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  1. Pity that I could not watch the funeral, as I do not have the password required by linked-in. Please send if possible to me at my e-mail address.

  2. Alex taught me the essence of soil science, rainwater harvesting and pasture management, and also to read the spiritual in the physical, during my apprenticeship (1973-76).
    A great teacher who understood soil, plant and animal, and taught so many to wake up to what Goethe called “the open secret”! I studied with him in Australia for four years, and we then toured South Africa together, giving lectures in twelve venues where there were interested farmers.
    A group of us then set up the BioDynamic Association of Southern Africa, of which I was initially Secretary/ Treasurer, and many organic initiatives also grew from this pioneering work.

  3. Dear Alex’ s family, I’m sincerely close to your intimate grief and sorrow.

    I would like to share with you a good memory.

    Only once Alex has been visiting Saint Michael Abbay, with the best historian I know.
    He went around a bit bored, he knew all about it already, then he saw the exhibition on our typical carnival masks and finally, he got excited like a kid, eyes wide open and moved, a discussion started with the historian.
    2 unbelievably brilliant minds.

    I am honored to have met him and now we have the task of having to transmit it,
    he was always able to teach us something different.
    Now it is really on us.
    “Endless” thanks, Alex

  4. A new star is shining into the sky…

    My gratitude for Alex is infinite. His impressive humanity and fairness deeply inspired my life’s path and perception of this world.

    Thanks to John Nagorcka I met Alex in Australia at the 2017 BD AGM in Greenwood Orchard. This story sounds like a coincidence that we were both there that day but my heart is convinced it was one of life’s wonderful gifts.

    Thanks to Alex I’m building a BD project and feel fully guided, even though I won’t see him anymore.

    I visited Alex in Australia one month before he passed, as he invited me. I can’t say how blessed I feel for what we shared again.

    Alex was for me the spiritual grandfather that I didn’t get. His legacy is immortal through us practicing BD on earth…

    Sending a big hug of love for Peter, Elfrieda, Katrina and all the De Podolinsky his family for their generosity.

    Alex will remain forever in my heart

  5. Dear Podolinsky Family,
    Alex has enriched so many peoples lives in so many different but important ways. For me, I probably wouldn’t be farming still if it wasn’t for Alex, who made it all make sense for me. The going in, to the wholeness that Alex inspired is a priceless legacy. To his family, may your grief pass tenderly.
    Bless his joyous soul

  6. Dear family of Alex Podolinsky,

    We are saddened to hear that Alex has crossed the threashold, ending his travel on earth.
    He was a great inspiration for the Biodynamic movement worldwide. He had found his own individual approach to the living forces of our earth organism and was able to apply his knowledge and capacities very practically, not only in farm organisms.
    His uncompromising way enabled him to strive for exceptional quality in the development of the soil and to see and explain that quality as expressed in the behaviour of plants. The legacy of his work with the preparations is a major milestone for Biodynamics today.

    Despite our efforts, we could unfortunately not find an appropriate way to cooperate with him within the International Demeter organisation. His consciousness soul abilities seem to have been too far ahead of the necessities and constraints of our actual world imprinted as it is by the intellectual soul.
    His impatience and sometimes harsh judgements were a sign of how much he suffered under this gap.

    He will remain a great inspiration for the Biodynamic movement through all the Biodynamic farmers he has inspired. We will continue to work on the challenges he has given us in the firm hope that he will support us all from the other side.

    With our deep respect towards the achievements of his life.

    Helmy Abouleish, Alexander Gerber, Jean-Marie Defrance,
    Maja Kolar, Alysoun Bolger, Carlo Triarico

    For the Board of Demeter International and the International Demeter community.

