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  1. Dear Wolf,
    It is shocking when I tried to google search for you and found this death notice.
    My sincere condolence.

    This would not be a good time to renew contact, but please email me when the time is appropriate.

    Michael Chong (formerly Kuala Lumpur, your colleague in Behn Meyer)
    I am now residing in Sydney, Australia.

    PS. Also trying to link with Antoon Verroken., of Kortrijk Belgium.

  2. Dear Otto family,
    The news of your Birthes death greatly saddened us.
    We are very sorry for your loss.

    Our heartfelt condolences.
    Guido and family from Neubeckum

  3. Dear Otto family,
    my parents informed me about Birtes death which touched me deeply. They also sent me the link to Birtes beautiful farewell ceremony. While I heard the testimonies but especially while I saw the beautiful pictures of little Birte, good memories at the long ago german-learning weeks I spent at your home came up. I truly enjoyed the interesting conversations and joyful time with Frauke, Jördis and Birte. Through what my parents told and through the testimonies at the ceremony I can see what a wonderful and courageous woman Birte was. She will remain inspiring for every one who got the pleasure to get to know her. I keep you in mind intensely and wish you dear Ottos and also you Glenn, strength, courage, love and good support from your families and friends.

  4. Dear Glenn, dear Otto family,
    You have our heartfelt sympacy due to the loss of Birte.
    Having been able to participate in the funeral ceremony by video we were touched deeply. In these days of sorrow we wish you lots of strength and support of good friends.
    We have known Birte, the 3. daughter of the Otto family since her childhood and remember her as an energetic and and lovely girl.
    Our thoughts are with you. May Birte rest in peace now.
    Dietrich and Ursula Bretz
    Oelde / Germany

  5. I am grateful today… for the insights to Birtes life and her beautiful soul

    I never met her, but I feel like I did, by Fraukes many stories about her fighter-sister.

    In my mind I am with all her family and friends, who lost such a wonderful and inspiring person.

    Lots of love from Münster, Germany

  6. Dear Glenn, Dear family Otto,

    my sincere condolences.

    I graduated high school with Birte and I am incredibly glad to have known her. I saw her again on her visit to Germany in Oelde and from then on I admired her even more than I die before.

    I remember her positive thoughts, her fighting spirit and her unbelievable gratitude.

    I am very grateful for the moments we had together and also for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful ceremony.

    Rest in peace, Birte.

    Lea Weichel

  7. We want to present our sincere condolences to Glenn and his family and to the Otto family. To assist this beautiful ceremony has touched us deeply. Birte certainly was a very special soul and she has been a joy for all the persons she met. We wish you all strength in these sad days.
    We will keep Birte in our thoughts and she will so forever remain among us.
    With love
    Monika and Toon
    Kortrijk, Belgium

  8. Our dear Glenn,
    thank you for this memorable „Celebration of Life“ – thank you for your truly remarkable words, deep from your heart, so full of love and selfless appreciation of your wonderful Birtie who has indeed sent out “happiness to the world”, who has made a direct “contribution to” all of us through her simple but profound question: “What are you grateful for today?” – signifying her life philosophy emanating from her spiritual self – making, where it is heeded, the world a better place.
    We admire your strength and fortitude to, in this emotionally tense moment, stand up and speak so powerfully.
    Birte will always be in our heart – and you in our mind.
    Birte will always be in and around you.
    Yours in friendship
    Helga and Volker

  9. Glenn,

    Such a beautiful celebration for a truly wonderful human. Sending you and Birte’s family strength and love to get through such a painful time.

    Birte was the epitome of true inspiration – someone who inspired us to be better when others are weak, scared or stuck. She was bold and had the fortitude and courage to push through her fears, and take a stand on what she believed – all whilst smiling. She made us strive to be better people through being present, kind, compassionate and but most importantly, being yourself!

    We will miss those big brown eyes, dimples and cheeky smile. RIP Birte – we love you x

  10. One can draw strength from love to do things that no one would think possible. Thank you for the touching celebration and Birte’s life picture. There was again who Birte was. I feel for the husband and the Otto family.

  11. We were so very privleged that Birte’s wanderlust brought her to Australia and therefore into our lives.We reassure her family and friends in Germany she will always be loved and never forgotten by those who were fortunate to have crossed her path and shared time with her.To Glenn, his family and the many friends she made in Australia you know she will forever remain in our thoughts and hearts.The Station Street park will always hold fond memories of Birte and Monty living every day with love and positive energy

  12. Dear Glenn,

    It was such a lovely service for the beautiful Birte. She will always be remembered as a sweet, beautiful soul. Much love to all the family. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all at this time…

    I have always been in awe of beautiful Birte she radiated love and happiness, and you both always made me smile such a solid partnership amazing strength. Your love so deep.

