, teaching me to love myself for who I am, and to love others for who they are. I remember yelling random songs at the top of our lungs while goofing off in a video chat. I remember you would always take your shirt off and rub your nipples like a goof, I thought it was so funny. For you I will forever be Jamoi, Tamsin will be Tommy and we will be eternally grateful for the impact you had on our lives. I remember going to wet and wild, you had the most perfectly timed jokes. I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch Log Horizon or My Hero Academia again without thinking of you, so much of what I love is thanks to you. I will always remember the time we spent together, the times we spoke, the times we laughed , the times we cried, the times we stayed up until the sun came up playing way too many video games. The time you taught me how to fish my foot (I’m still not very good). The times we would spend 10 hours in a call doing nothing but talk. Just know, whenever I play games, make spag bol, put on a pair of skates, play baseball, fish my foot, go to the beach, beatbox, sing songs at the top of my lungs, open my phone, ride my scooter or speak with one of the many people that I met through you, I will be thinking of you. Our friendship only grew stronger with time, and I’m going to miss seeing that smile. It’s safe to say I can call you my brother. Your year 8 art project will forever be on my wall and you will forever be in my heart. Azzagon the Patient (You always chose that title because it was the least fitting title) I will forever miss you and love you. I will always have you in my heart, you will always be part of me, you will always be my best friend. Rest easy big man.


  11. Dear Aaron,
    Hard to write this for you. My goodness what an impression you made on those around you. The fact that so many teachers have left comments is testament to what a wonderful and likeable young man you were. I remember you to my right, English class, year 8, year 10. I was your English teacher and it was a fun and enjoyable class with you in the room. A wonderful jokester but always polite. An incredible, self-deprecating, intelligent and likeable young man. You had a special presence.

  12. Hey Aaron.
    Will miss your amazing infectious smile. You were always a joy to have here.
    I remember the excitement on your face when you got to drive my trains, and the first time we did shooters at a party.
    My heart goes out to your family, what amazing parents you have to have had an awesome son.
    We all will miss you always.
    Michelle , Julie and Lachlan and Maddie..

  13. Aaron, one of my lil brothers – it hurts so much that you’re gone mate, but i hope you know up there that you’ll never be forgotten. The smile you’ve always brought with you has inspired mine every single day; and we’ll never forget the beauty in life you made sure we all found and shared with you.

    i love you so much mate; so blessed to have met you in on your year 7 camp and the lil brothers i watched grow alongside you then. you’ll forever be missed azza, keep smiling up there!!

    my deepest condolenses and sympathies for aaron’s beautiful family and friends.


  14. I remember your energy, your smile and your husky voice. I remember your passion for baseball and you were a welcomed and popular student to Marlborough PS. Taken way too soon but you still left a lasting impact. May a star shine brightly in the sky tonight to represent the light you brought to others. Rest in peace. Sending thoughts to your family and friends that will miss you so very much. Mel Douglas – former teacher at Marlborough PS

  15. A few seasons ago it was the end of Kye”s football season breakup party where Aaron attended along with Michelle and his Dad. After awhile someone said we have to get the kids organised playing games, Aaron put his hand up and before long had the oval full of kids playing games. Someone found some baseball bats and balls.That was the end of it, Aaron had kids chasing balls in all direction. A parent watching said lets take this kid on. They came back defeated and commented on his baseball skills and organising of games. They as myself were impressed. One of my memories. Kye’s Grandad.

  16. Although I never taught you, I will always remember your energy at the school swimming carnivals. Your competitiveness and eagerness to just give as many events a go as possible. Always rallying the rest of the school to try their best and help their houses earn points. You were an amazing leader and the world will not be the same without your kind, inviting smile in it.

    Rest in piece super star.

    Mr Starr

  17. What a beautiful service. Our family knew Aaron from his kindergarten and early primary school years. He was a fiercely kind boy with so much energy and he was a great friend to my son. Listening to the tributes tells me he kept those wonderful qualities throughout his life.
    Sending love to Christy, Adele and Dennis at this devastating time.

