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11 comments on “Denis Horan”

  1. From Jessie in Alaska;

    So sorry to hear, Pauline reminded me of my aunt Ruth, such a nice family , please tell them I am thinking of them ……

  2. The banter between Uncle Denis and his sister (my Mum) Pat was always interesting and somewhat alarming. Particularly his insistence that Mum tried to drown him once. I don’t know if that’s true, but Mum did confess to me that she was once swinging him around by his ankles and his head collided with something solid – a garden tap I think.
    Maybe that was what the problem was 🙂
    But he and Anne have never faltered in their keeping contact with Pat, especially during these past years while she has been in a nursing home.
    I’m heartbroken that Uncle Denis is gone. He was so kind and accepting of me always.
    I remember him coming down from the bank to the botanical gardens to have a quick lunch when we had met up there with the family when we were all young. I remember his funny laugh and awful jokes. I remember all those birthday and Xmas gatherings. I remember that my dad Eric liked Denis a lot. I remember going to Auntie Mary’s memorial service with Uncle Denis and we talked a lot that day about Pauline. I remember Denis and Anne’s wedding. There are too many memories to list.
    Godspeed Uncle Denis, I will never forget you and all the fun.
    your niece,

  3. Proper job, thank you.
    Previous email may not have come through, so memories of Denis at Springwood, handing out the new decimal currency and mucking around in boat at Riverwood.
    I miss him


  4. 3 specific memories of Denis …..first going to see him at Springwood, i remember it being an adventure always , the mountains still remind me of him.
    …….and the 2nd , when he worked for the reserve bank, in my mind he was responsible for the hauling of millions of dollars around rural NSW when we changed to decimal currency. They were loading a plane and there was huge anxiety when a truck nearly nudged the cargo bay, which would have resulted in the plane being unloaded and loaded again for balance. I think he averted that ! ………
    and of course mucking around in the boat at grandmas 🙂 he was kind of like an intermittent big brother.

    i shall miss him

  5. Wonderful service. Good job all. Thank you. Love how he threatened to leave if it went too long!! Typical Denis. Always ready with a wise crack and up for a laugh. Rest in peace Uncle Denis. Love and Peace to all.

    Ray, Ben and Jak

  6. what a lovely service thankyou so much for making it possible to be there.Our thoughts and love are with you all.
    John and Kathy Clarke

  7. Dear Horan Family

    It will be the only time in my career that a passenger from another ship tells me to “move my boat”! Only Denis could have done it. I’m glad he was able to voyage with us.
    Fair wind Denis, you will be missed.

    Love to you all

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