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  1. Fomd memories of the soirres at Flinders Lane. Fantastic food. The hop graft was amazing. Thanks to Rose (and Dave) for brief relief from homelessness at Neika.

  2. I’ve known David for a long, long time.
    When he was instrumental in establishing the first industrial award for welfare workers and we worked on that together.
    Then, over the years when, at ACOSS, I was coming to grips with our byzantine employment services system and its impact on those it was meant to serve.
    Throughout, David always put those who had the least, and needed help the most, first.
    Dr Peter Davidson

  3. One of the highlights of JA National Conferences was always David’s keynote address. He was at once erudite, humorous, rigorous, occasionally scathing and above all, inspiring. It often felt like we were listening to a whole year of hard work, frustrations and achievements brilliantly encapsulated in a moment. Off the podium, David was so human – warm, welcoming and ready with a joke. He never lost sight of the individual experience of people in the ‘system’, one of the many attributes that stood David apart, that made him the towering leader he was. OCTEC Limited was one of the hundreds of community organisations that David supported, fostered, encouraged and helped grow. On behalf of Andrew McDougall, Deanne Phillips and all at OCTEC, I want to pay tribute to the enormous contributions that David made to building a fairer, stronger and more just Australia.

  4. My next door neighbour and the man of many questionable jokes. How lucky I have been to have a neighbour like him – the chats whilst he smoked his cigarette out the front on the hedge, the witty comments about goings ons, the intelligent and well reasoned opinions and the talks about both our struggles. He knew his gardening – and knew my lack of interest – and took his special rose cutting tools to our bushes. They have never bloomed so well. A great man and I miss our chats on Barkly Street. Love to Rosemary, Francis and Louis.

  5. David was a compassionate and visionary person with leadership and concern for the poor and suffering, David we miss you, David rest in peace,

  6. David – I will miss you. I had the privilege to call you a friend but you were much bigger and brighter than that to me – a friend, a mentor, a teacher, an advisor, a champion, a visionary, a humorist, a strategist, a carer and so much more. From bonnet to Boardroom, you had the ability to communicate with impact with everyone. You listened – really and authentically listened – making people feel important and present. You cared – defending those that could not do it themselves. You believed – realising that we can make a more inclusive and equitable civil society. I will always remember your life. You changed me. Andrew Cairns

  7. I had the good fortune to work closely with David while I served at NDS and ACFID. We also tried to form a national civil society organisation but without success. David’s calm, dedicated and humorous approach in all those matters was impressive. I regret that we did not have contact over the last decade. He was a very special contributor and leader, both domestically and internationally. I wish to convey my heartfelt condolences to his family.
    Paul O’Callaghan

  8. From 2002 to the time that he left Jobs Australia, David was a marvellous contributor to the Low Income Measures Assessment Committee (LIMAC) that advised Telstra on social and technology inclusion programs for disadvantaged people in Australia. I remember his insightful comments and good humour on many occasions keeping us all right-way-up and putting some refreshing if gusty wind in our sails. Always one for the bigger picture as well as the one-on-one coffee conversations to save the world, he is much missed in Australia’s public policy landscape.

  9. David always made me smile, even when we were dealing with serious issues. He always had a joke – usually one that couldn’t be repeated! His belief in the potential of every person alive was unshakeable. David put himself in the firing line to help change our community to be more compassionate. Rest in Peace dear friend.

  10. David est un personnage qui marquera l’univers du développement humain pour toujours à travers à travers son engagement citoyen et solidaire sans calcul. Nous retenons de lui un personnage pacifique ,rassembleur , pragmatique et d’une grande humanité. Toute notre compassion et solidarité à sa femme ,ses enfants et tous ses proches. Une grande perte pour le RIPESS!

