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66 comments on “Chantelle Lee Baxter”

  1. What a gorgeous send-off for a gorgeous human. We met at the School for Social Entrepreneurs and our paths crossed a few times since. What a legacy you have left. Few of us leave this world better than we found it…you have made this world better for so many. You were the drop in the ocean that will send ripples for centuries. I’ll always remember your laugh and flick of your hair. May the ocean carry you to a world free of pain and full of dancing.

  2. Dear Beautiful Soul,

    I was googling inspirational bangles and found you. I loved that you were Australian and I wanted to support local especially during covid. But, more than that, your bangles spoke to me. They encouraged me.

    Then, watching your videos, understanding that you had made BE bigger than bangles, wow!! You were real, no BS and your fund-raising when so many parts of Australia were burning and I felt helpless, you did you! And helped us to help others, thank you.

    Watching your memorial I can see your passion was boundless, your love never-ending. In 37 years, you packed a punch! You made a difference. My difference was to not feel so bad about living with anxiety and depression. That there is power in speaking and helping others, just as you did. I dont know if I ever thanked you, for that I’m sorry. But, as I sit here typing this, I’m sending you all my love and gratitude.

    To all those who loved and were loved by Chantelle, I hope and pray your love and memories are your comfort. I pray that Chantelle’s courage, tenacity, determination become ours, too. I pray she is so strong in spirit that we know she is always around.

    To quote a very clever person, ‘Be the shiniest fucking unicorn in the room.’ Keep shining, Chantelle. All my love xoxox

  3. Tuve la suerte de conocer a Shonnie en su primer viaje a Africa, a Sierra Leona, cuando fuimos con Orphund… nos hicimos amigas , dormíamos en la misma pieza y en ese maravilloso mes en que nuestro universo cambió, fuimos la familia la una de la otra.
    Tengo los recuerdos más lindos con ella, su sonrisa, sentido del humor, generosidad infinita, maravilloso carácter…
    Puedo imaginar el dolor inmenso que uds sienten en este momento, ya que yo perdí a mi hermana de la misma manera… pero les aseguro que Shonnie encontrará la forma de estar con uds siempre y uds la sentirán siempre a su lado.
    Descansa preciosa y gracias por haber sido parte de una maravillosa etapa de mi vida.
    Love u georgeous girl

  4. Shonnie, what a beautiful soul you are and will always be. You will be missed. I looked over our emails to one another and even during those dark, dark times you always knew what to say and how to push just enough to get me off my ass, but it was delivered so tenderly with your love, kindness and above all genuine care. My children and I are grateful for you being there for me, and I will treasure the book lists completed with reviews that you made for me. Fly high, swim far, and pain free beautiful. Xxx

  5. To Chantelle family and friends,

    Thank you sincerely for sharing this memorial with those of us (many, many, I am sure) whose lives Chantelle touched with her infectious spirit, energy and joy. I am so grateful to have been able to join you in celebrating her, mourning this loss, and grieving with you from afar.

    I connected with Chantelle for the first time at a conference in Portland, Oregon in 2010. It probably comes as no surprise to you who knew her so well that we met as a group of strangers coming together to go skydiving. For hours we all talked and connected about life, meaning and purpose.

    For years thereafter, I considered her a friend, participating in Do It In A Dress with annual fundraisers in New York City and my local Rhode Island yoga studio.

    As a friend, Chantelle always made me want to do better, be better, especially for people. I am on the path now of becoming a mental health counselor, and I hope and intend to keep trying to do better, be better, for people, on their paths of healing.

    Rest well, old friend, in the company of the stars.

  6. Even though I didn’t know you in person, you inspired me to believe that I could keep going.
    I will wear my bangles with pride and I will let the words remind me that I am enough.
    Thank you for giving a shit about others.
    Thank you for drawing me in to your videos which I watched whenever I could. You were magnetic and so uplifting.
    Chantelle, I hope you are now at peace with no more pain.
    Much love
    Chelsea x

  7. Such a beautiful celebration of Chantelle’s life. Her light touched so many and created such a groundswell of goodness going out into the world. Sending much love to all x

  8. You will always put a smile on my face and yet I’ll have tears in my eyes and an aching heart. A part of you was a part of me. The rebel who loves deeply and struggles harshly. I will never take my bangles off. I will carry you wherever I go. Always remembered, never forgotten.

  9. Darling Shonnie, spread your wings and fly high. Light up heaven like you did this earth.
    It’s so sad to see you leave this world.
    Be free and RIP

  10. Chantelle, you burned so very brightly in your short 37 years but sadly that light has now gone out. May you find the peace that you so deserve, and may your phenomenal legacy live on in the lives you’ve impacted and the hearts you’ve imprinted on. Fly free, beautiful soul. Thank you to those involved in creating the most beautiful farewell tribute ceremony today, and for allowing us to join remotely ~ It was an honour to listen, feel, cry and laugh with you all today. xxx

  11. Rest in peace Shonnie
    You were such a happy and beautiful soul. May you be at peace…praying for your loved ones ❤

  12. Thank you for the many laugh and many good times we had back in our days. The many detentions and the braking of roofs. Rest easy beautiful girl. See you on the other side. Fly high beautiful angel ♥️♥️

  13. Chantelle, you touched every person you met. Our journeys crossed paths for only a few short months, yet the imprint you left was deep. I witnessed your empathy, the way you shared your inner light with those around you, and also the fierce courage you showed time and again. Even today, your way of being still influences my life. You were indeed the shiniest fucking unicorn in the room with the loveliest of hearts. I wish you the peace you always deserved. Lots of love, Tess.