  7. Dearest Peter and all Podolinsky Family,
    many thanks for sharing the very important moment of Alex celebration. Our Guide, Teacher and Friend, the most generous friend, always ready to help, suggest and support. Alex I miss you, but you’ll be always in my heart and I know you will be here with me every time I’ll need.
    Maddalena, Edoardo and Tancredi

  8. Alex, I will miss you a lot and I will never be tired of saying thank you.
    Saverio, Brunella and Ettore

  9. Alexei formed our association of farmers (BDAAA) over 70 years ago ,with him we developed the greatest method of agriculture on earth , ever .
    We honour him by our practice of farming , mentoring new members and welcoming back old members who may not have been able to stand by him .
    Indeed he gave us the true reality of life and death . Alexei showed us the air we breath , the warmth we feel , the moisture we need and the earth he wanted .

  10. Dear Katrina, dear Peter, and all Alex’s family, We are thinking of you and are very close to you in this difficult moment. It’s still hard for us to believe that this year Alex will not come, won’t be part of our family even if for few days, will not teach us how to improve in our individual and collective efforts, will not encourage us by telling nice words on how produce, or pointing his finger on our shortcomings. It’s hard for all of us, even the kids, who learned to consider him a member of the family; but we know that it must be much more difficult for you. Love

  11. Many thanks for this opportunity to be present via video at Alex’s farewell amongst the trees, mountains, land that were important to him, and our thoughts to his loved ones during this part of his journey. It’s some 40 years since meeting him, experiencing his generosity, passion, perception – his fire and warmth, his cheekiness, his intellectual depth, his artistic soul, his wisdom. We had a good connection with Alex, Milton and I. We’ve carried him warmly all these years, though seeing him seldom. Life was full and we lived elsewhere, but we lived with gratitude for his insights and support early in the establishment of the Mt Barker Waldorf School in the Adelaide Hills, and his always supportive, though brief, returns to the school and to our own lives.
    Thank you Alex. You have contributed so much to so many, both directly and indirectly. We appreciate you and we’re grateful for you. Go well.
    With love.
    Doreen Mellor & Milton Mellor

  12. My first meeting with Alex was watching “A Winter’s Tale” on the TV and immediately
    knowing this is a great human being dedicated to the earth. Everything in the documentary
    is full of meaning and also full of beauty. This collaboration with the producer and film crew
    achieved something quite unique which immediately engaged my interest. This
    documentary is a great gem and expresses the essence of Alex’s work. With gratefulness for the streaming of his farewell which I could watch in Sydney, and deep gratitude to his family
    for this worthy tribute and for being HIS FAMILY.
    Rose-Marie van Hoogstraten

  13. Dear family and friends

    «Plants grown biodynamically look like pieces of art» is the most important lesson I learnt from Alex. In late 1998 my wife Susanna and I visited Alex in Powelltown. He took us along to farms in Victoria. On a piece of road going north I remarked «on the right is a biodynamic farm» and later «now it ended». Alex said «correct». Starting about 1993 I drove Alex all over Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria to farms he wanted to visit. It was interesting to see how he interacted with people and how he identified cattle from afar (age, number of calfs, quantity of milk). It was as if he was told by the animals. Active Perception. Thank you Alex for teaching me.

    H. John Heer and Susanna Küffer Heer

  14. Dear family and friends of Alex,

    Alex was a great personality of the biodynamic movement. May he find peace on his journey, which leaves this earth. He was a genius and a fighter. His insights into the life of soil and plants and his commitment to the preparations were deep and burning.
    Sometimes it was difficult for us to accept each other’s views and ways of thinking. However, we stayed in touch as much as possible. His work was seen and respected by the Section and we are grateful to him for it.

    Please take our condolences on behalf of the worldwide circle of people who act biodynamically onthe basis of anthroposophy. May the Spirit of the Earth bless Alex.

