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4 comments on “Clive Minton”

  1. Our reminiscences on Clive are at the International Wader Study Group website ( Having been away without fast internet, we have only just had chance to view the online video of Clive’s memorial. Many thanks to Pat, Roger and the family, the VWSG, the video team and all others for making this available and in such a viewable/listenable style. It was great to join, albeit retrospectively. It was good to see Pat recovering so well. And, as we last saw Roger when he was a small boy, it was striking how similar to Clive he now looks (in face, we hasten to add). Thanks and best wishes to all.

  2. One of the best comments I received in my role as Editor of Tattler came from Clive, who said he used to skim through Tattler but now he reads it from cover to cover! Excellent encouragement.
    Although our interaction with Clive was mainly via email, his enthusiasm and support for our shorebird flag-searching endeavours in the Hunter Estuary, NSW was genuine and uplifting. We enjoyed locating and recording “Clive’s birds” with their distinctive orange flags. His feedback and inclusive approach have fostered continuing efforts to preserve shorebird habitat worldwide. A wonderful role model.

  3. I first met Clive in 1993 in East Sussex UK, when I attended a week’s bird ringing with the Rye Bay ringing group. We caught many swans! Hard work made fun with Clive’s sense of humour.
    In 1994 I took part in the wader ringing expedition to Broome. That was a fantastic experience. But a few things that stand out for me to remember Clive by are his unending resilience, his team spirit and most of all, his ultimate passion for tins of condensed milk!! Good times!!

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