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  1. Dear Paula,
    I am so sorry to see that Adrian passed away quite soon after Paul.
    You gave Adrian a beautiful farewell and celebrated a life well lived.
    I saw that you watched Paul’s service and read your lovely words – thank you.
    With heartfelt sympathy to you and your family as we share this time of grief.
    Maureen Mutimer

  2. Dear Paula
    thank you for including us in A’s farewell and what a wonderful celebration of his life you all prepared A was with you all there and very proud of you all especially your grandchildren
    You have such wonderful memories to help you through your grief and healing and great friends to hold your hands and walk beside you
    Take care Paula
    Sending you love and light
    Brenda and Pat Amos

    1. Thanks Brenda. Hope to see you when next in Melbourne. Missing A so much but getting on with life Love Paula

  3. Dearest Paula what a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man.
    His hearing hands were what helped through many a difficult time.
    He has left a wonderful legacy in his beautiful children and grandchildren so much love and kindness was obviously shared wth you all. Everyone spoke so beautifully about the man he was he would have been very proud.
    We will all miss him very much.
    Love to you all.

    Leeanne Ambrose xx

  4. Wonderful service in honour of a special bloke. Well done and A will be proud of such a beautiful and strong family. Heartfelt condolences and wishing you all best wishes for the present and future
    With love from Malcolm, Lucy and Peter

  5. Wondeful service in honour of a special person. Beautiful and strong family. Well done to you all.
    Heart felt condolences and wishing you all best wishes for the present and future
    With love from Malcolm, Peter and Lucy

  6. Dear Paula, Jolyon and Lara,
    I was so honored to be included in the viewing of Adrian’s service. It was wonderful to see all your faces even though it was under such sad circumstances. My heart goes out to each of you during this difficult time. My father, Robert Proudlock, always enjoyed Adrian’s correspondence and I know he was waiting at the gate for Adrian’s arrival with a welcome drink. Much love sent to all of you, Wendy

  7. Thank you so much for letting us all join the lovely service to A and for giving us the privilege of being able to say goodbye with you. Thank you all too for your beautiful heartfelt eulogies, enabling us to share and remember him with you. You and A, Paula, did it right raising such a family! I haven’t seen you for a long time but I share missing him; you are not alone. I shall miss arguing osteopathy and whether the SI joint moves or the cranium moves. I shall never forget your kindness in 1973 when you didn’t have two ha’pennies to rub together but you cleared out your garden shed & made it comfortable for two weary backpackers to stay for several months. And you taught Jane to make banana bread.
    RIP A, I shall miss you.
    My love to you all
    Nick xxx

  8. So surprised and shocked. As you know, with great good luck Adrian had been turning up over the last few months and we’d treat each other for various aches and pains. Adrian certainly won in the category of most ailments but despite this he was as robust and combative as ever. So glad I was able to spend the time over the last months with him after knowing him for so many years. It was a real pleasure hearing A reflect on his life as we sat at the beach and ate our sandwiches. Very many good memories and glad to hear it seems the family had time to gather before he went out, no doubt remaining engaged with life to the very end.

  9. Dear Paula and family,
    What a lovely service and a fitting tribute to Adrian. He will certainly be remembered for his great osteopathic work, humour and teaching at Brighton Spine and Sports Clinic. Our best wishes to you all.
    Love Victor and Lucy Wilk

  10. Dear Paula and family. So sorry to hear about A’s passing. Thank you for sharing such beautiful memories of such a full and special life. Thinking of you all at this time. Min and Charles Dell.

  11. Dear Paula,
    A beautiful service and thank you for sharing it with us. A will certainly live on through our memories and the wonderful generous qualities and love that he’s passed on to Joly, Lara, Max, Ollie, Millie and Fleur.

    Penny, Nick, Daniel and Leo xx

  12. Dear Paula, dear Good family,

    we feel with you from far away and are thankful for making it possible to watch this moving farewell, listen to these wonderful tributes and see these lovely pictures of a happy man and his loved ones.