  11. I’ve known David since 86, we had many campaigns together, many long winded conversations , conferences etc, David set the bench mark, he was always generous with time and opinions , one of the most valued opinions I have encounted…..many memories , many adventures Vale David Thompson and thanks for your service and friendship , be assured you did make a difference. Condolences to the family

  12. Dear David, we shared a short season of projects together but I will always remember your words full of tender strenght and your silent smile of wisdom.
    It has been great to have the opportunity to meet you in Barcelona and to share with you during these months about life and wishes for a better world.
    Thank you and lots of energy to your family in this sad moment.

  13. The world is a sadder place without David. His shoes are too big to fill for many of us in the world of Social Solidarity Economy. I have known David for 16 years, and always appreciated his simplicity and clarity of vision. RIP my friend, and deepest condolences to all his family both close and extended.

  14. Thank you for letting me join you for David’s funeral and learn so much more about the man I knew through ACOSS, Jobs Australia and many other sector bodies as a tireless and powerful advocate, but also as one of the most humble and personable around those tables.

    I smiled and cried in equal measures and offer my condolences to the family on such a premature loss.

  15. Goodbye old mate . I will always cherish your quirky quick whited humour, your insight to a larger world and your drive to make a difference .A fellow traveller, you have never left my thoughts. .

    To Rose, the same sentiments, you are also an old friend, fellow traveller and my thoughts are with you and your boys. Shine on .

  16. We’ll miss our next door neighbour; his gardening advice (rarely acted on), his colourful jokes (occasionally repeated) and our discussions about politics (always insightful and enjoyable).

    Rosemary, Francis and Louis, our thoughts are with you. The Waplings

  17. My name is Eri Trinurini from Indonesia, I have once met him in Ripess activities in Paris. At that time I have just joint in RIPESS board, where David was more longer active in this SSE movement. He was a humble person, low profile comparing what he contributed in SSE movement. Then he supported ASEC and Bina Swadaya activities in Jogyakarta. Thank you David for your courage on SSE movement. May God give you the best place in heaven.

  18. Ah, David/DT. Your witty sense of humour was greatly enjoyed around the office. Your cheeky jokes whispered for the enjoyment of Jenny and I, as you passed by our desks. Your love of food, gardening and your sons was often expressed as we chatted in your office whilst I worked away on your computer trying to get the damn thing to cooperate. Some of my best food experiences were at the JA Christmas lunches, along with great laughs. I thank you for your respect and trust in my abilities, and encouraging me to give things a go. Working as the Admin Officer at Jobs Australia for over 8 years (from Nov 2005) was an enjoyable time, and I was lucky to have been provided great opportunities. My sympathies to Rosemary, Francis and Louis. Farewell DT.

  19. Rest peacefully David. You have left such a wonderful legacy for your sons, Rose and so many people around the world. Love and strength to Rose, Francis and Louis. Liz and Greg Hunt

  20. Dave is a most treasured son-in-law. When asked what is best about Dave, Barbara said his persona! When asked to explain what she meant, she acknowledged his personality and everything about him. He made her laugh and it has been recorded many times how much she appreciated Dave’s sense of humour. His love for Barbara was always bubbly and brought her out into bright cheerfulness. “Nice fote of Batty” was Dave’s reply to a photo that was sent to him of Grandma. Forever loved by Batty xxx

  21. Nick and Margaret Shearer

    To my beautiful sister, Rosemary, Francis and Louis. Dave, you are one amazing person and we are so proud of your heart for the disadvantaged, the global impact you have had, your brilliance, humour, cooking and gardening. You were a shining light and your light will never dim. Always and forever loved and honoured. Your generosity, care and kindness has inspired and helped countless people. Dave, you are now safe and secure in eternal Love.

  22. A beautiful service and tribute to David. I worked with him at Jobs Australia for over 12 years. He was not only a leader and colleague but a supportive, caring and generous friend with a witty sense of humour. Genuinely passionate and committed to helping the disadvantaged, for fairness and “the common good” as he would say. He was so proud of his family and his boys, taken too soon, miss you David!

