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  1. To Carmel,Anthony and Gabby.
    What an original,entertaining man you had in your lives.Tony will be truly missed for his ever so enthusiastic personality. From the time I met him and thereafter he would chat to you like he was your best friend. Will cherish those memories.
    When I bought Dad to visit in hospital as unwell as he was. He was still his bright self.
    Keep his memory by being that vivacious. And living life as he did.
    What great traits he had.
    Love and condolences to you all.Such a lovely family you all are.
    And to Anthony and Gabby both so brave and spoke so well xxxxx

  2. Dear Carmel, Gabby and Anthony, What a beautiful service for a unforgettable man . Tony will never be forgotten .. So sorry for your loss
    Love always
    Nina & Mick Spirli

  3. Deepest condolences Carmel, Anthony & Gabby.
    Tony’s charismatic character left a lasting impression on everyone he met.
    I first met Tony on the Silvan school bus, he was king of the back seat, always smiling and keen for a chat. Still the same each time I saw him throughout the years.
    RIP Tony


  5. Dear Carmel, Anthony and Gabby, our deepest condolences to you all.Thankyou for streaming his service.
    All our love your cousins Frank and Nina Mammoliti

  6. A beautiful tribute for a good husband and friend
    We enjoyed some good moments with Tony and his Mum

  7. Our TG ( wow ) your famous word.
    Tony what a life time of Memories, , Joe and l
    Feel so numb, l could write a book about the last 45 years with Joe and 38 years with me.
    We partied in the early days like their was no tomorrow, best man and Maid of honour at you wedding to beautiful Carmel, celebrated the twins being born
    And many other milestones afterwards.
    Tony you taught me how to drive , how to party, JetSki and ride in the wind on you motorbike at very high speeds. Our early days the three of us were inseparable you were a man of your own making. Have so many wonderful, kind, funny, crazy And some stupid memories . We laughed so hard , joked until we cried and really could communicate with out speaking, that’s how well we new each other.
    We spent the last twelve months with you watching you battling cancer trying to keep your spirits high, we once again laughed, cried with you and sometime l would just hold your hand, calmed your moods when things became to hard .
    Tony l can say l had an extra brother and l know you looked at me like a sister and Joe a best mate. And we both adored you no matter what.
    Our hearts are broken, will never be the same with out you, our hearts break for Carmel (wow what a woman and lady with the most loving, gentle sole beyond words ) and for Gabby and Anthony two beautiful kind loving children that will continue to make you super proud.
    Love you Bro
    You will be sadly missed
    Joe & Sharon Bonanno

  8. My dearest Carmel, Anthony & Gabby sending you all our deepest condolences. It’s heartbreaking watching the service for our dear Tony. Carmel,We have beautiful memories of your happy go lucky husband who always made us smile with his stories , too many to mention ❤️.May he REST IN PEACE
    Forever in our hearts ♥️ Always here for you all.
    All our love
    Uncle Andy & Auntie Rina

  9. Even though God decide our meet just a short time but you ( tony) made me realized what the meaning of friendship .You made me realized that friendship is just not word but love as friend . You always regard me as blood brother and I will never forget you .I hope you rest in peace

  10. Rest in peace sir tony….you are good man i see…and you are friend forever…staff sunlight inno seafood…roger From pitas,kota kinabalu sabah…

  11. Rest in peace sir tony….you are good man i see…and you are friend forever…staff sunlight inno seafood…roger From pitas,kota kinabalu sabah…

  12. Dear Carmel Anthony and Gabby,beautiful service for your husband/father thank you for the live streaming of the funeral so we could all be there in spirit with you today.Tony will be missed, may he Rest In Peace.Love Mim Peter

  13. Carmel, Anthony and Gabby. Me and Melanie would like to pass on our condolences, we are thinking of you and the family during these difficult times. ❤

  14. Dear Carmel, Anthony and Gabby, a beautiful service for Tony, again deepest sympathies and love from Mick and Nina Manariti and family xx

  15. I just feel so grateful to have met Tony. He was such an inspirational man! He really made it clear to me what is really important in life, to make genuine, loving connections with people. He really seemed to do that effortlessly, what a big, open heart! What an example!

    Awhh Carmel! And Gabby and Anthony! What a man you now carry forever with you! May the huge loss of Tony in body be balanced with the huge gift of his spirit. Thankfully for you, and for all of us that want you all forever in our lives, you’ve now got Tony also beaming out of your hearts. Gabby, and Anthony, so beautiful to hear your words about your dad. And to see those photos of Carmel and Tony in love, through those many years! Even through these screens it all felt so intimate, thank you guys!

    I’ll think of Tony every time water comes gushing forth here in Christmas Hills, be grateful for him, just like water, he was the gift of life! Love, Tom

    1. Dear Carmel
      My sincere condolences to you, Anthony and Gabby on your loss. Thank you for the live streaming under these circumstances.
      Everything said about your Tony was true and he still made me laugh.
      I will never forget an incident with him on his motorcycle that he really made me sh…t myself!
      God bless him & I’m sure he will keep all the Angels in heaven awake partying!
      He will always be remembered and not forgotten.
      Love to you all.
      Grace xxx

  16. Dear Carmel Anthony & Gabby

    They say you can count your true Mates on one hand, I just feel like I lost a finger.

