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28 comments on “David Prasad”

  1. Thank-you Rasik and Roshini for your warm thoughts both at the service and now.

    We will miss David ,Reg and Bhabhi dearly.

  2. Hearing about the loss of David has deeply saddened us, but we know that this is far from what your family is going through now.
    Both of your dad and mum were like parents to us too. All of us are going to miss their tender loving care and parental guidance.
    Please accept our condolences. It was an honour to have known such great people.
    May their souls rest in PERFECT PEACE and we believe that the Good Lord will receive them well with open arms.
    Deeply Saddened,
    Nana, Cecilia and family

    1. Thank you Nana, Cecilia & Family both Mum and Dad loved you all and thought very highly of you. We wish you a wonderful life and hope their memories bring you joy.

  3. I am sorry at his passing away. He was a good friend. We both attended the Marist Bro’s Secondary School. In those days it was located in Service St. Suva. We often saw one another’s families since those days. When I returned to Fiji, after my education in Wellington I was posted to to Koronivia in department of Agriculture, less than a mile away from David’s parents house. We often saw each other. Often he would spend the night in the spare bed room in spare 3 bed roomed grade IV quarters with me. When got married to Indu his charming and friendly wife, and went to live in Melbourne, I often paid them a visit whenever I passed through Melbourne. It makes sad that this long time friends are no more. We send our heartfelt condolences to sister Innis and his 4 children, Enid, Pravena, Aswhini, and son Edwin.

    1. Hi Uncle Mani,

      Thank you for sharing these stories with us and thank you being a great friend to our Dad.
      Stay well.
      Love Ashwini

    2. Thank you Uncle Mani we displayed the pictures of you and Dad at home at Colchester on his funeral he valued your friend. Drink a glass of whiskey and rum in his name.

      Love Enid

  4. Our Dad, Mr David Prasad, was passionate about education , culture, history, arts and music and helping those disadvantaged. A few examples come to mind;
    In Fiji, while in the Education Department for Schools Broadcast he put together a musical band of children with disabilities (blindiness) and recorded their music and put it on radio for the whole of Fiji to listen to it was a hit.

    Dad was also a member of UNESCO – In the late 60s when the Aswan Dam in Egypt was being built the “Philae Temple complex was dismantled and moved to nearby Agilkia Island as part of the UNESCO Nubia Campaign project, protecting this and other complexes before the 1970 completion of the Aswan High Dam”

    Dad was proud to be part of this project and mentioned it to me when I was very young and I made it a mission to visit this temple which I did in June 1992 while living in the UK.

    I would like to think Dad’s passion for protecting history , culture and arts and those disadvantaged is the legacy he leaves behind.

    I will miss my Dad and his infectious laugh and silly sense of humor and forever cherish our love of Hindi music and beautiful prose. My Dad’s love for my beautiful Mum for 58 years will be something I will always look back in wonder, admiration and awe. I will miss both my parents David and Dr Indumati Prasad of 16 Statham St, Suva Point, Suva,Fiji and 12 Colchester Drive, Doncaster East , Victoria, Australia. Rest in Peace Mum & Dad. Bahut Pyar Enid

  5. ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे
    सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम् ।
    उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान्
    मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात् ॥


  6. Uncle Dave

    Words cannot express the vacuum you leave behind. Losing you both in such a short timeframe is tough for us all left behind. Consolation that you both are together just like I saw you both this time last year. We grew up with you around us since day dot…so each and every family event will never be the same. Will never forget the BBQs, picnics, dinners, parties and the list goes on. Your contribution to the broader society will not be forgotten, neither your radio voice and infectious laugh. I will keep your legacy going with the girls and Edwin…thank you for enriching our lives with your wisdom, laughter, meals and love. I bid you farewell for the last time….whilst looking forward to a talanoa on the other side. Moce mada boso levu Mausa…rest high…rest easy in eternal peace❤️

    1. Hi Aunty Pinky & Uncle Abdul

      Dad is fine now, running around causing havoc!
      He would be happy to be with his Moon.
      I hope you’re both keeping well.

      Love Ashwini

  7. May your soul rest in peace.

    Our thoughts are with the family during this sad and difficult time.

    Renuka and Jay

  8. Vale David Prasad. Such special memories of you from my youth. Very funny and witty man. Your smile was infectious. You will be fondly remembered. All our best wishes to Eddie, Lise and all the Prasad family.

  9. May your soul rest in peace, dear Mausa. Thank you for the all the beautiful memories that you left behind with me during my childhood and growing up years in Fiji. I will always remember you for your nice voice, generous and kind heart and ways and the tasty BBQs and all the happy get-togethers of the 2 Prasad families.
    Ashwini Bahini, Enid, Praveena Bahini, Edwin and to the rest of your families, I’m so sorry for this sad loss.
    May you all find strength in the precious memories left behind by Mausa and may faith bring you peace and comfort.


    1. Hi Prarthna,
      Thank you for this lovely message.
      Life will not be the same without Dad, but he is in a much better place.

      Lots of Love, Wini.

  10. Rest In Peace David Uncle. We will always remember you as being so sweet and kind. My deepest condolences to your loved ones left behind. Love Dee

    1. Thanks for kind message Dee we miss both our parents but hope they are finding peace and joy in their next life.

  11. May your soul rest in peace. Sending your family strength during this sad time.

    Kamla and Jacinta Chandar

  12. I will treasure the most pleasant and cherished memories of our relationship forged over the years.

    You were always very kind and considerate towards Mata and the other family members. We will always value you as a very strong pillar in our society.

    I will sadly miss your sense of humour, our sharing of our Christmas Dinners, and good old camaraderie.

    With a very heavy heart, I say good-bye my brother-in-law and a very special friend.

    1. Hi Rasik Mama,

      Thank you for these kind words.

      Our memories of Dad will sustain us.

      Love Wini

  13. I will always remember you as a real gentleman. Thank you for your kindness to me.
    I will miss you and I am devasted I cannot attend today especially when I am in Australia.
    We have fond memories of the last 47 years especially regarding your love for food.
    May you rest in peace.

    1. Hi Mami,

      Cherish the memories of the special bond you had with Dad.

      Love Wini

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