  18. Dear Aaron,
    There are no words to express the deep heartache and loss of loosing you, your amazing smiles, and sense of fun, your caring nature, are just some things of the person that you were. I also think of all your wonderful talents ,oh what a dancer, I knew when you were 4, when we danced together, the great sense of rhythm that you had, my heart bursts with pride at being able to call you my grandson. I surely will miss your famous spag Bog, and you!, finally getting to drive the mustang. and so much more. Your beautiful sole lights up any room, Until we meet again my darling Aaron, May God keep watch, Guard, and bless you. Love Eternal, from your Nan.

  19. I’ve known Aaron all his life. He was an amazing person who always knew how to brighten up a room with his energetic personality. He will be be deeply missed.
    Was a lovely tribute in his honour.
    Stacey & Avalana xx

  20. Dear Aaron,
    Words fail to express how we are feeling at the moment. At this time I draw on memories of how you have touched our lives. You meant the world to your cousin Eliza. Having Aspergers Syndrome she was awkward socially but you always put her at ease. This was demonstrated on Graemes and my wedding day. You were a top barman. You were vibrant and made all of our guests feel welcome and had a laugh with everyone. You mostly made Eliza feel comfortable and safe. She stuck with you for most of the night and you were more than accomodating. Eliza told me she saw you last month in the city. She told me that you hugged her and had a conversation with her. She is devastated as she didn’t realise that would be the last time she would see you. Thank you Aaron for just being you. Love always Joolz, Graeme, Lara and Eliza

  21. Hey Aaron.
    Will miss your amazing infectious smile. You were always a joy to have here.
    I remember the excitement on your face when you got to drive my trains, and the first time we did shooters at a party.
    My heart goes out to your family, what amazing parents you have to have had an awesome son.
    We all will miss you always.
    Michelle , Julie and Lachlan.

  22. Dear Aaron,
    The last four years knowing you were the best four years ever. You were there for me during my darkest days and for that, I will forever be thankful. I’m going to miss all the time you would tell me off for stupid shit I’d do. This year when we started uni I walked into class piss terrified and the second I saw your cheeky smile I knew everything was going to be okay. You will forever be in my heart. I hope you rest easy and hope to see you very soon.
    Sending my prayers and deep condolences to his family and friends. I hope you get through this tough time ❤️.

  23. dear aaron

    thank you for all the amazing memories over the past few years, thank you for making year 12 so much better and putting a smile on my face everyday ! I will cherish those memories forever.

    you will be missed heaps and never forgotten

  24. Dear Aaron,

    I only taught you for a year and your memories of me have probably been replaced with newer and better ones, but I’ll never forget how much light you brought into every Humanities class. You always managed to make me laugh, even when I was in no mood or too busy to do so. I still have the ‘birthday card’ you made me in class one day, after you found out that I had celebrated my birthday and refused to tell you the exact date. I’ll remember the way you always used to say we were best friends because our names rhymed and how you would recite my car registration to me at any given opportunity to prove that you were my friend, because “best friends remember each others car regos, Miss!” I’m so glad to have known you, even if it was only for a little while.

  25. Such a strong family in this terrible time of tragedy . A beautiful moving tribute to a beautiful boy/young man. I blubbered throughout. Christy and Adele you were so strong and will continue to have so many happy memories of your beautiful boy . All our love to the whole family. Lyn and Greg. Leanne Ananda and Lesley ❤️

  26. Dear Aaron,
    It is sad that i am having to say goodbye this soon, when you still had so much in your life to accomplish.
    I cant begin to express how much your presence touched the many lives that you surrounded.
    I will cherish the memories that we had, from being introduced to you as “captain sexy” to our occasional chats where you would simply just ask how i am.
    Those are the simple memories that i will cherish and never forget.
    My wishes and condolences are with your family, and i hope to see you again soon.
    Rest easy beautiful boy.

