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51 comments on “Brendan Atkin”

  1. Thank you so much for sending us the link. Such a wonderful sendoff for Brendan.
    Richard was so pleased to hear that Brendan had discovered the joys of a single malt.
    We will stay in touch

  2. Belatedly joining you all from the UK.
    I met Brendon when he and Allison arrived here to further their studies. I was Brendon’s course leader for the Animal osteopathy MSc he undertook. His charisma and enthusiasm overwhelmed me and we hit it off from the get go. I remember one clinical day when the rain was coming down horizontally whilst we observed horses walking and trotting. Through the squall I turned to Brendo and said “Don’t worry it gets better in the summer.”
    A moment later Brendo replied “I hate to tell you mate it is your summer!”
    We had a giggle and got on with the study.
    During this time I was putting together my first Thailand elephant osteopathy workshop. Brendo jumped at the chance to attend and soon we were in the infamous Golden Triangle where I discovered way more of Brendo’s exciting past as a radio DJ.
    Brendan came to the UK to learn. I think he was sent there to teach. When I was putting together the book proposal for Animal Osteopathy Brendo was always going to be part of it. I was honoured and privileged that he agreed to contribute. It is a worldwide teaching text, and I’m glad his amazing work and skills will live on in others.
    Brendan I was shocked at your passing. I will always remember you fondly and every time I have a glass of the single malt I’ll raise it in your honour. Until we can share a drink again I wish you an exciting afterlife x

  3. Such a touching service, in all the right ways. Brendo was so special to so many. I wish you all the love and support in this devastating time Al. xo

  4. Sending Alison, her Family and Brendon’s love and hugs and pats to .
    What an incredible amazing beautiful service honoring the incredible you Brendo .

  5. What an incredibly moving tribute for an incredible human.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share in the celebration of Brendo’s life today.
    Ally, you are in my thoughts, sending all my love to you and your families. xxx

  6. We are so sorry we couldn’t make it in person, and extend our deepest sympathies especially to you Ally, Jenni & Stephen, and Amy. It was a beautiful and emotional tribute, may Brendan rest in peace. Sending so much love from us all Xx

  7. A beautiful service. My thoughts and prayers are very much with Brendan’s family, close friends and colleagues.

  8. You are all in my thoughts and prayers tonight. I feel privileged to have met Brendan who was such a lovely, self effacing and kind person. He treated my horse Bos and it was the best decision I made for him to connect with Brendan. May Brendan be at peace and may your memories of him always carry you forward. Go gently x

  9. Thank you for sharing Brendan’s funeral. I am very sorry that I was unable to join you today.
    I feel so fortunate to have known Brendan and to have seen the beautiful life that he and Allison forged together.
    He was such an incredible person who made so many peoples lives better, including mine.
    Sending my love and thoughts to Allison, Jenny, Amy and their families.

  10. A beautiful service. The memories shared by all were very touching & will be cherished. So clear to see how both Brendo & Ally touched so many hearts.
    A special mention to my brother, Andrew (aka Dunks), you did a great job mate, Brendo would have be smiling down at you, ‘you big knob’ 😉
    I’m sending great love from across the seas from ‘Ol London Town. I will absolutely cherish the memories I have from Brendo & Ally staying with CJ & I more than 10 years ago. A brilliantly happy time & I can vouch for the amazing osteopathic hands both Brendo & Ally are blessed with.
    Love to you both, always, Brendo & Ally & goodnight our sweet Prince xxxx

  11. As one of Brendan’s many grateful patients, Roy(my 7 year old Keeshond dog) and I both want to express our deepest sympathy at the loss of such a talented instinctive healer of both dog and owner. Brendan’s effect on Roy was instantaneous and quite miraculous. And so developed a 3 monthly maintenance appointment with Brendan, for Roy, who needed Brendan’s amazing healing heart and hands, from when Roy was only 3 months old, due to a congenital spinal issue. Over the past 12 months I have prayed that Brendan would conquer this illness as he did his awful accident, he had such resilience and strength of character. So this outcome is very hard to accept. However we must all continue on our path through this life, with gratitude that this extraordinary kind, gentle, special man and healer touched our lives in his special way, he healed us (both dog and owner) and imparted his wisdom which made our lives easier.
    You, Allison, and all Brendan’s family and friends are in our hearts.