    We are here for you always Glenn.

    With all our love always,
    Julie , Zach & James Metaxotos x x x x x

  13. I will always remember Birte whizzing by my house at 63 Station St in Port Melbourne… A smile on her face and always a big HELLO! She was indeed a strong and beautiful soul and my deepest condolences to you Glenn and the Otto family. May she now rest comfortably in peace. Lynda xx

  14. A wonderful farewell, thanks for the heartfelt, moving words and the great pictures that show what a special person Birte was and what a loving relationship she and Glenn had. You could literally feel the relationship with her family and friends. This love will never go away.

  15. Thankful to have met her and for all the great memories we shared.

    What a beautiful ceremony, thank you for sharing it this way.

    Sending love to all of her loved ones, you are in my thoughts


  16. Glenn, It was such a lovely service for the beautiful Birte. She will always be remembered as sweet, beautiful soul. Much love to all the family. My prayers and thoughts are with you all at this time.

  17. Dear Glen & liebe Familie Otto,

    I became friends with Birte in the last years of Highschool, I remember math classes with her making jokes, eating icecream in the „center city“, partynights on the countryside (Landjugendpartys) and in the next bigger city Münster. I also remember the way she laughed, how positive and strong she always seemed for me. I often admired how self-confident and open she was. During the ceremony I recognized her in everything you described. That is the Birte I was also lucky enough to get to know. Just a few months ago I found a book again she gave me as a goodbye present when she left for work & travel to Australia. I remember how sad I was back then about her leaving. While struggling with decisions to make about the future, she at the contrary seemed determined, faithful and excited about her adventure to come. This book is about the secret of life, about love and energy. I remember, I didn’t understand the deeper meaning back then. Yes, Birte was far ahead of her time.

    I am very grateful that we met, dear Birti. And that we spent a short time of our life closely together.

    A great soul that is now free and will still be alive in memories.

    Tina Debbelt

  18. Our prayers are with you during this challenging time, Glenn.

    The service was absolutely beautiful and completely befitting for a person as special and cherished as Birte. Although we joined you through a screen, we felt her love and compassion surround us.

    With all the love in our hearts,

    Emma, Jayden and Arthur

  19. Dear Glenn
    As we sat and listened to the beautiful tributes for Birte one thing was very clear – she was loved by so many and has had a lasting impact on all those in her life.
    Your speech was Incredibly heart felt and we thank you for sharing snippets of what was obviously a joyful and loving life you had together.
    We send our deepest condolences to you and Birte’s family at this time. May she Rest In Peace.
    Lots of love
    Jade and Greg xxx

  20. Dear sweet Birte and family. This loss is unfathomable and deep. Glenn how I wish a miracle could cocoon you and comfort you and help you through this. I wish you only good things. I will always remember her cheeky smile and rolling her eyes at me….”oh Lauren”…in her German accent when we would disagree at work or I would tease her about her favourite snack….German sausages in a jar from Aldi which she knew freaked me out. She was a light. Never let it go out, hold her memory tight. Always a miracle Birte❤️

  21. Fondest memories of Birte (and Monty) in the local dog park. Her smiling face and daily friendly chats will be greatly missed. Jane, Kurt (and Gladys).

  22. Glenn,
    What an amazing service that represented the beautiful spirit that Birte is.
    Thank you for letting us share in so much of your lives. Her courage, determination and zest for life was second to none. She will be truely missed.
    Big love to you.
    Scott, Nicole & Hudson

  23. Birte,

    Here is what I am grateful for…

    That you showed me how good love feels, how joyful life is, and how interconnected we all are as one.

    I will see you when I close my eyes in meditation.


  24. Dear Glenn,

    Such a beautiful service to celebrate the life of Birte. Our deepest condolences, thinking of you during this time.
    With love Sandra & David Muscat xx

  25. Dear Glenn, Oda, Wolf Dieter, Frauke and Jördis,
    Thank you for sharing this ceremony with us. You are in our thoughts.
    I remember, in schooltime we called Birte „Stärnschen“(Star) because she was ALWAYS smiling!
    That smiling face I‘ll remember all of my life.
    We are incredibly sad that we cannot be together in this moment.
    Thanks for the Meditation, that brought us together in our minds.

