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  1. Dear family of Barry.
    Thank you very much of letting us beeing part to this service.
    The world feels so empty without Barry, even on the other side of the globe. He and Elaine were second parents to us. Their “equal daughters number four” in Germany: Xenia and Simone. We had the luck not only seeing Barry in Australia (1988), but also meeting him on his trips to Europe. Every time he came overseas we spent some days together in Germany, Switzerland or Spain, sightseeing and having a great time in restaurants. His generousity was amazing. He was and is our great ideal, always giving love – and Kangaroo pins – to all people on his way.
    In your speeches at the service Barry was as prestent as ever. Thank you very much for letting him get close to everybody once again. You made us have a party with Barry for a last time.
    Barry, thank you so very much for your love, care, guidance and inspiration.
    xo Simone

  2. Barry, we will miss your visits to the Chesapeake Bay Area.

    Family: It was a beautiful service. Please accept our deepest sympathies.

    Albert and Eve Gomezplata, Annapolis, Maryland, USA

  3. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful service across the world. Your family is in our hearts and prayers.

  4. A suitable tribute to a fine man. I was and am a client of Jamison Alliott as a result of being a mate of Joe Canny, but not surprisingly I became a mate of Barry. Of course, we did , we were follow swans supporters. He always showed interest in my and others lives. He loved recounting our trip on his yacht at Hastings where he, with his great passion and style, served us all soup which unfortunately was a little cold. It didn’t matter. Your memory lives on with me and many others. RIP Barry. Randal McDonnell

  5. Amazing doesn’t cover the achievements and affect Barry has on so many people. What a wonderful service, you have done him proud. He will be sadly missed but long remembered by all those who have had the pleasure of meeting Barry Robert Jamison. Peter and Beverley Jamison

  6. Dear Barry, you have given us so many happy memories and wonderful experiences. We will never forget your kindness and hospitality.
    The first time we visited Melbourne, you welcomed us with a bouquet of flowers at a airport. We also remember the welcome party at the Gentleman’s Club and Cath’s magic show.
    We also had a great time at many international conferences. We have many kangaroo pins and koala clips in our home that you gave us.
    When we had a party in Japan for the merger of our audit firms, you joined us even though your mother was in a critical condition.
    You took us and our daughter Hiroko to the bush barbecue where we and Elaine fed the wild birds.
    A big bird flew away with the meat we were cooking. I remember how surprised you were when you turned the boiling kettle round and round.
    Thank you so much for all your kindness and warmth you have given us.
    We wish you all the best.
    Masa and Toyo

  7. One of God’s finest creations.

    Many many thanks Barry for the big smiles, the hearty laughs, the fabulous support and encouragement you offered and the advice you gave, the great lunches, the boat trips and the genuine interest and friendship you so readily gave to me and my family.

    To Barry’s family… thank you for sharing him with us. I trust in time the fond memories will eclipse the sadness of losing him.

    Much love… Rob & Ingrid, Oscar & Benji Mulholland

  8. Thank you so much for allowing me to attend through the live stream. It was a beautiful service.

  9. Sending all of our love and condolences to Barry’s family and friends and especially to our dear friends Cath and Nic. Our thoughts are with you. We’ll be picking a jonquil from our garden today in memory of your beautiful dad. Huge hugs and big love xox Sally and Mel.

  10. Wonderful and amazing man so far advanced in the years I was employed by him. Very much respected by his fellow work colleagues and clients. From all those years ago we remained in contact and he never forgot a Birthday always catching up until a few years ago. Angels fly high those lunches and dinners up there will be amazing. RIP beautiful man Barry. My condolences to your daughters. Dianne Hall (formerly Dianne Harrison)

  11. What a life Barry lived. To be celebrated well beyond today!
    Many thanks for the live stream and greetings from Canberra.
    My good wishes to each of you.
    With love
    Trevor Lloyd

  12. We shared a great love of football and our $1 bets infamous between your beloved Swans and my Pies. You teased me relentlessly that I still had all my teeth and maybe I should turn to the red and white!
    I will miss our friendly rivalry very much. For you only I’ll shout Go Swans!!

  13. My sincere condolences to all the family and friends of dear Barry.
    On behalf of BrainLink you supported the organisation for so long and so well and always went above and beyond.
    You and I shared such lovely chats and your lunches and dinners were memorable.
    Always remembered and rest and be at peace.

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