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  1. Although our relationship was far from great there were times where you made me feel safe but also also set me off .I regret not being able to make amends but I hope you rest in Peace and find happiness in the next life. Until we meet again

  2. Lovable man. Big life. Goodbye Dave. You taught me so much back in the 90s in Turning Point days. Thoughts and strength to you Nain and the family. Nadine

  3. What a beautiful service.
    When he spoke it was full of knowledge or purpose. He definitely made you feel grounded and had a calming presence about him.
    I will miss seeing your face around the Yarra Centre Dave.
    Much love to you Nain.

  4. “We are travelers on a cosmic journey; stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.”
    Love and light
    The Fashionista xxoo

  5. Dearest Dave,
    Words cannot express how deeply the loss of you is felt.
    You have not only touched so many lives but you have saved so many lives.
    I am blessed and honoured to have known you and to have felt your love, support and kindness.
    RIP Dave.

  6. Dave
    You were a true Soul Warrior.
    Your gift was easing suffering.
    Is there a cause more noble?

    Your lifestyle choice was to heal.
    Not through your hands.
    But through your heart ❤️
    Now you can dance
    On that podium in the sky.
    Sit with Gurrumul
    And reflect on a life
    That truly mattered…

  7. A true rarity of a man. Unlike anyone I’ve ever encountered. I, and many others, attributed a kind of mystical, otherworldly ability to him from which he could see deep inside someone and offer prophetic wisdom to them. I owe my program, my graduation and my continued sobriety to Dave’s just ways and his faith in me. All of my love and condolences to Nain, who was, and visibly still is, an amazingly beautiful and caring lady, and also to Dave’s family. Thank you all for the opportunity to witness the sending off of a giant among men.

  8. Will miss having a coffee and a chat with you, every time I smell fruit toast I will think of you , sleep peacefully Dave

  9. Thank you for inviting me and sharing this beautiful service. It was wonderful to learn more about Dave, his essence and his life. I screamed with delight when I saw the hammer and sickle.

    Dave helped me create a sense of dignity when I had none and a sense of true belonging for the first time.

    Rest in peace, Dave
    Love, Jo

  10. Dave
    I feel I am richer for knowing you Dave T, i believe you will live on in the hearts of many who were friends, or clients you honoured everyone you spoke to..
    For the next phase of where ever you are travelling to, know that your were love by so many.
    Biggest condolance to Nain, family, friends
    kathryne TL

  11. David, what an honor to be present at the celebration and for the departure of your life in this form. It is so clear that you have been an extraordinary human, who chose to fulfill their purpose and give life such great meaning in servicing others in such significant ways. Such wonderful words everyone spoke of you with so much love and respect. Each of us can only wish for the same at our passing. To David’s family and loved one’s, I send my heart in support as you grieve his loss from your lives. To Nain, you beautiful woman with the giant heart, what an incredible relationship you created together, how blessed you were to have found each other. I am wrapping my arms and heart around you for as long as you need it. Stay in love, until we meet again. Melanie

  12. REPLY
    Elaine says:
    Gone to soon !!
    A truly Extraordinary Tribute to a Truly Extraordinary Man !!
    Words are not enough…..
    Condolences from my heart to yours….Nain and Family
    God Speed Rest In Peace
    All my Love Elaine & Evanna

  13. My life is so much brighter for you and your pink. You role modelled everything I hope to be and stand for. I will hold onto our memories, you once said it was a pleasure to walk along with me thank you for everything Dave. Rest peacefully xx
    To Nain and family condolences sending much love xx

  14. Dave – you inspired me to own and value my voice, you encouraged my creative self … your joyful and loving heart, your wisdom and honesty was a beacon througout my recovery. I will think of you when spring unfolds, when I am in my garden … how blessed we all are to have known you. Condolences to Dave’s family and friends. Love always xo

  15. A lovely service with touching words spoken by those closest to Dave. We feel blessed to of been a part of such a meaningful send off and celebration of his inspirational life. As i was blessed to be a part of his life. Our hearts are still with you all in this time of grieving. Rest in peace.
    Paul and family

  16. Dave
    Words cannot express the huge impact you had on mine and others lives you have helped me become the person father son I was always suppose to be you my friend will be missed but never forgotten

    Nain my deepest condolences with you and Dave’s daughters and extended family love from me and my whole family

  17. Condolences to Nain, both families and to everyone who has known, been touched by and loved Dave. A beautiful service to honor a courageous man who found and followed his life purpose.