  26. Dear Glenn, Familie Otto,

    my sincere condolences.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories of Birte’s journey. I am deeply touched and truly thankful that our ways have crossed. Her beautiful mind and attitude towards life will be cherished and should be an example to all of us.

    My thoughts are with you and your loving wife, daughter and sister Birte. May she rest in peace.


  27. What a beautiful ceremony for such a wonderful soul. Birte touched all our lives in a way that we are so grateful for and she will forever be in our hearts.
    Our thoughts are with you Glenn and to her family at this time, sending you all strength and love xx

  28. Feel privileged to have known such a beautiful soul, full of so much light and life. Thank you for the time we shared together in Venus Bay, always remember your infectious laugh and positivity. Sending all our strength, love and warmth to Glenn, Tania and family. RIP beautiful Birte, may you fly with the angels. All our love, Belinda & Stephen Xx

  29. Dear Glenn
    what a beautiful service for beautiful Birte with a beautiful soul .
    We are so honoured to have taking part .thank you such a moving tribute and heart felt .
    stay strong Glenn, forever in our thoughts in our hearts .
    for ever young .
    sending our love .
    Aunty Anne and Uncle Joe .xxx

  30. Dear all the beloved of Birte,

    What a wonderful soul, that now goes on another journey. We can learn so much from her and see life through another perspective. Birte will always live through us, our thoughts and our hearts.

    I feel deeply touched by this wonderful ceremony. Thank you for sharing your memories and thoughts all around the world.

    My thoughts and love are with you all,
    Kathrin Scholz – from Münster, Germany

  31. Dearest Birte,
    Thank you for the happy memories and the inspiration, which will always stay with me. Thank you for teaching me so many valuable lessons about gratitude, goals and perserverance.

    Glenn, Birte’s family, friends and Monty, my thoughts are with you all. Such a beautiful service and a celebration of her beautiful life.

  32. When I think of Birte I will always see that beautiful smile.
    I will always look for her flying down the street or playing with Monty in the park, she will be dearly missed.
    My love and thoughts are with you Glenn and with all your family.

  33. My heart is with Glenn, the family and all the people Birte had been a friend and will miss her inspiring and loving beautiful soul.
    My heart is full of love for Birte and I take all the moments with me joining Birte around and feeling gratitude for it. She still is inspiring in all our thoughts and hearts.

    Ines M. Wiesendahl with Björn Jakob and Moritz Newton

  34. To my darling cousin Glenn,
    Sending you love and light today and everyday. Truely blessed to have shared some special memories with both you and your beautiful wife Birte. Her infectious smile and loving energy will always be remembered, Im honoured to have called Birte my cousin. May her bright star continue to shine in your sky and you are forever inspired by her adventurous spirit and desire for wanderlust.


  35. Dear Glenn,
    Dear Birte & family,

    It was a touching and moving celebration of life.
    May we all heed Birte’s guiding words and daily reminders of how precious and fleeting life can be.
    Her warmth and optimism shine on in turbulent times such as these. A beacon of light in the shadow of the passing hours.

    God rest her gentle and loving soul.
    In great gratitude,

    Jonas, Hildegard, Lisa & Eva
    Munich, Germany

  36. What an honour and privilege it was to be a part of that remarkable celebration.
    Our hearts and souls are connected in this moment.

    Thank you Birtie – we are inspired to live our lives with more gratitude, loving kindness and in wanderlust. What an amazing legacy you have left behind – PURE LOVE!

    Our thoughts are with Glen and the family — we send you our endless love.
    Jeff, Kristina, Gabriel & Amelia Ellul -xx-

  37. Birte,

    Here is what I am grateful for…

    That you showed me how good love feels, how joyful life is, and how interconnected we all are as one.
    I will see you when I close my eyes in meditation.

    Much love,

  38. Glenn, thank you for the beautiful connection today with birte and her amazing spirit. Birte made so much of life. Squeezed it. We will miss that wonderful smile but will remember it forever. Our love is with you and her family. Love Phil and Fi

  39. Our deepest condolences to Glen as friends of your beloved grandpa Paul and nan Lucy.

    We met Birte once when me and nan came back from the QE cruise in Jan. 2020!
    She is such a wonderful , beautiful gentle soul……………………………………………..
    For sure we will all miss her but never forgotten .

