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28 comments on “Dennis Ingemann”

  1. Belated condolences to Dennis’s family and thank you for such a wonderful service. Like so many people Dennis had a significant influence on my life. I met him while attending the Sheffield town planning course and he subsequently put me in touch with a consultant in Melbourne. That was the start of my life in Australia and that of my children who have all thrived here. They have often remarked how glad they are that I made the move here. We have many fond memories and will miss him.

  2. How many planes, trains, trams, buses, and cars?
    Over how many thousands of miles?
    To just ‘be’ with a lifetime of family and loyal friends
    A man truly worldly
    Empathetic, compassionate, kind
    Organised, in touch, political, funny
    A diligent researcher and teacher
    Adventurous and courageous
    A survivor of many tales
    He taught me so much
    Friends for just a short 48 years

    Loved by his family
    And his family of friends
    Now on his next journey into the unknown

    My last trip with Dennis?
    To Aldi

    May there be an iphone waiting for you wherever you may go
    Much love

  3. Dennis was such a lovely person and I have very fond memories of spending time in his home as a child while Lucy and I attended school together. That rice pudding at Christmas was incredible! My deepest condolences and much love to Lucy, Jim and Jenny.

  4. What a wonderful celebration of Dennis’s quite amazing life. He was such a gentle, kind and warm friend and we will miss him very much indeed. Best smile ever. Our love and thoughts are with you all, and well done for doing him proud in such a great send off.

  5. I have known Dennis since High School in the UK. We were close friends for life despite living on different continents had many adventures , especially visits to Clarksdale Mississippi to enjoy the roots of the Blues. Dennis was a true gentleman, intellectual , loving and kind. He will be greatly missed .

  6. Dennis – such a lovely, kind and gentle person. Dennis possessed an astoundingly broad knowledge, varied passions and a great sense of humour. He was a devoted and wonderful father and loyal friend. We will always remember him fondly and thank Lucy, Jim and Jenny for their loving care of Dennis and for an informative and heartfelt tribute.

  7. Very sorry to hear of the loss of Dennis. Best wishes to family and in particular my friend Jim.

    Sean Stephens

  8. Dennis was a kind man and obviously a very loving father/grandfather. He was a wonderful cook as well and he made the most delicious rice pudding. I was always so hopeful to find a whole almond in my serve. Sending my deepest condolences and best wishes to Jenny, Lucy and Jim.

  9. Dennis – such a lovely, kind and gentle person. Dennis possessed an astoundingly broad knowledge, varied passions and a great sense of humour. He was a devoted and wonderful father and loyal friend. We will always remember him fondly and thank Lucy, Jim and Jenny for their loving care of Dennis and for an informative and moving tribute.

  10. A very touching celebration of Dennis’ interesting and well lived life.
    The speeches were very moving and informative of his long and varied career since we were at school together in Kingswinford.
    He will be missed by all, condolences to the family.

  11. Dearest Jim and Lucy and the entire family. What an absolute beautiful ceremony remembering Dennis. I am so glad I could call him a friend. Rest in peace dear Dennis.

    Your friend, Eva

  12. What a wonderful life lived to the full. Dennis created opportunities all the time wherever he was. They were opportunities for him to work and live a rich life experience but also to make opportunities for vast numbers of other people. My practical experience with him was working on self-build and group self-build during his time with the Ministry of Housing. Not so long ago Dennis and I had lunch with Eugene Kneebone, Dennis’s boss in the Ministry. I commented that the programme that they developed and operated had probably transformed the life of so many families. I suggested at least a thousand. That proved to be wrong. It was a couple of thousand at lest. As we saw at the time, the programme where Dennis was the moving spirit not only produced all those buildings but it also transformed and greatly enhanced the lives and opportunities of every member of these families. And that was but one of is endeavours.

    Dennis connected directly and in a supportive way with people from all walks of life and from all over the world. He leaves a great legacy – and example.

    Dennis loved nothing more than to meet with old friends over a meal. If someone was in town that was the excuse. And while we all ate well it was ideas and discussion that were at the heart of the event. He and the events that he created will be greatly missed.

    Allan Rodger

  13. Dennis – such a lovely, kind and gentle person. He possessed astoundingly broad knowledge, varied passions and a great sense of humour. He was a devoted and loving father and a loyal friend. We will always remember Dennis fondly and thank Lucy, Jim and Jenny for their care during his illness and for an informative and moving tribute.

