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62 comments on “Elsa Galbally”

  1. Thankyou for enabling us to remember Elsa. A very moving tribute to a wonderful spirit. Thinking of Greg, and all her brothers and their families, on losing her far too soon.

  2. To all my Galbally male cousins,
    I have just been told and now watched this special tribute to Elsa.
    I am only a few years older in age but Elsa and I caught up sometimes in adult life and much more when Facebook arrived. Whilst she lived in East Brisbane, we caught up, laughed and chatted more than once.
    My condolences to all you, my Galbally cousins and family that she has left behind.
    Rest in peace Cuz.

  3. A lovely & moving tribute/farewell to Elsa.
    So appropriate it was held at Memo in St Kilda.
    One of the last times l bumped into Elsa was at the old Crystal Ballroom when Nico was performing. (It was lovely that Boris played a Nico song).
    Good memories of the times spent with Elsa at her family home in East Ivanhoe during our early teenage/school years.
    Sincere condolences to Greg, Dean & Galbally family.
    Vale Elsa.

  4. Condolences to Greg, Dean and all Elsa’s friends and family. That was a beautiful funeral.
    Dean, my heart was with you, stepping up on that podium faced with the impossible task of summerising a whole life with a few words. You did incredibly well. Very moving and beautifully expressed and so straight from the heart. Hearing your voice took me back to many old memories of days gone from Chaucer St, Wentworth Falls etc.
    RIP Elsa.

  5. To our dear brother/brother in law Greg, Elsa’s family and loved ones, what a beautiful tribute to a very special Elsa. We loved her instantly as did many others, and have such fantasic memories of our times together. (NYE at St Kilda will be the all time favourite!)
    It was so wonderful to watch Greg and Elsa and how much they loved one another, they were so happy together. There were so many things planned and we just wish there was more time for trips between Qld and Melbourne. We will love and remember you always Elsa and know wherever you are you will be having the best time. B and Kel xx

  6. Dearest Elsa <3 fly high lovely! may your next journey be filled with peace, happy adventures and the highest Light and Love. Wishing your precious people sweet peace and comfort <3 (class of 77 at Sacre Coeur)

  7. Thank you for enabling us to feel present at the service for this truly remarkable woman. I have rarely if ever encountered such wonderful tributes to someone and I wish I had been able to get to know her better. Taken too soon from this world and missed so much by so many, larger than life Elsa. Bless.

  8. Thank you Bernard for your incredibly including remarks.
    Perhaps we may yet meet.
    It was a privilege to hear all Elsa’s close people talk about her and her life, of which I know so little. The personal stories often seem to reveal more than an abstract life story.
    A truly good send-off.

  9. What a beautiful service for Elsa! Elsa was a big personality with a big heart and a big brain. I can see that she attracted beautiful people around her and she looked so happy in her last days. I remember her talking about Paul and Bernard a lot. As a classmate at Sacre Coeur I was always a bit scared of Elsa – she was so wild, big and out there. A group of used to hang out at Ingrid’s place in east Ivanhoe and Elsa was always there with all her energy and dangerous-ness, often doing things we shouldn’t have been doing – but that was Elsa – always breaking boundaries. Elsa was one of a kind. Rest In Peace Elsa.

    1. Hi Judy,
      Lovely words – will never forget the school girls soirée’s at Ingrids. Elsa always a lively presence. Hope all’s well in your patch. xxx

  10. Dear Greg, Such a powerful and moving memorial service for Elsa despite the restrictions. The words and music heartfelt and the slideshow so beautifully put together. It was a privilege to be able to view the service and gain more insight into the ‘rich’ life of your much loved and keenly missed partner, Elsa. xx

  11. Lovely, warm, humorous service, so sad I didn’t get to catch up with Elsa for awhile, I feel honored and privileged to have sat with her watching birds, at mine and hers. Xxx

  12. Such wonderful stories and music about a life cut too short but so brilliantly lived. xxxxx

  13. What a lovely send off for Elsa, her stories were fun filled and full of love.
    My loving thoughts to her family and friends.

