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59 comments on “Alan Mason”

  1. Al, you were a loving Uncle to our girls, Indigo and Sienna. They always spoke so fondly of you when you came for dinner or when you picked up Coopie. You would often give the girls some tickles when you said hello. Despite the past few years until now, you will always be their Uncle, you will always be my sister in law and Marc will always be your brother in law. You spoke very openly to the Harling family of your struggles with mental health. You fought so hard with this insidious disease which is so prevalent in our society. You were so brave and so strong for so very long.
    We will miss hearing about your bike riding expeditions with your Amtra family, Shaz and your Coopie, watching your motorbike rides on the Harling TV when we had family dinners together. We will miss your incredible infectious humour, quick witt and your ability to fix anything.
    To my dear sister Shaz, you are the bravest, corageous, committed and loving person who held your husband and ex husband’s hand for many many years as Al fought his mental health demons day in day out with you by his side. You helped Al unconditionally for a very long time to rise and take another step forward, to live another day and then another day, providing hope and many more opportunites for memories to be made between Al and Coop and everyone else in Al’s tribe which prevented him from facing this inevitable conclusion.
    Shaz YOU should also be thanked and appreciated!
    To our deerest Coopie, your dad loved you so very much. No words can explain this, only your dad’s actions and committment to raising you and loving you. There is so much of your dad’s charateristics and qualities you possess Coop; your daddy will live on in you forever. We will always be here for your Coopie Woop, your Uncle Marcky will be here for you too mate.

    Some quotes:

    “My only relief is sleep, when I am asleep, I am not sad, I am not angry, I am not lonely, I am nothing.”
    Author: Unknown.

    “What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation”.
    Author: Glen Close

  2. Dear Helena & Ron and Family,

    Please accept our deepest sympathy on the sad and untimely passing away of your beloved Alan. May his soul rest in peace. Be strong and brave during these darkest moments of your lives.

    “To live in the hearts you leave behind is not to die”

    Lynn, Leonie, Heather, Melroy, Ann & families

  3. Dear Helena & Ron and Family,

    Please accept our deepest sympathy on the sad and untimely passing away of your beloved Alan. May his soul rest in peace. Be strong and brave during these darkest days of your lives.

    “To live in the hearts you leave behind is not to die”

    Lynn, Leonie, Heather, Melroy, Ann & families

  4. To my cousin Al, I love you and I’m really going to miss you. Rest In Peace Alan and live on in the memories of your family and friends. With love Leanne, Matt and Declan

    Uncle Ronald, Aunty Helena, Brian, Belinda, Thomas, Olivia, Sharon and Coop you are all in my heart and on my mind, words cannot express my sorrow, sending you all my love and condolences.if there is anything I can do please know that I am here for only a phone call away with all my love Leanne
    “Wishing you love to bring comfort, the courage to face the days ahead, and happy memories to forever hold in your hearts.”

    “ Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, Love leaves a memory no one can steal”

  5. Dear Leny, Ron, Sharon, Cooper, Brian, Belinda, Thomas and Olivia,

    It was a lovely tribute in honour of Alan. We hope that he has now found peace. The bravery and words spoken about Alan were very touching – they made us laugh as well as cry. Our love to you all.

    Jacqui, Hannah, Aaron, Rhiannon and Sally xxx

  6. Thank you for sharing Alan’s final farewell. Condolences to all that were close to him and loved him.

  7. Dear Ron & Helena
    My sincere condolences to both of you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time . RIP Alan you will be missed.

  8. June and Alan Harling
    June Johnson

    Alan was always a thoughtful son-in-law both during and after his marriage ended with our Sharon.
    He struggled so much with his mental health and no longer will he have to endure the voices.
    Finally at Peace and Sleeping peacefully. xx

  9. R I P Al my thoughts are with you all thank you for allowing us to see the service you have all done a great job in tough times rest easy mate sending our love Les Jane Bella and Ebony

  10. Thanks for your time with us Al. Many good fun memories out on the trails.

    Condolences to all. Remember the good times.