    Our heartfelt condolences from the Sugg family in Germany.
    Lydia & Anton with Nina & Timo

  13. What a wonderful tribute. Seeing his adoring family up there all recounting those happy memories is testament enough to the man he was. He would have been hugely proud of you all I’m sure. Unbelievably brave and positive right until the very end. I will forever remember that cheeky grin, love of life and laughter, endless stubbornness and arguments with my dad- neither one of them backing down, teaching me how to cut a mango and introducing me to the (terrible!) judge Judy show! My second family down under. Gone but certainly never forgotten! Honoured to have known you, A. Rest easy. Much love Beth and family xxx

  14. Dearest Paula,

    What a lovely service and magnificent tribute to Adrian.
    We will miss him very much.

    We send our love to you and all your family.
    Graham and Brigitte

  15. Dear Paula and family,
    Thank you so much for enabling us to be part of A’s farewell from the other side of the world.
    That was a splendid thanks-giving service and everyone who managed to speak at such a difficult time should be so proud of themselves. The music and photos brought back so many memories of A’s energy and zest for life.
    We send you all our love and will be thinking of you as you support each other and adjust after your sad loss,
    Jan John Spence

  16. Dear Paula, Jolyon and Lara,
    Lovely thoughtful service, and a great send off for A. The comments expressed mirrored our own.
    A ‘s dynamic and inspirational personality, touched all of us, and he left his mark on all those he encountered, and in the interests and activities in which he participated.
    Tom comes down tomorrow, there will be much reminiscing, much laughter, tears no doubt, and many a glass raised to him as we celebrate his life and lasting legacy.
    Keep him alive in your hearts, as, indeed we will.

    Anne and John Ellison, and all the Ellisons. colleague and friends.

  17. Dear Paula and family,
    What a lovely and fitting tribute to Adrian- we have reminisced about him at work over the last few days and what a fantastic clinician he was.
    We remember all the Xmas parties and fun times we had together at BSSMC.
    Best wishes,Nigel and Kim Mitchell

  18. Beautiful Memories
    are wrapped in
    Ribbons of the Heart
    Farewell Adrian
    Who will I have to squabble over bidding and reversing in Bridge
    A beautiful service
    Rest in Peace

  19. Dear Paula, Joly, Jayne, Fleur and Millie and Family,
    We watched the beautiful service today and were swept up in the strong emotional family tributes to Adrian. What a wonderful man he was and how much he influenced everyone who met him with his positivity and humour.

    Knowing his family, we can see the impact he had in shaping the values of all those around him and especially his grand children who spoke so lovingly of him with their memories. We liked his philosophy and love of family and life.

    Love to you all.

    Bob and Carole Boyd

  20. Dearest Paula,

    What a lovely service and a magnificent tribute to Adrian. We will miss him very much.

    We send you and your family all our love.

    Graham and Brigitte

  21. Dear Paula, Joly, Jayne, Millie, Fleur, Lara, Max, Ollie and family
    Such a beautiful tribute to a wonderful husband, father and grandfather.
    Sending all our love and thoughts to you at this sad time.
    Love Lou, Matt, Mia & Thomas Gault xx

  22. Beyond words. Beautiful words. A was very special. You, and we his friends, were lucky to have had him in our lives. But he was also lucky to have such a wonderful family and friends around him. My candle for him is still burning, but will go out. His light will never die.
    Sending love and grateful thanks for so many happy memories from England.
    Jane, and all the Handolls xxx

  23. Thanks, Paula, Jolyon and Lara….a great send off for A. The sentiments shared mirror our own. A dynamic and inspirational personality left a mark in so many different fields and ways. Tom is due down tomorrow, no doubt many memories, much laughter and definitely some tears will be shared and accompanied by many glasses raised to a dear friend and colleague.

    With our love to you all.

