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Following the service, the footage will be posted and you can watch at a later time if you were unable to watch at the time of the service.

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33 comments on “Elizabeth Chandler”

  1. Thank you so much to the beautiful people who helped our family with this day, I am so grateful.
    Miss you loads auntie Lizzie,

  2. Goodbye Liz. Travel well. Thank you to all her family and friends for this celebration of her spirit.

  3. Thankyou so much for making this precious celebration of Liz’s life, available online Ros and family..,
    May you be comforted by so many who have felt the blessing of Liz in their lives also.., soar high in peace️Liz

  4. Thankyou to Elizabeth’s family for livestreaming this service, and to everyone who shared stories, memories, songs and dance for her.
    I was touched to witness the outpouring of love for Elizabeth. Certainly a full-bodied life that she had whilst here! I heard over and over again of her presence, as well as her spontaneous nomadic nature. I met her deep in her love and grief for the complexities of the world at FRL one year, and really appreciated her company, though yes, sporadic. The last time I recall spending with Elizabeth, was in the line for the loo at the Riverhouse, a few months after her Dad had died. I was able to catch some of her journey of grief for a man whom she loved dearly.
    Go gently everyone xoxo
    Mel Turnbull

  5. Ros I did not have the privilege of knowing Liz but was so sad to read of her passing in the paper. Am sending big hugs at this time and can only imagine the sadness and pain you must be feeling. She sounds a lot like you as a young person (but without the nude swimming I think) and can see how you influenced her. I think of you sometimes and credit you partly with my decision to be a social worker. All strength to you and so glad, but not surprised, that you have so many friends.

    Jan Marshall (nee Hollis)

  6. It was a privilege to share in this deeply moving and beautiful celebration of Liz’s all too short life. What a life she lived and how very much she was loved by her family and friends.
    Farewell Liz xxx

  7. Dear Ros and family, (Fri May 3)

    I was SO grateful to be able to enter into this beautiful service for your amazing and beautiful Elizabeth Rose, dear Liz, whom I never knew ..until today .. hearing so much and yet, I guess so little of ALL that she has been! It seems she packed an incredible lifetime into a shorter space, but my heart grieves for the shock of her leaving you to find your way without her.. and will hold you in the months and years of adjustment to your changed existence. My gratitude to the Celebrant and each of you who spoke and sang and were present to offer deepest respect, love and Gratitude for Liz’s infectious, deeply human and gifted life. Peace be with you .. despite the rough seas on the surface..

  8. Thank you to all the family and friends for sharing your beautiful memories of Liz’s life.
    We are so grateful to have been able to stream and view this healing ceremony in England.

    We last saw Liz last July at the indigenous Laura Quinkan Dance Festival in north Qld, where dance troupes from across the Cape York and the Torres Strait gathered to share stories and history through dance uniting as one.
    It was a joyous surprise and a blessing to share that sacred time together.
    Her light and love continues to shine in our hearts.

    Manuela and Robyn

  9. Dear Ros, George & family,
    We’re sending all our love to you ❤️
    It was lovely to be part of your tribute to Liz to celebrate her life and learn a little more about her.
    It was a beautiful service for a beautiful person.
    Our thoughts and hearts are with you, and we send much love to you all.
    Lucy, Darren, Jasper & Daisy X X X

  10. Sending love to Liz’s family & friends our thoughts & warm hugs are with you all.
    What a beautiful celebration of Liz’s life, how fitting that a Golden Sun was shining to greet everyone at the conclusion of the service.

  11. Grateful to witness this beautiful ceremony from afar, with all of you in spirit as I lite a candel and tuned in from home in the west of Ireland.
    So touched by every word spoken and the memories shared. I dont quite have words.
    Sending love and blessings and condolences to all as my heart continues to crack open with Liz’s passing.


  12. It was so good to be able to be with you in spirit Ros. The live streaming enabled me to learn so much about Elizabeth; how amazing she was.. she was part of a very loving family.
    Love from Ursula

  13. Dear Ros, I am so sorry to hear of Liz’s
    Passing…I was in the next door class to Liz
    Four 8 years. She was always friendly and
    Outgoing so it was easy to relate to her..
    Lots of love to you and your family. Bye the way I enjoyed what her sister and brother said about her life..What a wonderful family

  14. Dear Liz’s family, I am so grateful for the live stream which allowed us to connect with you all. I tried so hard to return to my original home in Melbourne to be there for today, to no avail. Lizard came and stayed with Aaliyah and I in Darwin in the end of October last year. From there she brainstormed may plans which took her off to Alice Springs. She took the all the pictures (as always) but we are so grateful for a couple of precious days with her. I have her last voicemail to me saved on my phone, which is of great comfort to us.
    much love,
    Becky, Harmony and Aaliyah xx

