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  1. A beautiful service for a wonderful, unique, smart and witty woman, taken far too soon. It was wonderful to see how she lived her life to the fullest and continued to spread love, laughter and happiness to everyone who knew her after school. This made me remember her with a big smile…
    Deepest condolences to Emma’s family and friends. Words cannot express what a tragic loss this is.

  2. I am saddened to hear of Emma’s passing. For a long time I was one of her PT clients, and during this time I benefited from her expert training and good humour . My condolences to Derek and to his and Emma’s families.

  3. Incredibly sad to hear of the loss of Emma. I really loved being in her presence at school, a lot of fun and a great individual. A beautiful smile that was infectious. A cheekiness that was lovable. A deep care for others. Thinking of her family and friends. I can’t believe it. I would have loved to talk to her about her environmental work and how we had ended up in similar careers, most probably inspired by our shared early trek experiences.

  4. Dear Derek and family and friends of Emma,

    I did not have the pleasure of knowing Emma for a long time (we undertook a Diploma in Conservation and Land Management), but we went on a few camps together for the course, went on a few walks (after the course), and we went on one protest march in the city for more forests and national parks.

    It always struck me how smart and witty she was; how beautiful and vibrant, and at the same time very kind and caring.

    I miss her dearly and she will always have a special place in my heart.

    With deepest sympathy to all of you,


  5. You really did Emma proud with the beautiful service. I will always remember her for being so welcoming and fun. So many of my amazing Melbourne memories are because of Emma.
    You are all in my thoughts xx

  6. It is always so hard to know what to write in this situation, but what I can say is that Emma had a huge impact on the many people she met during her too short life. Their love for her radiated through their memories of this vibrant individual. I shared a smile as they reminded me of the girl I was at high school with, who more recently I had only caught a glimpse of through Facebook.

  7. I was terribly sad to hear about the passing of Emma. Emma was one of the most kindest people I’ve ever been lucky to know since high school. Incredibly intelligent and kind and of course beautiful and full of life too. A true original who will never be forgotten.

    Deepest sympathies and condolences to Glenda, Tony, Derek and Emma’s family and loved ones.

    Lots of love to you, Emma.

  8. Emma’s personality shone through in the service today. I’m reminded of all the reasons I appreciated her when we were friends at school… Her incisive wit and wry smile, her unapologetically loud, unfiltered bursts, her warmth under the snark… Her all-in rendition of “I will survive”, with all the dance moves! My thoughts are with Derek, and with Emma’s friends and family during this time.

  9. Incredibly sad to hear of the loss of Emma. I really loved being in her presence at school, a lot of fun and a great individual. A beautiful smile that was infectious. A cheekiness that was lovable. A deep care for others. Thinking of her family and friends. I can’t believe it. This morning before the service, I looked out my window and saw two Tawny frogmouths looking at me. I would have loved to have discussed with Emma the fact that we had both ended up in the environmental field, most probably influenced by our shared Trek experiences.

  10. She really was a fabulous weirdo. All that keeps playing in my head is “I love lamp”.
    I have so many happy Dan’s memories thanks to her.

    My heart goes out to Derek and Emma’s family and friends.

  11. My deepest sympathies and condolences to Emma’s family, friends and loved ones. I remember her being a beautiful soul, hilariously funny, extremely intelligent and a caring, friendly person. Beautiful service. Rest In Peace Emma.

  12. We extend our deepest sympathy to you Derek and Emma’s family and loved ones. She was a beautiful and vibrant young woman. Our love and thoughts are with you all.

  13. Emma’s service was really beautiful. Her sense of humour and love of fun will always be remembered. She will be forever missed. Sending love to you Derek, Emma’s family and all her friends xxxxx

  14. It was a privilege to be able to attend Emma’s online service today.
    I went to Korowa with Emma and went on the Great Victorian Bike Ride with her.

  15. Our deepest sympathies go to you Derek and Emma’s family. No words can describe how much we will miss you Emma! You will always be in our hearts. Thank you for sharing these special memories of Emma with us.

    You were the loudest person in a room, you always had the most iconic hair colours, nail polishes and socks we can recall and you will always be the best cook of a vegetarian lasagne, we knew.

    XX Simone and Alex

  16. I have so many lovely memories of Emma and James growing up together. We will remember with fondness , her wonderful fun loving nature.
    Glenda, Tony, Derek, Sam and Ed, my heart is breaking for you.
    Much love. Meg and James xx

  17. A beautiful service to remember the beautiful Emma. I met Emma when she first came to work at Dan Murphy’s and although I hadn’t seen her for many years since then I will cherish the memories of my funny, witty and kind friend. My deepest condolences to Tony, Glenda, Derek and to all of the family and Emma’s close friends for the tragic loss of Emma.

  18. Em, thank you for being such a patient trainer (/ counsellor…) and for always sassing me right back when I was being bratty. We shared a love of dogs, swearing, Jurassic Park and margaritas, among other things and I’ll remember you for being brave, loud, inappropriate, hilarious but also secretly very thoughtful. Also, your perfect hair. Tonight, I’ll drink a margarita while wearing my Jurassic Park t-shirt and sparkly pink lobster socks in your honour.

