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52 comments on “Craig Maloney”

  1. What a send off! So Craig. I loved his loyalty and flamboyancy and passion that he threw in life. I have great memories working with him and some very fun times. You will be sadly missed. Much love to Phillipa and family. Janine x

  2. A very loyal, exuberant and flamboyant friend. I have been so lucky to have him in my life and Phillipa and Craig held me up in some very dark times in my life. They encouraged wise decisions around what was going on for me. Together, they made a team. They complimented each other. I know he loved you all from the tip of his toes to the hair on his head, to the moon and back again. We kept in touch via messenger when we moved interstate and he always checked in to see if we were ok and doing well. I will miss him and lot. Shine bright up there Craig. Til we meet on the flip side. Love Janine, Greg, Geoffrey and Peter, Katherine and her little lad, Lewis.

  3. One of my first memories of Craig is of him yelling through our wire fly screen some kind of abuse at me. Unfortunately for him it was my Dad on the other side. Dad smashed through the door, grabbed Craig by his shirt front and nearly pushed him through the wall on the other side. And while he had his hands around Craig’s neck he asked me, is he the one that is bothering you at school? I could see the ice run through Craig’s bowels as he looked at me over the bear sized hands of my Dad, as I said, yes he was, but he isn’t now. I was 12 yrs old and Craig was about 14. In the next couple of years he was to become a firmly entrenched member of not only friendship but of our family. Don’t really know how he managed it but my Dad became his loudest supporter and never missed a show while he was able. And it was that yellow suit that Craig wore to my Dad’s funeral. How he would have loved it so.
    How was I to know that just as Craig was coming to grips with becoming a Dad and Rachel a Mum, I was coming to grips to being a Mum myself at 16yrs of age.
    Without Craig and Rachel I dont think I would have got through those first years. We lived in each others pockets with our babies 3 months apart in age.
    I know I hadnt seen him in ages, hadn’t been a major part of his life in the years post Rachel, but he always kept a check on me, always knew when I was at my lowest, always kept a check on my family and even in the last weeks of his life was demanding I call him because he knew I was not ok.
    When a friend ‘raises’ you they become a part of your DNA. It’s a weird thing that I cannot describe fully, but Craig would understand it.
    He was freaking annoying, hugely belligerant, massively loving and a raging care taker of those he chose to love.
    Nae Nae and Addie will never really understand how much we love them to this day. May not even remember. But Nonna does and that is all that counts.
    My dearest Fraggles and his love Phillipa. Wishes come cheap. Thanks for checking in. There are no words to describe the loss that so many people feel.
    Thank you xxx
    That’s all I can come up with xx

  4. What a wonderful send off! Very Craigish!
    Sorry I couldn’t attend – but sending my love to all.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share in.

  5. Craig has been my therapist for the last 2 and a bit years. He was there for me in my darkest days when no one else would even listen to me.
    Craig changed my life for the better and taught me so much. I still have so much to learn but I will always cherish every bit of advice he gave me.
    I feel like I have lost my safety net in life to just send a message when I am spiralling knowing he will snap me out of it with a simple message or a call.

    The world has lost such an amazing and caring man.
    My heart goes out to his family and friends..

    I’ve got this Craig. I will not let you down

    Thank you for everything. You saved my life.


  6. Craig you would of loved watching your wonderful send off from this world.
    Thanks for the wonderful memories in our childhood and the laughs. One of the truely rare diamonds You will be missed but always remember l will think of you when l see sun flowers. Fly high xxx

  7. I first met Craig in the mid 80’s at Bundoora Repat where we both trained as Mental Health Aides, now Div 2’s. He was colourful, loud and hilariously funny. Exactly my kind of person. Craig was always up for a fancy dress party or a midnight Tim Tam party when I was on night shift. We lost contact over the years, so I was thrilled to get a Hi from him on fb a few years back. I’ll miss his random ‘check ins’ on messenger.
    What a wonderful celebration of an interesting and much loved human.

  8. Thank you for making this celebration of Craig’s life available to stream. A life so brilliantly and boldly lived. Our theatre community will miss him dearly but we know pieces of him shine on in members of his family, in particular his daughter Renée & granddaughter Isla. I know I will think of him whenever Insee a sunflower or daffodil.