  15. Sending much love to you all today and all the difficult days ahead. As a friend of George’s I had the delight of being in Liz’s company from time to time. Always fun, inclusive and greeting you with her beautiful smile. How lucky you all were to have her in your lives. The celebration of her life today was fitting for such an extraordinary person she was. Kim Atkinson

  16. Sending much love to you all today and all the difficult days ahead. How lucky you all are to have had Liz in your lives. Such a beautiful celebration of Liz’s extraordinary life. Much love Kim Atkinson

  17. Dear Ros and family
    So pleased I was able to share this event with you all. Liz’s love of life and her personality shone through and you did her proud. She was so loved, gave so much and embraced life to the full. Hopefully you will find the courage together to adapt to life without her physical presence but strengthened by her spirit which will never leave her family and the people she knew..
    Much love

  18. Proper hugs all round. It was a privilege to witness the sharing of Liz’s love and spirit.
    Gavin Dowsey

  19. Dear Ros and Family,

    Thankyou for sharing this tribute to Liz via video link.
    A very special human being.
    Liz will always be part of the “broader family” created through the school community with shared values, experiences and understanding of a good life
    Always in my heart

    thoughts and love to you all.

    Kim Isaacs (Jenny Armstrong)

  20. Dear Ros, Andrew, Katharine, Georgina and families,
    We have just been privileged to watch Liz’s farewell, a truly beautiful service.
    We are so profoundly sorry for your loss.
    Thinking of you all.
    Paul and Gaye Shillinglaw

  21. What a beautiful service you gave for your beloved Elizabeth. And what a wonderful life.
    The three of us watched it together in Sydney.
    Our hearts are broken for you all, and we are holding you all in our thoughts.

    Much love from Judith, Toby and Sophie Martin

  22. A beautiful service – full of love and inspiration from a roller-coaster of a life’s ride by an adventurous, wise and nature-connected spirit.
    RIP Liz

  23. I’m not sure how to process the loss of a high school classmate. Whilst my last memories of Liz were through high school at Steiner my heart feels for the young and confident and mature woman she was as a teen. One
    I looked up to in admiration. My heart sinks to learn how incredible and abundant and full and exciting and adventurous Liz’ life was. How wonderful the world was for all her work, love and care and one that will be sorely missed. Condolences and love and strength to all that had their lives touched by this beautiful woman.

  24. Dear Georgina and family, please accept my sincere condolences at this time of loss. Sending love
    Barbara Joyce

  25. Sending love to all of Liz’s family, and her wide array of friends.

    Although unable to attend today’s service in person, it was wonderful to witness online the many beautiful pursuits and strong connections of Liz’s life.

    I remember Liz from our days at the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School, and enjoyed seeing and connecting again with her at many events which marked occasions for (my brother) Harry and Tash’s life. She will be missed forever in that group of friends. It was clear from her entertaining stories, how strongly engaged she was with, and how much a part of her life her family were too.

    Keep sharing long hugs in her memory.

  26. Love you Lizbeth!

    Much love to you Ros (Mum), Kath, Georgina and Andrew.

    Blessed Be
    Jenn Jenn

  27. Farewell dear Liz. May you rest in peace. Golden light, you will be with us all forever. Ant Rogan xo

  28. I’m so grateful to have been able to witness this beautiful honouring of Liz’s life from afar. I only recently began to know Liz on a deeper level, what a generous and wondrous treasure! I shed tears for your loss of her audacious loving and physical presence in your lives and for all of us who will miss her along with you..

  29. My love and condolences to friends and family. Apologies for my absence today. From the live stream I was able to witness such love, sadness, bravery, laughter and celebration of a special life.

    For my part, I will always remember Liz’s wisdom and kindness. Along with an inspiring devotion to what she believed.

    Much love

  30. To dear Ros,
    my heart goes out to you and the family, wishing you much love, courage and the support from your dear family and friends.
    Love Eveline
    (Loder & Bayly days)

  31. To Liz’s family
    We were so sorry to hear that Liz had died from our daughter, Lisa Abbott and her partner Piers Klugman, who was a school friend of Liz at the Melbourne Steiner School. We have met Liz a number of times over the years and warmed to her generous, inclusive personality. We last ran into her totally unexepectedly at the Laura Quinkan Dance Festival in North Qld last year where her deep sense of justice, wisdom and respect for First Nations culture shone through at a women’s yarning cirlce I (Janet) participated with her. Sending condolences and love to all for your loss of a very special daugher, sister, loved one.
    Janet Salisbury and Peter Abbott

  32. Dear Ros. so sorry to read in The Age about your daughter’s passing. I did not know her and can only imagine your pain and loss just now. I know you will have family and friends to support you but it must be an incredibly difficult time. i have thought of you quite a bit over the years and what an inspiration you were to me.

    Jan Marshall

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