    For the Section of Agriculture at the Goetheanum
    Ueli Hurter
    Head of the Section

  15. It is a privilege to view, through the funeral celebration, the sweep
    of the years of Alexei de Podolinski’s life in this incarnation – his world purpose and mission creating the passage of individual pictures in time.
    I was stirred watching the funeral streamed online. And my reflection on what Alexei has meant to me came to me in that very word – “stirred”. I am a drop of water in the sea of humanity. My destiny brought my droplet to Alexei’s buckets of 500 and 501 and I was “stirred” , down to the bottom of the vortex, stirred into the chaos, all the time being transmuted by cosmic and terrestrial forces. I was flung on the end of the brush to the corner of the garden soil; I was sprayed to the light and leaves; I was potentised in my being. The farmers spoke of their healthy cows on the healthy BD farms. I speak of a healthy human being – physical/spiritual. Alexei’s work also held the alchemical potential for the human being. “Into the ether weaving, Alexei.”

  16. Alex was our teacher, our guide and our friend. He brought light and wisdom to our lives, and has changed not only our farm but us as individuals, given us confidence and strength to pursue biodynamic farming as a chosen life path. He opened many doors for us, making us a part of his biodynamic community around the globe. We’ll be forever grateful for his fatherly presence in our lives, mostly gentle, sometimes strict. I will miss conversations with him the most, sometimes before 6 in the morning, always straight to the point. He was a man of all ages, finding common language with anyone honest in their work, always with a little mischievous twinkle ready to wake up in the corners of his eyes. We are truly honored and grateful for having him in our lives. Farewell dear Alex, what you have shared with us lives on… Jasminka, Zeljko, Iva & Hana Ilicic, Croatia

  17. With love and gratitude. Alex inspired, awakened, challenged and encouraged teachers in the beginning years of the Christchurch Rudolf Steiner School, New Zealand. Thank you for your gifts, and being a generous and true friend while leaving us free. Arohanui, from Roland and Frances

  18. Sorry we didn’t make it in person, we were very much there in spirit and thought for Alex and family. Thank you for the chance to view online. Was moving to see people bring in their flowers and greenery from patches of soil in all corners of the country that Alex has influenced. We would have loved to contribute our own bit of greenery from Allan’s Flat to send with Alex.
    It was a beautiful tribute to an inspiring man. His inspiration will continue.
    From the Greenwood’s of Allan’s Flat, Phillip, Heather, Meredith, Tamsin and Matt.

  19. “From Pasquale Falzarano, also on behalf of Agrilatina and on behalf of the Italian biodynamic group “Agricoltura Vivente”, stimulated by Alex Podolinsky and that is trying to develop his biodynamic impulses in practice.

    We know that Alex in his passage has been assisted with a lot of love and meticulous attention by family members, whom we warmly thank.
    We know that in his last days many people in Australia, in the World, in Europe and in Italy have been close to him in many ways, with affection, with thoughts and with prayers.
    Now Alex has flown, CLEAN, as he wanted… 

    I can’t be present so I send these reflections:

    Our first meeting 26 years ago. A wonderful relationship since the summer of 1993 when Camilla Conforti (who with Susanna Kuffer and her husband John Herr organized some conferences of Alex Podolinsky in Europe) took him for a day rest near Agrilatina and traveling in front of our farm asked him if he wanted to enter.
    He said “just a few minutes because I’m tired”. He stayed all day… Everything we did was wrong! “biodynamics applies like this…and like this…” and immediately, the following month, my first trip to Australia, with Giovanni my cousin, then the second trip in 1997, with my wife Lucia, our honeymoon…).
    He got us to visit many farms, hosted us in his home and gave us many useful impulses.
    He then came to our house every year… 
    For many years I went to pick him up at Rome airport. He was with us for some days and then he would go around to spread biodynamics in Italy and Europe (Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Croatia, Slovenia). At the end of his tour he was still with us for a few days telling us about the trip experiences: the people he met and the farms he visited became very familiar and alive for us. Then I  accompanied him to the airport to return to Australia.