  23. Vale Dave.

    Rosemary, Francis and Louis, your words today reflect the deeply thoughtful and cheekily good humoured man that I remember and who will be greatly missed. My thoughts are with you.
    Jenni x

  24. Rose , Francis and Louis – what a v special and magnificent tribute you all gave today – a memorial service with loving family eulogies I will never forget . David , to me was a very dear friend – one of a kind – a strong , humorous and caring person I worked closely with as a service provider ever since David took the reins of CYSS back in 1983 – an enduring relationship I will always cherish . Thank you , David , for being you and for your amazing loyalty and support over many many years – you made my life so much richer as you did to so so many others – Bob Mann

  25. A fitting tribute, well done to all. So sorry for your loss. In 1986, Dave generously gave me his copy of The Observer’s Pocket Book of Planes. One of my favourite childhood books that set me up for many years of accurate plane spotting.

  26. I count myself lucky to have had the good fortune and honour to know and work with David over a number of years. He was a great thinker, caring, compassionate, and always had a sense of a fair go for the underdog. He had a quick wit, always ready with a joke and was a true friend and fabulous support to me. My condolences to Rosemary, Francis and Louis. Rest in peace David.

  27. I met David when I got my first job after finishing TAFE back in 1989, I started as a temp with him in Department of Education, Employment & Training, working back with C.Y.S.S. then SkillShare and then Jobs Australia, David’s dedication, compassion and gusto really shone through over the years and Jobs Australia wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for him and the dedicated staff over the years to run a smooth ship! What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful caring man and a very sad loss to our community.
    Thanks for your guidance, support over my 27 years of working with you, I am forever grateful for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your JA journey. I’ll never forget the numerous amounts of exotic plants/seedling packages delivered to the JA office and your love of Roses.
    Sincere condolences to Rosemary, Francis and Louis we’ve truly lost a wonderful human being!
    RIP “thommo” DT David x

  28. Dear Rose, Karen, Jan and families.
    Wishing you peace to bring comfort and the courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts. No words can describe how sorry I am for your loss. Sent with love and remembrance of David.
    The universe has received a new beautiful star.

  29. David was an ornament to his community, in Barkly Street and beyond. He brought warmth, intelligence, and generosity to all his engagements. We’ll miss his bad jokes, and his astute insider view of political affairs. We have enjoyed sharing the beauty of his treasured garden, and will forever see him having a smoke and a ponder at the letterbox. We will miss the man across the road expertly wielding the garden shears. Our thoughts and love to Rosemary, Francis and Louis. Greg & Juliette

  30. Thank you for a beautiful service to reflect on David’s life. It was deeply moving to learn more about the man who raised my friend Louis. Sending all my love to the whole family.

  31. RIP David Thompson. “Go to the end of the path until you get to the gate. Go through the gate and head straight out towards the horizon. Keep going towards the horizon. Sit down and have a rest every now and again. But keep on going. Just keep on with it. Keep on going as far as you can. That’s how you get there.” Leunig

  32. I had the privilege of working with David at SkillShare and thank him for his dedication, passion, humour and assisting me in developing my own career. Fond memories of a wonderful person who provided so much and still had so much to offer. RIP

  33. Vale friend of wicked wit and fine intellect. Your legacy is loud and relentless, ringing in hallways across this vast land and well beyond. I raise my teacup to you, ever grateful that you paved rough roads for the rest of us to walk upon.

  34. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in David’s memorial service today. A friend for over forty years who altered my life forever. His memory brings so much love and laughter into my soul.

  35. Andrew said it beautifully – he was a man for whom the right of the ‘punter’ to be heard was all important. He provided real, values based, leadership to the employment services sector. He made a difference.

  36. A brave and beautiful celebration of your darling Dave.

    Firm and cherished memories of him always in the kitchen or garden or both. Slow roasted leeks and the Fibonacci series anyone?
    Generosity, intelligence and good humour personified.
    Sending our love to you Rosemary, Francis and Louis as always and especially today.