  27. Dear Aaron,
    Even though I had not had you in my classes since year nine you would never walk past without saying hello with your amazing smile. I am wishing strength and love to your family at this terrible time.
    Helen Trewavis

  28. Dear Aaron,
    Thank you so much for being an amazing friend in my life since we met in year 7. From you dancing at my birthday parties, to me coming to your house for birthdays and drinks.
    Our chats in psych, mentor group and health always made my days at school so much better. You always made me feel included and definitely put a smile on my face everyday. I miss you Aaron. I was so lucky to have met such a bubbly person like you.
    Amy ❤️

  29. Aaron, you always had such an amazing presence. I will forever remember your generosity, positivity and cheeky smile. My love to your family.

    Melissa McMurray

  30. Dear Christy.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to be apart of Aaron’s funeral. What an amazing soul. Not surprised at all that you have raised such a beautiful human being. He is just like his Mum. Sending all of my love to you, Adele and family.

  31. Dear Aaron,
    We will miss your smile and will never forget the way you would bring joy to everyone with your enthusiasm and cheeky personality.
    Your family and friends are incredibly proud of you, and we will continue to look out for each other and keep your memory alive in our hearts.
    Rest in peace.
    Dean, Kate, Chloe & Ben

  32. Dear Aaron,
    You touched the lives of everyone who met you. Your fun energetic presence will be deeply missed.
    I met you in 2006 when Ashleigh and Adele started calisthenics together and forged a strong friendship with your mum. I have so many special and fun memories of
    you and in every one of those memories you were smiling, laughing and enjoying every moment. Your energy and love for life was inspiring and infectious.
    Sending love and strength to Christy, Adele, Den and the rest of your family and friends.
    Love Tracy

  33. Dear Aaron,
    I am beyond grateful to have gotten to know you. Thank you for everything.
    You brought so much joy into my world, especially during a very dark time. Your incredible stories of your friends and family truly highlighted how much you loved them. Your bright big smile will be long engraved in my mind. You lit a spark in me that I hadn’t seen in a very long time.

    I hope you are up there living your best life in baseball and as the life of the party.

    I send love to all of your family and friends. I hope that you find comfort in the arms of others, and the memories you shared.

    Lots of love,
    Ruby xx

  34. Dennis, Christy, & Adele,
    We cannot comprehend what you are going through right now. No parents or siblings should have do do what you have had to do today. Words cannot express the depth of our sorrow. Clearly a larger than life character, Aaron will doubtless shake up the Swim Team, Recorder Group, BMX Team and Baseball Team in heaven. Rest in peace young man. Always in our hearts.
    Ros, Ian, Sally, Kate & Ian

  35. Dear Christy, Dennis and families,

    Words cannot express how we are all feeling about Aaron’s passing, he has gone too soon. We cannot think about Aaron without remembering his beautiful smile, his infectious laugh but especially how he would always take time to stop and say hello when we saw him at Billabong Park.

    All our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

    Yours in baseball, Lauren, Justin and Samuel Buttigieg

  36. Dear Christy and Adele
    thank you for sharing this lovely service with us all on video streaming. I am so deeply sorry for your loss and remember you talking about some of Aaron’s escapades while we were at work. The board shorts at the swimming carnival brought a smile to my face, and I remember hearing about the unlikely academic award!

    As a mother, I can’t imagine what you are going through dear Christy but can only aspire to being such a loving and giving mother as you are, who helped to make her child’s short life such a full and joyful one.

    lots of love from Sandra, Alice and David

  37. Dear Aaron,
    I first met you when you were in my Year 9 Science class. You were always the life of the class. You were always so friendly, energetic and genuine. You were a pleasure to teacher and we were are all the better for knowing you. You will always be remembered.

