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16 comments on “Brendan Fitzhenry”

  1. My deepest condolences to the family and friends. Thank you for sharing the ceremony to those who couldn’t be there. It was a deeply moving tribute to a very much loved man who touched so many lives. I met Brendan through Shanta and always had many laughs and good times when we hung out together. I’ll never forget his generosity of cooking roast duck for us on his only day off. He leaves us all with many happy memories to cherish for a lifetime. He will be sorely missed.

  2. It is clear that Brendan lives on in a wealth of wonderful memories. I feel very grateful to have known Brendan and shared many good times with him over the past decade.
    He made regular visits to Adelaide, when he did the Fitzhenry family circuit. At first this was with Roy and I in Cherryville and in recent years, at our new abode, in Morialta. Listening to music, exchanging books and sharing ‘an inch of wine’ with Roy were woven into each visit. The many meals, long chats and relaxed hours on our deck are treasured.
    I will cherish most of all being present with Brendan and Roy and seeing the love they shared, as father and son. Their joint love of feathers and fish, their keen intelligence and great respect for nature. They had many hours reminiscing about mountain climbing in Italy, holidays in France when the ‘Fitzhenry 4’ were young children and coming to South Australia.
    Brendan talked so much of his ‘Billy lids’, his pride and joy, Estella and Valentino. His love for his mum and dad and his siblings, Patrick, Michael and Kate was always present in every visit. The joy he derived from being an uncle, and a great uncle was also apparent.
    Brendan proudly hosted us in his new abode in May and many more happy memories are the result of this visit to Oak Park. I will always remember Brendan for his kindness, quick wit and big heart. My heartfelt condolences to all who loved him.

  3. A beautiful service for a lovely person who touched many. Deepest condolences to family and all who knew him especially Shanta and Steven.
    Aunty Tessie

  4. My deepest, deepest condolences to family and friends especially Shanta and Steven. What a moving tribute to such a beautiful man who brought such joy and happiness to all he knew. Much love Shanta and Steven. Your Aunt from Warwick.

  5. A wonderful and deeply moving tribute to the gentle and irrepressible man that was Brendan. A reminder to us all to suck the marrow out of life, treasure each other and care for each other. Big love to his nearest and dearest, especially our Killy family Silvana, Estella and Valentino. Xx Nicola, Nick, Lola and Franky

  6. What a beautiful and heartfelt funeral, thank you so much for making us be part of the celebration of his life. Ciao for now Brendan, our cool and fun loving “cugino australiano”, see you on the other side. Such a kind and gentle soul you were, always ready to chat and have a good time together.

    It was so good to hang out with Brendan when he first came over to stay, it must have been year 2000 or shortly after. We instantly clicked and got on very well.

    What a joy it was to later meet Silvana, Estella and Valentino too, on the various occasions they came to Italy and kept in touch.

    Still remember the funny video call we had with him, Roy and Janine wearing hats during the Covid pandemic.

    Will cherish those moments in our hearts forever. Brendan will be sorely missed by his 3 Italian cousins, Luciano, Francesca and Marcella.

  7. What a wonderful display by all of the love a compassion Brendan brought to his family, friends & others in need.
    We can only say that we are blessed to have known him. We were sorry to be unable to attend the funeral of such a wonderful man, father, friend & colleague.
    We wish to send our respect to Brendan’s life, and to show our heartfelt sympathy & condolences to Estella, Valentino and Sylvana and all those closest to him.
    May you RIP Brendan.
    Lots of Love to you all.

  8. A dignified and moving service celebrating and acknowledging a life well lived.

    “Those we love and lose are always connected by heartstrings into infinity.” (Terri Guillemets)

  9. Beautiful man, an amazing life, deep friendships and a wonderful legacy of serving the community: Brendan, I lost touch with you over the years but I am deeply moved by your sudden passing. You lived your life to the full, so your loss is even more deeply felt, even by people like me whose life you only touched on the periphery. That said, I do have a recipe with your name on it (literally!) in my recipe book! Farewell Brendan. My deepest condolences and love to his friends and family, Estella, Vee, Silv and his beautiful lifelong friends. Barbara Moje

  10. I was touched by the service for Brendan just now listening to the many tributes. My deepest condolences to the family as well as to Steven and Shanta. I met Brendan only once in my Brothers house when he visited Malaysia many,many years ago but remember Shanta often speak about him. I also remember Shanta looking for Indian Bangles for his daughter on one of her visits to Malaysia.
    Rest in Peace Brendan

  11. That was a deeply moving and loved filled memorial to a person who was clearly cherished by so many. I only got to meet Brendan once. At that tiny flat of Shanta and Stephen’s in London. But it didn’t feel like that. It felt like I knew him well because of all the stories I’d hear from our amazing mutual dear friends. Sending love and strength from Canada to you all as you navigate this time of grief. Days like today I really wish the world was a smaller place.

  12. Dear Brendan, sorry I couldn’t make it today, uncle from Kilcunda. Your wit, cheekiness, generosity and kindness will always be in my mind as I sit outside the shipping container, half expecting all of these things, along with some delicious smell to come wafting out from the rusty green walls, over the deck and into the tea-tree. I will miss you. Love to everyone, who will to.

  13. To Brendan’s family and friends, thank you for letting me be part of his Celebration Of Life by watching the live stream of the service. Hearing about his life has reminded me of what a special, interesting and talented man he was. Condolences to you all.

  14. I am sorry I could not be at the celebration of Brendan’s life. We met Brendan when Estella was in Prep. We have numerous precious memories of the school parenting activities together. He was always a loving and involved parent to Estella and Valentino and co parent with Silvana. My daughter remembers him on one particular occasion when he looked after her along with his kids whilst I was at work. That is one example of his kind and generous spirit. I wish to show my respect to Brendan’s soul and life, and to show my heartfelt sympathy to Estella, Valentino and Sylvana. Brendan will be greatly missed by all who were fortunate to have met or shared a time in our lives with him.

  15. I am deeply saddened to read of the passing of Brendan. I first knew Brendan at school in 1977 and then we became good friends at university. We shared a love of music and literature. We briefly resumed contact about 10 years ago when we bumped into each other by chance and I got to meet Estella, Valentino and Sylvana. I will never forget how encouraging and generous Brendan was to me when I started out as a musician; something I still do to this day. RIP my friend. I wish I could be there.

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