    I learnt so much about him…..didn’t realise how much you adored gardening mate and in this we are connected. Thankyou for the help given in mine many years ago.

    It is clear Dave is much loved and respected and has deeply touched the lives of many. May you rest in peace.

    Julie Wouters

  18. My deepest condolences to family and friends. Dave T was not only a great man but a great teacher. With the utmost of respect, Harlin Martin

  19. Dave, you were everything Peter Bucci wanted for the TC. You touched many people deeply with your love, humour, wisdom and care. You live on in those you touched and those who love you.
    Nain thank you for sharing Dave’s funeral with us. To Nain and families Thornton and Philp my deepest condolences for your pain at this time. I know Dave will forever be with you.

    Goodbye Dave and thank you, with love

    Noemi xoxox

  20. Dave, I am so lucky to have had the honour of knowing your heart, courage and presence.
    You have left an imprint on the souls of all you have touched. I will carry the gifts of our time together in my heart always.

    Dearest Nain, there really are no words adequate to express, only huge feelings.
    Sending you so much love xox Sarah

    Two things to share with you both, a poem, and song for Dave
    I Go Among Trees by Wendell Berry (
    Take Your Wings and Fly – by Gone Gone Beyond

  21. Dave- you were such an amazing special man and showed me tough love at the farm. Thankyou for providing me with a safe space to find myself again and giving me hard truths about myself. You will be missed. May you now rest in peace.
    Lots of Love Sarah K x

    1. Dear Davo, you will be sadly missed. Thank you for being the cool dad, taking your daughter Caitlyn and I to our many concerts, the fun sleepovers, greasy Joe’s for burgers, st Kilda and Ackland St walks, moomba and introductory to cool music. I have many fond memories with you and your love for music really resignated with us and developed our own passion for grunge and rock music. My favourite memory of you is coming home after our concert and you were sitting in the lounge room wearing only jocks and the largest pair of head phones, head banging to techno. You were always so cool and chilled, and a weekend away with you was a taste of the real world. Thanks for the memories. I am so sad for my dear friend Caitlyn who will miss you so very much, and also for her beautiful sister and of course tour granddaughter Luna. You were a wonderful man who overcome so many challenges in life. Thanks for keeping it real. Lots of love Rebecca

  22. I watched so many people come into the TC saying ‘I’ve got issues with my dad’ or ‘I’ve got issues with authority’ then go to water with Dave. He did more with table tennis than all the therapeutic groups combined. Dave was the strong, consistent, loving, soft AND tough new dad that nobody knew they needed. Thanks for the honour of working alongside you Dave. To Nain and Dave’s lovely brave daughters- thank you for sharing him. I am truly sorry for your loss.

  23. Thank you ,Dave for all the years of Windana, you stood by me has a work colleauge and friend. Dave,you understood more about the work I was doing out in the gardens then anyone else ever did. I know I am a better person for having known you and I have today learnt so much more about you that confirms what I always knew, that you lived your life in the strength and courage of your convictions and that is an amazing acheivement among so many others.. Condolences to Nain ,family and friends. Love Wendy Bell

  24. Beautiful reflections for a Beautiful man.
    Daves strength was evident in all who spoke.

    Forever Grateful.
    Truly blessed.

  25. Such a moving tribute to an amazing man. Beautiful words that depicted Dave perfectly, my heart felt condolences to Nain and the rest of Dave’s family. Dave touched my life and so many others he will live on in my heart and always be remembered as the unique loving honest special person that he was.
    R.I.P Dave it was an honour to have known you. Thank you.
    Love Josie Schiavello xx

  26. Thank you for guiding & providing not just Me, My Family & those around me with such a positive outlook on life. I am forever grateful to you for stepping into my world & properly showing me the ‘What’s Doin’. ☀️❤!

  27. I will always remember you with so much love, I wish that I could have spend more time knowing you more and building beautiful memories, but the times I did spend with you I will always remember. The jokes and banter that you did throw my way when I did see you and I would just laugh. You were a beautiful light that will always shine on in your beautiful Wife Nainy. Fly high Dave and be free, let your soul take you were ever you want it to. Lots of love Paula Marambio- Fuentes

  28. RIP Dave,

    Thank you Nain for sharing today with us as you shared Dave with us over the many years at Windana. A beautiful thoughtful service to remember such a special person. I will never forget him.

