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14 comments on “Colin Dix Service aka MC Vlad Vladimir Zijit & Wolfgang Von Delta”

  1. Just got out jail 8mths .went to try see my best friend Colin dix I in total shock.i Love u my brother u me the crusades and laughs.u most loyal friend I still have in my car your poncho ,I lost all numbers I will say in person but for now the did family his beautiful mother norma.sons and daughter your dad had more morals than I love u mate

  2. Unfortunately I was unable to attend Colin’s funeral and have really appreciated being able to view it this way. Such lovely words, memories and photos and so much love shared. All my love to his family and especially Simone, Alex, Charles and Lily. Susie xxx

  3. To the Dix Family,
    I first met Colin when I came to work at his real estate agents in 2014 and over the past 5 years I always looked forward to catching up with Col, whether it was down the street in his onesie, carrying his dog, or if he called into the office to chew the fat, and of course on the phone, that was always entertaining and long because we would always get off topic and start swapping life stories. Colin was unique and like many I probably only saw the Colin he wanted me to see, but I liked that Colin. I watched Colin ride some highs and lows with his health but he always took it front on and that is a most admirable quality. I am sure that Colin meant something different to each and every person he crossed paths with over the years. so , remember your Colin and smile.

  4. Unfortunately circumstance had me overseas at the time of Colin’s passing but had the good fortune to be with Colin over a 43 year period up to just a few days before he passed. Thanks to Arnold for arranging the stream so I could be there while overseas. Following are the words I had hoped to speak of Colin;


    My friend Colin Dorothy Dix . . .

    Way back in 1976, Colin and I first crossed paths as we started Grade 5 at the then new Haileybury College Junior School campus at Keysborough. Both of us certifiably mad, marching to the beat of our own drums, we were going to be best of friends or the worst of enemies. Luckily it was the latter.
    In Grade 5 our poor teacher Mr.Weir didn’t know what hit him. On one side Colin’s melodramatic yet highly articulate form of self-expression earned him the nickname Dorothy Dix after the famous American columnist known for her planting of questions in order to facilitate dramatic answers for the audience. Unable to control Colin, Mr Weir just had to tolerate it. And from myself an unpredictable, cascading shift from super serious A-Grade student, to class clown to confrontational protagonist. Colin and I understood each other when others couldn’t and we really put Mr Weir through hell in ’76.
    Colin and I really connected when I took my own form of direct, confrontational humour for the audience in the classroom to a rather extreme level. One day Mr Weir had decided it was best to have Colin sit on one side of his desk and myself on the other, both within “back-handing” reach, those were the days when that was OK!!!

    So to ensure Mr Weir was aware of my displeasure at his insolence at separating us, I farted as loud as I could while looking directly at him completing the odourous tune with our eyes fixed on each other, he couldn’t believe what just happened. Momentarily stunned, he yelled at me to get out of the classroom. Afterwards Colin came up, paid his respects and the friendship was locked and loaded for the next 43 years.

    The following year, Mr. Orde was inflicted with the dynamic duo. Bizarrely, he decided it would be a good idea to put on a play and have his all boy class dress up as little girls in a beauty pageant. Hmmm . . . it definitely would not be able to be done these days. Undaunted, Colin and I took to it with our usual passion and vigour

    I was Miss English and had the lines:
    “I am Miss English, I know ABC, and I learnt a few blanks on a show from TV.”
    Colin was Miss Maps:
    “I am Miss Maps, but don’t try to trace me, for I’m rather ticklish and you might deface me”
    It’s good to see neither one of us was negatively affected by the experience!

    Well, over the next few years we grew up . . . marginally. In Form2 (Year 8 now) we had decided we no longer appreciated the regular hair inspections, where our hair had to be shorter than our collar and not covering our ears. So, with the next inspection coming up we decided to perm our hair and get an afro. Well that messed them up at the inspection, our hair was compliant but they knew damn well what we’d done and we’d beaten them.

    Colin and I spent many weekends and holidays at each others houses and I have to say it’s a wonder Arnold survived a childhood with Colin. On occasions when I’d visit Bluegum Avenue, Arnold would come upstairs to the Billiard Room to inquire about Colin’s well-being. Colin did not appreciate our time spent on the CB radio looking for the ladies being interrupted by Arnold. His call sign of course being the virulent pre-teen was “The Virgin Exterminator”! When interrupted, Colin would commence a robust discussion utilising either table tennis bats or on one particular occasion, knives, chasing Arnold with them. Luckily Arnold was quicker than Colin!

    And Oh My Goodness Colin, your poor Mum Norma, what did she ever do to deserve you? A saint and a trooper, Norma’s patience, amazing outlook on life and work ethic was something from which I drew great inspiration. Norma, how you kept a degree of sanity at Bluegum Ave is beyond me along with all the great food. You are an amazing and inspirational lady.

