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The Parish of Saint George, East Ivanhoe and Chapter House will proudly present an Easter message from Fr. John Sanderson on Good Friday (10 April 2020) commencing at 10am.

Chapter House’s founder Troy Upfield and Fr. John connected in early 2019 and since have formed a great friendship. Chapter House was warmly welcomed from the first encounter “we invite all people of all backgrounds, we welcome anybody and everybody,” Father Sanderson said.

After watching the message online, if you can leave a guest message to let Fr. Sanderson know you have joined into the message, that would be greatly appreciated.

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16 comments on “Easter Message from St George’s Anglican Church”

  1. Easter Greetings to everyone! Hallelujah, He is risen indeed, Hallelujah! How wonderful to have services relayed from St George’s. Thank you indeed to everyone who has made this possible including the changing of the altar frontal and banners to reflect the Church season, as well as the streaming itself. Appreciation also to Roger for continuing to provide his excellent organ voluntaries. Ditto comments about the sunlight streaming through the northern window, very special at this time of year.

  2. Great to see the sunlight streaming in via the north window. That’s a lovely feature of this church’s architecture.

    Unfortunately ditto regarding the sound dropouts.

    1. Many thoughtful and encouraging messages.
      Thank you.

      No problems with the sound or images

  3. A beautiful message, thank you. A powerful reminder of the story from 2000 years ago and linked to the challenges that the world faces today. We are so blessed in Australia with our leadership and health-care, thank you for that reminder. Many blessings to one and all.

  4. Well done John. We watched via website and not Facebook. All good except the sound kept cutting out every so often, presumably network issues.
    Backdrop and focus on the mosaic very effective.

  5. Dear Fr Sanderson
    I do value the opportunity to be able to participate during this Holy Week in this special way under these very unique circumstances.
    Thank you so much for all your care and the effort you have taken in order to arrange all this.
    Best wishes to you and those whom you love for this Easter season

  6. Very enjoyable to see and hear the brief introduction and sermon from the VICAR on Good Friday morning.
    One of my firsts- church on line!

  7. Warmly reinforced the love, strength and purpose God freely brings us.
    Unfortunately interrupted by some “freeze framing”.

  8. Good morning., Fr John. Thank you .

    The sound did drop out for a while a couple of times so I missed some of the address – I’ll listen again when it is posted.

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