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18 comments on “Andrejs Pilskalns ‘Andy’”

  1. Travel well on your next big adventure, Andrejs.
    Wishing your family comfort and solace,
    with love, India

    We are such stuff
    As dreams are made on, and our little life
    Is rounded with a sleep.

  2. Our deepest condolences to Amber, Violet, Sandy and Andys parents. Our thoughts are with you all in this time of grief. Love Rob and Donna Jensen

  3. A memory of Andy’s musical talents: once at my house he was playing the piano… it sounded like Chopin’s music, and my mum and my little sister were wondering what the piece was… my sister asked me to ask him what it was. He was improvising!

  4. Beautiful soul, and caring man, it was enriching to have him around, to hear him talk and share his thoughts during gatherings in the Schubert family in Geelong. His piano playing has been one the most emotional & authethic musical experiences; I will always remember his passionate playing at Latvian house years ago, his proud father, and recently, his playing at home. Gone too soon. Deepest sympathies to Andy’s loved ones, Sandy, Violet and Amber.

  5. Beautiful flowers shrouding the portraits and lovely words spoken . I loved especially Sandy, Amber and Violet radiating love which Andy would have felt in the universe where he is now.

  6. I felt your essence and your beautiful heart and soul – even after not seeing you fir many years – and you reminded me to be a better person – fly high with Buddha ❤️

  7. Vale Andy, one of my good friends from my early adult years. I’m sorry I didn’t keep in touch. Am now learning more of the value of good, sensitive, deep-thinking people, and old friends. Love and condolences to Andy’s family and friends. XX

  8. Andrejs was my friend from childhood at Sprīdīši. I loved his love of insects. Really thought he’d become an entomologist. Even though I didn’t see him much in adulthood, when I did, we always had great philosophical conversations. Lots of love to Indra and Rik and condolences to the family. Too soon for such a passionate soul.

  9. Andy you were a special friend. Sensitive, caring, a gorgeous pianist and a beautiful person. You will be missed by many. I am glad i had the honour of knowing you especially in our children’s early years. Fly free and high. Much love to you Sandy and Amber & Violet and the rest of the family.

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