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37 comments on “Annie Kelly”

    1. Dean, here in Las Vegas, we have just had the privilege of watching the magnificent memorial for your beloved Annie. Truly sorry we could not have been there with you and your ever-so-brave children in person, but after hearing all the heartfelt tributes — especially yours — the miles simply disappeared. Love, Uncle Peter and Aunty Elaine.

  1. What a beautiful celebration of Annie. Dean, Ellora, Dex and Itzy – you all spoke so eloquently sharing your love and emotion.
    Our thoughts are with you all ❤️
    Annie – Rest In Peace with the angels.
    Unfortunately we couldn’t be there in person but are grateful for the opportunity to be able to follow it from Singapore.
    Love Sandra & Mike xox

  2. What a beautiful tribute to an amazing wife, mother, daughter and friend. Everyone who spoke was so brave and thoughtful to share their stories with such wonderful composure and humility.

    To Dean, Ellora, Dex & Itzy – you have made your wife and Mum so proud. I hope today remains such a lovely memory for you all in such sorrowful times.

    Thank you for allowing us to follow the celebration of Annie’s life – albeit from Dubai.

  3. Thank you for allowing us to share this Beautiful Service with you. Our love, thoughts and prayers are with all the family and especially our long time friends, Annie’s parents, Marg and Neil. xx

  4. What a remarkable celebration of Annie. I felt honoured to have been able to share it on the other side of the world. Smiling and crying and holding you all very close in my heart. All my love Ruth

  5. Dear Dean, I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it today and I hope everything went according to Annie’s plan.
    This technology is fantastic and thank you for making it available to those who couldn’t be there.
    All my love and thoughts, xx Katherine

  6. Dearest Dean, Ellie, Dex & Itzy.
    It has been so wonderful watching the remarkable celebration of Annie’s life.
    Thank you for sharing a piece of your Mum (& wife) with us all.
    A beautiful service, incredible memories and an amazing family.
    Love Celia & Jeff & family ( friends of D&A’s from Sydney xxx)

  7. Dear Dean,

    Thankyou for sharing Annie’s farewell with us. She would be so pleased and proud!
    Love Paul Kelley Olivia and Molyny

  8. Thank you for enabling us from afar the privilege to participate in this beautiful tribute to amazing Annie, who has left such a legacy to our world. Ongoing Peace and Love to all, from our family to yours XO

  9. I watched through the night in London so from the bottom of my heart thank you for making this possible. You were all truly amazing. Desperately missing the opportunity for live tight hugs but holding you in my thoughts and in my heart. All my love, Serena

  10. What an incredible celebration of our Annie. Everyone who spoke was so brave and thoughtful to share their stories and emotions with us. Thank you.

    Dean, you were absolutely gorgeous in your tenderness and humor. Children, I am so impressed with your composure and delivery. Annie, who was watching I’m sure, had to have been blown away by the love you shared with everyone today.

    This truly was the best way to honor Annie’s memory, dreams, and hopes for the future. I was humbled and inspired, saddened and entertained. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. I am enriched and blessed. ❤️

  11. Thankyou to Dean and family for live streaming. My Anniedote ……….Our friendship began with you telling me that I had to coach Itzy. I had to fit her in…… And I did……..but not without my weekly text of what I had to work on. The only one to ever instruct me on instruction. I miss it my friend……

  12. Dean I was fortunate to have had Annie as my mentor as a graduate law student in my placement at the Kingsford Legal Centre many moons ago. Your beautiful family was just a promise in the air at that time. She left an indelible mark on me to try to be fearless in what I pursued. I have admired her as a lawyer and wife and mother. Whilst only 4 months older than me she always seemed so much wiser. She has no doubt, with you, raised 3 incredible young people. I wish you all a fearless onwards journey and whilst I have not met you know that I have you and your extended family in my thoughts and prayers. Love Tara xx

  13. A remarkable service honouring Annie’s life and legacy. Thank you for allowing us to join you in celebration, thoughts and prayers xxx

  14. Dear Dean. Thank you for allowing me to share in your celebration of Annie’s life. I never knew her however she was clearly and will be a continued inspiration to You, the Children and many other people she touched. Lots of love from New Zeland.

  15. Dean and family. So blessed to have been able to participate in Annie’s story via the web. Thank you. Dean, was an absolute pleasure to have facilitated yours and Annie’s introduction alongside Raana. My thoughts and prayers are with you all today. Love Tracey Sandeman and her family (the O’Briens).

  16. So sad that circumstances prevent me from being there in person, but so so thankful that I’m able to participate from across the seas. Wonderful memories being brought back and thoroughly loving the joyful picture of the impact our beautiful Annie had on us all.

  17. Dear Kelly family,

    I am here with you even though I have to be at work. Hiding my tears behind my big computer screen but also smiling broadly at times.

    I love you all!!! xxx

  18. Thank you Annie for filling all lives that touched yours with happiness and light.
    Sending my love to all family and friends who were able to attend today.

  19. Dean!

    Thanks for allowing us to remotely join Annie’s Celebration of Life! Lot’s of love to you and the kids from Parks, Viv, Stormy and Zac ….

  20. It is such a privilege to have known you Annie…..We will love your daughter Itzy and your family forever.
    Big hugs to Dean, Itzy, Ellora, Dex and all of your family and friends Karen and Matilda and family xxooxx

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