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5 comments on “Elaine Croker”

  1. The online service was a credit to all those involved, particularly the eulogies from Elaine’s stepdaughter and niece. They brought back memories we never knew we had. RIP Elaine.

  2. While a sad time, and made harder through these troubled times we live in, I am glad to be able to join you all.

    Thanks for everyone who shared their stories and thanks Auntie Helen for getting this online for us.

    I hope everyone finds solace in cherished memories and in the company of family and friends still with us.

  3. I appreciate this service being available online. While passing is sad, it’s made worse these days by the lack of physical contact that we can have.

    Thoughts for all the family, where ever you are these days.

  4. Thanks for making the service available online. Our thoughts are with you Aunty Elaine! Thanks for all your smooches! May you rest in peace.

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