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  1. Beautiful service. Wonderful to see so many great memories via the pics & the video from Andrew was brilliant!

    Andrew was inspirational in regard to his practical caring ways. He was the same with family n friends, as he was with total stranger’s.

    Andrew was a blessing n always will be. Sending comfort to Meg n the whole extended family.

    Debbi xx

  2. If I had to use one word to sum up Andrew it would be “kindness”. Of all the people who could have helped us when we needed someone, I’m so grateful we had you guys over. When we first met I had such a fun time with you guys and it was obviously part of your personalities because we had so much fun again. I’ll always be thankful for having you in our lives. Andrew may be watching from above now, but I’m sure he’ll have a good laugh when we’re together again!

    Much love,
    Lidia, Phillip, Patrick and Alex

  3. Thinking of you today Meg as you live one of the hardest days of your life as you and your family farewell Andrew. Sending you love , hugs and prayers.

  4. The first time we met Andrew was on one of your visits to Townsville. It was two months after hubby’s triple bypass after his heart attack. Not only did we share a truly memorable afternoon together, but Andrew got right in and helped Hubby fertilise his precious Gerberas in all three garden beds. Hubby couldn’t and I couldn’t as it was not long before my double knee replacement surgery. So, just going to the letterbox was a task. But Andrew just got in and did it. On such a hot and humid day as well.
    Thank you Meg and everyone involved so that we could be a part of the celebration of Andrew’s life today. I’ve never been to such a loving and uplifting service. Andrew, you will always be missed but I’m so happy to be able to say and know with my whole heart, that you are now with God. May God’s peace be upon you and all the family Meg. And don’t forget, we have a spare room/guest room when you are ready and feel up to escaping the cold weather over there. Love and blessings to you all. Lucy and Alan. XO

  5. Dear Meg
    It was privilege to join with online service
    It’s so beautiful and emotional service
    Our Prayers with you Meg and Families
    May God strengthen and comfort be with you in Jesus name .
    Thankyou for deaf interpreter on service as we deaf as we watch on line
    May Gog Bless you and families
    Much love
    Ian and Dianne Ray

  6. Dear Meg
    A Beautiful service A beautiful family Priceless family values/unity shared

    Your children are your fruits be proud Meg

    May you and your family be Strengthened in Jesus name

    Big hug and much love

    Amelia Scherping Bustos xo

  7. Dear Meg,
    It was a privilege to join with you online for this sad but beautiful event.
    The thing that struck me most is the way God shone through Andrew’s life. No one else could have displayed the facets of God’s love exactly as Andrew did. It is amazing that God chooses to use such imperfect people as us to reveal glimpses of himself. This time spent with you for the funeral has renewed my faith in what God is doing through the lives of some very unique people here in Cambodia.

    I will continue to remember you in prayer as you move through the next weeks and months, no doubt ricocheting between adjusting to the new normal without Andrew and surprising attacks of overwhelming grief.

    Much love and prayers,
    Sarah Ardu

  8. Andrew had a beautiful love of God and knew Jesus love for him, always talking about Jesus and encouraging everyone. God bless Meg and family, Andrew will always be alive your hearts. Rhonda Isaacs xx

  9. I met Andrew at work many years ago at colour Ink, From there we became friends Andrew also used to come to our connect group every fortnight. He loved God, and his family. He was very helpful in everyway he could at work and in church. We used to joke a lot. I used to call Andrew Jack of All Trades.
    He was passionate about his work and anything he did. He was also a encourager. He is a great man of God. I will miss him. HE lived as an obediant child of God.
    May his soul Rip.

  10. Im so sorry for your loss Meg and the kids, losing a father is devastating and a lifetime partner would be so hard to accept. I hope in time you can heal and know he is with you always, although not in person like you wish, his spirit will always be there. My tho

  11. To Megs, Rosanna & family
    It was a pleasure to have met Andrew & Megs and beautiful family through my daughter Sharna and Rosanna’s friendship over the many years since their primary school days. Thank you for your friendship, conversations, gentleness & kindness to us over these years…you will be sadly missed Andrew. Sending our deepest condolences to you Megs, Rosanna & family ❤️

  12. Our love, thoughts, support and prayers are with you Meg, Joshua and your family. We will miss Andrew, he left a great Legacy behind to be remembered. Andrew a mighty man, who encouraged, loved others and served the Lord always, was obedient to his calling and loved his family dearly. Every Sunday church days we will share testimonies, he will share his weeks story and what he did, and hiw he shared the Love of God.
    There are no more tears and pain in Heavens Glory but now Andrew is in the Loving arms of his Savior.
    Much Love & Hugs
    Rest in Peace Andrew

  13. Thank you Meg for the privilege of sharing in the Thanksgiving Service of Andrew’s life. Thank you Ben and David for your thoughts.
    Thank you Rachel for organising the video.

  14. Here for you Meg. It was a beautiful service for saying goodbye to Andrew and I pray that we can all learn to share Gods love with everyone like Andrew truly dedicated his life to doing.

