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40 comments on “Beverley Scott”

  1. Although I didn’t meet her, it’s been wonderful to hear all the beautiful memories of Bev from her family and friends. She was clearly, very much loved. Peter, Christina, Phoebe and Ella , I’m so sorry for your loss.

  2. I first met Beverley in hers and Robert’s Chapel St store Moda di Domani and I immediately felt her warmth and her bright personality. I worked in the main Henry Bucks store in the city and used to love going to Toorak to chat to Bev. She created such a great atmosphere at the Toorak store. Bev was always so bubbly, happy, full of energy and she made everyone feel welcome. She had such an amazing smile and laugh. Bev was one of the loveliest women I have ever met. She will be greatly missed. My condolences to Bev’s family.

  3. My dear friend Bev I will miss you so much your were so courageous Never complaining love you forever Jenny

  4. So lucky to have known that wonderful lady, even for a short time. I will never forget her beautiful smile. Rest In Peace.

  5. Many years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Bev. and Robert at their City showroom. Ultimately Beverley joined Henry Bucks whereby we each worked for many happy years.
    My condolences to Bev’s families and friends.
    Sincerely, Jackie Cranbourne.

  6. Many moons ago I had the pleasure of meeting Beverley and Robert at their City Showroom. Ultimately Bev joined Henry Bucks where we each worked for many, many years.

    Bev really made our Toorak shop with her knowledge, gorgeous looks and charasmatic personality.
    I wish to convey my condolences to Bev’s families and her loyal friends at this sad time.
    Sincerely, Jackie.

  7. I had the pleasure to know Bev as her carer in the past 5years and grew to regard her as a special friend. When I visited early in the morning she gave generously of her warmth and cheerfulness with that special smile! You will always be in my memory and I am ever thankful that I had a chance to know you for even a brief time. I know I join many who wish it could have been longer. A very Special Person has gone to a place where we know she will be very Happy. Our thoughts are with her Family and Friends.

  8. I will always remember your cheerfulness and radiant smile.
    Seeing you 5 nights a week, you had become a part of my life, a friend of mine.
    You are a beautiful lady and I will never forget you.
    My deepest condolences to all family and friends especially to Paul,Peter and Terry.
    Farewell and Rest In Peace Bev.

  9. It is with great sadness that I write this at the loss of my beautiful friend Bev.

    Bev and I became the closest of friends when we met at St Leonards Presbyterian Girls School in Brighton in Grade 4. We also lived very close to each other and spent all our spare time together as young girls growing up.

    Bev was one of my bridesmaids when Ian and I married in 1968. Ian and I moved to Western Australia in 1975 and Bev and I have always kept in touch and remained close friends for over 65 years!

    My memories of Bev’s and my friendship are so special and these will be with me forever. I will always remember her as a funny, beautiful, caring and extremely courageous person who always put other people’s needs ahead of her own and it is a great testament to her nature that she formed so many long lasting friendships over the years.

    I’m so very thankful that I was able to spend a very happy day with Bev, Jenn, Andy and Sue when I was visiting Melbourne in December 2019. Love you Bev xxoo

    Jude and Ian Englert

  10. Thank you to everyone who organised this beautiful service. It was emotional but so special to be part of it over here in London. I feel very lucky to have had Bev in my life growing up, she was the kindest and coolest of cucumbers & gave so much love. I’m especially grateful that I got to spend time with her in January this year with all the family and will hold those memories tight for years to come. Lots of love Lillie xxxxx

  11. Lovely service, a beautiful place to farewell a beautiful lady.
    Loris Sprague(Crosling)
    Not sure if my first comment went through.

  12. A very nice send off for Bev. A pity about the restrictions but it was nice that Ella was there.Peter i am having an extra stubby tonight in memory of Bev. Ps.I thought i had sent a message earlier,so there may be two sent.