    1. Your light shines on ✌‍♂️
      Thank you beautiful man

      I’m happy sad homered and privileged to farewell David with you beautiful Nain and you and Dave’s beautiful family and tribe . Thank you.

      Mostly I was smiling as I bid him farewell …… He has given me so much and truly showed me a way.

      David showed me a dignity and compassion that I don’t recall seeing before ….
      He gave me hope and gave me a safe and caring space in which I felt I belonged ✌
      Safe to ask for help, some love and support from a community that I grew to love back…
      Smiling again

      I will carry your gifts with me in my heart and speak of you often beautiful man.
      Til we meet again

  29. Dear Dave – it was a privilege knowing you . To Family and friends – it was a privilege to be able to join you on-line to celebrate Dave’s life . Thank You . Rest in Peace and Tranquility Dave – indeed an extraordinary human being …

    1. Gone to soon !!
      A truly Extraordinary Tribute to a Truly Extraordinary Man !!
      Words are not enough…..
      Condolences from my heart to yours….Nain and Family
      God Speed Rest In Peace
      All my Love Elaine & Evanna

  30. Dear Nain and all Dave’s Family,
    Dave was a true Legend. I had the honour of working with him at Turning Point back in the 90’s. He has touched many lives and been a role model and inspiration to many. Sending love and support to you all to get through this very sad time.
    Take Care.
    R.I.P. Dave
    Love Sandra

  31. What a great service to send David of. Our thoughts are with Nain, Christine and families. Bruce and Faye Cook and families. Xx

  32. Such a beautiful and moving ceremony. Dave you are my hero who will live on in my heart forever. I will be forever grateful for you saving me. So much love to you Nain and family ❤ Tread softly ❤

  33. Memories of playing around Nan’s in Collingwood David, so long ago. As I watched your service I can honestly say what a loss I feel that you & I didn’t cross paths in later years. You have inspired and helped so many while facing your own challenges, what a truly special person. Condolences to you Christine and to you Nain. May you be at peace David.

  34. I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with Dave, and to have once been part of the same family. My heart and tears are with you, Nainy, and with theThornton and Philp clan. Rest easy Dave xxx

  35. Dave you were a great man thank you for teaching me how 2 like myself then later on loving myself i can honestly call u my friend an i had so much respect for you fly high u beautifull soul an i know u will watch over us all love daniel fisher

  36. What a man. My hero, thanks for all the magic you have woven. I feel it.
    Sending love to Nain and family.

  37. A beautiful celebration for the most amazing man I have a met. Dave T you believed in me when I couldn’t. You trusted me when I couldn’t trust myself and you made me want to dream big for myself. I will forever miss you. And I will never forget you. I will forever keep you in my heart. My love to Nain and your family’s. My dreams will never be far away. Love always and forever Rhiannon xxooxx

  38. Rail, hail or shine, this afternoon, Gracie and I will walk Milners Road. On one side there will be you, encouraging us in your calm soulful way to keep moving forward. On the other side, there will be Mad.

    Memories of the conversation’s had and the friendship you shared with so many, will make us feel blessed to have known you.

  39. Through music and harmonious good vibes will there always be love to share…..
    Thinking of the lives you’ve touched and the love you’ve left behind with the simplicity of trust, truth and respect.
    R.I.P Dave. T.
    Love Elly and Chris

  40. Thankyou for everything Dave. I have no words really… But I know I’m a better human for having crossed paths with you .

    Thankyou Nain.. for allowing us to be part of this service with you . Sending you much Love ♥️

    Dave, you will live on through everything you’ve given of your beautiful self…Thankyou.
    What a gift it was to have shared your light through your work.
    Thankyou for helping me, change my life. ✌️

  41. I had the great honour of working with Dave in the mid 1990s at Turning Point. What a wonderful, strong, passionate and thoughtful man he was. Thanks for all you taught me Dave – you had a big impact on me & you live on in many of us. My deepest condolences to Nain, Ria, Caitlyn and family.

