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35 comments on “Atonio Sanele”

  1. To Sanele Family,

    Still feeling the love for Uncle Leoo may god be with you all.” FLY HIGH UNCLE” Love you always.
    You left a unforgettable legacy that we will never forget- Biggest Heart..
    Alofa Atu to Sui and kids..

    1. Thank you sis for the kind/comforting words during this sad time. We are grateful❤️ Alofa to you and the entire family in NZ especially mum.

      Love Sanele Family❤️

  2. To Sanele Family,

    Still feeling the love for Uncle Leoo may god be with you all.” FLY HIGH UNCLE” Love you always.
    You left a unforgettable legacy that we will never forget- Biggest Heart..
    Aloha Atu to Sui and kids..

  3. Manuia lou malaga Uncle Atonio May you Rest In Love & Peace. Our Sanele family, our deepest condolences to you all! Be strong for one another especially for your strong Queen (mum)..

    God bless and keep you all…
    Love to you all,
    from us here in Feilding, NZ


    Ps. Thank you so much for your livestream!

    1. Thank you Marcella for your beautiful words during this time. We are glad to still be able to connect our beloved fathers final moment via live stream.

      King Regards
      Sanele Family in Melbourne Australia. NZ

  4. Love you guys always! Thinking of you at this hard time, really wish we could be there!!! Family is forever ❤️

    1. Thank you niece Kahlia. Appreciate your beautiful words & continuous support during this time. Much love to you mum, dad & siblings in NZ. Hope to catch up soon love you guys so much❤️

  5. Caring thoughts are with you Uncle Antonio ❤️ My love and condolences to you all, you are now at peace. Love all of us in Sydney ❤️

    1. E momoli atu o matou alofa’aga ma faamaisega Su’i ma le nofoaalo ona ole valaau paia ale Atua le Tama ia Faatoafe Leoo Atonio Sanele. Ia loto tetele ma tumau ile faatuatua e maua ai lo tatou malosiaga. Alofa’aga mai ia Faatoafe Kelemete, Ridah Natoealofa ma le fanau. Rest in Peace and Love.

    2. Thank you Ridah & the whole of Natealofa family. For your great memories with dad but especially for all the love and support you guys have shown in the past and till now. Appreciate love you guys very much

    3. Thank you niece Jackie. Appreciate your kind words and beautiful message. Love and miss you guys during this sad time

      Sanele Family

  6. Our thoughts are with you ❤

    Thinking of you in these difficult times.
    My prayers are with you and family.
    Our hearts go out to you in your time of sorrow
    Rest in love Uncle ❤

    1. Stay strong our dearest brothers and sisters and mother Sui, thinking of you all!
      He will never be forgotten, he was such a loving & caring father. He will be missed dearly ❤️ thank you for the live stream. I wish we could be there to say goodbye love you all

      Antonio ia manuia lau malaga le galo lou alofa i ai matou le fanau ia faamafanafana I le tina alofa ia Sui male fanau ❤️

    2. Awww thank you sis Sui. Dad would have been very proud of you and your beautiful family. Kalofae the girls are all settle with their own families it was all he would have wanted. Thank you sis we miss you and hope you come visit us soon. Love you family in Sydney❤️

    3. Thank you niece Alisha. Appreciate the love and support coming from your way. Love and miss you guys very much❤️

  7. Ia manuia lau malaga uncle Atonio, e ui ina le mafai ona matou auai, ae measili ua mafai ona matamata atu i luga o lenei auauna manaia, e mafai ai e matou lou aiga iinei i Niu Sila ona molimauina ou toe taimi i luga nei o le fogaele’ele, ae te lei tuua le tina pele ma le fanau ma i matou uma i le malo o le Atua e faavavau. Alofaaga o si ou uso matua Patu Uliano Sanele & ma le aiga pele
    Fly high uncle Atonio, sorry for not being there to see you on your last day, due to Covid-19, but many thanks for organising this stream live we were able to watch your last service on earth & a beautiful send off. Watch over aunty Sui, your children, grandkids & great-grandchild, your siblings, family & us all. To aunty Sui, cousins Lole, Suafai, Kasala, Mili, Maota & Sagele, nieces & nephews it won’t get easier as the days, months & years passes by but memories of him will leave in each of yous & us forever. Visit those happy memories when yous are down to make yous smile and continue on living life just the way he want it yous all to live. Much love to yous all

    1. Thank you Mele for your beautiful message. He definitely would have left a lot of memories with your family. We appreciate the love and support coming through ❤️

      Sanele Family

  8. We are sending the biggest condolences and love to the Sanele family at this time.
    Thinking of you all. May He finally rest in peace and love.
    He will always be remembered, never forgotten.
    Wishing we were there to farewell an amazing man.
    Stay strong and much love from Tinei Fe’etau Fia Lee-lo and Family here is NZ.

    1. Thank you Tinei Fe’etau Fia Lee-Lo family for the love and support shown during this very sad time. Forever grateful and pray god sends us comfort to all get through this together. Love you all & appreciate the beautiful message.

      Sanele Family

  9. Oops the white girl just noticed she spelt aiga wrong. Beautiful service xox wish we were all together in person but we are in spirit.

    1. Terisa Paris Lee Lo & Sanele family.

      Terisa your Dad is in a better place. Condolences to your family @ this time. We ❤ you all and thanks for the Stream Live. They are so good. Be strong for your Mum. Lots of Love.

      Rex Epe Faafiu espcially Me. (NZ)

    2. Toohill Family.
      Thank you for your endless love and support. We appreciate the beautiful and kind words above. Thank you!

      Sanele Family

  10. All our love and condolences to you our sanele family.

    Thinking of you all and wishing we were there to farewell a loving man.

    Rest In Peace uncle mania lou Malaga
    Send our love to all our loved ones in heaven.

    Petersen Family in Sydney xx

    1. Thank you family for the kind words. Appreciate the love and support shown means a lot. Love you guys!!!

      Sanele Family

  11. Thinking of you all during this very sad time. Sending our love and prayers from NZ. He will never be forgotten and will live on in all of our fond memories. Such a good man. Alofa Ang & Vena Ulae and ainga xox

    1. Thinking of you all . Sending all our love and prayers at this sad time . Rest in Peace Leo’o Manuia lou malaga love Gordon , Mariah and family x

    2. Thank you Gordon & Mariah for all you both have done. We appreciate the endless love and support from you guys also to Mum dad and family in Melbourne. One love for you all Thank you!!!

      Sanele Family
      Melbourne NZ

    3. Gordon & Mariah family,

      Thank you for everything you guys did and continue to do. Our hearts are warm to know he was loved truly by you guys. Thank you to your parents and family also we appreciate the love and support during this difficult time. Love you guys very much❤️

    4. Manuia lau malaga uncle!! Thinking of you all today, wishing we could be there Love use guys ♥️♥️

    5. Thanks cuz for your continuous support especially mum and dad. You guys are forever with us. Through the good and bad times❤️ Love you guys stay in touch.

      Sanele Family
      Melbourne NZ

  12. Rest in eternal peace our dearest Koko, we love you xo

    Stay strong family, wishing we could be there with you all but we love yous so much.

    1. Thank you niece Kacey. Your Grandpa left & is so proud of you whom you are. Love you

      From us in Melbourne
      Stay strong ok! Loads of love from your Sanele aiga xo

  13. Fa’amaise le Atua I le aiga fa’anoanoa maua pea outou mafanafana mai le Atua be strong n god bless

    1. Thank you Anzac Aiono.

      Appreciate your love and support. Your kind words means a lot to us during this time.

      Sanele Family
      NZ Melbourne Australia

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