  13. Bev thanks for all the happy memories from the early 1990s at Gunnamatta Trail Rides when Karen and Fiona loved helping you with the horses. Right through the years you were such a warm and happy friend. Condolences and best wishes to Terry and family.
    Rest In Piece. Love Kathy and Rob McNaught

  14. Dear Paul, Terry and family, Deepest sympathy to you all for the loss of Beautiful Bev.
    I was originally a carer for Bev back in 2012 which lasted many years, I had the privilege of knowing her and becoming a close friend. Never did I hear her complain, never did I hear her question why me? Bev always found the positives in all that life dealt and she truely inspired me and still does.
    I am a better person for knowing you Bev.
    Thank-you for your love and friendship.
    Ali xo

  15. We would like to send Terry our sincere condolences on the sudden and unexpected passing of Bev.
    We remember a very charismatic couple in our early days at Pier 10, a beautiful smile, and a very strong woman, with so many challenges you had to admire. Fly free Bev. x

  16. Dearest Bev – you and Terry made such a huge impact in our lives, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that has followed in our lives from meeting you.

  17. Bev was such a wonderfully inspirational person. Nothing was ever too much trouble and she delighted in all that life had to offer. Our paths crossed in tourism and those joyous days working with Bev and Terry over many years, (firstly at Gunnamatta Trail Rides and then with Horseback Winery Touring) were sensational. Together they were a joy and always full of fun and innovation. They were stand out professionals in all they did within and for the tourism industry. I cherish those days working together on so many projects and so many fun times at industry network events. Bev was always the life of the party and so genuinely interested in everyone and what they were up to. My love to Terry and to Bev’s family on this sad occasion. I shall never forget Bev and her stunning good humour with all that life dealt her in later years. Bev was truly a beautiful person. I feel privileged to have met her and enjoyed her company on so many occasions. My sincere condolences … love, Alva x

  18. Bev, you touched so very many, in so many ways. Your wonderful smiles and laughter will be truly missed by all who we’re lucky enough to have been in your lifeRIP lovely lady, take your wigs, ride and fly high , always in our heats❤️Helen and Jack ❤️

  19. I met Bev, Terry and Paul in 1992 with Fred on our boat “Directors’ Special” on the Gippsland Lakes – we had a great time and it was the start of a beautiful friendship. Although I am in Sydney, I travelled to Melbourne often to visit Bev and Terry and we had many other holidays together over the years. Bev, I will miss you so much and you will always be in my heart – I am so sorry I could not be with you at the end and I will treasure the memories always.
    My deepest condolences to Paul and Terry and family – Bev I will remember you forever.
    Much love
    Irene Biesbroek

  20. Dear Peter,Such a lovely service due to circumstances.I remember playing with you and Bev in her little cubby house all those years ago.I have very fond memories of your Mum and Dad as well.Great times were had at Vincent Street and 702 Nepean Highway on Saturday nights.
    Best wishes and kind regards
    Kaye (Condon)Phelps

  21. I was touched to watch such a beautiful ceremony. I have such fond memories of Bev, she was such a beautiful person. Condolences and much love to Paul, Terry, Robert and family. Much love, Jesse and family.

  22. I was so happy to work with and for Bev I will miss her chats as I got her ready for the day for the past 6 or so years sending my sincere condolences to all the family and friends love ros jessiman

  23. Memories of an always smiling Bev, such a lovely and brave woman. Love and condolences to Terry and all the family.

  24. Beautiful Bev, I have so many wonderful childhood memories playing at your house, swimming in the pool and watching Star Wars on repeat. I just loved being with you. You were so full of warmth and love. I will miss you. Much love, Zandy x

  25. To Terry and the rest of the family. Bev a and I worked well together getting the PF notices out. I will greatly miss working with a lovely lady! I hope those of us still around, can continue to keep up the tradition,

