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46 comments on “Annette Ralph”

  1. What a lovely warm send off and celebration of a life well lived. Annette certainly epitomised what volunteering is all about – a true inspiration. Well done to all who made Annette’s life so special.

    1. Thank you Gayle for your lovely words. You played such an important part in her life & she thought the world of you. XX

  2. What a beautiful farewell for a wonderful soul. Annette will be greatly missed by everyone she touched over the years so caring, commitend, supportive, enthusiastic, the list goes on. I only meet Annette once through my best friends Michelle & Colin. Annette was very lucky to have Michelle & Col as her guardians. It shows in this most beautifully put together farewell for Annette. Everything about the service was so professional from the songs chosen the to photo’s of Annette’s life.
    May she Rest In Peace now with her family once more Amen

    1. Your words are beautiful Heidi, thank you so much for them, & for your never ending support. We miss Annette so much but know she’s at peace with her family again. Huge hugs. XX

  3. Such a beautiful service for an Amazing soul who touched so many people’s lives especially mine and my families and my dearly loved late Nan T (Kay) Sheilas best friend.
    There will be not a day that goes by that Annette will go un thought of. Her infectious smile and cheeky behaviour will be surely missed. The text messages weekly and the odd phone call too. We’ll miss visiting you at twins parks with the trips to Northlands to tell the tattslotto man how hunky he was and that “you’d” better win tattslotto, the large cappuccino that she would order and tell the person who was making it, I want it hot enough to stick your finger in but please don’t put your finger in my cuppa sweetie. Ohhh all those little quirky attributes Annette had filled everyone’s heart with Joy and was a big part of our family. To have her in your presence everything felt so much at ease. She just brought such a calmness to the room. Rest peaceful our darling you will be truely missed. Biggest hugs and Eskimo kisses to you. Fly high Angel fly high.
    On behalf of the Stanger Family

    1. Hi Shannon, Hilda & family. Many thanks for your wonderful tribute & great memories of Annette. I think Annette, Sheila & your Nan will be running a very “unsuccessful ” op shop up there because they’ll be giving everything away for free! Know that Annette loved you all dearly & don’t be surprised if you feel her spirit around you, showering you with love. Big hugs. XX

  4. Rest in peace Annette.
    Her friendship has been a great joy for us over the last 20+ years, she’ll be greatly missed.

    1. Thanks Michelle & Damien for playing an important role in Annette’s life. She needed wonderful friends like you. XX

  5. R.I.P. dear Annette
    Thanks for having enriched my family life with your beautiful and caring heart
    We will miss you

    1. Thanks Joe, to you & your family for being part of Annette’s life, she truly loved you all.

  6. Thanks for the opportunity to farewell dear Annette into God’s good hands.
    By her endless encouragement and faithful participation, Annette played a key part in St Augustine’s life when its light was dim. When she recited Bible readings in services – one of her many contributions – they came to new life as she brought her distinctive voice and person to them.
    Annette was not ashamed to own the Lord Jesus as her friend, and see others through her Lord’s eyes.
    Thanks be to God for her life, friendship and ministry to me.

    1. Charles, Annette would have loved your beautiful tribute. Thank you so much for being her friend. We believe she would be so very happy to be “home” once more with God.

  7. Thank you for the service. Sad that we can’t be together to celebrate Annette’s life. She was a beautiful, friendly and cheeky lady and we will miss her.

    1. So pleased you were able to view Annette’s service Vera & thank you for being such a good friend to Annette. XX

  8. Annette was a real blessing to all who knew her. We first met Annette and Sheila around 2000 when we joined St Augustine’s Moreland. Both Annette and Sheila were a joy to be with and to know. We remember Annette who loved the Lord and who so willingly served us and the church community with much love and warmth. We will miss her and look forward to seeing her again in the new heavens and the new earth that Christ has prepared for all of us.

    Grace and peace,
    Ismo and Jia-Yee

    1. Many thanks to you both for being part of Annette & Sheila’s lives. They loved St Augustine’s Church & community so much & treasured the friends they made there. Annette is now back in the arms of the Lord & also with her family again. XX

    1. Thanks Robert – so pleased you were able to view her service & learn more about our Annette. Thank you for being part of her life.

