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6 comments on “Elysee Wray”

  1. Auntie Elysée,
    Where do I begin? You were my most kindred spirit in every way. You made me laugh and cry, smile and hope, live and dream, and you taught me how to float in the bathtub when I had not yet learned how to swim! I will forever cherish all of these gifts you taught and gave to me. I saw you for the last time when we were at San Francisco International Airport, you said “ Richard I will see you again in another life…” Now six years later, I vividly remember these last words you spoke.
    I had the most intense dream about you: I was in an ambulance, being taken to the emergency room for a serious injury ( I cannot remember the injury..). Upon arrival at hospital, I am rushed into emergency, and my nurse walks over to my bed and stares into my eyes. That nurse was you! Your eyes made my fear and pain of my injury disappear with your smile. I felt so deeply comfortable and safe with you… fortunate for me that my aunt is my ER nurse!!!….
    My iphone started to ring nonstop. I opened my eyes and answered my phone. It was my mum (your sister Marie-Claire) crying. She said you had died. This dream was on the night of November 9, 2022. My auntie Elysée visited my dream in your death.
    I love and miss you so very much.
    Your loving nephew,
    Richard Davis from San Francisco/Oakland California.

  2. To my big beautiful sister Élysée who loved your family and helped and cared for us all especially
    Gisele, Agnes, Mum and Serge as their health deteriorated, whilst still taking care of Michael.
    We are deeply saddened to have lost you so suddenly. Thankyou for all you did for us.
    May your dear soul rest in eternal peace. AMEN.

  3. Dearest Elysee
    You were the matriarch of our family since Mum passed away.
    You were always there to remind us to pray, to be kind and thoughtful to each other and even always reminding us to remember the other members of the family’s birthdays.
    Your mind was like an encyclopedia.
    We will miss you eternally.
    Thank you for your love, kindness and devotion.
    Above all, thank you for your smile. You had the biggest heart.
    Till we meet again.
    Goodbye dear sister.
    From Didier, Linda Yannick and extended family.

  4. Elysee, you were my dearest sister. Your love and kindness knew no bounds. You will be forever in my heart.
    Until we meet again.
    Love, Marie-Claire, Michael, Richard and Danielle.

  5. Aunty Elysee

    We will miss your laugh and smile. The compassion you showed Mum, Granny, and Uncle Serge during their illnesses and passing. You had a huge heart, and your kindness knew no bounds. Rest in peace, knowing that we will be eternally grateful for everything you’ve done for our family.

    Love always, Mason, Roger, and Marianne.

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