  38. Dear Aaron,
    thanks for all the great memories, In the 8 years I’ve known you, you’ve always made me smile, from being “Mr Presley” in our grade 6 production, to all of the inter-school baseball teams and just seeing you at school for those many years, it has been a pleasure getting to know you. Thanks for always being there to talk to about anything and thanks for being my friend, I will miss you.
    Prayers for your family xoxo
    love Kefford

  39. Dear Aaron,
    words cannot describe how much i will miss you, for the 5 years that i had known you there was never a day where you didn’t make me smile, my favourite memory together was when we’d walk into mentor group together every Thursday morning and we would do the weekly quiz, all the teachers and students were shocked at how we would always win, but little did they know we would just wait for the answers and say we got them right because we were too lazy to actually do it. Thank you for all the times we spent together and cheering me up when i was down i will forever be great full for that. Your memory will forever stay in my hart and mind, i will love you always.
    Rest easy Aaron xx

  40. We love you Aaron you’ll never be forgotten. From your cousins up in Townsville rest in peace xx

  41. Dear Christy, Ekkehart and I are with you in heart and spirit at this time. Although we had not met Aaron, we knew of him through your love and joy and enthusiasm to be his mother. We knew that both your children bought you so much joy and satisfaction in life and you loved living in a household together.
    We send you and your family our love, and hope that we can be a friend to you in the months to come.

    with love and deepest,deepest sympathy

    Marion & Ekkehart Mundana

  42. Dearest Christy and family ❤️❤️ Thank you for allowing myself and others To share in this beautiful but very sad celebration of Aaron’s life .. my uttermost sympathy and sorrow for your loss , you are in my prayers and thoughts .. love and hugs for you Christy

  43. What a truly vibrant unique young man! A credit to you both Christy and Den. An incredible loss to all that crossed paths with Aaron. Sending all my love to Christy, Dennis, Adele and to all the extended Wawra and Morris families. My heart breaks for you all.
    Love Michelle (Dishy)

  44. Dear Aaron,
    Thank you for being a great friend in our younger years, I was devastated when I heard the news, I wish I could have caught up with you one last time.
    Sending my love to your family and may fly high, Josh

  45. Beautiful tribute to a wonderful young man. Aaron’s infectious smile and cheeky attitude had all his teachers at Marlborough Primary School wrapped round his little finger. A great Kenny House captain who encouraged all this around him. Deepest and heartfelt sympathy to his family and friends.

  46. Thank you for streaming this service.

    Although I wasn’t a big part of Aaron’s world I feel devastated for his family. My thoughts are with all of you during this very significant and tragic time.

    Take care of each other.
    Big hugs.

  47. Dearest Aaron, although it has been a while, it was an absolute pleasure to have known you and to have been apart of your life. The memories we have shared will last forever and we will always remember the wild, outgoing, courageous, active and fun loving young man you were.
    All of our love, Krystle & Milly xoxoxo

  48. Dear Aaron, from the first words you ever spoke to me, I could tell you were just an amazing character. You brought so much energy and happiness to everyone you met and everything you did. I will never forget you mate. Rest in peace,


  49. Beautiful service guys! Adele and Christy your speeches were perfect! Aaron was such a positive energy, and I think everyone will take away with them a little bit of his enormous enthusiasm for living life. Sending everyone my love,

  50. Such a beautiful service for your beautiful boy. Amazing memories to treasure forever. Sending love to you all. R.I.P Aaron. Gone but never forgotten ❤❤❤❤

  51. There are no words but there are so many lovely memories that Aaron has left behind with all of us.
    A sadly short life with a massive positive impact. He was truly an amazing young man
    Rest easy.

  52. Aaron you were such a kind soul and I’ll always remember your gorgeous smile. Sending love to your family and friends. Lisa Reiner

  53. Thanks for brightening our school days with your antics and awesome sense of humour. Heathmont wasa better place for having you there. Thank you for your kindness, your smiles, your laughter, your wit, your creativity and you big heart. We are both better for having known and taught you.
    Thank you to the family for allowing us to come together to remember your life today.
    Sending all our love,
    Jo Sayer and Fiona McNeal
    (Heathmont College)

  54. Crying my heart out…
    I send you hugs & love Adele, Christy, Den & family
    The most beautiful tribute to a wonderful boy.
    Always & forever ❤️

  55. I never taught Aaron at Heathmont, but have many fond memories of him. The ones that stand out are on Central camp, where both he and Owen got out their mits and started throwing a baseball whenever we had a rest stop. The other was on our walk around King’s Canon. Another student had hurt her knee and without asking Aaron chose to stay back and help this student for the entirety of the 4 hour walk. That’s just how Aaron was!
    He was such a friendly, generous and wonderful person. The world is a sadder place without him.