  9. Thank you Annette for 25 wonderful years of volunteer service and friendship. Your smiling face was always so welcome here at RCH. Rest in peace lovely lady xx

    1. Thank you for your support & kindness to Annette during all those years, Kiley.
      RCH volunteering was one of her greatest joys in her life & she truly loved her “girls” from RCH
      -l know she will be looking down over you all & sending you sunshine & love. XX

    2. Kiley, you & the girls from RCH meant so much to Annette. She considered her 25 years of volunteering with you all, as some of the best days in her life. Thank you for all the love, kindness & support you showed her throughout those times. XX

  10. Farewell Annette. God has got you in a big hug and he’s never going to let you go. Thank you everyone for your loving work to provide such a heartfelt and beautiful funeral service. Our love and sympathy to all who loved Annette and are grieving her loss.
    Much love from The Bird family at St Augustine’s Moreland

    1. Esther & family, Annette valued you so highly. Thank you so much for being a part of her life & for your beautiful words. We do miss her so much but know she is finally home with her family & God. XX

  11. Annette you will be sadly missed by our family. We will miss your cheeky phone calls and messages. Rest In Peace, you are now with God, your mum Sheila and Kaye, love always the Stangers.

    1. Thanks Hilda for your years of friendship & love towards Annette. The Stanger family were very important to her & we thank you. XX

  12. What an amazing life Annette lived and so many people she touched for good. Many sadnesses there were but they were not allowed the final word. Thanks to God for Annette.

    1. Sadness was not allowed the final word, was it Allen & Rachael ? She loved life so very much & certainly lived it to the best of her ability. Thank you both for being part of Annette’s life.

    1. Thank you Sujita. We’re pleased you were able to view Annette’s funeral service.

  13. Dear Annette
    You brought a lot of pleasure into the lives of Merle Geoff Mackay and family And it was a privilege having you in our lives for so many years
    A special big hug and love from Merle your go-supporter in the mighty Blues
    Love always
    Annette, Peter and the girls from the Mackay clan

    1. How she loved you all so very much. Thank you for your love, support & kindness shown to Annette over all these decades. Our love to Merle please & tell her we think Carlton will win more games now that Annette is up there cheering them on! XX

  14. Thank you to all who helped us celebrate Annette’s life and her faith in Christ. We thank God for her and mourn her death. So sad not to be able to be with the St Augustine’s family at this time.

    1. Thanks Len for your love & support towards Annette over the years. She thought the world of you. We know she is now at peace with her family & with God, & no doubt will be showering you with love.

  15. Thank you Michelle and Colin – what a wonderful service and learned so much about Annette so she will not RIP because she will be too busy organising heaven to her satisfaction.

    God bless you all and do not be too sad because she would not want that. Love and hugs to all, Angxx

    1. Many thanks Ang. We can see Annette up there still volunteering & checking that everyone is ok & overall, just being so happy she is back with her family again. Love & hugs to you too.

  16. Dear Michelle and family,
    What a beautiful service – so many joyous memories.
    I feel so privileged to have known and supported Annette over the last few months in a counselling role.
    She was such a beautiful person.
    She now rests in peace.
    Kindest regards
    Sally Cooper

    1. Sally, Annette would not have coped as well as she did this past year without your support & kindness. Thank you so much for everything you did for her, & us. Stay safe & know that Annette will be sending you love & thanks for all your times together. XX

  17. 47
    BJV-Annette Ralph ServiceIt was lovely and sad to watch Annettes funeral and Assad to see her go. Ay lasy she will be with her Mum, Dad and Brother/ We will see each oyjer again.

    1. Penni, Kathren & family, thank you so much for your support, love & kindness shown to Annette. You have been wonderful & we know Annette valued you all. XX

    1. Thank you John & Jill for sharing your lives with Annette. You meant so much to her & yes, she would be rejoicing being back with the lord. XX

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