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36 comments on “Dennis Rathbone”

  1. Was lovely and i had some nice giggles through that with the Apollo Bay stories that took me on a trip down memory lane.
    I miss you all so so much and it’s at times like this that exaggerate this feeling for me xxx

  2. To Dear David our sincerest and deepest sympathies at the loss of your dear father Dennis
    Who you cared for daily during his illness for the last few years until his death.
    Thank you also for the beautiful music I am sure Denis would have loved it.
    Your dear son Apollo was a sight to behold

  3. An amazing man and farmer who loved his family. We were privileged to share his love for Anita.
    Love and condolences to all the family.

  4. Pity we all couldn’t be there to farewell Uncle Dennis. There in spirit. Please give our love to Aunty Sadi. Ann, Bruce and family.

  5. Our deep sympathy to Sadie, Doug, Ann, and extended family. A wonderful life fully lived.

  6. A wonderful service for a fine gentleman, so pleased we could attend.
    Angelika your singing was beautiful and a great tribute
    Apollo you were a very brave young man
    Our deepest sympathy to Sadie and all the family

  7. Sending all our love and prayers. What a wonderful and full life and we enjoyed hearing his history and story. All our love to the extended family. Apollo did a great job too xx all our love
    Steven, Maryk, Helena and Becca xx

  8. So pleased we were able to attend the funeral of Dennis such a fine gentleman
    It was a wonderful service especially enjoyed Angelika’s singing.
    Well done Apollo you are a very courageous young man

  9. So pleased that we could all still be part of celebrating Uncle Dennis’ life at this difficult time. It’s good to know that the Rathbone legacy of warm kidneys through tucked in singlets is a tradition that is being passed on! Dad constantly reminded us of the same thing – almost word for word…sending love to Aunty Sadie and everyone

  10. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share in the celebration of this wonderful, faith filled, family man.

    Beautiful to hear from Doug and Graeme – we never knew Mum worked there! “Granite hands”, such a beautiful and apt description Justin. Thank you for the beautiful singing too David and Angelica.

    Clearly singlets were a family issue. We often quote Dad when someone is cold :”Have you got a singlet on Pal?” and “Tuck your singlet in Pal” 🙂

    Love to Auntie Sadie and all the family xxxx

    Janene and Frank

  11. Beautiful service, would have loved to have shared it with you. So many fond memories of a great man Uncle Dennis. Thank you to Doug and Ann and all concerned for making this available to us.

  12. Sending our love to all the family. The service was a lovely tribute to Uncle Dennis.
    Love Lyn, Trevor, Elodie, Marnie

  13. A lovely service for a great gentleman. My family’s thoughts are with you all. I am so sorry for your loss but a a great tribute to a full well lived life. A truly brave young boy who attended this morning. Take care of yourselves please. Bernard

  14. A truly beautiful service to celebrate Gramps amazing life. Lots of love to all the Rathbone family. Richard & Lesley

  15. Dear Doug and family. A lovely service for a great gentleman. My family’s thoughts are with you. That was a truly brave young boy who attended today. I am so sorry for you all but it was a great tribute to a full life.
    Bernard O’Meara

  16. Mary Mc
    what a fitting service for an incredible gentleman – who gave so much love to his family and all who
    came in contact with him
    Rest in peace Gramps and say Hi to Matt for me

  17. Such a touching tribute to celebrate the life of Dennis and his devotion to Sadie and generations of family. Wishing you all happy and loving memories.

  18. Lovely service, felt like we were there. So many wonderful memories of a kind and sincere uncle, we were lucky to have him for so long. Big hugs to all family especially Aunty Sadie xxxxxPS I too am economical with the tea bags, 5 cups from one bag- Uncle Dennis & I often shared a joke about that- we were a cheap shout!

  19. Lovely service and tribute to Uncle Dennis. Lots of cherished memories of a wonderful man who we will all miss. Thinking of you Aunty Sadie and family at this sad time. Much love Elodie xo

  20. Such wonderful memories of a great man, so loved by so many. Love to Sadie and all the family.

  21. Elyse watching from Gramps’ favourite place in the world… Apollo Bay…. and of course, wearing my singlet.

  22. Condolences and deepest sympathies to all. A beautiful service. We will always have found memories of Dennis.

    1. A wonderful tribute to Dennis. A truly beautiful service. Loved the stories. My condolences to all connected to a great man. Someone to aspire too.

    1. A beautiful, simple and touching service, Gramps would have approved! A wonderful father-in-law for so many years, I will always miss his wise counsel, shoulder to cry on, and the love and care he had for every member of his family. Love to Nanna and Gramps always, Sue

  23. So many wonderful memories of Gramps, especially at the farm with his beloved animals & Polaris!! May his Spirit soar across the Otways that he loved so much for all eternity…RIP Gramps & condolences to all the family x

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