  15. A beautiful service. I have been thinking of you Meg and your family and all the loved ones. I will never forget Andrew and how beautiful he was to his family and friends, always willing to help and looked after everyone. You will be so sadly missed by many, much love xo

  16. A wonderful tribute to Andrew, who has left the World a better place because of his optimism. He led a selfless life. You were a supportive husband and raised magnificent children. The years of learning about small engines will never go astray:) You will be missed Andrew and our love to Meg xxx Venessa & Mark

  17. Hi Meg, so glad to be part of the service and to be able to watch on line. Such a privilege that we were part of his life, that he was part of ours. A wonderful, faithful man. We will catch up with you soon. We look forward to seeing more of the video that Andrew made.
    God bless you, with much love, Rosanna and David

  18. Dearest Meg and family,

    Much love and blessings to you all today as you celebrate the life of your beautiful husband, dad and poppy.

    In the time I knew Andrew he always had a sweet and gentle smile on his face and such a generous spirit. He loved his Megs so much and was delighted by his two little grandsons. He has left a beautiful legacy and is now in the arms of Jesus.

    Much love to you all and my family and I are always here for you xxx

  19. Love to you Meg, Ben, Joel, Josh, Rosanna, David and families at this time. Thinking of you all, Love Darren and Emily

  20. Meg, Ive never met you or Andrew in person, but just from “seeing” and interacting with you online I can tell what a great partnership you had
    May God bless you and surround you with his love at this time
    Remember all the good times and the blessed times too

  21. Thinking of you today. I send all my love and hugs to you and your family. Andrew was a beautiful person who will be missed always. Meg I’m here for you always

  22. Thinking of you Meg & family! Although never met, had a glimpse of your life through Facebook & could see the love for Andrew.
    Prayers are with you x

  23. Such a beautiful day for saying goodbye to Andrew.
    My love and thoughts are with you and your family today Meg, as you go through this journey together.
    I will always treasure the precious memories I have of your beautiful husband.
    He was one of the best ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Hello from Michelle Pickersgill and Sam, Kris and Inca at Nowa Nowa. We have enjoyed Andrew’s quirky personality from before Meg and he were married. We have watched their family grow and mature and shared elaborate Christmas parties over the years.
    This year will be different but we are happy for Andrew as he gets to be there with his Lord.
    Thanks Andrew for sharing with us.

  25. Andrew in my eyes was a man of integrity and very genuine. He was always ready to help anyway he could and definitely used his God-given gifts to the full
    In recent times I have more than ever seen the dedication he and Meg had to each other.
    People say, “In hard times you see people’s true nature “ well, it has to be said both Andrew and especially Meg have displayed great maturity and a very balanced outlook in this situation.
    I know there will now be a time of grieving for this wonderful family but in the long term the legacy that Meg and Andrew have instilled in their children will , I trust, mean they will continue to be a blessing to many.
    Thank you to the many quality friends who have been a wonderful support at this time.
    To Meg Ben Joel Josh David and Rosanna be strong and live life to the full
    Your friend

  26. Andrew, I met you and Meg when I was in my early 20’s. I remember the proudest dad grin on your face when Ben was born, the instant you held him in your arms. The man who loved his trains, and loved his mowers… You two have been through your battles, but remained strong through your marriage. I wanted to play the thomas the tank engine etheme song for you man! cause know how much you loved it! Distance kept us apart but we are forever friends. Meglet(yes you will get me for that one later)! You were always his queen. You forever will be, so straighten that crown my love and be the proud wife still because you are strong. My heart goes out to you, Ben and Rachel, Joel, Rosanna, Josh and David and their partners too as they ha e become a part of your wonderful big family. You kids know that dad always will watch over you. So as I write goodbye Andrew, I know you are already in heaven setting up your model trains with your Dad by your side. I’m signing off now. I will miss you, a dear friend. From the fat controller. Love you man, love you Meg and Love to all you kids. Stay strong. Farewell Andrew as you have grown your wings and earnt them well. Sarah.

  27. Andrew, my long time friend. I met you pair early 20s. We were all so close, it was distance that kept us all apart in the end. I will always remember the look on your face at Ben’s birth, a real proud and loving dad. A lover of Trains, I wanted to play the thomas the tank engine theme for you today, cause I know you bloody love that show! My friend so quickly taken, you have a wonderful family and my heart goes out to them today, your boys will keep your name strong and proud, your daughter will always be your princess. Your queen will always feel you by her side. You earned your wings Andrew. Though you both had your battles through the years you had that strength in you both to keep your love and marriage going. That is something very rare these days. Andrew, although we weep for you and your physical body not being around, your soul and spirit will always be around. I will miss knowing you are not around as will many. But now up in heaven with your dad, you probably already have those trains set up! Rest well Andrew, thankyou for being a part of our lives. Love to Meglet,( yes she will get me for that one)! Love to Ben and Rachel, Joel, Rosanna and her partner, Josh and David, and their partners. Andrew I will never forget that cheeky grin, the magic ability you had to fall asleep at anytime anywhere, (you made me jealous doing that man)! Rest in Gods arms.

  28. I met Andrew through Ben & Rach on several occasions & although I didn’t know him well, knowing what an amazing person Ben has turned out to be is a testament to his love and parenting. Rachel has talked fondly & respectfully of him since I met her at 16 years. it was always lovely to have a chat to Andrew at Birthdays & Reynard Street. such a gentle man and a family that adore him who are also a testament of what a dignified & much loved parent, grandfather & husband

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