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20 comments on “Barbara May”

  1. Bob and all your lovely family,
    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing tribute to your lovely Barbara. She would have been so proud of you all, contributing to such an uplifting celebration of her life.
    Thinking of you and sending love to you all.

  2. We watched from afar; it was as if we were there. A fitting tribute to a fine women. The whole family were so uplifting; Barbara would have been very proud.
    John joined us just before midnight and, after the service, we raised a glass in memory of Barbara.

  3. Dear Bob, Dan, Andrew and Julia.
    We all wish we could have been at the most beautiful life celebration service we’ve witnessed.
    Such lovely heartfelt words and music. It was almost as if if Barbara was right there with you all. And yes, of course she was and always will be.
    It was just marvellous to hear and see all the warmth of thought and indeed the sensitive humour abounding throughout the church. All of you should be enormously proud of the way you said your farewells. Stay strong and remember all of the times you had the pleasure of being with your lovely Barbara.

    With Much Love From All the Spittles.

    1. Thank you all, I’ve just written hoping you saw the service and have now found this beautiful comment. Talk soon.

  4. What a privilege to be part of such a wonderful service celebrating Barb’s life even though we are the other side of the world. She would have been so proud of you all. You did her proud…..she would have loved it!

  5. That service was wonderful.and so perfect for dear Barb. She would have been so proud of you all. Such a privilege to feel part of it even though we are the other side of the world. RIP Barb. Gone but never forgotten xx
    Gill and David

    1. Yes Gillie and David, a lovely service, I’m sure she would be happy with every aspect of it all.

  6. Lovely service Bob, and reassuring to see you and the family so brave at such a sad time.
    Barbara would have been very proud. Thinking of you all…
    John In Scotland

  7. Bob, Julia, Andrew and Dan – a wonderful balance between sorrow and joy achieved by you all at such a difficult time. I shall miss a very special friend.

    1. Yes matey, thrilled you could join us, yours is a special friendship, day 1 of Barbara and I getting together.

  8. I’m so happy to have been able to watch the most beautiful service from England – what a fantastic memorial for such a special person! You were all so brave getting up and talking about her with such love and humour too – she’d be so proud of you.

    With love from Fiona

  9. Dear Bob,
    Nearly didn’t recognise you wearing a suit!
    Beautiful service, beautiful chapel. Your children are amazing.
    God bless you all.
    Judy & David

  10. this overcame the tyranny of distance and fires in this wide brown land – a privilege to feel part of the celebration of Barb’s life

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