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11 comments on “Ernest ‘Ernie’ Boyle”

  1. Robert & Jeanie says:

    Lovely celbration of Ernies life. So many special memories for you all and surrounded by so much love.
    Out thoughts are with you during this time.
    Take Care xxx

  2. I’m not sure where I posted my comment. I’m sorry if I lost it I hope you see it I loved the beautiful service so would have dad Roy I can feel Ernie is with your Mum and my Mum Grace and all your family and friends and still now chatting away reminiscing over afternoon cups in a beautiful Heavenly bush land much love Claire

  3. Hey true Blue that’s Ernie the truest kindest friend of My Mum and Dad Grace and Roy and me Claire Dad I think worked with Ernie at the butchers shop not too sure though My dad talked of Ernie almost as a brother Dads life years ago was just so like Ernies is many ways so much in common and always together when we visited like men at that time Dad and Ernie would disappear to talk men’s things after tea and Amy Mum and Tina Denny and I would do what kids did played and our Mums talked When Ernie was near by me as a child He never tired of my endless questions or wanting to be where was..Mum said at her 21st it was Ernie who was the only one who could stop my tears as I was teething …Ernie Amy and Mum I can see them in Heaven sitting underneath a gum tree having many cups of tea while catching up on the past smiling and laughing together Ernie and Amy I cant remember them not ever making me feel special I am an only child yet when I was with them I felt to them I was part of their family I even thought I was….. My Dad was talking to Jennifer just a couple of days ago and Dad now at 90 has Dementia and He was talking telling Jennifer something about What He and Ernie had been doing and he was laughing too . Ernie and Amy I loved them as a little girl always felt that I was special to them I can see them when I was young sitting around a table with us all I felt so contented to be with my other family I looked across at Tina with the longest golden plaits I had ever seen then more laughing and a very happy me leaning back on someone’s lap just so contented .. Now when thinking back I can see Ernies eyes with a twinkle in them and Amy pouring out my own very special cup of tea… .I won’t say good bye to Dads mate Ernie Because though He is no longer Here He is with Amy and His family and friends, what a reunion underneath that Hugh Gum tree In Heaven loaded with birds and beautiful flowers so much laughter the afternoon tea would be spread out for so many of Ernies loved ones even as we speak it’s Probably most likely still going on. Love you all Claire and Roy

  4. Tina your speech was inspiring and incredibly heart felt. What a loving, wonderful family.
    Love to you all.
    Louise, Steve, Belinda and Alyce Hoewel.

  5. I loved visiting your home when I was just a little girl. Your gardens and the cuckoo clock on the wall in your lounge room always made me smile.
    RIP my smiley, chatty uncle.
    Thanks for the memories.

  6. What an amazing legacy of memories Ernie has left. It was great to listen to it all way over here in Bay of Plenty NZ and to feel part of it.Ernie and family visited us on the farm not so many years ago. Wish Bob and I could sit around with you over a beer and hear more! — Fiona and Bob Laming.

  7. What a beautiful celebration of an absolutely beautiful man. Ernie has certainly left a piece of himself behind in every person lucky enough to have shared in his life. We feel very lucky. Wonderful memories that we treasure. Thinking of you Tina, Dennis and all of yours.
    With love……Trevor and Vicki.

  8. What an absolutely beautiful tribute to Ernie. He certainly would have been proud of you all this morning as your words were full of such love and devotion. We enjoyed Ernie’s visit to the farm many years ago and he reminded me of Mick Dundee- “salt of the earth” Vale Ernie

  9. RIP my smiley, chatty uncle. Loved visiting your house & garden when I was just a little girl, and the cuckoo clock on the wall always made me smile 🙂 Thank you for the memories

  10. love when Ernie took time out of his day to teach us kids something old school never forget that time we spent walking around barmah forest shooting good time 🙂

    1. Lovely service. Loving memories of years gone by. Sorry we cant be there for support.
      I have Fond childhood memories and will be treasured for ever. Valerie Lavery(Hands) xxx

      Love to hear from family, please pm me on fb for my contact details

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