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  1. We feel so fortunate to have had Alan as part of our lives. Alan was so full of wisdom and fun. We have wonderful memories of our times together both professionally and personally. Although he has been so far away from us since we all moved “back home” we have always remembered and cherished the great times the 4 of us had together.
    In the words of Kahlil Gibran: “When you are sorrowful look again at your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”
    We love you Mavis and Alan.
    Pam and Bob

  2. Our thoughts and prayers for your family Mavis. On behalf of the Independent Education Union and the NSW Exchange Teachers League, thank you Allan for all you have done for exchange teachers to International Schools over many years. The international exchange program will not forget you!

  3. Roger, Margaret and family. What a truly wonderful farewell to Allan. We send all our love and will be thinking of you all.

  4. A moving and fitting tribute to a remarkable man. Vale, Allan and you will always be in the thoughts of those who had the privilege of knowing you.

  5. Very sorry to have lost you Allan. You were one of a kind and your passing is like witnessing the end of an era especially at TKIS. I am forever grateful that you were part our School to the end. When you came to Kilmore we were a 2 year old infant school struggling for relevance in a highly competitive International Educational environment. 28 years later at your passing TKIS is a 30 year old mature school still struggling for relevance perhaps in an even more difficult education environment.
    Thank you for your many years of advice and commitment long after you retired as our school Principal.

  6. Sorry i could not be there but Allan would be proud of all of you for such a memorable tribute.
    From a loving nephew and godson

  7. A moving and beautifully organised service. Well done, family, and thank you for enabling us to be part of it.

  8. I joined UNIS in 1960 and my first couple of years were pleasant enough. But, when Mr Wilcox joined the ranks of the faculty, we all knew a larrikin had arrived. When Mr Wilcox introduced himself and his fellow Australian teacher Mr Miles to me, I asked as a boy of 12 whether that meant that he, Mr Wilcox, had ancestors who were convicts. His response was, “No, Mr Miles’ ancestors were convicts, but mine were prison guards.”

    Mr Wilcox clearly was in charge as a teacher and administrator, but he also was able to make me feel he was a fellow student. His jokes and encouragement allowed me to enjoy biology although I had no personal interest in the subject. That is quite a trick!

    So, looking back, I see that Allan was not only a man of intellectual and administrative capabilities but that he also was a grounded, warm human being.

    Peter Messinesi
    UNIS class of 1968

    So looking back

  9. It was wonderful to be part of “Mr Wilcox’s” heartfelt funeral. It brought back many memories, having been a 12 year old student when Mr Wilcox joined UNIS. Until now, I only knew a part of Mr Wilcox’s life, having graduated from UNIS in 1968. What a full life he had.

    But my memories of dear Mr Wilcox are of him as a young UNIS teacher in 1962. On the first day in the school when he taught biology, I, another Australian, remember being the only student in that early class to answer any question he asked. I left the classroom feeling pleased to have responded repeatedly only to be asked by a fellow student outside the classroom, “Could you understand a word Mr Wilcox said? Where is he from?” How funny!

    Mr Wilcox was a wonderful teacher who encouraged me, and all his students, to think through so many challenging issues. He had the gift of leading the student to an answer rather than simply supplying it to him/her.

    My parents always enjoyed Allan’s sociable company in the Australian-New Zealand Society in NYC.

    Mr Wilcox is so fondly remembered.

    My condolences to his family.

    Gail Travis
    UNIS class of 1968

  10. What a fitting tribute to a truly great man who was loved and respected the world over. The emotional and personal family tributes made clear the love and affection they all felt for him.

    Mavis, Stephen, Mike, Sarah, Simon and the rest of the family, it was a privilege to share your memories of Allan who meant so much to so many people. I hope that all the messages you have received will give you strength and help you to remember the true gentleman and real Aussie mate that Allan was. What a life!

    Love, Garry and Gabi Jones.

  11. Thank you beyond words, dear Wilcox family, for making it possible for everyone who loved and cherished Mr. Wilcox to be present with you today for this service of love, laughter, music, memories, stories, remembrance, and farewell.
    The UNIS family will always hold Mr. Wilcox close in its heart.
    He was the essence of what made UNIS, UNIS.
    And to whom so many of us will always be deeply grateful.
    An extraordinary man: a Renaissance Man; a man beloved by us all.
    Am thinking of you all.
    With love,
    Jill Player; UNIS Alumni Representative; Class of 1975

  12. To Mavis and family, Thank you for allowing us to share in the memory of Allan today. What an amazing life! We are thinking of you all in this difficult time.
    May he rest in peace.
    X Michelsson family

  13. Although not able to be present, it was so good to feel we were part of the service to honour the life of a wonderful brother and friend.
    Thanks to all of you who spoke and were able to bring back to life so many of the good times we shared with Allan.
    May he now rest in peace.

  14. I have been watching and joining you all at this sad time, from far away Hamburg. It was an honour to watch that wonderful celebration of Allan’s amazing life. He was a truly remarkable man and I’ll always be grateful that I knew him. Tschüß Allan.

  15. I was one of the privileged people to go on exchange to Hamburg as part of the International Teacher Exchange. Watching the funeral brought back so many fond memories. The story about broken German reminded me of when I went into a hotel and meant to say “It is humid.” I mucked up the umlaut and actually said “I’m gay!” Mavis and family- this was beautiful ceremony. Thank you- Colin, Diana and Matthew Barry.

  16. What a wonderful celebration of Allan’s life. We feel very privileged to have been able to share not only in Allan’s life but also to say goodbye to him, even though we are on the other side of the world. You all did him proud with your wonderful tributes and stories. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you come to terms with such a loss. Love and prayers. R.I.P. Allan. Brenda and John Elldred

  17. Such an amazing tribute and memorial service for a remarkable man. Our grateful thanks to Mavis and the funeral directors for enabling us to share such special memories of Allan from our home in the UK.

  18. Beautiful service and a fitting tribute to such a wonderful man. What a great life.
    All our love and sympathy to Mavis and family.

  19. Although I didn’t know Allan very well (after all he was in a form below me at Northcote High School), I sincerely wish I had. He has had a life devoted to helping others.

  20. Although I didn’t know Allan very well (after all he was in a form below me at Northcote High School), I sincerely wish I had. He has had a life devoted to helping other.

  21. One of my favorite memories from Biology class with Mr. Wilcox was when he awarded me ‘6/10 for originality’ for my answer to an exam question (I couldn’t remember the experiment he was asking us to describe so I invented one). Seriously, he was a wonderful teacher, and a great support during my years in Tut. Thoughts and prayers to his family.

  22. we celebrate a life of achievementand love.he had three families; wilcox stainton andNHS.theoriginalaussie MATE.Vic 7 Di.

  23. I remember fondly Mr Wilcox’s charm and good humor during my years in at UNIS (1962-65). As there were only 15 students in my Tut class year, we were very close to our fellow students and teachers. For the many years after our graduation, he was the solid foundation of our class’s continuing relationship with the school. I am so sorry to hear of his passing, but can only celebrate the wonderful impact he had on so many lives. My prayers and very best wishes are with him and his family.

  24. Mr. Wilcox was a great teacher and a great person. When I joined UNIS in 1966 as a senior. Mr. Wilcox was our homeroom teacher as well. He was a great help in aclamitising me to the culture of UNIS.


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