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  1. Dear Uwe, Helen, Graeme, Candy and Amber’s friends and family.

    Deepest condolences and love to you all for your loss of Amber. She was a inquisitive and caring soul who will be missed. Rest in peace Amber Storm.

    Love Joel and Tegan Prebble xoxo

  2. Amber, I’m sad you aren’t here any more to share climbing and other delights. I’ll remember our last weekend together at Arapiles earlier this year in between lock-downs. You led Exodus with your shiny new gear. How fantastic you were, climbing with such grace and confidence despite your fear of heights. You confronted that fear head-on climbing. You did the Bard too, and were so calm and collected on the classic traverse that you stopped and checked out whose ashes rested in the urn on the ledge. It was such a beautiful, sunny day. We lounged around at each belay station while we waited for the party before us, enjoyed the views out across the plains and chattered idly. You were a great climbing buddy. A safe, solid pair of hands. And courageous too. I’m glad to have had the chance to know you a little. Take care buddy. My thoughts and best wishes are with you, your family and friends. Sarah xo

  3. We all knew that Río would always beat any boy! What sad tragic news. All our love to Helen, Candy & Uwe in these most difficult times. Deepest condolences from Lyn, Danika, Elli & Tes

  4. My deepest condolences to all her family. My heart is with you.

    I met Amber a year ago through the rock climbing trips. She was such a happy person and smiling all the time.

    I will always remember our last climb, how much fun we had… and our talks during lock down and our dream to start doing mountaineering this year…

    Rest In Peace dear friend! I will miss you!

  5. My deepest condolences Helen. You have constantly been in my thoughts. Amber was a remarkable woman. Thank you for sharing this beautiful service.
    Tracy (Rebecca’s mum).

  6. To all of you who knew and loved Amber, I hope all the wonderful memories you have will always help to ease the pain and dry the tears.
    You must be very proud of her many achievements.
    Love from Judy

  7. Dear Helen and families I’m am saddened for the loss of a beautiful person taken too soon, my thoughts are with you through this time. Stay strong for her rip Amber❤️

  8. A heartfelt and loving service. Thankyou for sharing such beautiful memories. Sending my deepest sympathy and love. X

  9. Goodbye my beautiful friend. Thank you for all of the amazing memories you leave me with. You were and always will be a very important and very special person in my life. It isn’t the same knowing you’re not out there somewhere in the world. You really were beautiful inside and out. Rest in peace Am.

  10. There are no words at present that we can offer, but know that we, and all the Jack Houlahans, send you our love and support in every way. We met Amber several times while she was at Shepparton when David and Lyn brought her to family catch-ups. Be gentle with yourselves, give yourselves and each other the gift of time and space for grief, for remembering and for the future.

  11. I first met Amber in Year 8 English class and quickly learned three things: she had a much more organised file than me, she had a horse and she was obsessed with The X-Files. We lost touch during uni, but I always thought of her whenever I saw a horse or Gillian Anderson. I’m so sad she’s gone. Thank you to her family for sharing this service online.

  12. So sad & sorry to see you all in such pain, a heartbreaking thing. Sending all the love & light possible to the four of you, including Amber heading into the ether, where she will always be close to you.

  13. A beautiful service and tribute to to such a caring, talented and amazing person. Heartfelt love and thoughts xx

  14. Dearest Aunty and family. Deeply moving. Inspired by the talent and dedication of Amber who was clearly a devoted daughter, sister, Aunty and friend.
    The bueaty of her care for creatures great and small and fellow people was beautiful.
    She has been in my thoughts and prayers the past few months and though I have not seen her for many years my heart aches.
    A brave and beautiful soul who gave 100% that anyone and everyone would be proud to be associated with in any way. Amber the fingerprints of your life have touched many souls shaping them, brightening their lives. Inviting all to care, to love and to shine.
    You were indeed a jewel. Long may you shine. You cousin Daniel♥️

  15. Dear Helen, Candy and Uwe
    What a beautiful tribute to your daughter and sister.
    My memories keep circling back to the summer I stayed with you at Wickepin on the farm, looking after Candy and Amber whilst you worked. Each day began with the serious task of choosing which beautiful dress each would wear, and filling it with activities like creating art out of mushroom spores. Taking very seriously the warning that should Amber go missing, to check her bed as she would probably be there, sleeping. This warning was issued after the stress of the previous babysitter who thought she’d lost her and a frantic search of the farm was conducted . I was also the captive audience as Candy and Amber shared with me their improvised ballet moves.
    This grief you’re bearing… I have no words, except to say that I’m holding you all close to my heart. You are loved.

