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Following the service, the footage will be posted and you can watch at a later time if you were unable to watch at the time of the service.

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9 comments on “Catherine Ryan”

  1. Dear Kate White & Peter Dunn,
    I am sorry you did not hear of Catherine’s passing. We did not have many details of her friends.
    We do know she had many wonderful times in Daylesford.
    I hope you got to view the funeral on line.
    Kind Regards,
    Raelene & Brian Turner and on behalf of Vicky & Terry (daughters)

  2. We were sad not to hear about the funeral until it was too late to attend.

    Catherine was a wonderful friend for over 20 years. We have such happy memories of the times we spent together in Daylesford, Hepburn Springs and North Brighton. Catherine was exceptionally talented and generous, and we will always cherish her memory.

    Rest in peace Catherine.

    Much love

  3. Thankyou all that joined us online and for your wonderful comments.
    Sue & Richard, I’m so glad we have made contact. Sue, you were Cath’s special girlfriend from’ early days’. Pls give us a call some time. 0412 396 820
    Ron, we know you were a special friend of Catherine x Thank you & Sandra for attending x
    Chris Barrett, you are obviously family of Stella, we remember her fondly x
    Hilary, love to know where you fit into the family x Brian remembers the name from Jack Turner.
    Thanks Sue & Larry Moore xx
    Thankyou all. Brian & Raelene. xx

  4. We were saddened to hear Cathy ended her days suffering but , when we hear her recorded voice , we feel she will be forever alive. What style she had. There will only ever be one Cathy Ryan.
    Rest in peace

    Ted Brear and Cathy’s other cousins

  5. To all of Aunty Cath’s dear family and friends who have lost someone truly special.
    I felt privileged to share in the memories of a life well lived, today. Hearing of her humour her love of family and of her God given gift of a voice of angels. Her white coffin filled with exquisite flowers was indeed fitting and touching.
    My sympathies to all who shared in her life.
    Love Sue Moore

  6. Catherine, may the choirs of angels come to greet you, may they speed you to paradise. May the Lord enfold you in his mercy. May you find eternal life .
    Rest peacefully in God’s keeping.
    You were a good mate of Ron’s and we will both miss you.

  7. Sincere condolences to Cath’s family and friends. Thank you for allowing others who remember her to say goodbye to her today.
    Cath was dearly loved and admired by my mother Stella Frawley. I hope they are continuing their laughter, memories and singing together again.

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