    Eric Yeap

  56. Dear Aaron,
    We didn’t talk much, but I remember looking up to you when I met you in primary school. You were a year older than me as well as being a house captain, and we had been in the same class since you moved. I had precisely remembered how I was so young and so in love with playing computer games like warcraft, where you heard from a table away, and had gotten so excited that someone else had played the same game as you. You spoke with such light in your voice and a spark in your eyes while asking me what my favourite races were and what I didn’t like, to which we had simply bonded over such a small similarity – it was severely the memory that had stuck out to me, and what I’ll remember forever. Your presence had not only comforted myself, but everyone around you, and I thank you for being the angel who sadly had to go so soon. I hope that wherever you are, you are content, happy and at peace with yourself.
    Rest in paradise Aaron,
    Kyla <3

  57. Dear Aaron,
    While I never taught you, you were always a great presence at Heathmont. You were always up for a chat and made everyone you saw feel welcome and were genuinely interested in what people had to say. We are all poorer that you are not with us, but we are all richer for having had known you.
    With love,
    Mathew Steen

    1. Dear Aaron,

      Thank you for everything ever since we met. Thank you for being my first friend at school. Thank you for showing me the joys of the things you’ve showed me throughout the years. Thanks for being my first kiss I guess. And just like in League, If you were in trouble, I would be there to support you as best as I can. Goodbye Aaron.


  58. Dear Aaron,
    Gone too soon – your beautiful soul will always shine bright and we will smile when we spot the brightest star in the sky and reminisce the good times spent with you. Your cheeky grin, charismatic charm, kind heart and awesome sense of humour has touched so many people and you will live on in our memories. Rest In Peace Aaron. Love always from Ange, Dave, Rhianna and Macie xxx

  59. You, Aaron, were a cheeky bugger; in the absolute best sense of the term.
    You were bright, bubbly, kind, daring and full of joy. We are better for having had you in our lives; and worse for having lost you.
    You might have been a good ‘stand-in’ for Mr McFadden on the last day of school; but nobody can ever be a stand-in for you.
    Rest easy.
    I write it with a watery smile, but a smile nonetheless. You wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Thank you for leaving us better than you found us,
    Love always, Miss Metcalfe.

  60. Aaron, words can not describe how heartbroken I am. Although we weren’t best mates, we did share some amazing memories together that I will forever cherish. Keep smashing those down balls mate. Rest in Peace❤️

  61. Dear Aaron,
    I’m glad i had the chance to know you through Maddie. Ill never forget drinking with you at her 18th and i wish i had more of a chance to know you but i treasure what i did have. Its going to be hard for a lot of people who knew you because you made such an impact on peoples lives. Sending my thoughts and love to the family & friends.
    Ashleigh Griffith

  62. Dear Aaron,
    It’s hard to say goodbye to you. We knew each other from Heathmont. You were easy going and funny. Every time I saw you, you always had that cheeky and bright smile. You were a genius! You said you never did homework but you could still pass all of your SACs! We had method, psych, further together. You always sat next to me or in front of me when we had the exams. I taught you to speak Cantonese and Mandarine. The last time I saw you was at Code, I wish we could go clubbing together again. I miss your laugh, smile and hugs. I could not sleep for the whole night when I knew you passed away. You said you missed me and would hangout with me when I get back to Melbourne… It was a pleasure to be friends with you. Rest easy.

  63. Dear Aaron,
    You are so friendly to our international students at Heathmont College. You even offered to pick up our international student who would return to Melbourne for his new university life this February.You are a great young man and you will always have a place deep in our hearts.

