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6 comments on “Elsie Scalzo”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. We watched it last Thursday with my mum on a big screen. We felt very connected with you all. And though the occasion is sad it is wonderful to see and hear you all. You all spoke beautifully and did her proud. Mum loved the pictures. They bring back so much happy memories.
    We remember tante Els fondly. She was warm and welcoming to us when -with no warning- we showed up at her doorstep in 1988. This welcome feeling she gave us was repeated in 1992. I remember the enormous bucket of KFC that was flown in. In 1995 she was in Holland. We made a cycling camping trip together. She mastered the petrol stove with ease and had a ball. Even a tumble from the bicycle in the burning nettles was met with laughter.

    I will forever share my birthday on the 29th of March with her. And I regret that my wonderful dad will not call me Els by mistake anymore.

    Love and hugs to you all.
    And we will meet again.

    Love Frank en Gonnie

  2. What a beautiful ceremony it was. Very glad that you send me the video. Beautiful words you all did speak. I also loved the pictures. Tante Els was a very friendly person. I remember when she was for the first time back in Holland, she watched over us while my parents had a short holiday. We lived in Den Haag at the time. We children laughed always about the term “pink” she used when she meant the color roze in Dutch.
    Wish you much strength the coming time!

    Love from Holland
    Petra and family

  3. Thank you so much for the video.Far away and still close by
    It is a beautiful celebration of Els’s life. Lovely words where spoken. Great pictures where showing, glad I could contribute a few pics to the slideshow. So many memories of Els, her visits to Holland, her trips, the talks I had with her. I cerise these.
    She was a wonderful Mum to you all, she will be missed her very much.
    Els has found her peace now. ❤️

    I wish you strength for the time to come
    Love Hetty.
    Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands

  4. How wonderful it was being able to watch this with you guys from The Netherlands. I wish you all strength. For tante Els she finally found her peace.

    I remember her with great warmth, the times she was here. Her laugh, her loud voice, her accent. The story she always told me when she came for the first time back to the Netherlands, I was just a baby, and so was Michael, who stayed at home. She nursed me instead.

    Though you lived far away, we had a nice connection, and you were my favourite aunt.

    I will show my father, her brother Harry, the stream when I visit him.

    Take care!

    Fred, Emiel, Annefleur, Matthijs en Jasper Hulshof

    The Netherlands

    1. Hi Emiel. Glad you took the time to watch it. It was a very nice service for mum and we were happy with how it went. There will be an edited version in a few days that we can email to you for your Father to watch. Thanks Peter.

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