  42. My heart felt condolences to Nain and family on the loss of Dave. The world has lost a great man who I will dearly miss and remember always. Rest in peace now Dave but you will be forever in our thoughts and prayers…xxx

  43. David, Nain, family, friends & colleagues. Thank you for sharing more of David than what is known or assumed. Such love is known & felt. His hope is deep, & the tapestry is rich with colour & texture & just plainly beautiful. Again thank you.

  44. My deepest condolences to Nain and all who love Dave. Thank you for celebrating his life in such a beautiful way.
    Love Kat xx

  45. Dave, You knew me better than I knew myself and helped me learn to love myself. Thankyou for being You.
    Nain and family, you are in my thoughts any prayers.
    Love Craig ❤️

    1. So sad to hear the news that Dave Thornton had passed away he was a legend and he looked after me for years fly high Dave love Meg Ocallaghan love to your wife and daughter’s life just won’t be the same

  46. Thankyou for inviting me to this most beautiful memorial service. Dave, you have a lot of love surrounding you. Nain, I hope you are washed in love and the light of Dave. Xxx

  47. Dave T,
    My thoughts are with your family.
    You will always hold a special place in my heart and I will never forget you.
    I remember before arriving at the TC I was asked by many people & staff at The Drug Withdrawl House asking me this question
    “Have you ever met Dave T,?” I anwsered No, why? So my mind was going crazy , worried & anxious about going to Windana then also meeting Dave T.
    Dave was tough but was also so compassionate. You showed so much empathy towards everyone at the TC. I am so thankful that I got to meet such a special man. You will never be forgotten.

    Love Sarah , Jay & Max

  48. dear Nain, we have been privileged to witness many of the significant experiences you have journeyed through, and yours and Dave’s love has always shone through.
    Please know there are many standing beside you, and remember Love is stronger than Death.
    with deep love,
    Gretta & Jenni Harris

  49. Sleep peacefully Dave.
    You made the world a much better place for so many people, you had a way of making everybody feel their worthiness.
    A massive loss to the AOD sector in Victoria.
    Thoughts are with your family and the Windana community who will never stop missing you.

  50. I met David around 30 years ago at Pleasant View NA meeting. He was a tough looking man with a big heart and a real desire to change his life. I was privileged to witness his journey and his extraordinary gift of helping others particularly his wonderful work at Windana. He was a good man and now he’s gone. RIP Dave.

  51. Condolences to David’s family and friends. It was a pleasure to work with you at Pleasant View, Banyule Community Health and Windana and learn so much from your wisdom and experience. You had such a big heart and that helped so many people. Thank you for being the person you were. May your spirit find a new resting place where you can continue the journey. Lots of love Ross and Oriella

  52. Condolences to Dave’s family. All those Saturday morning workouts at the gym with Madeleine and Dave are very missed. Dave always ready to give a kind word, and ever ready to push through to the next set. Rest in Peace Dave

  53. Dave, you helped create a space where I was able to come, be safe, learn and be comfortable in finding my own path.
    I can’t Thankyou enough for always giving your strength, guidance, love and support to those that needed the most.
    You are so loved and admired Dave and I will hold you always close to my heart.
    Love forever Trav, Charmaine and the kids.
    Also love from the White family & Pezzutto family
    Rest In Peace mate.

  54. Dearest David, what a beautiful human being you were, I feel so very privileged to have known you. Sending love and condolences to Nain and Davids family and friends. Lots of love, the Furby girl xxx

  55. It was an honour to work and learn from you Dave. You are a man of true integrity, compassion and love for the work. You walked the walk and talked the talk. I will forever remember my time spent working with you at Windana. Your legacy will continue in those you’ve impacted. RIP Dave T.

  56. You left this world a better place for all the people you helped over the years. Your love and compassion will never be forgotten. Rest in everlasting peace my friend. Deepest sympathy to Naine, your children, family and friends. Much love from Linda T

  57. Thank you so much Dave, words cannot express the gratitude i have for you, you gave my family their son back and you helped me discover who i am, by loving me at my most unloveable time. Thank you so much Dave.

  58. Davo what a legend you were!!

    Even though it’s been a long time since I had seen you I still have fond memories of you in my teenage hood.
    Caitlyn, Bec and I spending good times with you after a awsome silver chair concert. Thanks for introducing me to the awsome Place of St.Kilda.
    Thanks for letting us stay up late listening to music and letting us have a few cheeky cigarettes.
    You were the coolest dad in our eyes and always had so much good advice and so interesting to talk to.