  14. We met only briefly, but you were a remarkable founder in the Melbourne startup community. You radiated love, kindness and had the type of tenacity that gives a mere mortal the power to make a dent in the universe.

    The brightest stars always cast the darkest shadows when they leave us too soon.

    Rest in power Chantelle xx ️

  15. Rest in compassion, enveloped in love.

    Thank you for showing us all what it is to create a purpose fuelled Ripple Effect.
    The change that you have created lives and breathes in all of us and all of your ventures. Your tenacity and compassion will be present for years and decades and generations to come.

    You did amazing. X

  16. Thank you so much for being part of my world – you really were one in a million and I will be forever grateful that our paths crossed.

  17. It’s so hard to reconcile the loss of a woman who inspired so many people with her zest for life and unstoppable drive to make the world a better place. I will always remember meeting Chantelle for the first time and her passion to educate 1 million girls. I will always think of Chantelle with Lauren at her side, dreaming big and pushing through the barriers. May your spirit live long and strong.

  18. I first met Chantelle in 2011 and was instantly drawn to her, what an inspiring, smart, witty, beautiful, and easy to connect she was! What an amazing human being, you are one of a kind, darling! It is hard to imagine you are no longer here. We lost touch over the years, but have spoken just recently, I wish there was more we could do to have you stay with us a bit longer. The world is a better place for having had you in it. You had an amazing life, you made a difference, made an impact, you lived to the fullest and you were so loved by so many.
    Thank you for being you and for sharing your gorgeous self with the world, Chantelle! You will be remembered warmly.
    Rest in peace, girl, you were a fucking legend! xx

  19. I first met Chantelle when she house-sitted and looked after my dog Kloe the pug when I went overseas – and that was the beginning of several Kloe-caring times. She said that Kloe was the inspiration for her getting Lumen who I then went onto look after maybe a couple of times as well.

    We kept in touch but weren’t close. I’ve been witness to Chantelle’s remarkable achievements and her struggles – that she generously shared I think to help others as well. She is the embodiment of authenticity. I

    am so sad that she has left this world at the age of 37. A comfort is her enormous energy and passion and how much she has absolutely profoundly changed the lives of so many people, most obviously the girls, families and communities in Sierra Leone and so many less obvious. Please give little Lumen a hug and a kiss from me – she must be so lost without her.

    Thank you for making it possible for us to join the celebration of Chantelle’s life online. Sending my love and thoughts to all.

  20. Chantelle, it was a privilege to know and work with you. Forever grateful for what you brought to the world and what you taught me. You were unique, inspiring and full of love. Thank you.
    Thank you to the family and friends for arranging a beautiful service and sharing.

  21. Chantelle, your love, passion, legacy and spirit live on in the hearts of all whose lives you touched by being you.

  22. I will miss you, my friend. Our Insta recordings and our deep talks over WhatsApp. I cried so much seeing your roller skates and seeing Lumen running around. I wish you weren’t gone. I know you will be at peace now and at one with the ocean in your beautiful country you called home. You were such a bright light in my life and I will never forget our fun times in Portland:) Love you always ❤️

  23. Thank you for sharing your star burst of love with me and for giving the best of yourself to those less fortunate. Your life was inspiring. May you rest in the arms of the angels.

  24. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to witness the celebration of Chantelle’s life online through live stream.

    I am so very sorry and saddened to hear of your loss, and my heart goes out to you in your time of sorrow.

    I knew Chantelle in late primary school and early high school and although I didn’t know her for very long, I always admired how inclusive she was of her peers and how she would bring everyone together. And hearing about all the wonderful and kind things she did later in life has made me admire her even more.

    I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and I pray that Chantelle has now found peace.

  25. Goodbye Gorgeous Girl, thank you for pouring your heart into soul into the Be. community and into so much more. You are missed and loved tremendously. ❤️ I hope you have found peace xxxx

  26. Rest after a life lived well and lived loud. Thank you for your creative spirit, sweary, energy, and deep abiding values. My deepest condolences and love to all of Chantelle’s loved ones.

  27. Thank you for streaming this celebration of Chantelle’s life. I cried, laughed, and smiled with you all. We will remember Chantelle and continue to support her legacy.
    Love Shivani and the Venus Yoginis xox

  28. Huge love and admiration for all you achieved in your short years, lovely lady. You will be greatly missed. Kelley (from Peppermint) xxx

  29. Godspeed dear Chantelle. I proudly wear Be. Bangles, and gifted many to friends and family. I’ve been inspired by your journey since the start, and am forever grateful I got to meet you and share time with you. Sing with the Angels now, until we meet again. God Bless xxx

  30. So grateful to be able to be to watch on from afar. Such a beautiful memorial for a truly amazing woman. Rest easy Chantelle, I hope you have found your peace. X

  31. Thank you for your intense boldness and bravery as a way-shower, visionary and leader, in diving off the cliff in all that you do, and paving a new way into into the unknown to create a new earth, and inspiring countless other women, men, girls and boys to do the same.