  12. I was there in spirit, watching the livestream from California. Thanks for making it possible for us to witness this beautiful service for my beloved nephew. Brendan, you are a legend. I will always remember your golden heart and will cherish my memories of you forever. Allison, thank you for coming into Brendo’s life and for taking such good care of him. Love from Razz and Sam xxx

  13. What an incredible service, celebrating Brendan at his best. Gone but never forgotten, his legacy will live on in Allison and in all of us who he touched. So many hugs and kisses from our family to yours. We are so sorry that he is gone and that you are in pain, we just hope somehow you find the peace that Brendan is experiencing now.

  14. Ally and fam, so sorry I wasn’t able to be there with you all in person.

    Brendo and Ally I still cherish our last random catch-up down at Portsea a few years ago, that memory has stayed with me ever since and is a testament to the both of you that an unexpected 20min catch-up could leave such a positive memory. It meant so much to me that you recognised me as you walked past and took the time to stop for a chat.

    I am so heartbroken for you Al and all those close to Brendan, such a legend of a human that, we all no doubt, wish we had more time with.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share in this memorial and celebration of Brendo’s life.

    Much love and strength to everyone and may his memory and legacy live on!


  15. Dear Allison,
    thank you for letting me be a part of yours and Brendan’s life.
    My prayers are with you, your loved ones.
    Brendan, rest in peace.

  16. Such a beautiful young man, a fitting tribute to a life so well lived .
    My thoughts and love are with you all xx

  17. I watched the livestream with tears flowing from California. I will always remember your golden heart, Brendo. You are a legend. We love you forever, from Razz and Sam. xxx

  18. Sorry we couldn’t be with you at the MCG today.

    A very moving service – a fitting tribute to Brendan’s memory. We will always recall Brendon with affection. He not only provided us and our fur ids with faultless health care but also with non- medical problems. Give Stan a hug.

  19. To Al and Brendo’s wider family, sincere apologies I could not attend in person being overseas currently.
    I am very sorry for your loss and so grateful to have been able to be part of such a tremendous service and tribute to Brendo’s life.
    He was nothing short of a great man.

  20. For those who do not know me I am Jenni’s friend Malina. Although I never got the privilege to meet Brendan in person I really felt like I understood the wonderful person he was through this service. The stories told by all were so clear as to the essence that was Brendan. I also recall every time Jenni spoke of her children how much she beamed and was proud as punch telling me their achievements, especially the clinic and the care given to his patients.
    My deepest condolences to all of you in this very challenging time, may you always find peace along the way too. All my love.

  21. A fitting tribute to our wonderful nephew. He was truly loved by all who met him and will be sorely missed. His warmth, smile, kindness and humour will live on in our hearts forever. In such a short life he made a huge difference.

    Night night God Bless

  22. What a beautiful service for a wonderful human.
    I will always remember Brendan as the sweet little boy who traipsed through the halls of TTFM with his little sister Amy always close by. He was like our baby brother and our station mascot all rolled into one.
    I’ll remember the cheeky teen who, during his uni years told me the way to get a seat to yourself on public transport was to open your anatomy book “Nobody wants to look at those photos,” he said with a grin.
    Thinking of Jenni, Amy, Allison, and the extended family.
    Rest peacefully, dear Brendo.

  23. Thank-you Brendo for sharing your spark of life with the world. The word inspirational doesn’t seem enough. Your light will live on through so many people you touched, as well as your passion, enthusiasm, generosity, positivity and deep inner strength. Your insights, talent and commitment as an osteopath will continue through those you taught, treated and shared your knowledge and skills with.
    Even in your passing, you continue to represent hope and resilience.
    To Ally, your family and closest friends, sending love and prayers now and always as we hold Brendan in our hearts and his memorial was a beautiful send off.

  24. A beautiful service to honour Brendan. Thank you for sharing. My heart goes out to you Allison and all Brendan’s family and friends. Valle in peace.