  64. Dear Aaron, you were always a happy and joy to have in class. I will always remember your kind and friendly soul. Rest in peace. Angelina Rosas-Ortiz

  65. Dear Aaron,
    I hope that wherever you are, you are at peace. You were such a light to everyone around you.
    I promise that we will all take good care of your friends and family through this tough time.
    Keep the party going for us all. xx
    All of my love, Alex

    1. The world is less a place now youre not here Aaron. Loved running with you in Marlborough Primary School Trailblazers running club. Treasured your beautiful smile and ever glass half full, inclusive, caring, happy way you lived life. You were at Marlborough a short time but the impact you made in that short time lives on. Thinking of all who were touched by you and feeling the pain, sorrow and loss that will always be there in the hole you have left behind.
      RIP beautiful Aaron xo
      Jane Barnes

  66. Thank you for bringing so much joy to our classes since Year 9, Aaron! We will all miss you dearly and are soo lucky to have had the joy of knowing you. I hope you’re living your best baseball dreams. <3 Madeleine Khoury

  67. Aaron, your cheeky smile and sense of humour will long be remembered. I was blessed to have you in my mentor group. You brought a sense of fun whilst helping younger students to develop a sense of responsibility. The world is a poorer place for having lost you but a much richer place for having had you. Rest easy.

  68. Dear Aaron,
    no words can make this day or any day in the future easier for those who loved you but your infectious smile and presence will be remembered.
    Sending love to your family and friends.
    Rachael Kennedy

  69. Dear Aaron,
    It still feels surreal. We miss you so much. You were an awesome friend and so full of love and joy. Thank you so much for being a part of our lives.
    Sending our love to your family and friends.
    Mia and Daniel

  70. Dear Aaron,
    It was my pleasure to be your teacher for 2 years of Psych. You were always in a good mood, massive smile on your face, ready to debate most of what was said. Always friendly and kind. We discussed your baseball and my softball at the start and end of almost every class. You absolutely loved talking about how you played and what went on in your games.
    Outside of the classroom you said hello every time you passed me. You should have used my last name but you never did, and as many students have commented, you got away with it because you were lovable cheeky.
    I can see you doing all these things and more in another place now….
    Meagan Merlino

  71. Dear Aaron,

    It is so sad to lose you from our Networking classes at RMIT. Your bright happy smile and friendliness will be missed by us all!

    May this very challenging time pass as smoothly as possible for all your family and friends.


  72. Dear Aaron,
    No words come to my mind, my heart breaks for your Mum, Dad and Adele, let alone your family and friends.
    I will miss your cheeky smile and big personality, Our last chat in June was you at home in the kitchen telling me how great you can cook now and saying we should have a cook off (spag bog I think it was) I loved the way you always came and spoke to me when I visited,.
    We talk of our camping trip in Rosebud and you being super excited for Alex and Nathan to take you to the skate park.
    You leave us all with only great memories and your amazing smiles that lights up any room and heart. Your friendly acceptance of everyone sets you apart from others.
    You are an amazing young man and will be missed by more than you will ever know.
    It seem so unfair why you where taken way too soon, this doesn’t make sense to any of us that such a beautiful sole has been taken away way before his time.
    Sending you a peaceful passing with hugs,love and light.
    All our love Michelle, Alex , Nathan Johns,

    1. Dear Aaron,
      I loved listenig to your Mum telling me about your acheivements and shenanigans. I remember how thoughtful you were by setting up the Wii in case Liam felt uncomfortable around a lot of strange people at your Mum’s 50th. You have touched many peoples lives and will be truely missed. Rest in peace.

    2. Today, although far away, separated by border restrictions, we still gathered in spirit and in our hearts for this beautiful celebration of Aaron’s life. We cried a lot but we also laughed as we remembered that cheeky smile, his humour and his antics and with gratitude to Christy, Dennis, Adele and friends for bravely sharing your beautiful stories and memories with us. Thank you. I know Jamie has his own words he wants to say for Aaron, but I also wanted to say that the whole Bailes Family, Jamie, Tamsin, Alistair and myself were all there with you today every step of the way and despite the distance, will always be. With Love Always xoxo

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