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  1. Thank you for allowing us to be part of such a spiritual service and heartfelt tribute to Daymon. Memories over many years at Happy Hour at the Beacon. Our loving thoughts to William. Elise, Pat, Ellie and all the family. Gone to soon.

  2. Although I only met Daemon a few times at Catherine’s here in Frankfurt, I have very good memories of a cheerful, lovely young man. I am deeply saddened by your loss and wish you strength. May Daemon be in good hands.
    Love, Marietta

  3. I was lucky enough to attend the actual memorial service at St. Andrew’s Church, Brighton Grammar School. A beautiful tribute for a beautiful soul. Some fabulous photos, wonderful memories. I found Ellie’s eulogy very touching to his life and the person that he was. I only met Daymon a few times: when he worked several days at the same school as myself and his mum, Elise, and at his parents’ house – he was usually on his way out with a daypack, smiling! But he always struck me as being kind, gentle, thoughtful, welcoming and generous – like his parents. Over the years, I have enjoyed hearing about his adventurous travels, funny antics and various performances. May he continue to sing, joke with and direct the spirits in the sky, his new stage.
    All my love to Elise, William and the whole family,
    From Julie, Dave and Zoe XXx

  4. Thank you so much for allowing us to share in such a beautiful memorial. I hope it went some way to easing your terrible loss.

  5. Dear Pat,
    Love to all your family….so sad to lose such a special person… he remains in your hearts always , and in your warm memories. A lovely tribute.

  6. A wonderful tribute for an intelligent, compassionate man. He was a beautiful sole. A great hole will be left. My thoughts are with you always.

  7. A beautiful and heartfelt service. My heart is with you all. Daymon was a great friend of mine for many years. He was always full of joy and happiness, was like a sunshine to those around him. I am sending my love and positive thoughts to you, William, Elyse, Pat and of course, Ellie. Daymon will be greatly missed and he will be remembered in the most wonderful of ways.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this, Elise and William. Daymon sounds like he was such a truly special person, and the service honoured him beautifully. Sending love and healing to you all, always. Arwen

  9. Thankyou for sharing Daymon’s memorial service with others. Such lovely words from his friend, William and Elise. Daymon was handsome and talented, and the photos, along with the music, were moving, showing a kind young man who loved life, his family and friends.

  10. Thank you for this lovely service. Deepest condolences to Daymons family and friends, he will be sorely missed at work.

  11. Daymon was a great mate and i will forever miss him. He had a very infectious laugh and his positive outlook on life is something truly remarkable.

    My thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.

  12. Thank you for sharing this beautiful service, your collective strength is inspiring.

    It has been such an honour to get to know and work with Daymon over the years. I was especially lucky this year, being in the same corona team together. The best team, team 4! I loved his laugh, his casual stroll, his tea making singing sessions in the kitchen, his daily reminder that the boeing 737 Max was prohibited in Australian airspace, his updates on bird action, our love of animals, our joint passion for a good meme, a good or bad or actually any coffee, tacos, sangria /margaritas, our sometimes fiery work specific debates, our wikipedia spiral searches and our dreams of future travel.

    I will always remember the time he let me bleach his fringe and turn him into a 90’s icon. His hair was so dark, darker than I anticipated! Even though we ran out of toner, I honestly loved that look! We discussed the secret reprisal of the look, post NT quarantine, but he couldn’t find any bleach during lockdown. It makes me laugh thinking of Daymon bleaching his hair in quarantine and how hilarious that outcome would have been.

    When I moved to Germany, just as he started his career break, we exchange many messages about our timing. We planned to drink apple wine in Frankfurt, beers in Karlsruhe and cocktails on the beach in Spain. His constant messages of encouragement, love of my cat and updates on his next adventure, helped me get through my frantic relocation to Germany, more than he will ever know.

    I miss you so much. I will not forget you. Until we meet again.
    Love Jo

  13. This was a fitting service for a young man with enthusiasm for life. Even for people like us who did not really know Daymon, it was a moving memorial service.

  14. I send my love and best wishes to William, Elise, Daniel, Tara and family. Thank you for allowing us to share in the service celebrating Daymon’s life. I remember well him singing in the St Andrew’s choir alongside his father William for many years.
    I hold you in my prayers.
    Philippa McKenna

  15. Sending love from Adelaide. It was lovely to see Daymon at Dan’s wedding a few years ago. There were some lovely photos of Daymon as a youngster, while the boys were still at Caulfield South PS. I remember his lovely smile and easy manner, and the holidays in the caravan when Dan came to join you at Pt Lonsdale. Daymon will be remembered with love.
    Nicky Baker, Dan Crawshaw’s Mum.

  16. I didn’t know Daymon, but have been a golfing buddy of Pats for many years.
    My thoughts and prayers are with all the family. What a wonderful service. May Daymon’s spirit be with you all forever.

  17. Dear family and friends of Daymon,
    Thank you so much for such a beautiful and thoughtful service. I’m writing from my home in Darwin where I tuned in today.
    It was really special to hear such intimate memories and reflections about Daymon and the wonderful life he has lived.
    I was lucky to intersect with Daymon during our couple of years working at Grill’d Elsternwick, where we became friends. I always so looked forward to working with him and hanging out in non-work times. As so many people have said; he brought such a happy energy to every room he walked into. He was genuinely a joy to be around.

