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  1. I learned of Bernie’s death only now, months after he died. Bernie was an important friend and support to the folks at the Social Ecology program, originally on the Hawkesbury Campus of the University of Western Sydney (now Western Sydney University). He was one of those sadly rare individuals who thought deeply, broadly and tangentially, and also back into history and far into the future. Because of this he had a profound understanding of our foundational theories and activities. He spoke at some of our events; and his writings were referenced in our teaching materials and frequently cited by our staff and students. I and many of my colleagues and students miss him and will for ever be grateful of knowing him. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

  2. I only knew Bernie for a relatively short time as a fellow student of Farsi but in that year he made quite an impact on me as a kind and gentle human being who clearly cared deeply for others and also the world we live in. He will be greatly missed.

  3. Bernie was a gentleman and scholar. He was a haven of reality in a competitive nightmare. His was a successful and complete life.

  4. Finest person I ever met in a long and chequered life. A lifechanger and for the better always.. I was privileged to be his student for nine years
    You did him proud today; I thought it impossible. It was just beautiful,
    Thank you. A glorious mystery

  5. Bernie remained a good and fresh learner even at the time usually everyone feels retired. He will be missed but never forgotten in our Persian classes.

  6. I am so, so glad to have been able to see this and in this way be there to say goodbye. Bernie would have loved the humour in me making a mistake with the time. I wanted to watch the live streaming live so all week I was thinking that I would have to set an alarm to see it on Monday evening, and then realising when it was too late that Australia’s time is ahead of us in Europe and not behind…. Very grateful I could still see it in spite of that mistake.
    Bernie, for me you were what I always have been looking for in people and have tried to live: love, kindness, humour and warmheartedness. Forgiving people for their flaws. And we shared the love for poetry and Shakespeare and languages. I am so, so grateful that, two years ago, we had that time together in Portugal, with my brother Thomas and your daughter Alisoun, and in Vienna with the person-centered friends. 24 years of friendship, so valuable, so deep in my heart, overcoming any distance.After all, there is only a difference of two letters between Austria and Australia. Alterum dimidium animae meae forever, my dearest Bernie. Farewell.

  7. “At last you have departed and gone to the Unseen.
    What marvelous route did you take from this world?

    Beating your wings and feathers,
    you broke free from this cage.
    Rising up to the sky
    you attained the world of the soul.”

    ~ Rumi

    Blessed be Bernie – thank you for your great gifts to the world and to me. Truly, one of my first spiritual teachers.

  8. Such a beautiful service, beautiful family and beautiful legacy of a wonderful lion hearted man. Thank you Bernie for the wonderful introduction to psychodrama and your inimitable way of explaining the most complex concepts in everyday language. I will never forget when you explained your book in one sentence- what an incredible gift!! I consider myself fortunate to have known you and experienced your soft, gentle and yet piercing presence. It was wonderful to witness your legacy of love. Thank you to your wonderful family for sharing you with us and giving us this opportunity to say farewell. Farewell Bernie, you are so loved. Thanking for touching us all so deeply with your authentic essence.
    So much love to you and your family.

  9. I only knew Bernie as a student of his who was enthralled and inspired by his words and his soul. I will always treasure the gifts of time and encouragement he gave me as a mentor for my work. His magnificent energy lives on in the lives of all he touched and I have no doubt he will continue to influence us from a higher place. Thank you Bernie and thank you to Annie who responded to my card and to his family for allowing us to celebrate with you all that Bernie was. There are no words.

  10. My heart goes out to my cousins, Annie, Alison, Kim & Steve, and aunties, Mary, Margaret, & Denise. And of course to my father, Bernie’s brother, Laurie. The beautiful service for a wonderful man and uncle really exemplified the honour and warmth a family gives us all. Bernie you really represented the family name well! Mama and Papa would have been so proud…You have made us all proud to be Neville’s.

    Thank you to all those involved in allowing me to be a part of the event from across the globe.

  11. Such an incredible man who I will always remember with joy in my heart.
    Wishing we could be there with you all.

  12. Thank you Bernie for all you have given us. You enriched my life and the lives of so many and have left us with a wonderful legacy. Love and sincere condolences to your dear family. xxx

  13. Bernie was my teacher, Words cannot express my gratitude. He embodied what a human. can be.

  14. What a wonderfully honouring service befitting such a wonderful, honouring and honourable man. Bernie was my favourite tutor at Phoenix Institute and a subconscious mentor from then on. His gentle, unassuming, humble way taught me how to bring that to my work also, and to my way.
    I’m so glad I saw him again after a decade or so, for his birthday, and picked raspberries with him in the sunshine amongst friends on the land he so loved.
    Bernie, I trust you are sailing through realms with a full and peaceful heart. You are an inspirational teacher to me and I offer my gratitude and love, and wishes for safe and curious, blissful passage for your continuing soul expedition…
    With love, Tabitha

  15. Thank you to Bernie’s family for allowing us to share this beautiful celebration of a remarkable man who lived an extraordinary life.
    Marshmallows for breakfast, always and forever.

