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  1. Dear Jenny, Leon and family.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share in this service for our FBA member Eric Belcher. Jenny, how fortunate you were to have Eric as a father. I was greatly touched by the portrayal of his love for his family in this service. He will be sadly missed but has left a wonderful legacy through his life and love. Joan Cavanagh.

  2. It was a very fitting service and I enjoyed hearing everyone tributes. Uncle Eric left an indelible imprint on my life and am so glad for the times we got to spend with him and your family.

    1. Thanks Barb for attending Dad’s Livestream service and your comments on our Guest Book.
      I’ve finally started watching Anne of Green Gables, Eric’s favourite DVD and I thought of you enjoying thick lush grass this year(?) Love, Jenni

  3. Dear Jenny
    Thank you for sharing this very moving service for your Dad, I will now go and have a cup of tea.

    1. Thanks Eve. Dad would have appreciated the idea that you and all those at his funeral were enjoying a cuppa with home-made sandwiches, cakes and scones. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Beautiful Service, I had tears pouring down my face the whole time.
    It was a pleasure knowing Eric, he was such a sweet man, I am really going miss seeing him down the end of the street & zipping around in his car.
    I will forever cherish the small amount of times we spent together- I wish it had been more!
    We will be thinking of you always & miss you dearly.
    Love to all of the family in this very sad time.

  5. I only met Eric a few times through my daughter who lives at 26 Thames St, he is one of life’s true gentlemen and reminds me so much of my dear dad. It has been really touching being able to watch this wonderful service.

    1. Thanks, Jan. I will send Steph a thank you in the coming weeks but wanted to thank you both for attending Eric’s Livestream service and your comments.
      I have many memories of living at number 26. What hasn’t changed is the wonderful sense of community and love in the neighbourhood. Jenni & Family

  6. Dear Jenni, Leon, Bronya, Brylee and family what a privilege it was to know Eric and his love for your family and friends. What a character. We did enjoy hearing more about Eric’s life and activities at the funeral service and hearing you all speak so lovingly. Well done. The wonderful wonderful memories will always be a treasure. Wishing you all peace and comfort.
    love David and Glenys Stewart

  7. A lovely service and it was so lovely to hear the stories about Eric. We enjoyed chatting with him when he used to come along to our Sweetwater Creek BBQ’s to help Warwick with cooking the sausages. Jenni you will miss him greatly.
    best wishes Jenny Hattingh

    1. Hi Jenny, Thanks so much for attending Eric’s Livestream service and for sharing your memories of Eric at Sweetwater Creek.
      Thank you also for the photos with his long cooking chopsticks. You may have noticed him using them at his bbq in the Reflections slides.
      Please forward my thanks to all the members of Sweetwater Creek. Jenni & Family

    1. Thanks Ivan for posting your condolences on Eric’s tribute page.
      I am not sure of your connection with my Dad, Eric but he said that he was everyone’s friend. And that he loved them all.
      You can get in touch further if need via his letterbox. Jenni & family

    1. Hi Helva
      Thank you for attending my Dad’s Livestream service and your kind messages via Judy.
      I was delighted to hear of your recent trip up to Judy and Stewart’s home. You are living a Wonderful Life just as Eric did. Thanks, Jenni & Family

  8. Dear Jenni and Leon: Thank you for streaming the service and giving the opportunity to witness the celebration of Eric’s life. He performed many important community activities during his life but his greatest gift to us all was the love and care he gave to his family, friends and those around him. He made the world better place. Barbara and I watched the service and the tributes. Thank you for your eloquent and sincere words. Goodbye dear cousin.