  11. I will miss you Alan, I will miss your company and your smiling face and cute nose.
    The time we spent together was very precious to me. You remain in my heart.
    Love Xuemei Ge

  12. A lovely service to celebrate a life lost too soon.
    Our thoughts are with you all at this difficult time.

  13. A fitting farewell for a great bloke. Thanks to Al’s family for sharing the service online.

    Al was one of life’s true gentleman. I always enjoyed our chats when we caught up and have great memories of the rides we did together.

    Hope you’re at peace now Al

  14. A beautiful service to remember Al. Thank you for sharing it with us. He will be missed.
    All our love to Cooper, Leni, Ron, Sharon, Brian, Abel, Thomas and Olivia. You all spoke so beautifully.
    All our love, Tanya and Mitch

  15. Helena Mason

    I would like to thank everyone for the lovely words written about our beautiful son Alan. He will be sadly missed, but he lives on in our hearts and through Cooper.

  16. Thank you so much to Al’s family for allowing us to be a part of Al’s final farewell via live stream. To have been a friend of Al’s and for Al to have called us friends of his we feel truly privileged. We took the opportunity today to go up into the hills in Fumina near one of his favourite riding areas with 2 of his Amtra friends, Rossi and Freddo. We lit a small fire, recounted a few riding memories, had a laugh and had a cry as we remembered the times we shared with our mate Al.
    Rest in peace, wait for us on the corner mate.
    Lots of love Johnny and Grasshopper.
    P.S. Thanks for all the lessons Master.
    (John and Sandra de Goey)

  17. Thank you Al for your support and guidance during the past two years till your last day. I miss you in our work place, but the memories of you will never fade away. Time may heal the anguish of the wound, but the loss cannot be repaired. May God comfort your dear-ones during this tough time and Lord will strengthen Cooper with much-needed peace.

    with Love
    Jogy Cherian & Family

  18. Thank you so very much for allowing me to attend on behalf of all of Al’s cousins. I hope they all know that I lit the candle on behalf of them. Al was an amazing human that always put others needs ahead of his own. He was always so supportive and caring. I loved him for calling and checking in on me. I love him and will miss him terribly. I know that he is now at peace. I will always be there for you Cooper. Love and hugs to all of the Mason family. Take care of each other. Love Chirp and Ash. XX

  19. A beautiful service. Thank you for enabling us to see it.
    You will be missed Al,
    love always
    Kevin and Cindy xxoo
    Big hugs to everyone when i see you all next xo

  20. A lovely service for a great bloke. Our love and thoughts to Ron Helena Brian Belinda Thomas Olivia Shaz & Coop. We will miss you forever Al but we hope that you have now found peace.
    Enjoy that endless ride in the sky mate!
    Love forever Doug Beth Lachlan & Ella

  21. Alan I loved you and I will miss you. I will miss the times we spent together. You are a good friend. I will miss your smiling face and your cute nose!!!

    Love Always

    Xuemei Ge

  22. Very very brave of Cooper to stand for his father in front of family and friends. That’s not an easy thing for anyone to do, so well done Cooper. Thinking of Al and family, best wishes to you all, we hope the passing of time will bring some peace and understanding.

  23. Everyone at AMTRA will miss Al. Thank you for sharing this service online so we could be part of it.

  24. A beautiful service, fitting for a great bloke. We will miss you terribly Al but we hope that you are now at peace. Our thoughts are with Ron, Helena, Brian, Belinda, Thomas, Olivia, Shaz and Coop and all of Al’s close friends and fellow members of the family.
    Enjoy the ride in the sky mate!
    Love forever Doug Beth Lachlan and Ella ❤️

  25. Ours thoughts go out to all of Alan’s family for their grief in the sudden passing. For those who helped him in his dark moments you helped carry him through the tough times. You all helped keep him with his loved ones longer. Rest In Peace

  26. You will always be leading us at Fumina Al. Gee you kept that mullet a secret all these years…

    Thoughts are with your family and friends…

    Rowen Smith & Tim Dykes

  27. Such a beautiful service for Alan from all of the family. Wonderful memories you all have together through the years, with amazing photos & stories you all shared.
    Understand this is a difficult time for you all. Our condolences & thoughts are with you now & always. May Alan Rest In Peace & forever be with you wherever you are & whenever you need.
    Take care,
    Love Always, Steve Young & Family

  28. Very beautiful service. Rest in peace Alan you will be missed.
    Love from your cousin Jeanette

  29. Al, may you have found that peace that you were unable to find in your life. I am going to miss your crazy, wicked sense of humour and the fact that no matter how old we got you still called me ‘Anna Goanna’.