  14. Such a beautiful Women. Dean and Elsa it has always been such a pleasure spending time with you both, the Star Wars Bar was the most special time in so many peoples lives, I will always cherish the Lifelong Friends that I made there . And Elsa, when I finally ran into you again at the Byron Farmers Market, selling bloody Pineapples. The HUGS you gave me, it was like we had seen each other just yesterday. ! Not the 20 years it had been. Thanks Profusely for the Vexatious Behaviour that we all childishly encouraged in each other. Sway But Never Hurt, ‘f**k we all had so much fun just living life.

  15. Beautiful ; vivacious ; intelligent Elsa .Witty ,strong ,funny and talented .larger than life ; lover of life and all things beautiful.
    The Elsa I knew never suffered fools , and would tilt her head back slightly and give you a good wake up call with just one look .
    A true individual and 1980s St Kilda -Megastar. I remember walking into Elsa and Deans’ house in Chaucer St for the first time , a shy girl from Brisbane ,and was introduced to an amazing woman with a huge Maine of long blonde hair .There she sat unabashed ,at the kitchen table -completely naked as she painted her fingernails and cigarette lighter with sparkly bright fingernail polish. ,she looked up with one eyebrow slightly raised above those strong inquiring eyes “Hello “she said -followed by a beautiful welcoming smile .
    Dear Elsa ,rest in peace lovely soul .xox
    My deepest condolences to her family and loved ones .Thank you for the opportunity to view the service from afar .

  16. I am so sorry that l had to cancel my attendance today. Such a beautiful service for a beautiful lady. So many loving words spoken. My sincere condolences to the Galbally family, Dean & Greg.
    Elsa, l will miss you dearly. XXX ❤️❤️❤️

  17. What a wonderful life. X
    I’m sure she will be remembered for her vivacious forceful beauty and her giving, caring, inquisitive nature and achievements.
    Seems she never changed, and touched many.
    She made her mark. A life well lived.

  18. Thanks for allowing us to share in Elsa’s life and relationships…stories and music preferences was a beautiful insight to how much she loved and how she was loved…in the this light love to you all X

  19. Just to say that my thoughts are with you on the loss of Elsa.
    I spent some great times with Elsa in London about 34 years ago,
    we had a laugh we really did!!
    Lots of love

  20. Thank you Eliza for sharing the link to Elsa’s memorial.
    A beautiful ceremony for a spirited life that touched many.
    R I P Elsa

  21. Condolences to Greg, Bernard & Paul & families; Dean and Friends. Beautiful words & stories today from all. To Elsa’s newly found brothers and sister, may you cherish what time you had.

    Dear Elsa, may you ‘soar like an eagle to the sea, soar like an eagle let your spirit forever run free.’
    Hasta la vista. Margi xx

  22. Dear Greg and Elsa’s family,
    Thank you for giving me a chance to join here via live streaming from Japan. Elsa was a lady with a spirit of love. I instantly caught that when I met Elsa with Greg.
    We met at Bianca and Kelly’s house for Christmas 2018. We went to the beach together and spent only a short time, a few hours, but there were no gaps and we soon became friends. We promised each other that we would meet in Melbourne. Our promise could not come true but you’re in my heart forever.
    I’m praying for Greg and Elsa’s family to get through her passing.

  23. Dear Bernard and Paul, and all the Galbally family. What a beautiful tribute to your sister, Elsa. Our thoughts and prays are with you all at this sad time. With love from one of your many cousins, Cath

  24. For an Aunty I didn’t get the chance to know…
    For my mother who found her lost little sister… a puzzle piece found but then gone.
    For friends and family who lost someone so dear.
    I weep.
    A profound loss.
    A story so immense.
    A beautiful woman gone too soon.

    Sending my love and thanks for the privilege of being present via this livestream farewell For Elsa. Xo

  25. Elsa was a friend from Sacre Coeur. We starred in the Xavier play “Richard III” together (along with Joseph too) in 1975. What fun and mischief we had! Such a vibrant and beautiful person. May she rest in peace xx

  26. So sad not to be there to celebrate Elsa’s life, so varied and so full. Such a beautiful service .
    Elsa leaves an indeliable print on us all.
    Our love and thoughts are with you Greg, and to Mick, Jackie and families.
    She lives on through us all.
    Much love David and Kerin.