  9. Love and kind thoughts for you Phillipa and entire family Much live to that wonderful larger than life man Craigy Craig rest at peace now dear friend

  10. We grew up together in a time that different really didn’t matter and we truly didn’t care. You were my fun friend who taught me to be me.
    I have so many stories to tell of the fun times we had.
    It’s your turn to have the crunchie bar but the sad thing is it won’t wake you up.
    RIP Craig ❤️

  11. Thank you for letting us who couldn’t be there share this amazing tribute to an amazing man. Love to you all
    Lee Geraghty

  12. What a fitting send-off for an amazing individual. He would’ve been proud of you all. Boy Craig did a lot in his life; lived it to the fullest. A lesson we’ll certainly be taking on. We were blessed to have known him. Lots of love Helen, Jim and Ashton Kirko. xx

  13. Thank you for allowing me to join in Craigs ultimate production of his life, what a show enjoyed the songs and all of the words. My memories of Craig date back 50 years, boy what a trouble maker you were! One of my earliest memories was Craig shaving my legs so that we could wear fishnet stockings together in his bedroom, all of our camping trips to Bells Beach. He loved Rocky Horror and he organised for us to go and see a production maybe late 70’s. Very proud of all you achieved Craig, you will never be forgotten, keep dancingXXX

  14. To Craig’s family, although I only knew Craig for a very short time, he did leave a lasting impression on me, he was very very kind and thoughtful. May you all find peace in the wonderful memories you have, warmest regards Pamela

  15. A funeral absolutely befitting the wonderful person Craig was. Remembering going through high school with this crazy, happy, loyal friend, we had a lot off laughs and shared a beautiful friendship. RIP MY BEAUTIFUL FRIEND

  16. Well wow! What an absolutely beautiful send off in true Craig style! Thank-you so much Phillipa & family for allowing me to share this with you, from afar in Darwin!
    From another mental health nurse and also one of Craig’s many fans.
    Heartfelt love & thoughts to you all xxx

  17. Thank you for letting me part of such a large production and farewell of Craigs life. Everyone spoke beautifully – Craig would have loved all of the attention. My memories of Craig also go back about 50 years having grown up with him in Bayswater – boy did he cause a lot of drama! but also used it to our/his advantage if something needed to be done – I remember Craig being obsessed with Rocky Horror and him shaving my legs in his bedroom(think l was about 13/14) and us dressing in fishnet stockings, it was Craig who first introduced me to Rocky Horror and a large group of us went to see it. Our camping trips to Bells Beach as teenagers and always the music,dancing and drama. My son Michael also got to work with Craig & Renee in local theatre (they hit it off really well as Michael was also very wrapped up in the theatre world, Craig also helped him find work placements in the mental health field). Very proud of everything you achieved in life Craig, sending my love to your family – he will never be forgottenxxxx Thank you Ann Dodd PS… I need to see the latest Rocky Horror Picture show

  18. Thank you for allowing me to join the celebration. Craig would have LOVED it. He has left such a legacy and I am very privileged and honoured to have known him. Craig made such an impact on my life, more than he would have known!
    This celebration honoured his sprit, kindness and his wacky sense of humour. It honoured all things ‘Craig’.
    This was the best way to honour Craig through stories, song, dance and a mirror ball. Love always ‘My Maria’ Jannine ❤️

  19. Goodbye Craig you are going to be missed by all and now you we are safe with our family, and they will look after you and you will look after them.

  20. Encore Craig! Take a well deserved bow! A life of kindness well lived and continues on in all our memories.

    Steve Kolotylo

  21. What a beautiful send off for Craig, he would have loved to have been there and seen how treasured he was by everyone. Beautiful speeches by everyone and very courageous especially the family. We will all miss you Craig dearly. Love Robyn (nee Caffery) Bayswater High School xxx

  22. I am so sorry that I could not be there in-person today. Thank you for sharing this incredible celebration of Craig’s life online. Craig made everyone he met feel like family. I feel so honoured to have been a part of his Phoenix Theatre Company family since 2012. Craig will never be forgotten and he’s left behind an incredible legacy in his children and grandchildren. Thank you for the memories, Papa Craig. Rest in peace and power.

  23. Fabulous send off for a fabulous man and mentor. Craig was our mentor and supervisor for our grad program at Monash Health in 2007/08. Always supportive, good humored and knowledgeable. On to the next big adventure. He’s not leaving, he’s just Going home. Thanks for starting my journey in Mental Health big fella, 15 yrs on, many of us from that group are still going.

  24. Craig was my best friend right through high school, and even though I moved away and never saw him again after I left, we always kept in contact.
    I will miss you my friend always. ❤️❤️❤️

    I hope you have a never ending supply of Tarzan Jubes where you are. ❣️

  25. Craig you were truly an inspiration, I will miss seeing you and having our little chats. Phillipa, Adam and Renee, thinking of you all, you put together a beautiful service. Wonderful family and beautiful friends of Craig.