    Fiona and Paloma

  37. My deepest condolences go out to David’s Family. Your words remembering and honouring his life were truly moving, and I feel blessed to have learnt more about his incredible life and the legacy he has left behind. I will think of him today when I am out in my garden, watching my plants grow. I hope his family can all be together soon to celebrate his life and what a loving and caring father and husband he was.

  38. Knowing David was a honour and a privilege and it made me a better person. He made the world a better place. A visionary, a mentor, an intellect, a friend, a listener, an activist, a humorist – and so much more.

  39. Dear David. I wish you were still here. You have been an amazing person, a giant, champion of those who needed a voice, and you made those in high places listen. You will never be forgotten by the many people you touched and who knew you cared. Farewell till next time. Always.

  40. A beautiful service. I feel so privileged to have known and worked with David. He was a true gentleman who has left a lasting legacy and will be missed by so many. My deepest condolences to David’s family. Rest in peace David xx

  41. On Thommo: our strength was his strength, our wisdom his. He has been a magnificent light on the hill fighting for justice in employment for the most disadvantaged, fairness for the forgotten, a voice for those who are not heard. With a Wilde rapier wit, a heartbreaking care for a better world and rock like integrity. Onya Thommo, all your live long days and into the mystic xx

  42. Vale David.

    Your contributions were great; your life too short.

    My condolences to David’s family and friends.

  43. I have known David for over 25 years through the employment services sector and watched his great advocacy and policy mind in action on many high level committees. You have made the world a much richer place David. Thank you for your concern, your championing of those who have no voice and your generosity and kindness to me personally. Deepest condolences to your beautiful family. A life well lived.

  44. Goodbye and vale old friend. We shared many special times but drifted away over the years leading our separate lives. I will always treasure my friendship with you and Rose and the laughter and fun we had. You were a fine man. Peace my old mate.
    Stephen Kelly

  45. David was incredibly supportive of the disability employment services sector and its journey to find its own voice many years ago. He supported the Victorian network of disability employment services with wise counsel and generosity. Rest in peace David and many thanks always.

  46. David T, a great man, and an all too rare advocate of civil society in a fractured world. Rosemary, Francis and Louis your words today will I am certain, stay with many of us when we recall all that he was. I for one will never forget that backyard collection of plants.

  47. It was a privilege to have worked with David and I will always remember his courage, kindness and generosity. A trail-blazing advocate and voice for the unemployed. He will be missed. My sincere condolences to his family and close friends. RIP.

  48. I had the good fortune to work with David for many years. He had vision and a big picture approach to making a real difference in the world. He was warm and smart and genuine, and there was always a sense of fun. He will be missed.

    Vale David.

  49. It is with great sadness that I received the notice of the passing of our dear friend and esteemed partner, David Thompson.
    The last time I met him was in November 2019 in Trento, Italy where we attended a conference, David representing RIPESS as its global coordinator.
    David’s support to the people’s movements in Asia has been steadfast. David will be missed by many people whom he has inspired to advance the campaign for social solidarity economy .
    Rest in eternal peace, David!
    The poet Yeats once wrote “Count where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory is I had such friends.”

    Benjamin R. Quinones, Jr.
    Founder, Asian Solidarity Economy Council (ASEC)

  50. John O’Dempsey

    I had the honour to work with David for 9 years in the 90 and later served on his Board. We often used to say that between him and me we have large chunks of the history of the efforts of thousands of people to serve in solidarity the disadvantaged and marginalised people. David had a magnetic north which ALWAYS pointed to justice. Farewell friend.

  51. David was an amazing person and I was lucky to work alongside him for a number of years, he always impressed me and taught me so much, especially in representing the citizens of this country. My condolences to his family.

  52. What a lovely service – a fitting celebration of David’s life. Thank you for inviting us to join you on this very sad day.