  40. A beautiful celebration of a beautiful life. The energy that Birte has left with us will always be felt. I will always remember her with that beautiful smile of hers. My heart goes out to you Glenn, and to all of her loved ones. May Birte’s soul be at peace. xo

  41. What a beautiful ceremony for a true angel. Sending all my love and energy to you Glenn, and to Birte’s entire family. My thoughts are with you xxx

  42. To all involved and who spoke, you spoke so beautifully. We are thinking of you today and will continue to thereafter. To Glenn, your support & courage is truly inspiring. It was a beautiful service for a beautiful soul. Our deepest condolences.

  43. Dear Glenn & Family,

    May the universe forever give you all strength, Birte will live on in all of our hearts. Your love story together is a thing of beauty. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this incredibly difficult time. Sending all our love……

  44. Dear Glenn
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this very difficult time, thank you for allowing us to be part of this Absolutely beautiful service, our hearts break for you and your family. Sending you lots of love, Strength and prayers. ❤️❤️

  45. Dear Glenn and all members of Birte’s precious family, thank you for sharing Beautiful Birte with the world, for loving her and holding her, for never holding her back from all she felt led to do and achieve, and for releasing her to reach the highest Heavenly realms. So beautiful, so loved and precious beyond measure, she will be waiting for you there.

  46. There are so many good times I’ve spent with Birte, and so many memories I hold dear: from chatting about her experiences, discussing recipes, swapping puzzles, and hearing the silly nickname I’d been given ….to going on adventures to local coffee shops, appreciating nature, and going to the beach. She taught me to try to find positives in everything, to be grateful for and find peace with what we have and to work hard for what you want.

    My deepest sympathy to Glenn and Birte’s family and friends, both here in Australia as well as overseas.
    Rest in peace, Birte

  47. Dear Glenn, you have put together a beautiful ceremony to farewell your amazing Birte. You have fitted in many adventures with Birte and must have so many wonderful memories. We think of Birte often as we walk through the park. We will use these opportunities to wish all Beings be well and happy. We are so very grateful to have known Birte.
    Love Nikki, Ant, Florence and Coco

  48. Birte,

    Farewell. You have shown us all how to love, live, smile and be conscious and in the present moment. Your friendship, teachings and learnings are forever in my heart and will guide me as you would say “to awaken” and live a more fulfilling life. I will miss you…….until we meet again.

  49. Birte you will be forever in our hearts. Your contagious dimple smile will always remembered. We love you and send light and love.

    Glenn, family and loved ones of Birte, we send our condolences and again light and love.

  50. Thank you for this beautiful ceremony. Thank you for the quotes and very personal words from Glenn, family and friends that will help me through this difficult time. Thank you for your positiv spirit that will help me feel love instead of pain.
    I love you Birdy. And I love all of these beautiful souls you have collected in you wonderful and special life. And I always will.


  51. Birte was such a beautiful soul and person and such an inspiration. Our love goes out to her friends and family, she will be dearly missed <3

  52. Deepest condolences, Glenn and family. Though I did not have the privilege to know Birte, I sincerely felt her energy today. What an incredible, thoughtful, inspirational person. May the years of memories and wonderful times stay with you always. Sending you a virtual hug, love and strength. Brenda

  53. Sending you much love and light Glenn. What a beautiful spirit and powerful force. Birte’s letter to herself will forever stay with me, thank you for sharing her words. We are all energy. May hers surround you and all those who loved her eternally. Lisa (Inglis) X

  54. ‘Your sparkling eyes, peaceful face and gentle smile are like signposts to remind others of the way to their own heart’

    Danke Birte

  55. Dear Glenn, liebe Familie Otto,

    my thoughts are with you during this difficult time.
    Birte will always have a special place in my heart and she will be deeply missed.
    I’ll try to honor her thoughts of living a happy life.

    Love, Susi

  56. Dear Glenn,
    Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. We are so sorry for your loss
    Our Love is with you all
    Anthony, Joanne and the girls

  57. What a beautiful ceremony for a beautiful soul ❤️ Our deepest condolences sending love and support to you all Mandy, Scott, Lila & Wyatt

  58. To Glenn and the family. My thoughts are with you at this time. I know Birte will always be with you.
    And to beautiful Birte…Thank you for sharing all of your love. You will be missed so very much.
    Lots of love,
    Cailah xx

  59. Dearest Glenn,
    Thank you for letting us be part of this beautiful celebration of Birte’s life. We will treasure the times we had with her in the dog park. She was so very special and her memory will live with us always. Sending our love to you, Monty and all the family.
    Donna and Grant xxx

  60. What a fantastic celebration of such a fantastic life!

    Birte will be forever in our hearts and our thoughts!