    In 1994 we organized a several days course with biodynamics and clay. Then other courses, conferences, meetings…
    So many conversations together… So many insights… So many long trips by car…so many visits to the farmers… 
    An important figure for our evolution and growth.
    In Agrilatina we have deepened together various mixtures of green manure, built tools and improved the ripper. “Agriculture of the Future” has begun.
    He sent us many visits and softly forced me for my commitment to spread biodynamics in Europe.
    Then, in Italy, the association “Agricoltura Vivente” or “Living Agriculture” was born, of which I am one of the founding members. He also asked us to coordinate, if possible, with other biodynamic farms in Europe. 
    Over time, with his special sensitivity, he has attracted many farmers in Italy. Some are in great evidence such as Lorenzo Arcangeli, Stefano Freato, Brigitte Olsen, Saverio Petrilli, Leonardo, Annapia, Antonella, Dora and many others …
    Some are also involved in the dissemination of Bd.

    Alex Podolinsky often talked about his experiences, his life and his childhood.
    He was a man of great knowledge, capacity, 
    kindness, helpfulness and generosity. He understood people, especially the simplest and most outspoken farmers. He could read in the eyes and the heart. He always asked for informations on how things were going and he was always close to people and to the farmers with words of encouragement and gestures of goodness.

    The Humanity and the Earth need a decisive contribution to change and to save themselves, starting with Agriculture. 
    Alex was a pioneer of a NEW Professional Biodynamic Agriculture, where Knowledge, Art, Music, Perception, Experience and Practice come together for a NEW different Agriculture. 
    He has dedicated a great deal of energy to spread those seeds, as well as his books.
    A very high mission to accomplish… A moral force and a great will have supported him until the last years when the body, now debilitated, was leaving him…

    A MARVELLOUS man… a GUIDE and a FREE and IMMENSE spirit…
    and those DEEP eyes to perceive INSIDE and BEYOND what appears…

    Now he has returned, serenely, to the LIGHT from which he came and continues to illuminate us in the way of LOVE and STEINER…
    How many memories, images and feelings crowd with force the mind and heart of everyone who has practiced or known it… 
    A heavy void… and a poignant pain… We miss it, but its spirit REMAINS in us. 
    We will try to CONTINUE the work of change of the Earth, of the Art, of the Agriculture and of the Healthy Food, rich in Vital Energy, which Alex tried to STIMULATE in all of us.
    The Earth needs us and the commitment to change starts with EACH of us…

    I am and we are bound to him by affection and gratitude, even more so now that he has flown
    Alex THANKS for everything…

    A hug to the Podolinsky Family and to the Australian biodynamic farmers from the Italian and European Bd farmers 

    “Living Agriculture” Association
    Pasquale Falzarano and family
    Giovanni Amoriello
    The Agrilatina team”

    1. Thank you Pasquale for your beautiful and very accurate words. I hope l can visit you and your family again one day.
      Much love and gratitude,
      Katrina Podolinsky and family

  20. Both our children went to Ghilgai – a school inspired and built by Alex. During yesterday’s so wonderful funeral service laden with meaning, gratefulness and fine music, I soon realised that Alex was a great Guru and I had missed a chance to meet him in person while he was still dwelling on earth.

    Heartfelt condolences to Alex’s family and to all of his so many friends, here and around the world.


  21. Une perte pour l’humanité, mais son message est bien ancré dans le monde biodynamique australien ( et au-delà) et ces derniers auront à coeur de continuer à le faire vivre.

  22. Thank you Alex for your part in introducing Steiner education into Melbourne. Ghilgai is a special place. We are grateful for your work.

  23. Bonjour,
    Je n’ai , a regret , pas eu la possibilité de le rencontrer ( L’ Australie est bien loin de ma petite île ( La Corse ), mais à la lecture ( et relecture ) de ses conférences traduites en français, j’avais le sentiment de le connaître. Au delà de la biodynamie, ses conférences sont une magnifique leçon de savoir-vivre et de savoir-être, et parfois j’avais l’impression de lire un cours de philosophie.
    Une grande perte pour l’humanité, mais son message est bien ancré dans le monde biodynamique australien ( et au-delà) et ces derniers auront à coeur de continuer à le faire vivre.
    Très cordialement.