    To Sharon, Coop and family, my heart is breaking for you all. Sending you all the biggest of virtual hugs.
    Love Anna

  30. A very touching service, we felt as though we were there. So many beautiful words spoken, so many great memories shared. We will always miss Al and even though we are not physically there we send you all a big hug. To Al, thanks for being part of our lives and thankyou for making it so much better. We will miss you always.
    Rest in peace mate.

    Love to all the family

  31. Our heartfelt condolences to Al’s family and friends. Al will be deeply missed but never forgotten. A true gentleman who we had the privilege of calling a friend. His passion for riding and passing on his knowledge with much patience will always be fondly remembered. Al, may all your trails be single. Love Helen & Jeff Davey

  32. Thanks for the good times Al, we’ll miss riding with you.
    You’re a great man who will never be forgotten.
    Condolences to family and friends.

  33. Scott Branden here, I only knew Al through work at Ratek, I had looked forward to keeping in touch with Al and possibly getting back to riding off road motorcycles again with his help. My sympathies to his relatives and friends, indeed this is a tragic and sudden loss for us all.

  34. Thanks for the good times Al, we’ll miss riding with you.
    You’re a great man who will never be forgotten.
    Condolences to family and friends.

  35. Dear Aunty Helena, Uncle Ron, Brian and Family,
    My heart goes out to you all, Alan will be truly missed. RIP Al, may the gods and goddesses watch over you and the angles and spirits be with you.
    Love to you all Karen and Family

    1. Dear Leny,Ron,Cooper,Brian,Belinda,Thomas and Olivia,

      We offer you our heartfelt condolences at the passing of Al. Our hearts are broken. We will always remember the good times,the laughter and that wicked sense of humor! Much love to you all, Wilma and Bill. XX

  36. Such a beautiful service filled with laughs, love, courage and honesty. Thoughts go out to all the family at this time as you say goodbye to Alan.

  37. Dear Leny,Ron,Cooper, Brian,Belinda,Thomas and Olivia,

    We send you our heartfelt condolences at the passing of Al. Our hearts are broken, but we will always remember the good times,and that wicked sense of humor! Much love to all, Wilma and Bill.XX

  38. A very sad day – the world has lost a great bloke and we’ve lost a good friend. I will miss our occassional chats and messages.

  39. Very moving service.
    Will always remember the years we worked together at Ratek.
    Rest in peace Alan

  40. Lovely service.

    Rest in peace Al, all of us at Ratek will miss you dearly, thanks for everything mate.

    Our love to all the family from Al’s work family.


  41. A beautiful service, thank you for allowing us to be there.
    It was great to know you Al, and now may you rest in peace. Love to you Shazzy and Coops, and thoughts are with your families. Love Kylie, David, Thomas and Jessica.

    1. Our hearts are broken that you will not be here with us anymore. You were one of the best always thinking of others and checking in on everyone. We will always remember your cheeky laugh and weird sense of humour. We love you Al and hope you are now at peace. You will never be forgotten. Love Midge, Mike, Shannon, Dylan, Jake and Cody. Xo❤️

  42. To Shaz and Coops
    It was a privilege to be part of Al’s farewell today. Love to you both

  43. it was lovely to be able to watch the celebration of Alan’s life and final farewell, he will be missed by everyone
    Harry Hendriks

  44. Alan’s mum it was a nice service, I knew Alan threw my brother, they were in mooroolbark Tec together, it was nice knowing him again being a neighbor. I knew a lot of what he went threw , may he rest in peace and I will truly miss him a top bloke love Natalie ( your neighbour your ear your hug person.)

  45. Hello

    Could you please provide some details as to how the funeral can be live streamed on a tv from the computer?


    1. Al you made such a big dent in this world and in the hearts of all that knew you, that it could never be filled. Will miss you forever, life will never be the same . Coop, Brian, Auntie Helena, Uncle Ron & family my thoughts are with you on this day, may your many great memories ease your pain during this time, it’s not goodbye, just I’ll see you later xo ❤

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