  26. One of the happiest people you would come across always smiling no matter how she was feeling RIP Bev Gay and David

  27. i was meet by the bevs big smile and enthusiasm every saturday morning for the 12 months i was lucky enough to ride for her and terry at spring creek farm. Bev, your humor, energy and passion for life was and still is inspiring. That year was one of the most fun and happiest times of my life thanks to you and Terry. Gallop on Bev with the wind in your hair and that smile on your face. With love Tracey

    1. Such s beautiful soul – always love for others, even when in such adversity. Or thoughts are with all the family. Rosemarie and Elizabeth

  28. So grateful to have known Bev. A beautiful resilient woman, always ready for a quick chat. Will miss seeing her around Balnarring. Rest peacefully dear Bev.

  29. Beverley and I met on her first day in London in 1968 and were together from that day for 14 Wonderful years of fun laughter love and adventure .Marrying in 1970 and later having the birth of our great Son Paul.
    Beverley was such a special person as wonderful and beautiful inside as she was outside. Her gorgeous looks would stop you in yours tracks ,she was so natural and so pretty, when she smiled it would light up your life when she laughed the world seemed a better place.She always saw the best in everybody and tried to help all to be Happy. I Loved her from the moment we met and always Will!
    My sincere condolences to Terry his family and all her special friends especially Sarah T (huge thanks for her care) REST IN PEACE My Darling.

  30. Loris&Brian Sprague.
    To Dear Paul Terry Bev’s family and extended family, friends and everyone who knew Bev. I have been Bev’s career for over three years.
    It has been a pleasure and a privilege to look after her. I always look forward to going to her on Sunday nights, we always have a chat.
    She always took a interest in what’s going on in my life.. she was looking forward to visiting me in my new house. She was truly a wonderful lady, and I will miss her, and will remember her. She was a inspiration to everyone who knew her, how she excepted her life changed after her accident.we will be viewing the service, and we would have love to be there, will be thinking of you all. Rest In Peace my dear friend Bev.sincerely Loris&Brian Sprague.

    1. A beautiful service, all spoken well of her.All her friends were wonderful,how theyspoke of her. She had a lovely funeral the she deserves..Loris.

  31. Wonderful memories of a dear friend— we first met in London in the Seventies and what fun we had! a woman of style,yet so humble and loving! As we all returned to Oz we kept in touch— you were one of my bridesmaids! We would catch up when we were in Melbourne and you visited us in Perth when Paul was crawling! Your courage and positivity in latter years was amazing.So grateful that we saw each other in Feb.and had what was to be our final hug— rest peacefully dear Bev— lots of love Jan and Peter Quinn

  32. To dear Paul Terry Bev’s family and extended family , friends and everyone who knew Bev , my deepest sympathy to you all and my love for Bev will be with me forever. Nearly 3 decades of admiration respect love through our friendship and my boss with Terry ,you enriched my life forever, with your caring kindness and beauty the memories ,the fun, the experiences the people the good times the tough days the time you had and gave to everyone the laughter and your smile is close to my heart and will share my memories forever.. thank you beautiful Bev for being the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. Sincerely , Rebecca Burton ,Casey and Jack Rich xxx

    1. Barry and I consider Bev a one off .She will always have a place in our hearts.
      A kind, caring ,and loving friend, who never, ever made a comment of complaint, about the
      situation she was in. An inspiration to us both for ever.
      I see her now, riding free, with that wonderful smile , her hair in the wind-
      Liz Pontifex

    2. I was Beverley’s cleaner, and I visited her every fortnight for the last couple of years. Unfortunately due to the covid pandemic, I was no longer able to clean for her. I loved going to see Bev and enjoyed cleaning for her. We had lots of laughs and we shared many stories. Bev was always pleased to see me and welcomed me from day 1. Bev was always happy and vibrant and lived her life to the fullest. I was so terribly shocked to hear of her passing. I will miss Bev so much. She will always be in my mind and in my heart. Rest In Peace beautiful lady ❤️

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