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17 comments on “Amy Wilkinson”

  1. Thank Andrew for allowing me to say goodbye, you created such a wonderful ceremony. Dear Jasper and Oriana, I worked with your mum and we became friends, just like very good friends in school. She was so brave (you need to be brave sometimes in school and work), funny and always supportive, especially when I was nervous. You know, that person in school when you feel, “next to this person I feel good and dare to do and say what I really feel”. She inspired so many. She is and will always be your biggest cheerleader, also when it means to not be the best, to re-focus on what’s important in life, be kind and help others – she will always have your back, just like she had mine. The world lost a beautiful person too early, but she lives with us, and I’m a braver person because she was in my life. I am sending you strength and courage in my thoughts.

  2. Amy lived a life with purpose, and her passion and vision was inspiring and infectious. I’ll be forever grateful for her generosity as a boss, as a friend, as a woman. Oriana and Jasper will always have all of us to tell them how fierce, smart, sharp, and kind Amy was.
    Thank you Andrew, for allowing us to be there with you and her despite the distance. It was touching in so many ways. It did justice to how special Amy was, and how loved she will always be by us.

  3. Thank you Amy for being my friend.
    Thank you Andrew for streaming the ceremony and giving me the opportunity to attend and say goodbye.
    She will be in my heart and in my prayers.

  4. A wonderful woman who has left a beautiful family. May you all find strength to face each day. Prayers for peace in your hearts. Praying there can be friends who can love and support you in all the days ahead. We have great memories of Amy and Gareth when we would spend time with them and Beau and Lynne. Prayers love and hugs xxx Ed and Judy Ely xx

  5. Dear Andrew, Oriana, and Jasper,

    Amy was a genuine, true blue friend of Ann, David, Helen and Josie and together the five of us made up the Hamilton Laboratories Marketing Team. We had many a good time together, laughing, supporting and challenging each other ideas and projects whilst enjoying each other’s individuality. Amy was enthusiastic about her work and was not frightened to call a spade a spade and made a valued contribution to the company at that time.

    Love Always.

  6. Dear Andrew, Oriana and Jasper,
    What an incredible partner and mum your beautiful Amy was. As hard as it is knowing she has left this world, it has been an absolute pleasure hearing the joy and impact she had on so many during her adult life, and the legacy she has left behind.
    I knew Amy since primary school and into high school. We spent many afternoons at her parent’s house baking and having fun together. I can see now that she has taken that fun and zest for life with her throughout her life.
    Thinking of you all and thankful for being able to call Amy my friend during my childhood years.
    Sending love for the days ahead,

  7. I’m gonna miss you so much Amy. Thank you for being true friend. You certainly left footprints in my heart. Rest in peace beautiful.

  8. My love and deepest gratitude to you, Wilko, Oriana, and Jasper, for the absolute honour of being able to share in celebrating Amy’s life.
    With Amy as the hero, it was always going to be a heartachingly rich memorial. And yet what you created – through profound love, respect, and grief – was stunning.
    How’s about that sun, eh?

  9. Thank you so much for streaming Amy’s memorial. It was such a beautiful service. When I one day see her on the other side, I’ll ask if she still remembers the Hangin’ Tough dance routine we did in primary school xx

  10. I feel so honoured to have known Amy and even played some music with her at one point. Her creativity, style and strength was always incredibly inspiring to me. The service was such a beautiful celebration of her life, thank you for sharing x

  11. Amy,
    The world is a better place because you were in it. My brave, beautiful and fiercely honest friend, I love you so much!
    I’m so happy I got to see you smiling one last time but so sad I’m not there today. You will forever be in my heart, I am going to miss you so much x
    You captured the Amy we all know & love so perfectly in your speech. Thank you for including us in today proceedings, it means the world that we have been able to watch Amy’s memorial live. Nick and I have been crying happy tears (and a few sad ones). We have so many fun memories (the Harlem Shake ) and I only wish there were more to be made.
    The picture you chose of Amy is so beautiful, she really was so beautiful.
    Sending all the love in the world x

  12. Wilks, what a beautiful and fitting tribute to Amy. I know that Amy cared deeply about her legacy and what she’ll leave behind. I can honestly say my life has been better for knowing Amy, and I can only aspire to have the same compassion, empathy, determination, humour, and kindness as Amy did. Her legacy will live on in those virtues she shared with me, and everyone she met. I miss her, and am glad she was part of my life.

  13. Such a beautiful service with beautiful tributes in a beautiful setting for a truly beautiful woman. I can almost hear her laughing at me for joining this live when I could watch the recording but it means so much to have been able to feel part of the memorial. She might not leave a legacy of changing the world but she leaves a legacy of making the world a brighter place for all those that knew and loved her.

  14. Thank you for streaming Amy’s funeral so I could be part of it. Nothing is perfect but Amy’s funeral was as close as it gets.

  15. What a beautiful lady our friend Amy was! We send love and strength to Andrew, Oriana and Jasper today saying goodbye and honouring her last wishes. I know her legacy will live in all the people that she touched, her smile and creativity will be always in my memory.

  16. Aww Andrew, your speech was better than perfect. It moved me and made me remember my beautiful friend and I’m sure wherever she is now that speech made her happy and filled with emotions. I will miss seeing her and talking to her. Thank you for allowing me to say one last goodbye to special Amy. For me her legacy is her pure kindness and compassion she had for everyone. I will forever remember her and remember the values she taught me x

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