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16 comments on “Betty Blythe”

  1. Dear Betty, I have loved hearing your life story through Helen and feel very blessed to have met you back in Spring 2017. Rest in peace dear lady xx love Tina

  2. Helen, your love for Auntie Betty was boundless. It was lovely to have met her over the years at your place. She was obviously very stylish and you proved on this occasion that you could be just like her! She was very special to you and your family and friends. We will all miss her. Such a great celebration of a life well lived.

  3. To Helen,
    I am sorry, I only heard of this after the event. I received a message that your Aunt Betty died recently, aged 101. Sorry about that but what an achievement. I guess you were the closest to her. Had I known I could have added some of my own thoughts but then again, they are probably not different from the other comments. I thought my mum was the last of her immediate family and generation and friends that I knew of, but I knew at the time that your Aunt Betty made it (now) that few years further and I can’t imagine anyone else now as a contemporary.

    I so well remember my mum (Henriette Veerman), who you mentioned there, your mum and her sister Betty, so often, as a big part of the soundtrack of our young life during the 1960s and 1970s. The way they would gather, talk for hours, in as I recall a mix of English and Dutch but it also seemed to me, as a child then, as a shared language of just the three of them. The way Betty and your mum would finish each other’s sentences. I don’t ever recall any negativities between them. (Who knows if I am wrong.) They would have fun. They would do each other’s hair and have biscuits and tea or coffee. I expect you would have similar thoughts. I doubt we would have more than a few photos of that period as that was not the style then. When my parents went to Brisbane in December 1976 the actual contact reduced but the friendship of my mum to Betty stayed and Betty certainly was at a big 70th birthday party for my mum that my sister arranged in Melbourne in November 1992. I only saw Betty a few times after that. Funny, even with my background in ornithology, I don’t especially remember her having an interest in birds, although I think I can picture a few owl ornaments, plus the handcrafts she would have.

    Yes she was impacted by the war experience but I still remember Betty as always positive and typically happy. A couple years ago I went to the Jewish museum in Sydney. Impressive but sad of course. There was one old lady telling of some of her experiences of the time and one part of the museum collection there related to her. So sad to think that so many people carried those stories enough to be still telling them in public as they were aged into late 80s or 90s. So brave and yet it was my impression that Betty carried those awful memories as gone but let’s be happy now.

    Thanks for the opportunity to view this and to add my comment.

  4. Helen, that was a suuuper celebration of your Aunty Betty’s life and your love and respect for each other. The best virtual service I have ever attended. Quotes and memories from mutual school friends were lovely.

  5. thank you to all of you for joining us and your heartfelt comments.
    We will of course stay in touch

  6. What a wonderful technic to say goodbye on a distance and at the time be close. Helen I loved your speech, and for a moment seeing your family again, wish you all the best with processing the loss of dear Betty.

    I only met Betty shortly but that meeting had a great impact.
    I will always remember Betty with a big smile

    take care
    Nicky& Leslie

  7. For me it is something special to have known Betty, although we have met only around 6 times in the last 14 years, namely the 4 times I visited Australia . Through Simon and Annette I met Betty and Helen and Eddy . I am so glad that happened !
    And it is an honor to have been able to watch this funeral ceremony , thank you Helen , it was very special ,
    Love Marjan

  8. Such a special farewell…. even Betty would have liked it.
    Beautifully organised and we almost felt being there.
    With fond memories!!
    Lex and Ron

  9. Dear Helen and Family
    What a beautiful service for ‘Aunty Betty”. What an incredible life Betty lived. Helen what a wonderful tribute you gave to Betty and we certainly laughed and smiled with you and felt in awe of Betty’s life lived so well.
    Helen you have been a most wonderful niece to Aunty Betty in all the years that we have known you. That shows so clearly because we have all met Aunty Betty at various events of the years.
    We loved the music you chose for today.
    Aunty Betty a woman of style, making the most of the rich opportunities in life.
    Best wishes to all the family.
    Jenny, Xavier and Greta xox

  10. I only met Betty a few times, but I always think fondly of her because she commented favourably about my cooking. I remember her as a loving lady, devoted to her extended family. Our thoughts are with you Helen and family. It was a lovely service
    Christine, Andrew and Isobel Walker

  11. Beautiful send off Helen, thank you for sharing your memories
    Shalom to you all, may you always hold Betty`s lovely smile close
    Much love Lisa, Emil & Issy. xox

  12. Hi Helen, a beautiful ceremony to celebrate the life of Aunty Betty. What a life, both difficult & wonderful. Betty would be so proud of you, albeit ‘rolling her eyes’ at times. Music & eulogies were lovely. Thinking of you all.

    Love Narelle

  13. Happy memories of your Aunt, Helen. I saw the notice in the paper today and it brought back some wonderful times. Betty was my Mum, Effie Kagan’s, best friend.
    Mum died 26 years ago and I lost touch with Betty not long after that. I can’t believe she lived to 101 years after such a traumatic wartime childhood.
    Betty and Anne did the catering for my wedding in 1966 in true Dutch style. I remember you and Peter very well.
    May she Rest In Peace.
    Love to your family
    Stefanie Sowerby (Kagan) and my sister Natalie Kagan

    1. wow. so nice to hear from you. We will never forget aunty Kay. She was a truly wonderful woman. I also remember you wedding in Box Hill- I was there and it was a big event in my childhood. I wonder what they cooked. how incredible

      Love to you and yours from Helen

  14. The last link to a generation that had been largely stolen from me, has now gone.
    I feel sad but also grateful for the many happy meetings we had first here in Amsterdam and later many times in Melbourne.

    I like to thank my cousin Helen and her family for taking such wonderful care of Betty during so many years.

    Far away but not in our thoughts Annette and I mourn with you

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