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  1. Dear Herb, Marco, Rob, Lucas and Shammara
    A beautiful Service for a wonderful, strong and resilient lady. We were privileged to know you for 5 years but it felt many more. Thanks for your friendship, love, kindness and laughter.
    May you Rest in Peace Angela.
    Lots of love to all the family left behind. Be strong

    Chris & Desiree

  2. A beautiful ceremony. Thank you to Rob for sending me the link so that I could watch. Thank you to Mara for holding our baby boy and consoling him during the ceremony. I am so thankful he has two mum’s to guide him through the pain of losing his beloved Omi.

    My deepest sympathies to Waltraud and Heinz, Birgit, Herb, Marco and Yasemin and Rob and Mara.

    Today for me feels like losing you twice. Thank you for the years you were my “Mutti” and I your “Princess” and thank you for the years after, where we still shared a bond through our love of “Luki” and shared between us many videos and photos of the antics of “the little bunny”.

    For a long time to come I know that when I will laugh at a picture or video I take of your “Luki”, I will still go to WhatsApp to send it to you as I always would…but you won’t be on the other end to receive and laugh and make a comment about his shenanigans.

    Your bright blue eyes, cheeky smile, warm laughter, heart of gold and lust for life will always be remembered. Each day I will see you in your darling “Luki” and each day I will feel so lucky that he and I knew and loved you and that he was blessed to have you as his Omi.

    Rest In Peace Angela,

    Love Amy

  3. Our deepest sympathies Rob, Marco, Herb and family. We only met Angela a couple of times whilst in Australia for Rob and Shammara’s wedding but we instantly loved Angela. She was a wonderful lady and we are so very sorry for your loss.

    Sending all our love,
    Michelle and Aunty Fiona
    (Warwickshire, England) xxx

  4. Dear Herb, Robi, Marco, Birgit, Waltraud and Heinz,
    A dignified farewell from our earth. But you’re stands always in our hearts.
    Good by Angela!

  5. Beautiful service for an even more beautiful being, your smiling face is forever with me.
    many tears (the manly sort where just the tears come out but you try not to make any noise)
    … and love you always

    When I first meet you as dads teenage son I was a bit standoffish seeing you as”stranger mum” who was bad at English… however that changed very quickly when I saw you for your true colours and excepted your love and also another person for me to love in return, so for that you’ve been a true blessing to have you in my life and am forever thankful.

    I remember you for the many positive memory’s you’ve given me because theres almost no negative ones, you could count them on one hand, always a joy to be with and very smart and knowledgeable.
    I still remember the first gift you bought me as a teen, a CD from that band Hanson, a group of 12 year olds who sung that song “M’bob” and was apparently popular in Deutschland … embarrassing to own as an Aussie and my friends laughed at me but I could share in the laughter too, even though I only listened to that CD once I still cherish it.

    You looked after me when I was a kid doing all the awesome mum stuff thats needed for a teen …
    I couldnt/wouldnt do myself during weekends and school holidays when i come to stay with you, another massive thanks because that would’ve been hard, you know what kids can be like at that age.

    I love Angela, could go on all day in fact, but id have to write a book on being awesome, I think she would write a much better book because thats pretty much the main thing she does, Not writing books… being awesome is her thing.

    I know im bad at writing eulogies but even with tears in my eyes Im remembering the positive feelings you have given to me even while writing this and thats who I know you as, your the angel who can be thanked for putting these positive feelings in my head.

    I always love you…
    Aaron Drager

  6. Dear Angela,

    You will be sorely missed by all of us, but we are heartbroken for your wonderful Bert. You are in a better place now and we rejoice that your suffering has ended. Your son chose the most beautiful poem to guide your way and give us comfort here where we grieve your departure. You were a great friend and inspiration in life and we know you will persist on the other side. We look forward to meeting up again dear friend!

    Ping, Kali and Russell

  7. Dear Rob. Lucas & Herb,

    My very deepest sympathies.
    May God Bless and comfort you and
    May dear Angela’s soul Rest in Peace with Jesus.♡♡♡
    Love Annabelle
    (Shammara’s Aunty – Geneva, Switzerland)

  8. Dearest Herb & Family,
    My deepest condolences to your family. My heart breaks to hear of Angela’s passing. I will forever remember Angela for her vibrant presence, natural beauty, her outbursts of laughter & her love of life. I am thankful to have worked many years with you both & will remember Angela for the generous, kind & happy person she was (even when she had to drive to Echuca to drop off a roll of product, she always did it with a smile). May she rest in peace. Love Dijana xx

  9. Dear Family,

    11 years ago I had the honor to step into your family. All of you welcomed me with open arms. I was very nervous when it was time to meet my future mother in law but after 2 seconds of meeting Angela I felt already as a member of this beautiful family. That was the moment when Angela said “you can call me Mutti”.
    I am with you in my thoughts every day and I am very sorry for your loss. For our loss. I wish I could hug you right now Rob, Herb, Lucas and all of you. As I cannot physically I am sending virtual hugs to you Rob, Herb, Mara and Lucas. And a kiss towards heaven to you Mutti.


  10. Ellen and I met Angela, for the first time, when she and Herb came to California, USA, some years back
    Our memories of Angela were that she was cheerful and pleasant.
    May she rest in peace.

  11. Dearest Bert and Angela. A beautiful angel has left this earth to back home to love, peace and happiness..
    Angela you were always there with a smile, uplifting words, love and care whenever David or myself needed it, I pray you’re fully at peace now.
    I’ll be seeing you soon
    Love you and Bert very much
    Dave and Sylv

  12. Lieber Robert, Lucas, Marco und Herbert

    in diesen schmerzvollen Stunden sind wir in Gedanken bei euch
    und übermitteln unser aufrichtiges tiefes Beileid.
    Wir wünschen euch viel Kraft in dieser schweren Zeit.

    In unser aller Gedanken und im Herzen wird Angela
    immer einen festen Platz haben.

    Wir umarmen euch herzlich
    Petra und Fred

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