  9. Such a beautiful service befitting a wonderful man. We are all richer for having had him in our lives. Eric’s considerable achievements through adversity are remarkable and he leaves behind an amazing legacy. I am proud of Eric and so proud that he was my great uncle. The last of his generation of Belchers, he will be missed. My sincere condolences to all of Eric’s extended family. My thoughts are with you during this sad time. May loving memories of Eric stay with us always and inspire us to live with positivity, creativity and kindness and to find joy in life as he did. Indeed, “the journey is what it’s all about”.
    With best regards,
    Ruben Shannon
    (Linda Livingston’s (nee Belcher) son, Leon Belcher’s grandson)

    1. Hi Ruben
      Thank you for attending Eric’s Livestream and for your really kind words.
      You were Pa’s first great grandson. Eric was very happy when you showed an interest in music and especially in taking on the violin like Pa. Eric loved music but never considered himself a “pro”. We hope you will come and play for us, maybe our next Belcher reunion that your aunty Sue is helping to organise. Kind Regards, Jenni & Family

  10. David and I had lunch with Eric and cousin Ruth last December, treasured memories of Eric.
    Condolences to Jenni and family.

  11. Dear Jenni, I posted before the service wanting you all to know I was there. This lost message has melted into the ether and is now helping Eric on his way! So here I go again, this time through tears and many thoughts and memories kindled by the service and your tributes. What a happy spirit Eric must be to be farewelled in such a warm and loving way.
    I was lucky in my early life to make friends with Jenni when we were 11 and 12 and through this enduring friendship to become part of the kindness and affection given to me by her parents, Tami and Eric.
    Eric was warm, welcoming and accepting. He was a great encourager of our friendship, Jenni’s and mine which he clearly enjoyed right down to the wrangling of two independent girls. And he loved to have fun often engaging our imaginations through story, song and poetry. I also remember his pride in being able to take us on outings in that marvellous vintage car and it featuring at Jenni’s wedding. I am delighted that i have experienced his generosity of spirit through family life, gatherings and outings with his bush knowledge, gardening & musical talents. He loved life and kept on smiling till the end. He will be smiling now on his next adventure in the great unkown knowing that he has touched people in this life with his genuineness and lived his life so well.And it always showed how much he loved his wife, daughter and grandgirls and families and extended this to those important in their lives.
    My love and gratitude Eric, I will miss you. My love and thoughts to Jenni, Leon, Bronya, Brylee, Nigel, Scott, Zahli, Felix, Jasmine and Banjo, may Eric continue to fill your hearts with gladness
    Love and hugs, Judy (sometimes known in my teen years at Thames St as Lizzie!)

  12. Beautiful Service! Thinking about you all through this very sad time. So many lovely memories to cherish! Love Michelle

    1. Thanks for attending Dad’s livestream service. Your comments are really appreciated as we know you have witnessed many services.
      You have been blessed as we have, to belong in very loving families. Jenni & Family

  13. A lovely service.
    We will always treasure the special stories you wrote for us. A wonderful life well lived.
    Our love to Jenni, Leon and family.

  14. Farewell ERIC, thank you for your friendship over many years, you always had a word of wisdom to offer on any subject. We miss seeing you head off on some of your excursions in your Hi Viz gear and various modes of transport, which kept us amused and amazed. CONGRATULATIONS to Jenny, Leon and family for a lovely goodbye.

  15. Eric we will miss your “just a couple of minutes” talks that always lasted so much longer! Your enthusiasm for everything you did and your love of life. The MPHVC has lost a dedicated member.
    Chris and Noelene Warwick.

    1. Thanks Noelene and Chris for your notes on Eric’s tribute page.
      Dad loved his car club and especially the buzz from the Federation rally or a good “sea-sick run” or skit he had organised.
      Yes, I would give anything for those “just a couple of minutes” and longer.
      Thanks to all the car club members for their friendship.
      Jenni and family

  16. Jenni, Leon, Bronya, Brylee and Families, thank you for letting us share in a wonderful service for a wonderful man, we will miss seeing Eric’s smiling face.
    Seeing all our love xx
    Chris, Lisa, Hannah and Zoe.

    To Zahli and Felix, you are both so lucky to have had such a amazing man in your lives, he was so proud of the both of you and we know he will continue to watch over you. You both did so well today and you did your GG proud! love from Uncle Chris and Aunty Lisa xxxx

  17. What a wonderful service for a wonderful fellow !
    Farewell Uncle Eric. No doubt you’re sitting around with Nada and the rest of the Belcher boys telling yarns and singing songs…….
    Safe journey.