  53. I had the privilege of working at Jobs Australia for 12 years. David was a man of conviction, extremely compassionate, unforgettable, such a personality with a fabulous sense of humor. May he rest in peace.

  54. Although we did not know David directly, Louis’ London family knew him through his son. We have had the absolute joy of befriending someone so thoughtful, vivacious, and quick-witted. We are certain that David’s caring spirit lives in Louis – from his community kitchen donations to his love for the work that he does. Our hearts are with Louis, Francis, Rosemary, and all other loved ones at this time.

  55. It was indeed a shock for all of us in India who knew David Thompson and his work.
    Whether in COMMACT, Commonwealth Foundation events , or in Skill share, he has left visible marks around the world.
    We have fond memories of David when he visited us in Odisha and spent a few days with me and my family; his crave for a new social order was a noteworthy aspect of his life and mission.
    We pray our almighty to give you and the family the courage to face this irreparable loss .
    We believe that a soul is immortal and wish to convey that we are with all of you from a distance at this hour of grief and offer the deepest condolence.

  56. Vale dear Dave, the beautiful words and memories that Rosemary and the boys shared today are a testament to your love for them and significant life. May the decades of memories live on always x
    Anna and Toby

  57. David was a very kind, generous and passionate man who has left such a massive mark on the world. I admired and respected him. My condolences to his family.

  58. I had the privilege of working with David at JA for almost 10 years. His quirky sense of humour and never ending stories (even if somewhat unorthodox) and off beat jokes always made me laugh. I’m sad to see such a great man gone too early. Rest in peace David.

  59. I first met David while working at ACOSS nearly 14 years ago, where he was Board President, and I was a fresh-out-of-uni admin officer. His amazing work in the Australian and international community sector speaks for itself, and on a personal level he treated me as a friend who would always make the time to have a chat. A great mentor, incredibly generous, and I know he looked out for me. Not long after I left ACOSS he talked me into moving to Melbourne to work with him at Jobs Australia and I will always be thankful for his encouragement and the opportunities he created for me while I was there. Rest in peace, Thommo.

  60. Vale dear friend
    Champion of the battler
    Brilliant intellect and lover of big ideas
    Innovator and joker
    Always Tasmanian
    My mentor, confidante and cheerleader

    Rest easy mate. Love you. You are deeply missed.

  61. There are few people that David I would rather conspire with for reform. He was savvy and personable and constantly working to get good done.

  62. I worked for David over many years and his contribution to the community sector, to fair workplace relations, and especially to people who have the misfortune to face unemployment, was immense.
    I’ll miss his quirky sense of humour too!
    Peter Davidson

  63. We are all really sad to hear of David’s passing. He was a towering figure and tireless advocate for the not for profit employment sector. I’ll miss him.

  64. David’s passing leaves a space once filled by a warm, funny, generous person with energy for the right things – helping others, making a difference for good, being inclusive and compassionate. Vale David.

  65. I first met David back in the CYSS days when he asked me to take part in the Award Transition Group, then SkillShare and on the Board of JA. I was impressed by his energy and ideas and ability to get things done. He worked tirelessly to improve the lot of those less fortunate and used his influence and skill to achieve that outcome. He championed the Not-for-Profit sector in employment services, providing a platform and voice to influence Government decisions. He has made an indelible impact on our social fabric and will be sorely missed by us all. I feel privileged to have called David my friend and send my heartfelt condolences to Rose, Francis and Louis.

  66. I first met David through working as a partner provider to Jobs Australia. In the short 10 years I knew him, I experienced his passion to truly look out for other people and to make the community a better place to be.
    I will be forever grateful of his support and belief in me. I admired him and it was a privilege to have known him.
    You will surely be missed. RIP DT.

  67. David was a huge personality. I really appreciated his impact on our work and his way of looking at life. Bernadette

  68. David was an amazing individual. Genuine, supportive, giving, intelligent and passionate. It was an honour to have worked with and known David. He mentored many of us and in times of need, he was always on the phone to see how I was. I was always amazed at the scope of David’s network and the amazing number of organisations he was engaged with. He was always an advocate for the NFP sector and their clients – and always said it as it was. An amazing advocate, friend and colleague.