    My love goes out to your family especially Caitlyn and Ria. Thinking of you both.

    Lots of love Bianca, Simon, Jaggar and Harlow. Xxoo

  59. My condolences to you all. I knew Dave through the Gym at Yarra Junction. His cheery nature, and caring words were always a greeting I looked forward to. I will miss his smiling face, sometimes hidden by lots of shaving cream when giving his face and head a full shave. Rest in Peace Dave.

    1. To a beautiful man I met 15 years ago all so ago who I have had on pedestal ever since only enough room for one Dave Thornton RIP. LOTS of love Leonie King

  60. Dave, you have changed my life & I will always be grateful for the time I spent with you. Being RM at your graduation is a memory that I will always cherish. My sincere condolences Naine for your loss.
    Rest in Peace Dave, forever in my heart. I love you Dave.

    Jim Nicolopoulos

  61. Dave, it was an honour to know you and have the opportunity to learn from you. You gave so much of yourself for the benefit of others so that they may have the chance to grow and fulfil their potential, and eventually soar with you. You’ve left a legacy in those you guided and now they can take up your mantle and continue the work.

    Our hearts go out to Nain at this time, sending love and support your way. Also to Dave’s family, we’re so sorry for your loss.

  62. Thank you Dave for all of your love and kindness. I will miss you. My life wouldn’t be what it is today without your honesty and passion. You helped me become the man I am today. Thank you Nain, for being so selfless in keeping us so informed through this tough time.

    Love Jay

    1. It was an absolute honour to meet you Dave, you were only part of my program for a short time but you definitely showed me how honesty and dedication can be life changing.
      Love to Nain and Dave’s family in this time. Xxxx

  63. You always had such a special space in my heart and that will never change. I will cherish every memory. I can only imagine the amount of love that surrounds you right now.. and i hope you can feel every single bit of it; as the Universe’s way of somehow repaying you for the tonnes of love you gave to so many. I will think of you often my friend. Any source of strength I have will always come from love to all those that loved you.. not goodbye, but see u again some day..xx love Bridie.

  64. Dave,
    you not only helped me regain my life back, but always strived to make us realise just how much potential we had if we focused our minds onto positive change, you filled the void of a positive role model that i needed in my life and i will always cherish the deep discussions we had about my behaviours and the strategies i needed to put in place to grow as a person.

    My deepest condolences for the Thornton family.

  65. My dearest naine. My condolences for your loss of a beautiful man I got to know in my journey of recovery. May he fly so high and be the angel for all of us in the journey of life. He will be forever missed. May God rest him in the beautiful garden of Heroes.The love and kindness is something I forever remember of Dave.
    May Love hold you naine in your time of need.
    RiP Dave

  66. i met David when i attended windana in 2014. during my program at the 7 month mark whilst at Mentone i lapsed and Dave allowed me too come back too the farm and start the program again. Dave told me too not be too critical of my failure and get back on the horse and make sure i completed and graduate which i was able too do with the support of my peers the windana family and most importantly dave himself. dave taught me too beleive in myself and always strive too be the best i can be and because of his care love and wisdom im still clean today. Thankyou Dave Thorton my life is much better today because of the faith you showed in me which allowed me too once again beleive in myself. i love you Dave for all the love and support you gave me. May you rest in peice my heart is broken too hear this sad news. Craig Jennion

  67. David was a true gentleman, always happy and full of life and lovely to chat to. David was full of wisdom. We will miss David at Yarra Centre. My sincere condolences to Davids family. He will always be in our memories

  68. As David’s colleague and friend, I have so many wonderful Windana memories.
    The love and commitment for our Windana people was what drove him.
    I certainly wish to pass on my condolences to Nain and to Dave’s family and friends. I will miss him and so will all those who worked with him as well as those for whom he worked so hard.
    Many people owe a huge part of their recovery to his passion, love and commitment

    1. Dave,
      Thank you for being there during my time at the TC, I will always remember you and your words of wisdom, rest peacefully Dave, my condolences to Nain and family.

  69. Thank you for helping remember Dave and celebrating his life. Such a great man that helped so many, will be truly missed and all ways remembered.
    Condolences to his family an all friends .
    At peace now Mr T
    R.I.P. Dave T

    Love Dave R .

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