    Jenni, our thoughts and best wishes are with you and your family.

    Love to all
    Trish and David Murphy and family

  18. Dear Jenni ,
    Loved hearing all the stories about your Dad, you spoke so well. Love to yourself, Leon, Bronya , Brylee and all your family. I always loved your Mum and Dad, many happy memories. As you asked, I will now make myself a cup of tea in honour of your lovely Dad. xxDenise

  19. What a beautiful service for a man well loved and who will be missed greatly.
    The Belcher men (And Nada) were certainly full of life and character and hopefully we who follow in their footsteps can honour their memories and live our lives in the same manner……full of love, fun and laughter….complete.
    Love to all,
    Jenny and Ian Sutton and family.

  20. To my Uncle Eric, THANKYOU. 

    My journey has been so much richer for the numerous wonderful times I had with you from early childhood. Likewise into my adulthood, not only for me but for Jane and our boys. You have always taken such a genuine interest in people & made life fun for us. 

    All of Mum’s brothers and wives (and indeed my brothers and cousins) are truly amazing & I am privileged to be a part of our extended family. 

    John, Jane, Michael & Robbie

  21. Wonderful memories of a very special Uncle. So many of the stories shared reminded us of our own father. Eric would be very proud of you Jenni. His stories will linger for many generations.
    Love Katie & Caryn

  22. Jen, your dad was a wonderful man an absolute gentleman. He would have been very proud of you all.
    It truly was a beautiful send off.

    Love from Jenni

  23. Thank You for your invite to view Eric’s service It was a lovely tribute to him. Once again Deepest Sympathy to all the family. I will always remember Eric for the Gentleman that he was.
    Jan & Howard Amos. ( Emu / St.Arnaud )

  24. A beautiful celebration of Eric’s life. We have very happy memories catching up with Eric at school and ballet concerts for Brylee and our daughter. What a special man. We are privileged to share in this celebration today. xx

  25. Knowing Eric was such a pleasure. His own enjoyment was clear when he joined us Sweetwater Creek volunteers at our community working bees and deftly turned the barbecue sausages with his chopsticks.
    We loved hearing his stories and sharing his love of native plants he planted in his own garden.

  26. Jenni, Thanks so much for the invitation to Eric’s funeral. We just finished watching it live. It was a beautiful service and we learnt a lot about what a wonderful person Eric was. Our thoughts and love are with you and your extended family at this time.
    Dave and Viv

  27. Eric we will always remember you at our Sweetwater Creek Community Days, turning the sausages with your chopsticks. You were always friendly and showed a zest for life.
    Thank you Jenni and family for a wonderful memorial service for your dad, grandfather and GG.

    1. Thank you Marg and John for posting your memories of my Dad, Eric.
      Eric loved Sweetwater creek, especially the Granites and watching the little birds from the swingbridge. He loved to walk down there with his visitors to show off his beloved Sweetwater Ck. During the week before he died, Eric walked down to Margaret’s seat at the start of the track and we stopped and listened to the birds.

  28. We will miss seeing you out the front of your house as we go past, and you in your Anglia. Thanks for been a great neighbour and helping to defend the area against unit development.

    1. Thanks Trevor. You are right about Dad’s determination to honour the covenants attached to many of the South Frankston properties. It was amazing to think that he was prepared to attend court in the city in his late 80’s to mount such a defense.

  29. RIP Eric, it was wonderful getting to know you through the family and sharing grandkids and your great grandkids with you. What a lovely farewell, thanks for letting us share it with the family.

    1. Thank you for speaking so lovingly on your pre-recording for Grandad’s service.
      It was like we were there with you when Grandad wobbled Moses the camel and brought him alive.

  30. I really enjoyed those dinners with WARICK and ERIC. THANKYOU Eric, we will miss you.
    I watched the funeral service and it was a real privilege to know you Eric.
    Margaret Clark.

