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  1. I know my mother and father were very fond of Frank. What a lovely and honoring tribute to Frank’s life. Thinking of Janice and your family at this time.

  2. It is a long time since I have missed a person so much. My eyes keep watering. It was wonderful to join you on line; many thanks for the opportunity to join you and to share the many testimonies and tributes. I say a huge amen to them all and praise God.
    Frank-and Janice-thank you soooo very much for all you and your family have meant to me over 42 years! I am a richer person for
    having known you. I will not forget you.
    God bless you abundantly now and always.

  3. Frank and Janice were always there with a listening ear and words of wisdom in those early years when we were first finding our feet and navigating our way with Wycliffe Bible Translators. We still miss you.
    Our condolences to the family and Janice.

  4. Condolences & warm hugs to you Janice & extended family.
    Thank you for sharing Frank with us-our lasting memory of Frank is a man who humbly walked the walk in discipleship of a loving father God

  5. Dearest Janice and family,
    I am with you in thanking God for Frank. Together with Janice, his legacy of loving God above all else, kindness, heart for the needy, dedication and confidence in the Lord, Stephen and I experienced. In my most troubled time, you were there. Yours is a legacy, treasure well kept in heaven, yet never cease to bless my heart. I praise and thank God everytime i remember you.
    Thank you for all your help and thank you for dedicating your life to God by following Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.
    Glory to God.

  6. Dearest Janice and family,
    I am with you in thanking God the Frank. Together with Janice, his legacy of loving God above all else, kindness, heart for the needy, dedication and confidence in the Lord, Stephen and I experienced. In my most troubled time, you were there. Yours is a legacy, treasure well kept in heaven, yet never cease to bless my heart. I praise and thank God everytime i remember you.
    Thank you for all your help and thank you for dedicating your life to God by following Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.
    Glory to God.

  7. Dear Janice and Family,

    It was lovely to be able to share in your thanksgiving service for Frank today – thank you so much. In such a peaceful setting, It seemed that peace was there in your gathering too, and we pray that God’s peace will continue to keep your hearts through all the days ahead. We send our love.

    Bruce & Joan Hooley

  8. Beautiful service, thank you for allowing us to share this moment with you. Frank was a caring, loving man of God. We will miss him deeply. We love you and we are praying for the whole family.

  9. It was a privilege to be able to share in the service today and hear so much of Frank’s life, family and ministry. We appreciated the opportunity to serve with Frank over a number of years at KG and also subsequently his very special ministry of encouragement and care to Retirees. We remember a special servant of the Lord. For Janice and the family we pray for strength and encouragement at this time and during the days ahead.
    Ross and Lorraine Wilkerson

  10. Thanks for sharing your beautiful tributes and allowing us to be with you in this way.
    We thank God for the blessing and testimony of Frank’s life and for the blessing both Frank and Janice have been in our lives through the years in Wycliffe. We pray the Lord’s comfort over each of you.
    Love and blessings, Luke and Monica Mosley

  11. Dear Janice and family,
    Thank you for the opportunity of sharing the memorial Service for Frank with us today. He was a true friend to us over many years and always showed the love of Christ in whatever he did. We really remember your trip to SA earlier this year with fondness Janice, and that time will remain in our memories for a long time to come. May God bless and keep you always in His care and may He cause His face to shine upon you and give you His peace.

  12. A wonderful tribute to Frank who touched my life in so many ways. A man of faith, abundant encouragement and mentorship.
    May God richly bless and comfort Janice and all the family at this time of loss.Sue Lukies

  13. What a beautiful service, thank you very much family for making it available for us to join. We wish we could be there in person, We love you and we are with you in prayers. We will miss Papa Melita so much. Love and hugs

  14. Thank you Janice, Lindall and Melita for a memorable service. We learned so much more about Frank than we had known in your time with the Diamond Creek Uniting Church. He certainly had a strong and long-lasting faith. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your extended family. Norm & Ruth Wearne

  15. This was a lovely tribute. In the years we worked closely with Frank and Janice we witnessed their dedication to our Lord and their commitment to serving Him. We’re grateful to have been able to “participate” in this celebration of Frank’s life now that he’s finally retired!

    Our love and blessings to Janice and all the family.

  16. What a beautiful setting for the celebration of Frank’s life – so lovingly and tenderly recalled. We add our tribute to Frank’s life of interest and concern which included us and our family. A truly brave man who pushed ahead on the path of loving service which God had called him to, despite the damage of his upbringing. We salute too his Godly acceptance of the Lord’s will, including terminal illness.
    Janice, you were always his co-worker and we thank you too for your love.
    Warmest greetings to you and the girls from Len and Gill.

  17. Thank you, Janice, for enabling us to participate in Frank’s Thanksgiving Service.
    We will always remember him for his care of and concern for us. He always remembered our birthdays and enjoyed a catch up on where we were at.
    Now we are living not that far from Dalby, Toowoomba area, my ancestral home.
    May God continue to bless you and the girls, and their families.
    Love from Marg and Ken Collier

  18. Rod and I were very moved to be a part of Frank’s and your life celebration. Frank did a great job of leading our Bible Study group at EU Qld University. Thank you for your support of us when we first went into translating. (Rod) I was aware of Frank’s father finding it very hard to transition from being a farmer to being a labourer in Brisbane, and my Dad was having many of the same struggles for many years. I didn’t realise just how much impact this had on Frank because I was struggling with the same difficulties with my Dad.
    Celtic Spirituality haas also enlivened our faith.

  19. Thank-you for streaming Frank’s Thanksgiving service. It was a surprise to get the invitation, we hadn’t known of his failing health. He was the most loving man we think we ever knew.

