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9 comments on “David Gordon”

  1. Tania and Gordon family, Was a wonderful tribute to Ollie. Such a great life well lived.
    Thanks for thia video. As i could not be there on the day. Im a sook too . Shed a few tears watching. Bless you Tania and family.
    Rip Ollie, Josh Gordon.

  2. Hi Tania and family.
    What a wonderful celebration today.
    I almost felt like I was there.
    I nearly forgot Ollie and purple, I now recall mauve purple tissues
    So priveledged to call Ollie my friend, and will remember him with love.

  3. Was so special to be able to be a part of David’s celebration of life and I thank Josie for sharing the link with me. We grew up in Broughton together so memories go way back and not being able to be there today made this so amazing.
    Thoughts are with you Tania and the family.xx

  4. Tania and family. I watched the service and felt like I was almost there.
    Lots of special memories and I remember Ollie even had to have purple tissues
    Can’t believe he’s gone but what an amazing life.
    Love always

  5. Dear Tanya,
    I only knew Ollie for a short time but I can say what a pleasure it has been to have known him. He always took everything in his stride. He gave his very best to his students and made me laugh with some of his comments. A great man.
    Warmest condolences.

  6. Dear Tanya (and family)

    Thank you for sharing your stories, and in such a beautiful setting. I had always wondered where his name had come from. It was delightful hearing how he lined his school jacket in purple (my favourite color too) and learning about his “castle of intellect” and creative cooking. My fond memories of him include a night at the Art Centre with you and other teachers at school, and hearing him talk a few years ago about a young sick Rene Descartes coming up with a way of describing the path of flies on the ceiling of his bedroom. The students and I were entranced – it was complete impromptu and engaging. . Such a big hearted, generous and fascinating man. I feel lucky to have met him. Warmest condolences.

    1. Thank you for streaming the service. It was wonderful to hear all the stories from family and friends. It was interesting to hear about Ollie’s life growing up, and of his life after he left the farm. Amber did a wonderful job. Love to Tania, Bill, Sam and all the Gordons. Love Jo.

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