  16. Dear Helen, Candy and Uwe
    What a beautiful tribute to your daughter and sister.
    My memories keep circling back to the summer I stayed with you at Wickepin on the farm, looking after Candy and Amber whilst you worked. Each day began with the serious task of choosing which beautiful dress each would wear, and filling it with activities like creating art out of mushroom spores. Taking very seriously the warning that should Amber go missing, to check her bed as she would probably be there, sleeping. This warning was issued after the stress of the previous babysitter who thought she’d lost her and a frantic search of the farm ensuing. I was also the captive audience as Candy and Amber shared with me their improvised ballet moves.
    This grief you’re bearing… I have no words, except to say that I’m holding you all close to my heart. You are loved.

  17. Dear Aunty and Candy, such an incredible tribute to your amazing girl. Such talents both professionally and personally. Her friends were spread near and far, as is the impact she has left on so many hearts and lives.
    All my love is with you both, as are my prayers.
    Until we meet again Amber.

  18. To Helen, Uwe, Candy & family, Thank you for letting me share in your farewell to Amber. Amber came in and out of my childhood and high school years several times. Each time with her enormous heart, wonderful sense of humor and kindness. She was a wonderful friend who, no matter how much time had passed, would greet a friend as if it had only been a week. I still think of her when I drive past Rio’s paddock in Narrogin. It has only been filled with houses in the last couple of years. She was a wonderful person who I will carry in my heart forever.

  19. It is through tear filled eyes and an aching heart, I am feeling blessed to have known such a beautiful soul. My deepest condolences to Helen, Uwe Candy and her other family members.
    Amber’s care and attentiin for detail will always be with me from keeping my car clean to brushing my horse’s tail everyday. I will always remember the great times we had together, making snow faires on Mt Wellington, Whale watching off the Tasman Peninsula. I will love you forever and always.
    Until we meet sgain

  20. To my amazing step sister Amber,

    Holidays in my teenage years to visit dad would never have been as fun if you weren’t there to spend time with. I will never forget all the nights we stayed up late watching rage and making midnight pancakes with lemon and sugar which is now Dylan and Holly’s favourite way to eat them. All the hours we spent ‘shopping’ not for clothes but going to every alternative music store for the rare cds of artists I had never heard of. All the hours spent with Rio at his field/stables and despite all that time with horses I am still a little scared of them. I will always cherish the time we spent together.

    To my family that I couldn’t be there with you today Helen, Graeme, Candy, Gary the service was beautiful, so many beautiful words and stories about Amber spoken. I cried with you and smiled with you ❤️

    May you finally rest in peace Amber, you will be dearly missed xxx

  21. A beautiful service celebrating her life full of achievements and remembering her kind ways. I will cherish the lovely quilt she made & her banoffee pie. Amber, thank you for the memories, rest easy beautiful soul.

  22. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful stories and memories of Amber. I loved following all her cycling and hiking adventures, and the stunning photos she shared. May she forever rest in peace. x

  23. Thank you Helen & Candy – you are both so brave. This was a beautiful tribute to an amazing woman. Amber has left such a legacy of courage, grace, dedication and such a gift for beauty. What special memories everyone shared of a treasured daughter, sister, friend and professional.
    Love and hugs
    PS The flowers you chose were so perfect.

  24. What lovely tributes and memories you all have of Amber. May they ease the the grief you are all feeling at this time. Our love, Ken

  25. Thank you for allowing me be part of Ambers beautiful service. Amber certainly lived life to her fullest. My memories of Amber and Rio will certainly be cherished.
    Sending light, hugs and love to, you my friend Helen, Candy, Grae, Gary, families and friends.
    RIP Amber ❤️️ x

  26. Lovely to share this beautiful time with you today. What an incredible person Amber was and how much she achieved in her short life. Love to you all.

  27. I had the privilege of going through Vet school with Amber. I am so sorry we lost her. All the love and good encounters experienced by the people and animals she touched will always stay.

  28. All that Amber has accomplished and done is a wonderful testimony to her, and to her family. Helen, this will bring you increasing comfort in the future. Our love to you ,

  29. Amber was an amazing, loving and caring person who will be sadly missed. Our love to all the family, you have such wonderful memories to hold close to your heart. Tom and Sue

  30. A beautiful service for a truly remarkable person. I will be forever in awe of Amber’s adventures on foot and bike, and the most stunning photos she shared. She has been an inspiration to me to slow down and discover more of the outdoors. Thank-you for sharing the service.