  27. Dear Mick and Julie … I’m so glad we were able to be part of the gathering. I almost feel as if I knew Elsa. It was a beautiful good bye.

  28. Darling Elsa, farewell wonderful lady xxx
    I will always treasure our plunges into the tank together. You were the only one I knew who could plunge all year round.
    I will remember your outrageous spirit your valour and incredible grace.
    Karen McMullan and Hunter, Brodie and Jude

  29. Dear Greg, Dean , families and all those who loved this larger than life woman. I beamed in and tears flowed for the whole service …all words were so poignant and moving, all photos so beautiful.
    She’s flying high with those black cockatoos, but like the E Bird she is, she’ll be swooping down to still be with you when you need her.
    Sending biggest love xxx

    1. Julie and Mick what a beautiful service i wish i new her.she sounds like an amazing person xx mick i know you would have loved Elsa such a heart just like you xxx

  30. Thank you Bernard, Dean, Greg and all of you who spoke and played today. A beautiful celebration of a beautiful person – caio Elsa xoxo

  31. Dear Greg and all the Family
    Beautiful Elsa !
    So effervescent and powerful.
    Our paths crossed throughout life from Elsas early days at Sacré Coeur to now.
    Touched by her endless spirit !
    Deepest condolences

  32. It was wonderful to celebrate Elsa’s amazing life today – even from afar.
    Much love to all those who loved her – Shamus, Jen, Quinn.

    1. Julie and Mick what a beautiful service i wish i new her.she sounds like an amazing person xx mick i know you would have loved Elsa such a heart just like you xxx

  33. Wonderful to hear about Elsa’s life.
    Thanks for the invitation.
    Full of spirit we will miss you.

  34. Great words Dean, it’s been so lovely thinking of my memories with Elsa. She was a very unique woman in deed. Love to all those who love her.

  35. It has been many years since I holidayed at Mt Martha … perched up the hill on Coolangatta Road behind “The Galbally’s”. I sit here and write with so many childhood memories of days spent on the beach, watching Old Yeller on your movie screen and planning how our lives would play out – particularly with Paul, Joseph and Elsa – playing in my mind. I am so saddened to hear Elsa has left us. Love to the family and all those who held Elsa dear x

  36. Such a beautiful celebration of a life filled to the brim– a life full of wonder and magic music passion and LOVE. Take care all of you — ‘No one ever really dies”. xx Sancia

  37. There’s an Elsa-shaped hole on the planet which cannot be filled by another… I loved your energy, wit and straight-up-ed-ness! You will be missed dear Elsa. X

  38. Else, few words can express our loss.

    Thank you for being my memory keeper and l too, am glad we were on the same planet at the same time.

  39. For Greg, though we have not met, condolences from Chris and Anna Hoare and family. Although an older brother, again only recently discovered, I did not meet Elsa, but regret a missed opportunity. Hope Elsa finds some peace .

  40. Greg, Megan and I send our love today to you, and to Elsa’s family. We only knew her a short time and I wish we had more time with her. You two were so good together. We’ll be watching and can only wish we were there with you.

  41. Thinking of Mick and Julie and their family in saying goodbye to such a recently discovered and much loved sister.

  42. Greg we will be thinking of you today and also you Eliza…thanks for introducing us, it was a brief relationship but I am glad we all shared your birthday and had a fun night with food, music and dance. We were very lucky to enjoy Elsa’s company. X

    1. Julie and Mick and Elsa’s famly thinking of you especially today and always.Sorry it was a short
      Time with Elsa but great time getting to know her.xx

  43. Elsa was a friend of mine at school Sacre Coeur.
    She was a happy loving generous person. I remember her beautiful long blond hair and laugh.
    Rest In Peace

  44. To dear Greg and Elsa’s family,
    Watching Elsa grow so brightly and lovingly through her teenage years was a joy. And her brightness never dimmed; nor will it ever.
    Much love to you all.

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