    Much love to you Glenn and the family xxx

  61. I watched it as well- this heart-warming beautiful ceremony- thank you Glenn for having this opportunity to watch from Germany, munich.
    I want you to know that I am with you, in thoughts and soul, with your family members, friends close by and with Birte! Deep inside I feel this.
    May you be well and watched over
    may birdie rest in peace until we meet again! – I believe it
    Lisa Kvarnström
    from munich

  62. Dear Glenn and family,

    Sending our deepest condolences. She will always live in our hearts. Rest In Peace Birte.

    1. Feel privileged to have known such a beautiful soul, full of so much light and life. Thank you for the time we shared together in Venus Bay, always remember your infectious laugh and positivity. Sending all our strength, love and warmth to Glenn, Tania and family. RIP beautiful Birte, may you fly with the angels. All our love, Belinda & Stephen Xx

  63. We feel grateful to have met Birte, Glenn and Monty, over the last few years as neighbors and to have been touched by her, get to know her spirit, love and zest for life . Such beauty lives on forever in the hearts of those it has touched and changed.
    Your gifts live on as your spirit does – thank you
    We are here for you Glenn and Monty with much love
    Kate & Steve

  64. Dearest Glenn, and all of Birte’s family & loved ones,

    Sending you all of my love and strength on this difficult day. Birte will always be remembered as a strong, passionate & bright shining light that brought happiness to every person she met. She will remain in our hearts forever. A beautiful service to celebrate such a beautiful life.

    Love Jacinta

  65. A beautiful service for a beautiful soul.

    I send my love, throughs and positive energy to you Glenn, and to Birte’s family and friends.

  66. Birte darling girl you will never be forgotten. You were such an inspiration to all of us. Glenn our thoughts are with you and the family. Birte RIP always gorgeous lady…. Love Katie Sophia and Steve xxxx

  67. Glenn – what a beautiful ceremony and so perfect in encapsulating Birte’s spirit. My thoughts are with you and the family.

  68. To all of Birte’s loved ones and friends,

    May you find solace during this time of sorrow and loss. Birte will be missed. It is my deepest wish that she is at peace.

  69. Thinking of you Glenn, sending our love to you and the family. Birte was a beautiful person. No words can describe the sadness that we feel.

  70. We are absolutely heartbroken, Birte will always be a beautiful soul and we can’t imagine the pain that your heart is feeling right now. We are thinking of you Glenn and sending you lots of love.

  71. Thinking of you at this time, Glenn.
    Birte was a strong, courageous woman who touched so many people’s hearts. Her ability to see the beauty in all will live on. Our prayers are with you.
    Love Allana and George xxx

    1. My deepest sympathy goes out to you all at this terrible time.
      Birte will be dearly missed.

  72. Dear Glen, our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. We feel heartfelt pain for your loss. from uncle Vince, Aunty Rose, Simon, Darren, Steve and families

  73. Dear Glenn

    The sorrow and pain of loosing Birte cannot be put into words. We were able to get to know her as a wonderful, humorous and fun-loving person. We are very grateful for this and will always remember her this way.

    She has chosen her path, which you dear Glenn, her family and her friends have to find a way to cope with. We wish you only the best and positive energy for this very sad time. In our thoughts we are with Birte, you and your families.

    All the best for you Glenn,
    Susanne and Bruno

    1. Lieber Glenn, liebe Oda, lieber Dieter!
      Danke, dass ihr uns an Birtes letzter Feier habt teilhaben lassen.
      Unsere Gedanken, unsere Gespräche der letzten Tage führten uns immer wieder zu euch, zu Birte.
      Wir werden immer, egal wie, egal wie weit weg, in Gedanken bei Birte und euch sein.
      In tiefer Verbundenheit, Sandra, Stephan, Lisa, Hannah, Mathis und Janne

  74. Thank you Glenn, much love especially during this difficult time.
    Our deepest sympathy to all the family. Rip Birte beautiful soul forever in our hearts♥️

    1. Dearest Glenn

      Our thoughts are with you on this most sad of days. May Birte’s strength guide you and be with you always.

    2. There are not enough words to describe the beautiful soul that Birte was and the hurt we feel losing her so soon. Our deepest sympathies go out to you Glenn, and all the family. We will remember her beautiful smile and incredible courage always with love❤️ Phyllis and all the Skaftouros Family

    3. Thank you for letting us be part of such a beautiful service.Remembering beautiful Birte. My thoughts are with Glenn and family.l will hold close the memories l have of her. Birte will be dearly missed . Olivia

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