    Anne and John Ellison

  24. Paula and family,
    What a beautiful service and tribute to a life so well lived. The love he had for all of you and you for him was there in every word, and the special place that he held in so many people’s hearts. And what an inspiring next generation you and he have helped to create.
    Sending you love and strength,
    Louise, Ben and Annie

    1. My dear Paula, Joly and Lara, Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful, loving and moving farewell to A and a wonderful celebration of his life with such lovely , brave tributes from you all. I watched it at 11am UK time with a candle burning and shed a few tears. A will always be in our hearts and minds …he was a truly special person and we will certainly keep talking about him.
      All my love Ingrid and family . Xx

  25. Paula and Family,
    What a wonderful tribute this morning to Adrian and the life he fulfilled.
    We were sorry like so many others that we could not be there but through the wonders of modern technology we’re able to attend in spirit (if not in person).
    We have our own memories of our times with you and Adrian, the days in Gladstone Street, Camping at the Prom, enjoying the surfing on our ‘Goat Boats’ and the street get together.
    Our thoughts are with you all.
    Carol and Peter

  26. A moving & loving service Paula, I now know why both of you have been & are very proud grandparents. It seems all our memories of Adrian are similar with his infectious humour, goodwill & his passion in his beliefs. We feel truly honoured to have called him a friend & the world is poorer from his passing.

    Our love & warm wishes to yourself & family & whilst you each move forward with him in your heart , Adrian’s legacy to each of you will live on.

    Joan & John Richardson

  27. Adrian was a fabulous man and we will really miss him.

    The service was beautiful, and so sad.

    Adrian patched me up many times and there was always a great conversation to go with each treatment. And lots of laughs.

    Lots of love to Paula and Joly and Lara and the Good family

  28. Dear Joly and Jayne
    What a beautiful service and wonderful tribute for your Dad.
    Thinking of you all.
    Leesa and John Dennison

  29. Dearest Paula,
    What a lovely farewell and heartfelt tributes to brother A from so many people.
    I’m sure this is in no small way a tribute to yourself.
    I know how you have acted together as a team for so many years.
    Having set my alarm for 1.30 am this morning in Guildford, UK, Penny and I watched A’s farewell service in our dressing gowns.
    We spoke to cousin Wendy Proudlock in Los Angeles before and after.
    There seemed to be so much love and affection from so many different people.
    We went over to Jo and Ian’s for lunch today in Haywards Heath and drank a toast to A and yourself and the family.
    John and Jan, joined us and we talked about old times and some of A’s jokes.
    The same point came up that the funniest thing was always that he could hardly tell the joke for laughing.
    I suffer in the same way!
    Penny and I are now off back to bed for a bit more shut eye.
    With all our love – Rob and Penny xx

  30. Lovely tribute we laughed and cried too we remember street parties lots of laughter arguments and possums .To all the family with our love Glythyn and Alec Mitch and AlexanderGlythyn and Alec Campbell

  31. To Mrs Good,

    I didn’t know Adrian for long, only a few months, but I feel truely blessed to have known such an inspiring and lively person for even the short time that I did. It is obvious that he lived a fulfilling life full of both people he loved and people who loved, appreciated and respected him. I cannot express how extremely sorry I am for your loss and for the loss of your families but I pray for your healing. May He Rest In Peace.

    Nermin Aljehany – One of Adrian’s Learners

  32. Dear Paula and all of your loving family.
    The tributes paid by you all are a testament to the inspiring influence A had on all your lives – spoken so eloquently and bravely by you all. Well done!!

    Thank you for letting us share in the live stream celebrating A’s life – lived to the fullest.
    Rest in peace, A, and thank you for all the fun memories of all the GOOD times over many years.

    A’s outlook – never a problem, always a solution – will remain with us.
    Much love to you Paula – we look forward to seeing you up here again.

    Jos and Wendy Webber
    Tintenbar Northern NSW

  33. Such a beautiful ceremony. So wonderful to witness a ceremony like this conducted by a person we all love, thank-you Mary and for all of the wonderful contributions by family and loved ones.