    Sending love, thoughts and strength to Derek, your family and all of your friends x

  19. Our deepest condolences to you Derek and Emma’s family. It was a beautiful service. May Emma live on forever in your hearts. Much love from Fran and Matt xx ❤️

  20. Beautiful service for a beautiful girl. Captured Emma perfectly and reminded us all to live more like her. She will be missed by all who knew her, gone way too soon but heading onwards to better things. Thinking of you Derek and all of Emma’s family & friends xx

  21. My deepest condolences to Glenda, Tony and Derek, and to all of the family, for the loss of beautiful Emma. I will always remember her wonderful childhood laughter with Julia.

  22. I am at a loss for words to express my sadness for the passing of Emma, my deepest sympathies go to her family and friends. Gone too soon, the world is a little less bright without her.

  23. Sending healing prayers and comforting hugs to Derek, his family and Emma’s family. I hope you feel surrounded by lots of love.

  24. I am so lucky to have met Emma at school. She always shone brightly and brought wit to every occasion! I was so glad to see her living life to the fullest and flourishing after school. I have thought a lot about her recently and continue to think of her family and friends x

  25. What a beautiful service. We will always love you our darling, amazing, incredible Emma Betty.
    Sending all my love Glenda, Tony, Derek and family xx

  26. That was a beautiful tribute to Emma and her life, it showed her beautiful, weird personality and zest for life. We’re so grateful to have known her x

  27. Our heart breaks for you all-We Love Emma so much -it was our privilege to know her and have her in our lives. She will always be in our hearts and memories. All the love to you Derek and family.
    Tony & Leigh

  28. My sincere condolences Derek to you and your family. Just remember that all us at Scope are here to support you in what ever way we can. Such a beautiful service for Emma. X

  29. This is so heartbreaking. I’m so, so sorry Derek. She was like sunshine. Shining so bright, so warm.
    I was in such awe of her. This is such a tragic loss. The world is worse off having lost you Emma.
    Rest in peace.

  30. Dearest Glenda, Tony, Derek and family , the service certainly captured the lively beautiful woman that Emma was.
    She lived life to the fullest , which should be a wake up call to us all.
    My heart breaks for your loss.
    Her smile and laughter will live on through us all.
    Love Robyn and Neville

  31. Our love and sympathies to Derek and Emma’s family. Such a unique and fun person who will be greatly missed. xx

  32. Rest in peace Emma. Your service was beautiful and I am very grateful the universe brought you into my world 5 years ago. We started as Trainer & Client, but ended as Friends. After seeing each other once a week for several years, there’s a special bond that grows and you will be missed. Lots of love, Luke xxx

  33. My deepest sympathies to you Derek, and the rest of Emma’s family too. Emma was a uniquely beautiful person, who will be sorely missed by all. I will always treasure the times we had together.

  34. I feel very privileged to have known Emma and be in the presence of her strength, hysterical sense of humour, caring nature and uniqueness. My thoughts are with you all at this time.

  35. I’m going to miss Emma so much for the rest of my life, as we all will because she was the best. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there with you today.

  36. My deepest condolences to you Derek and Emma’s family. I have no doubt that you were all trully blessed to have Emma in your lives!

  37. I had the pleasure of going to high school with Emma, we were good friends and close during years 9-10. I have many fond memories of my time spent with her, from hockey (she was the only one who wanted to be goalie), playing at her house in Malvern East, Phillip Island and Mt Buller. I bumped into her occasionally during uni at various parties, and even met Derek! But I mostly heard about what she was up to via Gina and Lucy. I was devastated to hear of her passing.

    Emma was a bright star. I will always remember her as being confident, determined, selfless and always knew what to say to lighten a mood. She was one of the most intelligent, witty and charismatic people I knew.

    She was such a beautiful soul who will be missed by many whose lives she’s touched. I hope she is at peace and my sincerest condolences to Derek, their fur children, and her family.

    1. What a beautiful service for a truly beautiful person. I am fortunate to know Emma through the high school years. Smart, kind, incredibly funny and creative. She was such a light and a very special person. There are no words for such a devastating loss. My deepest condolences to Glenda, Tony, Derek and Emma’s family and loved ones. Daphne

  38. Em was such a beautiful person. She will be missed greatly. I am so happy for all the time we spent together and will forever cherish the memories. All my love to you Derek, Em’s family & friends xx

  39. To everyone that knew and loved her, I’m so sorry for your loss. She didn’t fit the mould, but none of us here (at work) do, and that’s what made our short time knowing her so great. Love u Lippy

  40. It was heartbreaking to hear of your loss Derek our thoughts are with you mate.
    My deepest condolences to you Derek and to Emma’s family.

  41. My condolences to Derek and Emma’s family. I had the pleasure of Having Emma as my PT for a couple years, she was a wonderful person to know and will be greatly missed

  42. I had the pleasure of working with Emma and I to this day look after some of the clients she entrusted to me as a PT. She had the most wonderful spirit and generous heart. We have had many wonderful conversations about her and she left me great big shoes to fill. My thoughts go out to you all and please know if there is anything I can do to support you that you can reach out at any time.

    1. Derek, thinking of you through this very difficult time. Our deepest condolences. Sorry we can’t be by your side but are always here to support you in any way we can

  43. So sorry for the loss of Emma, she was a beautiful person and will be greatly missed. Thoughts are with Derek and family

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