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  1. I was shocked and deeply saddened to belatedly hear of the passing of Conja.
    I was at her 13the birthday party. I was 12 years old. I can’t believe someone so full of life. Bubbly and loving, could pass on so young. You will always be Connie to me. In my heart always.
    I wish to extend my deepest condolences to her family and her son whom she adores.
    Please contact me Wendy.
    Love Josie Allan

  2. Dearest Conja, you are a beautiful person in every way. You would ride your bike to house clean for me (yes in a lovely dress and red lipstick!) and I would come home to vases of colorful flowers or a home baked cake and always a lovingly written note and lingering floral fragrance. You are a true homemaker; you would sing and dance your way through the cleaning tasks then add creative polish by rearranging a piece of furniture or two or adding decorative effects including your own peacock feathers.
    Ever encouraging and edifying, you enriched our lives greatly with your passionate love for your Savior and Lord.

  3. I was so glad to be able to watch this service from afar. Everything said about Conja resonated so strongly. She could surround you with joy, passion and vibrant energy, in times of celebration, sadness and everywhere in between. Thanks Conja for how you touched my life. I’m grateful for that and will always think of you with love – remembering your smile, style and laughter.

  4. Conja, you had a unique gift to be able to build up and encourage other Christians and probably non Christians I suspect. You seemed to find a positive side to some of the most negative situations in life……even your own painful experiences. You are now with the love of your life, the Lord Jesus Christ whom you loved so much…..Our condolences to Samuel and extended family from Mark, Linet and Melissa Nolan

  5. It was a beautiful service with heartfelt words for dear Conja, and we felt privileged to be included thank you. Whenever we met Conja, and it was mostly at family celebrations, she was always an exuberant, bubbly person. We found her to be totally passionate about her family, faith and her friends, and she was so genuinely interested in others. Her heart was big and kind and with her tactile nature, you felt instantly at ease to be in her presence. To Sam and all her family, our sincere sympathies. She will live on in your memories and your hearts forever more. xxxx

    To dearest Marita, my parents (Bebe & Bruce) send their deepest love to you at this sad time xoxo

  6. Farewell my dear and cherished friend.
    Life will never be the same, without your kind, thoughtful and joyful
    presence . . and I miss you already!
    I love you deeply and look forward to the day we can rejoice again, in our
    Father’s house, where there will be, no more tears.
    Thank you Conja, for all you are . . my dear, beautiful friend and sister in Christ.
    With all my love, Heather

  7. A beautiful service, loving words and abundant flowers. Deepest empathy to Sam, Claire, Wendy, Christine, Marita, Sharon, Romair and Tim.

    As Maja said, it wasn’t easy to ‘attend’ at 2am in the morning but I am so grateful technology makes it possible.

  8. It was a beautiful service. Rich in detail and totally reflecting the Conja we loved so much. Sam you spoke with such dignity and honesty. A real inspiration to all men to follow, being able to acknowledge and express a heartfelt appreciation and love for a mother. So well done.

  9. I was in a deep sleep during a lot of the funeral. i got confused with the time difference, being over here in holland. losing someone I was so very close to, and being so far away is a strange thing. the distance makes everything so abstract. But something woke me up suddenly tonight and I realised it was happening and was able to see some of the service. in my mind I would like to imagine it was conja visiting me all the way over here on the other side of the world, telling me to wake up and helping me be present at the funeral. so I put on a dress and poured myself a wine and watched the beautiful service.
    All the times I went back home to Australia I spent most of my time with conja, we became more than aunty and niece, we became friends. we went out dancing, she cooked me amazing meals and we went on adventures together. on various occasions I was even able to bring my friends from holland to meet her and she let them stay in her beautiful home and treated them like family. being able to share my two lives with her was important to me. everywhere she went she made things brighter. I watched her bustle about her beautiful home and around the hills bringing love and light to everyone. she looked after me. and in 2017 the last time I was home I was lucky enough to spend most of the 6 months I was there with her. she always made me smile, she spoilt me rotten and she made me feel like I always had a place to go back to. in my heart she always meant home to me, next to my wonderful mother she was a big anchor tying me to my old existence so far away from where I am now. I feel now a bit lost and even more uprooted then I already did. and I wish I could of been closer to say goodbye. but she lives in me now. she taught me so much and I have become a better person for it. I will take her with me wherever I go in my heart forever.

  10. My condolences to you all at the tragic loss of our dear Conja. Sam, I pray God’s deepest comfort be yours. May He catch your every tear and supernaturally inject new life and hope into all the heartache.

    As we grieve we also celebrate the life of this beautiful lady. Conja, you impacted all our lives more than you know. Now home safe and held tight in God’s eternal embrace, we rejoice that you are dancing with the angels, joined in the eternal symphony that we are all born to sing.

  11. Our sincere condolences, we are so sorry for your loss.
    Conja was such a beautiful woman of God and truly showed God’s love to all she met.
    She will be remembered for her vibrant, kind, loving and honest personality.
    Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
    God Bless Jonathan, Bethany and Emmanuel Reynolds

  12. Conja was priceless. A ray of sunshine has bounced back to her maker and will be missed immensely.
    Was a privilege today to be part of the guard of honour and then to come share with your family the celebration of your life online. You are forever in our hearts and the prayers you asked us to agree with you for family shall continue on in your honour. Love you sis.