  31. Dear Helen and family, We watched the service with Sharon and Judy listened in on her phone. It was an excellent tribute to a very talented and caring person.
    Please give us a call anytime.
    We will come over as soon as we are allowed.
    love Lyn and David xx

  32. Amber, you will always hold a special place in my heart. In our 5 years at school together you taught me so much about horses, life and what true kindness really looks like. You were such a special friend to me and like you wrote to me in my 1998 school year book, I will ALWAYS love you 🙂
    Having just got back into horses myself a couple of years ago, I often think of you, the adventures we shared and stories we made. I am passing these down to my children so they can learn the same life lessons we learnt from the best teachers of all, animals.

    Helen, Owe and Candy, Thank you so much for creating and nurturing such a beautiful person that has contributed so much to the enrichment of so many lives, both human and animal. Amber’s amazing legacy lives on through all the countless lives she has blessed.

  33. Thank you so much for giving me to chance to watch the service and say goodbye, though I really wish I didn’t have to say goodbye to Amber. Talking to people about her the past few days, and listening to your stories today has bought back so many memories of the things we did together, big and small. I remember her laughing when I got chased by your goose, using mulberries to dye her hair, and ‘riding’ Rio as she set up jumps to lead me over. Doing ballet together, and the amazing drawings she used to do in the corner of the blackboard in her mum’s classroom. Having sleepovers with her and Bec whilst we listened to ‘Santa Monica’ by Savage Garden on repeat until we all lost it with laughter each time it re-played.

    I remember going to my first lecture an Uni and looking around and seeing Amber coming down the stairs in the lecture theatre; and being so happy to see her, to see such a familiar face. Catching up with her at Uni, and having her show me around the Vet museum, looking at the plastinated animals, and meeting her ‘dog’. In 2007 when we were both in Hobart (me only for a month here and there), we would catch-up and go for evening walks, and talk about nothing in particular. We went up Mount Wellington and I made my first snowman with her; she named him ‘Simon’. We did trips together to Port Arthur, Huon, and places in between. I saw my first Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoos with her on the Huon tree top walk. I remember going to Waterfall Bay with her and scaring her by suspending myself sideways from a railing to take a photo. Her concern wasn’t in my abilities, but ‘what if the railing broke’.

    Over the years as I’ve seen her stunning photos of all the places she has been, and how much her love of our amazing flora, fauna, and landscapes has grown over the years I’ve been in awe of her and the things she was doing. I loved seeing her photos of Cosi cat, Poppy, and Dexter, and the way she captured their personalities. Over the years I thought many times that I needed to head over East and have her show me some of the amazing places she went; I wish I had told her that. Amber was amazing, she always inspired me. She was my friend, I loved her, and I am going to miss her so much.

  34. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share in the memories of Amber’s life.
    What an amazing, talented and beautiful woman!
    Our deepest sympathies to you Helen, Graeme, Candy and families.
    With much love from John and Michelle xx

  35. Please accept our sincere condolences on the sad passing of beautiful Amber. She was a much loved and highly respected member of our MEVG family and will be greatly missed.
    Love to you all from Allan and Helen Angus.

  36. What a beautiful tribute to Amber’s many skills and achievements . But especially to her as a person.

    My love to you all , Libby

  37. A beautiful tribute to a life richly lived. Remembering your talent and your caring soul.

    Rest peacefully Amber.

  38. Amber, your passion, curiosity and love for all things in nature is an inspiration. All our love and thoughts to your family who will miss you forever.
    Matt, Michelle, Frankie and Luella xxxx

  39. To Uwe Helen Candy and families – my Heart breaks for you all – hold onto those dear treasured memories close to you – Words can not begin to comfort yous at this sad time but know there are those that care – sending hugs and love to you all

    Love Ute and family xXxXxXx

  40. I was so very sorry to hear of Amber’s passing. I fondly remember her from ballet class in Narrogin and the rabbit dance we performed at the town hall. We’d sit as a group at lunch on the oval; and together with Rebecca in English class every year in high school. I’ll always remember her love of the X-Files and Rio. I’ll never forget the laughable space themed Rapunzel play we wrote and performed with Rebecca for English class. She was always so intelligent and grounded, interesting and enjoyable to be around. She will always be missed.

  41. Such an amazingly talented and inspiring person who cared for every creature. Our time together filled with so many memories of working together, road trips, pub nights and just sharing our love of horses. A wonderful person and friend who will be so dearly missed. A beautiful tribute for a truly special person. Love and condolences to all her family and friends.

  42. Such a beautiful tribute to Amber. Thankyou for letting us share it with you.
    All of your words will continue to give life to her very full life, and, yes, she did climb many Everests.
    Let your heart soar Amber.

  43. What an extraordinary person.A lovely insight into the woman she was. Our heartfelt condolences to all Amber’s family & friends.