    And it was nice to see the backs of so many familiar heads. To see the Covid-spacing, and hear the warnings, makes us realise how hard it’s been for Melbournians—even those on the outskirts. Thanks for allowing the out-of-State ones to join in.

    Thanks Janice and girls for being such an important part of his life. And thanks Father God, for sharing him with us for so long,

    Alan and Lucy Rogers

  20. Hello Janice and family, What a beautiful service to honour your husband and father. Both Ross and I are very thankful for the years we have known you and served with you both. We are so very sorry that he is gone so soon. May our Heavenly Father continue to hold you and journey with you through the time of grieving. May you always be comforted with knowing that you will be reunited in the future. Love and blessings to each one of you. Lorraine and Ross Wilkerson

  21. My memories of Frank go back to our days together as undergraduates at the University of Queensland in the 1960s. We were both in the Evangelical Union (EU as it was known then) and were both part of a mission conducted by Rev Dudley Foord in 1962 or 1963.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share in this memorial service from sunny Townsville.

  22. That service was a lovely tribute to Frank. I will always remember Frank as a kind, caring, and gentle man, with integrity, an infectious chuckle, and as mentioned in this service, a huge love for God. He was in “Member Care” for many of my years in WBT and I appreciated his ministry there. I’m thinking of you Janice and family as you will miss him so. Wycliffe will surely miss him so too.

  23. We so much appreciated being able to follow Frank’s thanksgiving service online. He was a wonderful and godly person and for us it was a great privilege know him. May the Lord bless Janice and his wider family as they come to terms with their loss, knowing at the same time that Frank has entered into his Lord’s presence and rest.

  24. Such a blessing to share in this time with you. We are grateful to God for Frank, for his kind heart and love.

  25. Lovely and fitting tribute to a caring and Godly man.
    Peace and comfort to Janice and family.
    love from Lyn Starbuck.

  26. Inspiring service, a man of principal, unwavering, tempered with love. We have been privileged to have known him. Rob and I have personally been blessed by Frank affirming us in our ministry. We are sending a warm virtual hug to you Janice. Bless you.

  27. Frank will not be forgotten! Thanks for the privilege of being able to share with you today. Sending Much Love to Janice, Lyndall and Melita and their families.

  28. Frank was an encourager and mentor to me in my roles at Wycliffe. I was always thankful to have him with us at Kangaroo Ground as one we could go to when we needed sage advice or a pertinent resource, a comforting word, informed prayer or a listening ear. He exuded the grace of his Lord.

  29. Dear Janice and family,

    It has been lovely to share in this time of celebration and remembering Frank’s life and service. Thank you for making it possible for me to ‘attend’.

    I’m reminded of encouraging discussions with Frank as Marie and I prepared for marriage, and also of four-way debrief discussions with you and Frank when were were on furlough in 2002!

    Rich blessings to you,

  30. Thank you for the opportunity to share in this time of remembering and of being blessed by new understandings of Frank’s life.
    We continue to give thanks for the impact he (and Janice) have had on our lives.
    We are encouraged to reevaluate the use of our remaining time on this planet.
    With much love and many prayers
    Lesleigh & Mark x

  31. Lovely service to honour Frank’s life and his love for God and people. Blessed to have known Frank and have many fond memories of him.

    Carol, Andrew, Shereen, and Daniel

  32. Such a beautiful testimony of Frank’s life, his service to God and love for all. He was such a wise, kind man and will be greatly missed. Love and condolences to the family at this difficult time xxx

  33. Thank you for making this beautiful service available for us to join. Frank was a great man who grasped the glory and worth of the gospel as well as anyone I know, and as was said many times, he loved and cared fo people so well. He leaves a wonderful legacy. Love to Janice and all his family who will miss him so much. xxx

  34. Dear Janice,
    It was good to join you today to give thanks for Frank, and especially good to see the family around you. I’m so glad you were able to have people come together.
    Only Jesus knows the depth of your loss. May He comfort and companion you, strengthen and refresh you with His loving presence in the days ahead.
    With love,
    Anne & Mark Osborne.

  35. Encourager – thank you Frank & Janice for your faithful prayers and it is our privelege to be able to return the favour in recent days and the days ahead.

  36. What a lovely service. A wonderful tribute to the life and legacy of this special man, who was always blessing and encouraging others. Love & God bless.

  37. The testimony from the Frank Hoskin Family was a beautiful testimony of all that we love about Frank and Janice..
    Few will know how important Frank and Janice have been in our Christian life and our missionary journey..
    John & Sylvia Nowlan..

  38. Good memories of Frank from when I first joined Wycliffe. Then when I joined Pat Lillie in PNG she had taught with Frank so, as today I remember Frank, I also remember her and my own days of teaching at Ukarumpa. You have both been a blessing in my life. I thank you and I thank God.

  39. Thank you Family for enabling me to share Frank’s Memorial Service.
    We share a common interest in Ukarumpa High School and the work of WBT/SIL in PNG. I met Frank & Janice through Wycliffe Retirees in recent years. We shared our interest in encouraging us Wycliffe retired folk.
    God does bless us. We are encouraged & strengthened by our shared experiences and our love of God.
    Much love,
    Kevin Close

  40. Met Frank and Janice at a morning tea when we first went to SIL training at Kangaroo Ground in 2002. They always made the effort to talk to new people. What a wonderful, quiet, encouraging father-figure to those wanting to pursue whatever God was calling them to. We have now been in Cameroon with Wycliffe since then. Thinking of you all. Thanks for making this live-streamed.

  41. Frank has been part of our Wycliffe journey for many years, since the beginning for Brian when we met in New Zealand. We are grateful for him and will miss his gentle spirit.

  42. Our condolences to the family . Thank you Frank for the many years you shared with us in the work of Wycliffe.

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