  24. Dear Alex, my heart is full of gratitude. In our family and farm life there is a before and after meeting with you. When I wrote an email to you in 2010, I’ve expected your visit one year later at best… I’ve had you on the phone 3 days later and a further 3 days later you were on our farm, driven by work for 2 days and off you went. You’ve enabled us to meet wonderful people at AGM, warmth between humans I didn’t know could exist (Lynton, Trevor and Fred inviting us at their farm, meeting their families, showing us all they know…). You will live for ever Alex, in our hearts for the ones lucky enough to have met you while on earth, and in your books, videos and conferences after that. We send love to your families (the blood one and the BD one) as it’s all there is to do in loss. Love, Savina, Sébastien, Amélie and Axel (from New Caledonia).

  25. Thank you, dear people, for this live streaming, so that people far afield such as myself can contribute and participate. Much gratitude.
    I met Alex in the 1970s at a Field Day and biodynamics became part of the way I live and think. I hope that the instructions that Alex has so carefully given us will reach the far corners of the planet and be practiced in order to create a future more vital than we can possibly imagine.
    Many thanks for this unique and wonderful soul.

  26. Thank you Alex for all you have done for Bio Dynamics you will be sadly missed RIP.
    Sending our condolences to all the family, sorry we could not be with you all there today sending our love and thoughts.
    Steve & Nancy Caracatsanoudis

  27. A great man
    A great life
    A great help
    Thank You so much Alex

    Condolences to all the Podolinsky family
    From all at Manna Farms

  28. A wonderful tribute to such a great and knowledgeable man who has left us with a great legacy. He will be sadly missed. Steve and Alba Ahern and family

  29. Condolences to all the Podolinsky’s, fond memories of you all growing up at Powelltown.
    Our boys were lucky to have the Pods boys as friends, fishing, footy and wonderful birthday parties organised by Catherine. My grandfather Jack Cox always enjoyed visits from Alex to chat about farming. A remarkable life lived to the fullest.
    Cheers Val Adams.

  30. A beautiful, respectful send-off for such a remarkable gentleman. Felt so right, so organic to have it at his farm, his workplace, everything that was meaningful to him. Live music, family, friends, colleagues all gathering for the honouring of Alexei de Podolinsky’s life. It painted a full and substantial picture. Blessings on you Katrina and your family. You certainly follow in his determined footsteps. Love, light, and warmth to you all and in particular Alex. Soar high dear man! Thank you for your gifts.

  31. A brilliant dedication to a brilliant man…thankyou for sharing … with regards to all the family
    Ron and Heather Gribble

  32. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of attending this funeral service live, but remotely, namely Innisfail, Far North Qld. It has been a wonderful tribute to a man who has freely given so much.

    With deep gratitude to Alex .

  33. A man who inspired and taught so many. I regard myself as being lucky to have met him. Thank you Alex. A wonderful celebration of his life. Condolences to the family…..and now back to work we go continuing his legacy.

  34. Alex was a big part of our farming story. His influence and guidance along with the more personal moments we shared with him will stay with us forever. Our thoughts are with all. Kathy & Graham Barrett Kangaroo Island South Australia

  35. R.I.P., Alex! We miss you in Ukraine, The Teacher! We remember and follow each of your lesson…

  36. (2 Corinthians 4:8, 9) We are pressed in every way, but not cramped beyond movement; we are perplexed, but not absolutely with no way out;
    We are persecuted, but not left in the lurch; we are thrown down, but not destroyed.

    (Romans 8:38, 39) For I am convinced that neither death nor life nor angels nor governments nor things now here nor things to come nor powers
    Nor height nor depth nor any other creation will be able to separate us from God’s love that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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