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After watching the service online, if you can leave a guest message to let the family know you have joined into the service, that would be greatly appreciated.

This service will have a password applied once edited, you will then need to contact the family for the password to access.

Following the service, the footage will be posted and you can watch at a later time if you were unable to watch at the time of the service.

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6 comments on “Alan Mackay”

  1. In only 2 years of knowing Alan we have created so many memories!

    He loved going down to lighthouse beach with his dogs but it became difficult when he would have to use his 4-wheel walker (but he was determined to not give up) the walker would obviously get stuck in the soft sand so I would have to tie the dogs leads to the front wheels of the walker and lift the walker slightly so his wheels wouldn’t get stuck (he would always yell mush mush like I was a husky in the snow).

    He also used to buy me flowers from the store down road. He said he would ride his red scooter down and get the shop keepers to pick the best bunch and place it in his scooter. One time he decided flowers wasn’t enough for me but he wasn’t sure what else to buy me so he accompanied a nice bunch of native flowers with a bag of pink lady apples!

    On Friday nights Alan, Daphne, Dan (my partner) and I would go round to Daphnes house to eat takeaway. Dan and I of course loved going purely to hang out with Alan & Daphne but we especially loved laughing with them as Alan would ALWAYS speak softly and mumble and Daphne could never hear so we would end up becoming their interpreters and all laugh the entire night!

    I’m going to miss our beach walks, Friday night dinners, washing your dogs in the pool, helping him work out how to use your phone and listening to all his stories.

  2. It was a truely beautiful ceremony and I am honoured to have been present as you all so lovingly honoured your brother, father, grandfather and friend, and all who loved him.

  3. What a lovely service to celebrate The Captain. Our thoughts are with you all. So wish we could be there to join in with the Whisky and story telling.

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