    A, you could find humour in any situation, even in your own passing. That is not easy, but it is inspirational. I will miss your good nature, your positivity and your sense of humour, but I am so comforted to see today how much of you will live on through your family, and undoubtedly in generations to come because of that.

    I will remember.

  34. A lovely service Joly, love and best wishes to you and the girls, and the whole family at this tough time.

  35. Dear Paula and Family,

    A beautiful service for a wonderful man. I feel honored to have known Adrian and feel inspired to live a life filled with as much love, laughter, generosity, and adventure. I will miss him.
    We thank Adrian for the dedication and inspiration that he gave to the young people in the L2P program.

    Our deepest sympathy to you all.
    Sarah Massey – Melbourne City Mission

  36. Hi Paula, Jolyon and Lara,

    Well done to you all. It was great to see the live stream and feel as if we were with you. The heartfelt speeches were amazing to listen to, and they said everything about Adrian.
    It was all very moving.
    Rosemary and Brian

  37. Beautiful service which we watched UK time. Felt like we were there with you.
    Thinking of you all and sending our love

  38. Dearest Paula and Family, Jill and I are saddened by Adrian’s passing. I have so many fond memories of times with you when you have attended Rotary functions with Joly. We extend our sincere condolences to you all, and look forward to catching up in the ‘village’. Bob and Jill Richards

  39. To Paula and family

    It was a beautiful and heartfelt service for such a lovely man

    Irene and Hugh xx

  40. To Paula joly Jayne and family
    What a beautiful service you captured and amazing man in more ways than one
    I’m so sorry for Adrians passing
    Shane often spoke of him for his amazing hands that got him to walk which I’m forever indebted to him
    He is at peace now and pain free
    Kindest regards
    Colleen Patterson

  41. We are so sorry for your loss.
    A beautiful service and tribute to a wonderful man.
    Sending you lots of love.
    Kellie, Stewart, Mia & Liam Haddrick Xxx

  42. Dear Good family,
    That was a lovely service& bought many a tear to the eye, A would be so happy and proud of the many loving tributes you were able to convey.
    My thoughts are with you all

  43. Hi Paula
    That was a lovely service. Very emotional. Sorry that Carl and I could not be there to join you. Our best wishes to the Good family.

    Jenny and Carl

  44. Hi Joly, Jayne et al,

    Beautiful service, “A “would be certainly looking down and be so proud and loving of the legacy he has left behind.

    Our thoughts and best wishes to the entire extended families.


    Roger, Lorraine, Alex, Nick & Sam Adams

  45. Paula.

    I am so sorry I was unable to be there in person to celebrate A’s magnificent life.

    I loved, respected and cared deeply for A who loved his family more than anything else.

    Some of my pain lies in thoughts for those who A held closest to his heart and who have lost such a wonderful decent human being who loved being the centre of attention, the excuse for many a Good party.

    Of course that is you, Joly, Jane, Millie and Fleur, Lars, Max and Ollie.

    The remainder is wrapped up in the loss of a friend whose unique manner, style, kindness and laughter fills my heart. I grieve with you.

    I have so many fond memories of growing up with The Goods, the events and celebrations which was shared with a long standing friendship group with familiar faces and a warm embrace. I was privileged to have had one on one time with A as he kept my broken athletes body in great working order over the years where we would spend as much time talking with me as he did to me. He was my Champion.

    I loved him dearly, will miss him enormously and am grateful to be a part a beautiful family who will continue to remind me of the Good influence A had on all of us. In that way, he lives on.

    May He Rest In Peace.

    Kirstie Marshall OLY OAM.
    Hawthorn, Victoria.

  46. Paula, So sorry to hear of Adrian’s passing. Marion and I extend out deepest sympathies to you and your families.
    Starting out as a patient way, way, back in a tiny room in Sandringham on the railway line, right up until Noosaville.
    Adrian became more of a friend to me as time went by.
    I remember all the political, and business discussions we had, Whilst lying on the work table, trying to save the world, each giving each other advise!!
    I’m so,so sorry for you, and your families that he’s gone.
    Barry & Marion Andersen

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