    From our early childhood through our various stages of childhood development into our 50’s we shared each other joys and sorrows over the years via our special friendship. One where there were no expectations, no judgements, no pressure. Whether we had communicated days, weeks or months prior, either in person, by phone or messages, it wasn’t important. What was important was that we were there for each other, understanding and respecting each other’s unique character and attributes.
    To see Colin unwell over an extended period of time leading up to the last few months was both heart-breaking and inspiring. The gaps in our contact were led by Colin not wanting me to see him in pain and discomfort, although he knew there was no judgement from me. He wanted to spare me from reliving certain painful experiences from my earlier years and also he wanted me to see him when he could look life straight in the eye, flip the bird at it and have a good belly laugh. That was the Colin I’ve known for 43 years.

    Sadly I can’t be there today as my wife Julie and I have a long-planned trip away celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. Over the last month or so, Colin and I had the opportunity to talk rubbish, recollect and consider what lay ahead with our usual directness, no-holds barred approach. The night before leaving, I spent more time with Colin reminiscing on the good times and pondered the psychological damage and mental torment inflicted on past Haileybury students and teachers. No regrets, they deserved it!!!

    Even when having a catherter inserted to assist his comfort, he joked with the staff, who were surprised as usually it’s not a pleasant experience. Colin’s perspective for them was, “We’re from Haileybury, so bring it on!!! I reminded Colin and he agreed, it was goods times having a nice nurse touch his old-fella and giving it a good rub. That’s just the way Colin and I rolled . . .

    See ya’ Colin, you promised me you’ll save me a good seat and a nice pair of wings on the other side and I’m holding you to it!

    You weren’t perfect, but you were perfect to and for me.

    Thank you for your friendship

    Love you heaps Mate,


    1. What a beautiful story Martin. I only just found the comments page. (given it a year ago, i wanted to reminisce about our old friend. Thank for sharing & caring. I know you will miss him as much as I do. R.I.P old buddy, till the next life!

      Love Gene Mean

  5. I am sorry to hear of your loss. The thoughts of many are with you and your family. May your brother in comfort arms of Lord.

  6. I knew Colin many years ago as a good friend. He remains one of the smartest, most intense and most interesting people I have ever met. Enabled indeed, how brilliant is this concept (that I also gifted my children)! Non PC THANK YOU so much for that I could not agree more. He was amazing with Bowie knives, could walk around for 100’s of metres on his hands and did all sorts of party tricks that were mind blowing. I loved his amazing attitude to the end in this presentation and loved his final message so much.

    He was just so clever and had so much potential and I was also well aware of his health issues and how that affected him. I feel I knew the real Colin as we spent quality time together in Hawthorn and later in Tecoma in those earlier years. What a potent soul, enigmatic in the extreme, caring, hilarious, intensely creative and a very naughty boy. Oh the laughs and antics, wild car ride or two, parties and the endless conversations. He was tremendously insightful.

    We drifted apart after many years as our paths diverged (I got all serious). His wild projects were well in motion at that time. I never stopped caring and did occasionally contact family to see how he was getting along and catch up with them. I shared stories about him with my kids and this led to my eldest immortalizing him as a character in a book (not published yet). I later received some rambling letters and those cards and knew of his antics as the whitest Aboriginal in Australia and so much more.

    I was sent the tapes from the radio Lounge Room show (knew Tex well too – ha) and knew of Dean (cheers Dean it is a shame we never met) – share your sadness as well. Thank you for the wonderful words Arnold – very grateful. I have so many memories of Colin that make me smile so thanks Colin.

    I feel fortunate that I had the chance to know him and to say goodbye recently for a whole hour and reconnected with him the same as ever as if no time had passed. My sincere condolences to the whole family. I know he will be sadly missed, his life cut short tragically. We all feel the loss but especially all of you so please know my thoughts are with you.

    1. Beautiful words in love and support and recognition of all that was good in Colin You were a true friend to him and remain a true, authentic soul in my life and in our kidults lives

    2. Thanks for the beautiful words Neil, we did meet once (although only briefly) at Col & Sims in Tecoma. Colin spoke fondly of you often… I’m sure you will miss him, as I know I already do.

      Thanks again.


    3. Thank you Sim and Dean,

      You are right Dean I do vaguely remember that now. I was really referring to not having hung out to get to know each other but happily stand corrected. I did go to Mt Dandenong a few times as well to catch up with them and visited Colin when Alex and a bunch of his friends were having a bit of a party.

      Perhaps Sim can put us in touch some time in future as we are coming down in October. Responsibilities kept me from the service so I am so grateful you filmed his interview and to the family for setting up this online function.

    4. That would be nice Neil. I look forward to discussing our unique friend over a couple of quiet ones!

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