  16. Thank you for sharing that beautiful service. Bernie was a remarkable man. Imogen and I send our love.

  17. What a lovely honouring for Bernie. He will be missed, though his legacy will live on through his love, his words and the impact he has had on our lives. ‘Educating Psyche’ remains my go-to for guidance and inspiration, and through his words I will continue to bask in the memory of our shared love. Vale to my dear friend and mentor

  18. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful man. Thinking of you Alisoun, Annie , Kim and Steve and sending you lots of love.xxxx

  19. Bernie was our warm, kind-hearted and generous neighbour on the mountain. We first met Bernie when my partner came racing home last summer to tell me that there was a lot of smoke coming up from the trees and he was worried that a bushfire had started. We grabbed the dog, and raced to find out what was going on. On the way we called the Vic emergency services phone number to find out if there were any registered burns in the area, only to be told that there were not… As the smoke built up between the trees, we were asked if we could see any flames or where the fire was coming from… we could not. So between fright and curiosity we drove down towards Bernie’s place… to find a big bonfire of wet logs in the front smoking away! It was then we told Vic emergency services that all was well and no need to do anything further! It was also then that we met Bernie. An absolutely wonderful man. From then on we enjoyed many cups of tea in his kitchen, picked buckets of berries from his garden, and became friends. He presence is still there in the garden and on the mountain – you can just feel it. Nature will miss him, the animals, bees and birds will miss him, and all those lucky enough to meet Bernie on Mount Toolebewong will miss him dearly. Thank you for all your generosity (still calling me from hospital telling me to pick more of his veggies and berries so they wouldnt go to waste!), your happy smile and your warmth. It was a pleasure to have met you and I celebrate your life. Blessings to your family x

  20. Thank you for generously inviting us in to share the beautiful celebration of Bernie’s rich life. To me Bernie will ever have a place in my life through the gifts he shared with me as a teacher, mentor and friend. He once wrote an inscription to me in one of his books that said words to the effect of me seeing into the heart of things – we spoke about that, and what seemed more apt to me was that Bernie himself saw into the heart of things – to me he was the very heart of things, of all things he valued he gave his whole heart and it was there for all to see through his generous humanity. I have known him less than a decade, many have known him for decades more. Whether you shared a minute or a lifetime, each and every minute spent in the company of Bernie Neville will forever be a treasured gift. Vale Bernie, you’ll ever be in my heart.

  21. I was lucky enough to do Education and the Unconscious with Bernie at LaTrobe Uni. His open-heartedness (unusual for uni lecturers at the time) was truly beautiful. I valued his valuing of me and what I wrote/contributed in our ‘tutes’ and lectures.
    I remember the weekends away with Bernie, for this course… Psychosynthesis, Massage, Psychodrama – how amazing to actually do these rich studies as part of a Masters’ Prelim!
    Thank you Bernie, I will always remember the way you really listened and attended, your sweet humour, intelligence and ‘open door’ at La Trobe. A unique being within the ivory towers of higher education.
    Blessings to his family and friends.

  22. Bernie was an amazing human being and very well loved among the Persian community in Melbourne. I was fortunate to serve him as one of his Farsi language instructors. He had such a glowing spirit and manners towards us all. His loss were felt deeply among all of the members of the Persian community, in particular to those who knew Bernie closely. World is a better place because of his life’s impacts. May his soul rest in peace.

  23. Bernie and l were both friends and colleagues for nearly 20 years. With others, we set up the Centre for Archetypal Studies at La Trobe University and later we worked together setting up the Phoenix Institute where he instrumental in gaining Higher Education accreditation. We also taught together in the Diploma of Holistic Counselling we developed at the CAE. Bernie was a remarkable inspiration, humble and funny. He was an intellectual pioneer who touched everyone he met. A great man, friend and mentor. I am so glad he visited me in France and I send my love and thanks. He had a wonderful life and I am grateful to have been a small part of it.

  24. Bernie was my teacher at The Phoenix Institute, he taught me many things, particularly the rich value of true presence and listening. Bernie witnessed me in a way I’ve never experienced, his impact in my life was humble, powerful and profound. A very special truly open hearted human, who I celebrate deeply to have shared space with.

    Sending love to his kin at this time of loss

  25. Bernie was my teacher and Mentor for Master of Education . During that time I was diagnosed with advanced Stage 3 Beast cancer and his compassion, encouragement and support could only be described as magnificent. Apart from being a brilliant scholar and talented teacher, he was the most human of men. His book, ‘Educating Psyche” – signed by him- has remained on my shelf as a guiding life. I mourn his death, but also celebrate a life well lived. His influence and spirit will remain with us until we too will leave this life.

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