    1. Thank you Margaret. It is sad the Covid 19 restrictions put a stop to those dinners since Eric recovered from his strokes earlier this year. He and Warwick also enjoyed the opportunity to eat out with you. Thank you for your friendship.

  31. We will all miss you, Eric: the “Sideways Hat”, your sense of humour and your willingness to join in and support the Club in so many ways. You were an inspiration to us all.
    Rest in peace.

    1. Thank you Eddie. It was lovely to see the reference to Eric’s “Sideways Hat”. He liked to stir up the car club members with his sense of humour. Thank you for being willing to join in and your appreciation.

  32. Dear Jenny ,Leon and family The service has been a wonderful tribute and also eye opener to how very special Eric is and I will keep you all in my thoughts .His special impish and creative ingenuity and great strength of character are a role model and demonstration of an independent spirit. Yes we will continue to share gardening in that special way . Love and blessings from Eva

    1. Thanks Wayne and Dawn.
      Eric will be there, driving along with you and entertaining the kids (big and little) with the spider at the tea stop.

  33. We were your neighbor’s For 40 plus years and Loved having a chat over the fence with you! Yo would look after Tipsy our dog while we were at Point Leo during Christmas holidays and the pool that your granddaughters would be able to use as payment!

    We Loved exchanging gifts with you and Aunty Tami at Christmas knowing that Jenny and the grandchildren would eat all mums home made mince pies on you so we had to increase the tins to two so you and Aunty Tami would get some.

    Stuart ended up doing your lawns for the last couple of years and loved having a chin wag about you garden fruit trees and cars and just about life itself and how you were going.

    You will be sorely missed by the Adkin’s

    Rest in Peace

    The Adkin

  34. I was lucky to make a friend like Jenni so early in my life and through this friendship to enjoy the kindness and affection of her parents Tami and Eric. Eric was a man who embraced life and encouraged others to enjoy it. Through conversations, and activities related to family gatherings and outings, the bush, gardens, water activities, travel, poetry and music I have enjoyed having Eric in my life. Travel well through the next great phase knowing that you touched people in this life that you lived so well. I will remember you and miss you.

    1. This was my first message I thought lost written beforehand to let you know I was there. Wrote you a long heartfelt message afterwards too and hopeful that will afterall appear as well.

  35. Thankyou Eric for being a wonderful neighbour of over 50 years and for the close friendship forged with Warwick. Will miss the 10am “solving the problems of the world” discussions.

    1. Thanks Tink for your comments on Dad’s tribute page.
      What I’d like to add to your post was how proud we were to hear your dad speak so caringly
      at my Dad’s service. Warwick has meant the world to Dad when his own world tumbled after Mum died. Now, I am ringing Warwick fairly regularly for Eric, just as he would have wanted.

  36. Safe journey Eric.
    Thank you for your kind, calm and warm friendship.
    We will miss being part of your funny Christmas luncheon skits, among so many other things.
    Our hearts are broken.
    We will miss you so very much.
    Zana, David and all the kids xxx

    1. Dear Zana, David and family
      Thank you for your comments on Dad’s tribute page. When you were doing the newsletter editor and other jobs for the car club, it seemed that we would hear your names very often. Eric was so delighted that a young family had not only joined, but also were willing to help the retired committee members.
      Your friendship with Dad added to his feeling of giving and being loved. Thanks, Jenni

  37. See you on the flip-side Eric. Thanks for your friendship and entertainment mate. Bernie and Leonie Valentini. MPHVC

    1. Thank you for being such a wonderful neighbour and for your friendship to Doug and many happy memories of those days at Thames St. I sadly missed the viewing of your lovely service but my thoughts were with you.

    2. Thanks, Bernie for your comment on Eric’s tribute page.
      When you meet Eric on “the flip-side”, he will be the bloke with a big crowd, lots of great old cars and with room for you and all those he met, loved and cared for.
      Cheers, Jenni

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