  14. What a beautiful celebration of such a wonderful gorgeous man.
    I feel really proud to be your friend.
    Olivia Darby

  15. Dear Jim and Lucy.

    What an absolute beautiful ceremony you hosted in memory of Dennis. He was so proud of you, and I can see clearly why. Jim, there’s so much of your father in your voice and appearance, that its unbelievable. I am very glad that I got to meet your dad Jim and Lucy, and call him a friend. We worked together over about two years getting his Danish birthright restored, and I can truthfully say, I have never worked with a more dedicated, hardworking and persistent person. He tackled the challenges dead on and was so impressive all along. I was most happy when he got his Danish passport, but the best was getting to meet him in NYC, where we enjoyed a good Danish lunch. Rest in peace, wherever your soul is now dear Dennis now, and enjoy the “Hopper” that’s definitely there with you.

    I will miss you dearly.

    My loving thoughts and condolences to Lucy, Jim and Jenny on the loss of your Dennis.

    Eva Jorgensen

  16. Lovely ceremony, Ingemann Family. JIm and Lucy, you are champs. We hope to see you either here in San Francisco or in Mt. Macedon one day soon. Your Dad was a great friend.

    Henrietta added a wonderful spirit.

  17. What a beautiful and heartfelt send off, perfectly fit for a man so full of heart. My deepest love and sympathy to you all.

  18. A wonderful service. Thank you to the speakers, they gave wonderful tributes and stories. Loved the music too. Ah yes, that smile and that wit – indelible.

  19. Professor Allan Rodger of Melbourne University was my PhD supervisor. We went to see Dennis at his Ministry of Housing office at 250 Elizabeth Street in 1987. I was a fresh architectural graduate from Deakin University in Geelong doing a doctorate in Self Help Housing. Dennis was the manager of the Special Housing Branch. He pulled out an application form from his drawer and asked me to fill it in. I was appointed as a consultant that very day.

    We went on to develop his brainchild the Group Self Build housing scheme for Victoria which has since provided housing to thousands. He loved asian food and people of all races. We ate often at the legendary Peony Garden chinese restaurant. Best value chinese food in Melb city. We had great times all over Victoria and later ventured over to Uruguay and a short trip over to Brasil.

    I returned to Malaysia in 1992. We continued to be the best of friends. We met often and always had good meals.

    He was always sharp, smart, witty and very good at winning contracts. I learnt a lot of these skills from him. But he was and will always be the champion in this area.

    Dennis. Will miss you greatly. Very sorry that my family and I could not be there to see you off.

    Cheers mate and catch up again soon

  20. I remember visiting my sister, Terry, in Sheffield in 1971. I took a dorm to take a jet-lag nap. And when I woke up, I saw Dennis sitting on chair staring at me with a grin. “I knew it,” he said. “I knew what a California guy looks like. You must surf”. “No” I said.” I can hardly swim.”

  21. Dennis was one of the most expert Australian developers of overseas project bids. He was one of the key people at the Overseas Projects Corporation of Australia then at RMIT International. He was thoroughly professional and knew exactly how to frame and pitch a bid. His interest in Asia helped motivate his professionalism. Dennis then taught in the International Urban and Environment program at RMIT and provided an expertise that benefited students greatly before going on to other consulting work. He was a wonderful companion, witty, interested in others and unassuming but always ready with a telling comment when needed. He will be missed.

  22. Dennis was very important to us. Certainly I would not have come to Australia without his enthusiasm and love of the place. It was always an inspiration to catch up with him on many occasions over the years – firstly in Sheffield and then in Melbourne and Mount Macedon. He will be very much missed.
    Our deepest condolences to Jenny, James, Lucy and family.
    Sorry we were unable to attend his funeral.

  23. Condolences to Dennis’s family. I’ve known and worked with Dennis for many years through EAROPH. He was our longest serving member and will be sorely missed.

  24. I had the pleasure of working with Dennis during his time at World Vision Australia. A man of many talents. I was fortunate enough to catch up with him and our coworker, Chye Teoh, in the city a number of years ago at the Dumpling House, one of his favourites.
    My sympathy and best wishes are extended to James and his family.
    Jo Brown

  25. Dennis was a good friend and Marisa and I will miss him greatly. During the time we lived in Australia, we shared many meals in restaurants and pubs and other good times. And of course, we worked together on consultancies in China and the Philippines. We very much enjoyed his periodic visits to the United Kingdom. He has been a part of our lives. How sad…

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