    Now living in Darwin it has been surreal seeing his face in the news. I will always think of him when I am in Katherine. It was comforting to hear about the Jawoyn elders’ smoking ceremony and that this was able to make Daymon’s parents feel at home it what must have felt like a foreign and difficult landscape.

    Thank you once again. If ever the family are coming through Darwin in the future and feel like a dinner, a walk, or just someone to talk to who knew Daymon, I would be more than happy to make contact.

  18. Dear Elise & William,
    I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m a friend of Tara’s and didn’t know Daymon well at all, but he was clearly a wonderful person, and the service was a touching tribute to his memory.
    My thoughts and love are with you and the rest of your family during this difficult time.

  19. It was a beautiful service. Thank you for sharing Daymon’s special moments with us. What a kind and talented person. Sending William, Elise, Daniel, Tara and all the family our love.

  20. Daymon lives on in my heart by the impression he made – as a toddler when I first met him, occasionally baby-sitting him and Daniel, his quiet but clearly thoughtful shyness, later as young man when I returned to Melbourne in 2006. I remember his devotion to his kitten, and his care of my cat when I needed to be away. I remember his quiet intelligence, that a conversation with Daymon was always engaging, as he was. My heart goes out to William and Elise, Daniel and Tara, Pat and the rest of the family in this time of sadness. I grieve with you, and it is right to grieve – it is a reflection of how much he is missed, and that in turn is a reflection of how much he gave to those lucky human beings whose lives he was a part of, in big and small ways. I learned many things from Daymon during his life, small things perhaps, but nonetheless memorable. And I will never forget his stage performances! He was a fine actor, which requires the kind of depth of feeling that we have all born witness to today. In loving memory of you Daymon – may your spirit soar!

  21. On behalf of the Chime Choir, I wanted to pass on our condolences for the loss of Daymon.
    Many of us have fond memories of both Daymon & William performing with us at Crown and other events.
    May his spirit continue singing for eternity.

  22. A beautiful tribute… Warmest thoughts, love and peace to Daymon’s family during this most difficult time.

  23. Dear Will and Elise,
    So many of us have been with you in the past weeks in spirit but have been unable to reach you. Our love and thoughts are with you and your family in this incredible sad time. I speak for Julie, Andrew and Alan Chong, Anthea Feakes, Rhys Buchhorn and Mitchell Johnson. Damon was such a sweet gentle boy and you can be so proud of him. We are privileged to have known him and sung with him,

    With love

    Carolyn Johnson

  24. A lovely service, Daymon will be dearly missed by all his friends and family. I got to spend more time this year talking to him than I have in many of the previous and I will hold that in my heart.
    Much love,

  25. My deepest condolences to Daymon’s family and friends.

    I will miss you my friend, my neighbour and fellow choirster. May your spirit forever be free.


  26. Sweet, silly, kind, and fun. These are my memories of Daymon.
    He is sorely missed, by myself and the rest of MUCS. Our memories of his warmth and carefree nature bring us comfort. I hope that you find comfort in your wonderful memories of him too. Thank you for today’s service.

  27. Work will never be the same without Daymon’s welcoming fist-bumps and bright shirts. Thankyou for streaming this beautiful service.

  28. Dear William, Elise and Pat, Our deepest condolences to you and all the family. The service was very moving.

  29. Great service & tributes,love to all family & his friends, from Latifee, nick & Melky family Adelaide,god bless all

  30. Our deepest condolences to all of Daymon’s family and friends. He was such a lovely young man. Thank you for sharing the memorial service. Love and hugs. Mary and Russ.

  31. My condolences to all Daymon’s family and friends. Was my pleasure to sing alongside him at Melb Uni Choral Society for several years. He was a friend to all in the choir.

  32. Words cannot express the absolute devastation and sorrow that Daymon’s passing has had on all of us. He was, and always will be, a shining example of what it means to be a good person. He was kind, compassionate, funny, loving, and above all else a genuine person who spread happiness wherever he went.
    I sincerely wish the best for Daymon’s family. Please know that Daymon’s influence on those around him will never be forgotten, and that he has made a lasting and overwhelmingly positive effect on all of us.

    Thank you Daymon, I can’t my life without you having been in it.
    Love always,

    Chris x

  33. Thank you so much to Daymon’s family for streaming the service. I know there are so many of us who are grateful for the opportunity to join you in memorialising Daymon’s beautiful spirit. He was a treasure to all of us in his choral pursuits, and I am so glad to have known him.

  34. My condolences for your great loss. Thank you for sharing this beautiful service. I am touched and inspired by your words of gratitude, hope, faith and your request for us all to send him with love on his onward journey, amidst the immense sorrow you feel.
    May God continue to bring you and all who loved Daymon, comfort and peace. I join you in sending light and love to Daymon.
    Love and prayers, Ruth Cooper

  35. It will be a sad day for all of us, but specially for you, his parents… we will send light to him and be grateful that we learned to know such a nice man. We think he fulfilled his dreams with all that travelling and he was happy when he could do it.
    Love from Kerstin and Paul <3

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