  44. I met Amber through a friend as she visited during her travels as a vet, over the years for emergencies and regular check-ups. She was such a wonderful woman and vet. I’m so terribly sorry that she took flight with the angels before her time.

    My heartfelt sympathy to her family, friends and work colleagues whom I sure she has left a large hole in their hearts.

  45. My dear friend Amber i will miss our chats about bikes, bike racing, outfits and how many pieces of fruit cake we could possibly manage to eat on Amy’s Grand Fondo! Rest In Peace

  46. Amber was such a big part of our team when she worked at Hamilton. Her equine veterinary skills, but also her artistic abilities, creating our website, newsletters and advertising. I always remember the way she would laugh fondly at me for ‘always saying my children, never the kids’ and how she would notice little personality traits about people like that. Kristabel xxxxx

  47. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all
    Thankyou for allowing us to be a part of this day with you ….and know we are thinking of you xx
    Fond memories of Amber & Rio at pony club xx

  48. I have known Amber since being at Caulfield back in 2012…when she would accompany Peter Angus on his visits to Moody Racing, or would do the daily rounds. I remember her smiles, and chats, her laughter….and the gratitude from Peter’s staff when she had helped with a stable cat.
    I was fortunate to do some casual work with Melbourne Vet clinic as a general helper and got to chat with Amber more there…it is such a relaxed and friendly team there…this was in 2017…one memory that is strong in my mind was when she had just come back from Japan and showed me the photos of the cycling trip to the islands….I was just astounded at the pictures….but it stays in my mind even more so, because when she described it, she took me there…her absolute joy and passion about the trip was infectious ….and I am so glad she got to go again…
    I am just devastated that she has gone….but it has been just beautiful hearing everyone share their memories of her….what an incredible person. I feel lucky to have known her in the small way that I did….
    I just wished she could have stayed around…
    Sending my deepest condolences…to family, friends….everyone who knew her.
    The loss to the racing community in Melbourne and Metro Melbourne is profound…
    And Amber, I hope you made it to the mountains of Nepal.
    Much love

  49. Dear Helen, Graeme and family – our deep condolences on your loss. This was a beautiful homage to Amber, thank you for sharing.

  50. Such a lovely service celebrating Amber’s incredible life. Much much love to all. Such a immeasurable loss, too soon departed.

  51. I am so deeply saddened to be watching the service from WA today and my heart is bleeding for you Helen, Candy, Uwe, family and friends. But it also bursts with pride, the young girl I had the immense and utter privilege of spending some precious early years with, was so deeply authentically herself then as nothing that was said today surprised me at all about her achievements and life. So smart, so strong, so beautiful and incredible. I feel grateful I got to know you Amber and I know Rio and you will be having some fun out there somewhere in the spirit world, hope to see you there one day. All my love Rest In Peace. Sending so much light out to all. Thank you for live streaming the beautiful service.

  52. Thank you for a beautiful service. This truely reflected Ambers life. Her memory will be cherished. Cindy and David

  53. What a wonderful life, it may have been short but Amber lived it with lifes most precious value…LOVE, for everything she did. A talented and compassionate soul who loved people and animals regards of their differences. Amber always showed respect for others journeys and made them feel heard. It was a truly innocent gift she had and I will remember her for that gift ❤❤❤
    What a beautiful tribute today

  54. We are deeply saddened by your loss, Helen and Grae. May the love of family and friends give you comfort at this very difficult time.

    With much love, Jim and Luz

  55. A curious, compassionate, seeking, adventurous, exceptionally talented human.
    May you rest easy, Amber.
    Love and condolences to friends and family as you remember the vibrant, talented and compassionate person named Amber.
    With Love xx Jess

  56. Such a beautiful, adventurous soul.
    My deepest love and condolences to all of the family and friends who were blessed to know Amber.
    Much love,
    Manda xx

  57. For the brief time I new Amber and a lifetime of knowing how Amber was doing in the background, this daughter was a very special and much loved.
    Only the highest of words can fit a person of this great calibre, excellence, honor, integrity, high achiever, compansionant, empathy and loving.

    Amber will be very missed.
    May you be blessed Amber forever.

  58. Deepest sympathy and condolences. Had the pleasure of working with Amber years ago. Such a a kind, talented and loved friend – the world is a poorer place without her.

  59. We are thinking of the family and loved ones at this time. With much love David, Suleila, Aydin and Tasneem Felton

  60. Love and hugs to Uwe, Candy and Helen and their respective families. Amber is a beautiful woman, I wish you in the days, months and years to come happy memories of a gorgeous soul.

    Ulla, Brett and family

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