  13. To Wendy and all the Vanderpoopies, how sad it is to lose someone so special and unique, Conja will be remembered, so many local people know her for her vitality and friendliness. Condolences to Sam and the family. May she rest in peace, with your mum and dad xxx

  14. I will remember you my dear friend Conja. You were always kind, complimenting others, you had an incredibly sweet and caring spirit, exuberant in your expressions and so so passionate about your walk with Jesus, such a bold witness you were, full of confidence about your own destiny. May you rest in peace now in the loving embrace of your Heavenly Father. I can just picture you skipping down heavens lane with a bunch of flowers in your most favourite dress. Thankyou for your input into my life.

  15. Dearest Conja,
    Thank you for your unrelenting generosity. I enjoyed your spontaneous excitement, when we came to your front door, as well as your genuine love and non-judgemental compassion, for all.
    The greatest Godly trait, you taught me, was your ability to truly forgive those who hurt us.
    Your sense of fun, boldness, colour and passion for life, will be deeply missed.
    With love, your friend Colin

  16. Rest In Peace dear Conja. You brightened people’s day and left a lasting impression on all that you crossed paths with. Thank you for your heart felt words to me at different times and for the beautiful flowers always out of the blue and for no reason other then you wanted to share your smile and joy. Thank you Conja for your beautiful soul you will be missed terribly. x

  17. That was a heartfelt send off. She was a beautiful colourful loving lady. Monbulk will not be the same without her. ❤️

  18. Darling Conja, you emanate joy and true beauty My children, staff at Wilga and I will so miss your wild radiance and divine inspiration. I will live my life touched by your unshakable faith and compassionate love. I can still feel your energy and spirit alive and joyful. I wish that all your worldly dreams had come to fruition as I feel you truly deserved, but I am heartened that your spiritual dreams were always the most precious to your wise and open heart Much love from Tamarind

  19. That was a beautiful ceremony for our Dear Sister and Friend Conja. Thank you to everyone, especially Claire and Sam for putting it all together, and to all the friends that helped make it a special, yet sad day. Conja would of loved all those amazing flowers and the Guitarist – a concert just for her. XXXX Thank you and lots of love and fond memories of our Conja to all. XXXXOOOOXXXXX

  20. Rest in gentle peace beautiful Conja. Deepest condolences to your wonderful family. Thinking of everyone at this time. Much love Warren (Beav), Jo, Matthew & Jesse Horswill.

  21. Dear Conja, it was fantastic to know you. You were always exuberant and expressed your love for Jesus in a real way. You were a true ambassador for our Lord Jesus. You were so friendly and your hospitality was amazing. I remember our last meeting at Bunnings! You called out to me when I was in the check out isle and asked how I was going. You always had that ability to know who was around and connect with that person. I did not know, sadly, that that would be the last time I would see you and speak to you. Your smile was always there to show that warmth and generous spirit. Look forward to seeing you in heaven again!!

  22. We will greatly miss you Conja – you were a beautiful person – one of a kind. Heaven is rejoicing at your arrival though we left here are feeling your absence. Remembering times of sharing the Gospel with you and your wonderful exuberance. Till we meet again.

  23. Conja’s passion for life and people had a divine quality and was much appreciated. I loved our chats over the years and know she will be dearly missed by many. Sending love to all. ❤️

  24. Dear Family,

    Our sincere condolences. We knew Conja for many years. She was a great woman. She will be missed by many.

    Roedie & Jeannette Rap

  25. Thank you Conja for the little chats we had, for always being positive and always seeing the good in everything. You will be missed.

  26. It was a better world with you in it, Conya. You were full of love and generosity, and I have such fond memories of you. I will miss you dearly. Rest in peace. Love to your family at this sad time.

  27. Rest in peace Conja, such a sad loss for the family and friends left here, you are now back where you originally came from and at peace and living in the joy we can all hope and pray for, to make it and see you again one day soon. Will always remember your beautiful joyful spirit and your genuine, sincere faith, and kindness, you were a very unique, lovely, classy lady and you will always be remembered and sadly missed. Deepest sympathy, condolences and prayers for the family.

  28. I’d expect you once a fortnight on Wednesday about 11, Conja- and within an hour or so of that, you’d be here- to light up my life briefly with your colour and vivacity and physical energy! Also, home-made soup, flowers from your garden and hugs❣️Thank you for making time for me in your busy life; I quickly depended on you, and I certainly do miss you EVERY Wednesday about 11. Today it’s my turn, Conja, and I’ll be on time️

  29. Romario en familie heel veel sterkte met dit hele grote verlies van jullie zus.
    Ook heel veel sterkte voor Sam, wat zal hij zijn moeder missen.
    Los of strenge and lover and i think of YouTube.
    Lia Bakx

  30. Dear Conja had the gift of feeling joy for others, no matter what was happening in her own life. She was enthusiastic and generous of heart. She was also a shining example of how to freely be oneself.
    Conja was utterly sincere about her Christian faith. This, too, is something we will all remember her for.

  31. The world will miss this sweet, vivacious beautiful soul. She will be rejoicing with her daddy in heaven. What a blessing and privelage it has been to know Conja

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