    David made a difference and I will always remember him fondly for this.

    Rest in peace my friend.


    He made a d

  69. David is a good friend to Malaysians via COMMACT and with Asians via ASEC through the RIPESS global movement. I have found David to be a good thought leader with vast experience in local economy development. I have enjoyed the conversations with him and the last was on Sept 3 when he called me over RIPESS global leadership matters. We agreed that we should speak regularly to secure the by in of all partners.

    One aspect which impressed me of David was his concern for the CSO/NGO movement in South Asia. He had many good friends in India and Nepal via COMMACT work. It was he and Yvon who introduced me to a South Indian leader Mr Loganathan and his son Kumar of ASSEFFA.

    David my friend we will miss u but will always remember the conversations we have had on building grassroots communities. Our prayers for your wife Rose and your family.

  70. I first met David and Rose through his brother-in-law John over 40 years ago now. I regarded him as a friend, a mentor and a gentleman, even though we only managed to catch up on the rarest of occasions. He possessed a fine intellect and was always warm-hearted and generous with both his advice and his hospitality. He will be greatly missed by those who knew him and loved him – it’s always the best of us that seem to be taken early.

  71. David was a great person with compassion and love for the poor and needy. He was a good leader with humility. As the Chair of Commact International he was very close to Commact India. Many will miss him. May his soul rest in Peace. May God continue to bless his family, dear and near ones.

  72. David was a man of professional integrity and personal generosity. I can say this with certainty, because I have known him for 46 years. He was also complex and strong. Thommo had to be many things to many people. To me, like many he was a good friend.

    Thommo worked in the world of Unemployment, often marked by entrenched hopelessness. It takes its toll. To survive you have to be strong and straight, and David was. He also had a nose for a good idea, which took him in many interesting directions, some were into uncharted waters. He was an explorer. For me, when I struggle to sum up Thommo an old saying comes to mind the ‘pioneers get the arrows and to the settlers goes the land’. In many cases, Thommo got the land and took the arrows. He was an explorer with great determination; he achieved much, mostly for other people. This is how I see him today. I will miss my friend.

    To Rose and the boys, my heart goes out to you.

  73. I first met David over 25 years ago when I was a young manager of a small not for profit organisation in rural Far North Queensland. Over the ensuing decades, I came to know David as a complex fellow, having a brilliant mind and a huge heart (especially for those most disadvantaged). David was a colleague, mentor and friend. My life is far richer for having known him. RIP ‘DT’ xo

  74. When asked what Barbara liked most about David, she replied his personality. He made her laugh and there are many records of the enjoyment she had relating to her son -in- law. Everyone was happy when Dave was present or talking on the phone. Barbara was immensely proud of David and will be forever in her heart,

  75. Goodbye Thommo,we had some great times.
    Your legacy will continue to grow amongst those you served and your immortality is your two sons.
    Rest in peace old mate.

  76. I’m not sure I’ve ever met someone so passionate and committed to giving voice, and ‘agency’ to those forgotten. Always generous with his time and advice I will always be grateful for the legacy he leaves behind. Employment services as an industry are both richer and wiser for his presence and long may we aspire to the ideals David lived through his actions.

  77. I had the privilege of working with DT at Jobs Australia for almost 11 years. He was a mentor and a friend who was warm and genuinely interested in the welfare of others. I have embraced his messaging of dignity and fairness for others in my everyday life. Those fighting for social justice and equality have lost a great advocate and he will be surely missed. RIP DT

  78. I was simply devastated when I heard that David had passed away. He was a giant in the community. He may have some pretty bad jokes to tell but I’m not sure he had a bad bone in his body. David gave me the opportunity to work in the world of employability services. It was his life and his passion. I will be forever thankful that I met him and had the pleasure of working with him. Take care David and condolences to your family. He left this earth too soon.