  25. What a wonderful farewell to a man who died far too young…So much potential – but after hearing Brendan’s family, close friends and colleagues speak about his inspirational life, it is clear that they will take up many of the challenges he set in his life. Our loving thoughts are with you.

  26. All my love to Brendan and Alison’s families, your words were a wonderful celebration of a truly amazing man. My heart is so broken for you Alison, sending all my love. The Osteopathic family has lost an irreplaceable talent, he will be so deeply missed.

  27. A Beautiful tribute to the memory of Brendo, truly remarkable and much loved. There will be much grieving because he was so greatly loved.

  28. Dear Alison, I am so sorry I could not join you in person today. It was a beautiful service that honoured Brendon in a deep and reverent way. You are in my heart and thoughts.

  29. What an amazing celebration of an even more amazing life. Well done to every single person involved, everyone who spoke and everyone there. The love was felt as strongly from here in the UK as it was in the room with you all. Thank you Brendan for the life you have lived. We are poorer to have never met him in person but richer to hear of his life – we are inspired to live our lives to the fullest. All our love to his unbelievable family.

  30. Sending all our love with our thoughts for all of you. Would love to give you all a hug.
    Dale, Callum and Annie

  31. Beautiful Al – sending all our love to you, your family and Brendo’s family.
    Much love, Ben and Lue X

  32. A beautiful service for a beautiful man. The osteopathic family has lost a really special person. Vale Brendan.

  33. Joining from the UK, and raising a glass of single malt in honour of a much loved nephew. The hole he leaves in our lives is vast.
    Goodnight, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

  34. A beautiful service. We’re so sorry we couldn’t be there today Al. Lots of love from Margot and Phil

  35. An extraordinary funeral for an extraordinary man. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Ally and his family

  36. I am devastated hear of your passing Brendan. You were so good to me at the worst time of my life, post my gastric surgery. You were a kind, caring, patient, beautiful man and will be missed by so many. My thoughts are with Allison.

  37. A beautiful service for a beautiful soul. We send our love and thoughts to you all today.

  38. Thank you for letting me share in this special ceremony to celebrate Brendan’s life. Sending you all my love and strength ❤️❤️❤️

  39. Sincerest condolences and love to Allison and the family. Such an incredible celebration of a brilliant man. RIP Brendo

  40. Our daughter Nala was honored to be a patient of Brendan since her traumatic birth in 2016 for her first years of life. It was him and his wife who blessed us in the darkest of times and offered their help and we will eternally grateful for their kind hearts and generosity. Our Nala is now 7 and hardly wakes at night. This night she did and I was led to scroll through Facebook when the devastating news hit me at 4am in Germany. I feel this is her way of paying her respects and to send an extra amount of love to Alison. From the bottom of our hearts, we are so sorry for your loss and think of you both during these devastating times.

  41. What a gorgeous service celebrating Brendan’s extraordinary life. My thoughts are with Ally, his family and friends. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  42. Sending love and light and wrapping my arms around you all. To dear Jenni, Alison, Steve, Amy and all the family – here for you always and forever.

  43. Hoping to be able to join you online, however there appears to be an issue with the link. There with you in spirit today.

  44. Brendan and Ally you came to Cheshire and we loved you ! Brendan was this amazing dynamo who would do mobile Osteo to anyone or any animal ! He would arrive treat me my dog m y horse then beetle off to various villages down tiny country lanes to treat elderly ladies children more horses and dogs! The local blacksmith who he impressed (amazing in itself ) used to say when’s that Aussie back man coming again ! Often Mike when he was here would be his driver for the day and he loved travelling around with him ,. We all were so sad but happy for Ally and Brendon to return home for their wedding and just imagined a wonderful life for two soulmates and gorgeous human beings . Life has been so cruel but they have always been so devoted to each other and I am so lucky to have known them . Ally love you ,an amazing support and soulmate ,hope to see you soon love Shelley xxxx

  45. Joining you in prayer tonight. I am so very sorry that I never was able to meet my cousin. My sincere condolences to Brendan’s family and friends.

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