  26. It was a lovely service and acknowledgment of the man Craig was, only meet him at your party but he was definitely larger than life on that night alone.
    My prayers and thoughts are with you and the family. xxx

  27. Dear Phillipa, Renee, Adam and family,

    please know that Craig has always been in our thoughts and will live forever in our memories.

    Charmaine & Steve Foster

  28. Thank you for streaming the funeral. Craig, you will be dearly missed. Phillipa and family I send you my condolences. I remember spending so many fun times with you when I was growing up. RIP craig. Love to all.

    Rebecca Knights (Janes daughter)

  29. This was a beautiful celebration of Criag’s life, with the right mix of love, laughter and tears. I am honoured that you have shared these precious memories. The colourful essence of Criag was definitely in the room today.

  30. What a magnificently accurate representation of Craig’s life and achievements. I will never forget the years we worked together and the mischief we got up to. I always liked to think, well at least there’s someone with a louder voice than mine
    Something that always stood out to me back in the day, was his absolute adoration of his children and I made it my mission to be that way with my own kids. To sing their praises at every opportunity.. be their biggest supporter. Just like he was, and continued to be. He was an absolute legend of a man.

  31. To Renee, and the whole family… I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to be there in person today, but I’m so glad to have been able to tune in online. Totally worth the 2am wake up call 😉 it was a fabulous and wonderfully fitting send off for Craig, who was taken from us way too soon. I feel honoured and lucky to have been part of Phoenix Theatre Company shows and will be forever grateful for the opportunities he gave me and the roles he trusted me with. Sending you guys so much love, Nat xx

  32. Vale Craig Maloney. Sincere condolences to his family whom he spoke of with such love. Craig made a huge contribution to Clinical Governance and to the Mental Health sector in Australia. He enhanced the field through a variety of positions, strong advocacy and a commitment to mental health. Craig was rightly proud of his notable achievements in quality, innovation, governance and direct clinical practice. He was deeply committed to both systemic work and to improving the wellbeing of his individual clients. Craig always stayed true to his personality and larger than life nature, authentically connecting with others and through this, facilitating their growth and encouraging them to think outside the box. He was a huge advocate for laughter and self-compassion. His personal advice and support were always hugely appreciated by me. Craig will be missed, and I wish we had more time to connect on Clinical Governance into the future.

  33. Farewell Craig. Thank you for the fun times in the late 1980s working together in our first mental health jobs and some very wild parties. Your support when I returned to Monash in the late 1990s when we were peers at managers meant we never took things too seriously! Thanks for the fun and in later years the Facebook friendship! Travel safe

  34. Thank you Phillipa and Craig’s family – unfortunately I couldn’t be there but it was a privilege to see Craig’s farewell – he would have loved it!

  35. Thank you for live streaming Craig’s Celebration of Life. I am unwell and had planned to be there in person. So being able to watch has been great.
    Farewell Craig, I know you will be organising shows in your new journey. To Phillipa, Rene, Adam, Alsastair, Ken and Stewart and families our heartfelt condolences. Love Janine and Kerrin Michael

  36. Rest In Peace Craig! You were loved by all and had a huge impact on the theatre community – Thankyou
    Thinking of all your family through this hard time
    Many condolences
    Deanne sansom and family xxx

  37. Sending all my love Renee, Phillipa, Alastair, Ken, Stewart and family – a beautiful service and celebration. Love, Cass

  38. What a beautiful service and so full of drama and life lived in abundance, as was Craig.
    I think he would be so chuffed and is smiling down, being thankful for friends and family…

  39. Farewell and rest in peace, dear Craig. Thank you for sharing your infectious laughter, passion for life and generosity of kindness with so many. You will be remembered fondly and often.

  40. Craig was such an incredible human. His kindness shone in every interaction he had and was a great support to everyone at Beyond Blue.
    I’m grateful to watch his service and hear others stories about him.

  41. Thank you for opportunity to watch the service for Craig. Craig was a fantastic colleague to me within our College, the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses.

  42. Thank you for the opportunity to watch Craig’s service. He brought so much sunshine to all of us at Beyond Blue.

  43. I am so sorry for you loss Phillipa and your beautiful family. I wish I was there but it was just not possible, but I am definitely there in spirit with you all and know Craig is there watching us all

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