  32. The depth of love cannot be measured by time. But it can be measured by the hearts that burn with that love.
    Thank you Chantelle. You were and are loved.

  33. A shooting star, blindingly brilliant and too, too brief. My love to all who adore Chantelle. Bless you beautiful woman xxx

  34. Without light there is no dark
    The darkest nights shine the brightest stars

    Be free shine bright amongst us all

    Love always

  35. Keep shining that love you so selflessly shared with all who came in some
    Form of contact with you. I am truly grateful for getting to be a tiny spec in the vast circle of light you are. You will be so very missed.

  36. Vale Chantelle
    It was an honour to work with you and Dave at One Girl
    I was always in awe of your drive and passion.
    You challenged the status quo – a fierce woman
    Rest In Peace

  37. Thinking of Chantelle and all those close to her xx she was an incredible woman with a beautiful soul ❤️

  38. So much love for you beautiful Shonnie. Such a rare, precious and incredible human who inspired and will continue to inspire others with all your accomplishments.
    So immensely thankful for your light, energy and spirit. We were privileged to know you. Rest peacefully and fly high with the angels. You live on in our hearts forever. ❤

  39. RIP Shonnie ❤️ hope you’re resting well in heaven now.
    Love and prayers to your family and friends x

  40. Dearest Chantelle.
    I have so many fond memories from our times together. You have always been the brightest light in any room. Thank you for inviting me into your heart and inspiring so many–you have left an enormous legacy in making the world a better place and I will forever be grateful for knowing you.
    Your light will keep on shining through all you have given people.

  41. Sleep peacefully Chantelle. I never met you, but you’ve changed so many lives. I’m so sad no one could take away your pain. Love to your family and those who loved you the most. xx

  42. Whilst we never met in person, our inspiring conversations will always be treasured. You achieved so many incredible things and touched so many lives. May your soul rest in eternal peace and your light live in through all who knew you. Fly high xo

  43. Such beautiful memories. At peace now angel. Deep love and respect. I was deeply touched by you. xxx

  44. Dearest Chantelle,

    You have done more, overcome more and inspired more than most people do in an entire lifetime.

    You are extraordinary. You will always be extraordinary. Not being here on Earth will never change that.

    As I type this a Rainbow Lorikeet landed on the tree outside my window. It is beautiful just like you and flies free through the sky just like you. Off to bring joy to someone else.

    xx Karen xx
    To Chantelle’s loved ones, I am so very sorry. You have my deepest condolences. xx

  45. I’m wearing my gorgeous bangle in honour of Chantelle – I never knew you but your words of encouragement & empathy touched so many, myself included. My heart goes out to your friends, family & all who knew & loved you. Sending all my love to the heavens & the stars, rest in paradise x

  46. It had been so long between moments of connection. Like many, there are regrets and wishes. I hope you have found the peace you were seeking now, Chantelle. I honour you and all the good that you did bring into this world. My heart goes out to your family and friends at this time. Emeli

  47. Although the years have passed by, I will never forget our connection forged through wandering the streets of Freetown sharing our stories, and growing together through meeting the inspiring women of Sierra Leone. Your legacy lives on in many of us…thinking of you with love always in my heart xx

  48. I never had the honour of meeting you, but your legacy will always love on through Bebangles, and the wonderful Nikki will always keep your spirit alive. Even as a star in Rye sky you will inspire women to reach for their dreams and go for it to achieve what ever you want. RIP ❣️

  49. Chantelle I’ll miss seeing you on the beach with Lumey or seeing you in the street you left this world so much brighter and richer because of you, because of the connections you made, the communities you bought together and the ideas you bought to the world to make it a better place
    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us the good, the bad and the hilarious you remind me since you have gone how important the Human connection is and hold space for ourselves
    I hope wherever you are you’re at peace and proud of what you have achieved your legacy will live on
    rest peacefully in the stars

  50. RIP Shonnie ❤️
    Thinking of you today and our years of friendship at school. You were an inspiration to so many. Thank you for everything you did for human kind.
    May you Rest In Peace
    Love always Jacky

  51. Darling lady, our chats on line were precious. I admired you greatly. You made a massive impact in your short time earth side. Rest easy.

  52. May you Rest In Peace Chantelle. We never met in person but I connected with your authentic presence through socials and mission behind Be. You helped so many people and will not be forgotten.

  53. Sweetheart. It’s really so sad you had to go. I’ll never forget how impressed and inspired I was, as an African woman, seeing another woman from Melbourne taking on the world to do good. RIP Chantelle, Eva

  54. See you in heaven Chants. You did so much for so many, and changed and helped many lives; including mine. May you rest in peace. Love Jus xx

  55. RIP Chantelle ❤️
    We never met but you were our tenant and from what I know an extraordinary person with a beautiful soul
    Fly with the angels ❤️❤️

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