  79. May the good Lord grant David a reward for his great efforts to help the oppressed and marginalised. He was a true friend of Commact India. We pray that his family remain in the goodness of the Lord and in their own way and time carry on the name and ideals of David

  80. David was a great colleague and friend and will be sorely missed. He was ever willing to share his insights and views on what worked in employment services and poverty reduction strategies and helped open many doors for me fostering collaborative research and knowledge exchange between Australia and other countries, especially the UK. His contribution was immense and he will be sorely missed.

  81. Thommo was a man of professional integrity and personal generosity. I can say this with certainty, because I have known him for 46 years. He was also complex and strong. He had to be many things to many people. To me, like many he was a good friend.

    Thommo worked in the world of Unemployment, often marked by entrenched hopelessness. It takes its toll. To survive you have to be strong and straight, and David was. He also had a nose for a good idea, which took him in many interesting directions, some were into uncharted waters. He was an explorer. For me, when I struggle to sum up Thommo an old saying comes to mind the ‘pioneers get the arrows and to the settlers goes the land’. In many cases, Thommo got the land and took the arrows. He was an explorer with great determination; he achieved much, mostly for other people. This is how I see him today. I will miss my friend.

    To Rose and the boys, my heart goes out to you

  82. Conocí a David Thompson cuando integramos juntos el Consejo de Administración de RIPESS. Recuerdo su gentileza y sentido del humor, así como su gran capacidad de aportar propuestas y generar consensos, en un contexto no siempre fácil de diálogo intercultural. Su participación fue un factor importante en la consolidación de esta red. Que su memoria sea motivo de continuar impulsando el avance internacional de las experiencias de economía social solidaria. Mis sinceras condolencias a su familia. Descansa en paz David.

  83. Desde el Movimiento de Economía Social y Solidaria del Ecuador MESSE, hacemos presente nuestro homenaje póstumo a la memoria del Señor David Thompson,activo promotor de otra economía para nuestros pueblos, cuya pérdida queda como ejemplo de trabajo constante para quienes compartimos los sueños de la economía social y solidaria en todos los rincones del planeta.QEPD.

  84. David was a warm and attentive person who made others feel welcomed no matter where they were from or how old they were. He was also good about reminding us about why we were together, engaging in international discussions to develop the social economy. I have no doubt will be remembered fondly in every continent for this leadership and I was sad to hear of his passing. My condoleances to his family from Montréal, Québec.

  85. I met David in Trento in Italy in 2019, during a meeting on Social and Solidarity Economy organized by the International Labour Organization. I had the opportunity to appreciate his passion and energy to meet the challenges of those who are committed to building a better world, with social justice. A great loss for all of us.
    May he rest in peace, from Italy my condolences to the family.
    Roberto Di Meglio

  86. Thommo was an interesting person, whom I first interacted with when promting my JOBMAX software to Jobs Australia. A people’s person, he will be missed by many. Condolences to his family. RIP

  87. David always came with solutions! He was man of integrity. I had chance to work with him while we both wew on RIPESS Board. I remember one beautiful morning in Montreal when we both misjudged the cold sunny morning and we went out! came back with blue faces! you shine over there David! prayers and thoughts!

  88. We will miss David. He was involved since 2004 in our network, the Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of Social Solidarity Economy (RIPESS). We published an Homage to David on September 25.

    He was also a personal friend since our first meeting in Liverpool in September 2004. His engagement for a better world for all was steadfast up to the end. I had the privilege of having a long conversation with David on Thursday evening September 18, just a day or so before he passed away. He was very positive about the future of our organization in which he was playing a leadership role. I will never forget his commitment up to the end.
    We will continue the journey !
    Yvon, his friend from Quebec City in Canada

  89. David was great person. We mate frist at Liverpool in commact conference…..He supported to commact India a lot and love our chapter.

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