    To a life time Mate TG may You R.I.P
    and I will always cherish all those good times we spent together.

  17. To Carmel, Anthony and gabby
    Sending our deepest condolences to you all
    Beautiful send off for tony
    Condolences to you all
    Keep strong and may he Rest In Peace

    Tony Pignataro and Kayla Pannuzzo

  18. A beautiful service Tony would very be proud.
    Sending lots of love to you all Carmel, Anthony & Gabby.
    Love from cousin Rocky Pignataro (Mick’s) & Connie Brigante xx

  19. To Carmel, Anthony & Gabby,

    It was a beautiful service for a kind & generous man, he will be missed by young & old. Condolences ❤️ Aunty Isabella

  20. Dear Carmel, Anthony and Gabby,

    Sending all our love and support to you and the family as we honour your darling husband and father Tony.
    His tribute today was beautiful and gave us an insight into the amazing man that he was. Anthony and Gabby, your dad would be so incredibly proud of you both with the heart felt memories you shared.

    Much love to you always…

    Rest in Peace Tony
    Paul, Amanda, Ally & Mitch

  21. Dear Carmel, Anthony & Gabby,

    Beautiful service, thinking of you all at this time♥️♥️

  22. A beautiful service for a unique and very special man who will be greatly missed but not forgotten. Both Anthony and Gabby honored him beautifully and although we were not able to be there today, we were with you and thinking of you at this very sad time. We are so very sorry for your loss.

    From the Miglas family, Anatol, Debra, Kurt and Jared.

  23. Dear Carmel, Anthony and Gabby
    So deeply sorry for your loss and the passing of Tony. He was such a character and we will miss seeing him and listening to his crazy antics. We are sure you will miss him so much more but please hold onto those wonderful memories you have of him. Definitely one of a kind. They dont make them like him anymore.
    Sincere sympathies.
    Ivana & Bruce xxx

  24. Dear Carmel, Anthony and Gabby – all our love and sincerest condolences for the loss of your beautiful husband and father. We cherish all our memories of Tony and the special bond he and Romano shared. Thank you for live streaming the funeral so we could be there in spirit with you today. All our love to you and rest in peace dearest Tony.

  25. Just to let ya know we are all thinking about ya tone.we will never forget ya mate we are all glad you fight with leukaemia is over you’re in peace now and not in old mate
    We will all see you on the other side tone

  26. SBS-028 ; )
    You always made me smile. Always had a laugh – your positivity & genuine joy infiltrated the lives and hearts of all who had the privilege & blessing to be in your presence.
    “Ya can’t sweat the small stuff mate!”
    Never thought you’d make me cry. Never expected such sadness would follow the thought of you walking through my mind.
    All of those who know understand that God thought enough of us to have been given the gift of you. Thanks for being you & making our lives a better place to be.
    You will live on forever in our family tree and you’ll always be just a branch away from me. Love you cousin … (Ro)

  27. Hi Tony’s family,

    We all miss Tony. It was great that I could watch and attend the service live. Sorry for not being there. I hope you are strong. Lots of love. Sue

  28. Carmel , Anthony,Gabby and families such a beautiful service for Tony Thankyou for letting us be a part of it sending you all our love RIP Tony ❤️❤️

  29. Message from Doug and Allister at Geodivining International:

    We have been deeply saddened and sobered by Tony’s battle with leukaemia and his passing last Saturday.
    Tony was a great friend to us when we first came to Australia and worked successfully with him over 20 years ago and he always kept us in mind on subsequent projects, including the ill-fated adventure in Sabah.
    We have talked so much through his illness and he was always looking forward to new projects, new adventures. He really wanted to travel over to Scotland and work with some of our drilling buddies over here, and Doug would send him pictures and videos of beautiful places and water wells in Scotland to keep that dream alive. It would have been great to have him and Carmel over as our guests and we’re sad that he never made the trip.

    Tony was a big-hearted larger-than-life character and a faithful dedicated friend. Like his father before him, drilling was his life. We will miss him and always remember him.

    I’m so glad we were all able to work together on Tom and Isabel’s project, Tony’s last well, ‘the Temple Well’, and to complete it successfully in time for Tony to know the result.

    In Tony’s memory Allister and I want to work with you all as much as possible in adapting to life without Tony and in support of Tony’s unfinished business and future drilling projects, and we will endeavour, as Tony would wish, to support Supreme Drilling in every way we can.
    Thanks for the picture of you guys and the messages on the casing. That was such a fitting tribute to the man whose life’s work was drilling water wells.
    We talked about this and thought we would like to contribute in a tangible and meaningful way to a memorial at the wellhead when it is finished.

    We’re sorry that neither of us were able to be there in person for that tribute, though we are with you ‘on line’ and more directly ‘in spirit’ today.

    To Carmel, Anthony and Gabby and all Tony’s family and friends, our hearts are united in grief at his loss and in joy at having been present in his life.

    To Tony, we’ll always miss your jovial greeting “howyergoin’ mate?” But know each day we live and work, and each time water flows forth sustaining new life, there’ll always be your encouraging words “good on yer mate; she’s a beaut!” and that broad sunburnt smile and satisfied glint in your blue eyes.

    While our bodies fail us and grow old, the love and friendship never die.
    God speed brother. May your rest be painless and peaceful and your waking filled with the joys of a life well lived.

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