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23 comments on “Brian Ferdinands”

  1. Many thanks Keith and Rob for organising this live stream. We truly appreciate being able to say our last farewell to Buns in a sense. Many fond memories come back of our Cuz. The bingo nights when Bunny would bring out his ‘bible’ and read out some jokes as an interlude. Even the last time we saw him at Cabrini he told a naughty joke to the nurse, using his play with language very cleverly, as Keith related he often did. Rest In Peace Bunny. Love. Christopher and Preethi

  2. So moving to be able to share in Buns Farewell today.
    Many happy memories of a fun loving Brother-Inlaw.
    Loving thoughts to Keith,Rob, Melissa, Tracey & Families . Bev

  3. Our deepest sympathies and love to you all. I feel so blessed to have known such a wonderful and great man. He will be truly missed.

  4. To Brian’s extended family,
    Thank you for your invitation to join you all at Brian’s farewell service today.
    It was an opportunity for us to gain more insights regarding his life of generosity to all.
    Shiki and Wijeyan.

  5. While we would have preferred to have been present, we found the service a fitting farewell to Brian. We have many fond memories. We share with the family in their grief.

  6. Thank you for a wonderful farewell to Bunny, whom I will always remember as my big cousin! He was always there to help! I have great memories of our childhood together in Ceylon.

    Blessings to you all!

  7. Many happy memories of the time I worked with Bunny at ACIB and the great conversations we had as we worked together. He always had a smile and a kind word for everyone and nothing was too much trouble for him. He was so proud of his sons and always spoke so highly of them. I know that he will now be reunited with Dru and he will have an even bigger smile on his face as he greets her and all the family that have gone before him.
    Di and Colin Bailey

  8. Beautiful service that brought back happy memories of U. Bunny the many good times shared with him and his extended family.

  9. With fond memories of happy times spent with Buns and Dru at numerous family gatherings. We will miss you Bunny. RIP Shanti and John Rodrigo

  10. Beautiful service and tribute to Brian.

    Our lives were enriched by knowing both Brian and Dru.

    Condolences to the family and the extended family.

    Love and God Bless.
    Avinder, Nirupa, Tarini, Ethan & Jerusha

  11. Keith and Rob thank you for organising the live stream so that we could take part in the final farewell to Buns. Not quite the same as meeting all the extended family and celebrating his life and reminiscing about him. So many fond memories, not the least of which his bingo calls at Aunty Kitty’s on Melbourne Cup Eve, interspersed by lame jokes from his joke book. And his amazing veggie garden. But it was great to feel a part of the celebration.

  12. A simple service that was befitting for a man who never expected much but gave plenty.

    Love and Best Wishes to Keith , Rob and your families

    Steve , Tracey and Jaime

  13. A really lovely service. The eulogies were each so spot on. I know Uncle Bunny would have loved it all. Until we meet again uncle Buns xo

  14. Thank you Keith and Rob.
    It was a privilege to share in this very moving service-a fitting tribute to Bunny.

  15. I’ll remember Uncle Bunny very fondly. I was very saddened to learn of his passing only today.
    I would always meet Uncle Bunny at intimate family functions where we’d share a joke and a laugh.
    He had a great sense of humour.

    I will miss him

  16. I will pray much for your departure so that your soul can rest in heaven, and although I’m saddened deeply by you leaving god will give me strength, I will remember you with great joy and happiness, although you should have never left you’re still here~

    Nabeel Ahmadi

  17. Robin & Keith

    We were lucky to have known Bunny & Dru and to have shared in a part of their life as your mates. Both your Dad and your Mum always made us feel welcome in your home and always kept us well fed with amazing Sri Lankan curries. Mandy & I have fond memories of Bunny and we know how much he’ll be missed.

    Our thoughts are with you boys and your families who have all lost a precious family member.

    All our love Derek, Mandy, Lauryn & Jackson Tidey

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