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2 comments on “Gareth Davies”

  1. It’s an unjust world we live in, and Scraggs’s death has just proved that again. May it remind us of how fragile we are, how precious the time is that we have and we should use it as did scraggs, to spread love and laughter.
    will miss you man!

  2. A perfect service, I cannot say with words how proud I feel of your strength.
    How proud I am to have been able to share in his life.
    How devastated I am that our time on this planet together is over.
    How grateful I am we met, shared, laughed, discussed heatedly, reminisced, reflected, read poetry,
    walked the hills, in Wales, Crete, Morocco. Rode the Triumph around Europe.. My most perfect friend, gone.
    I appreciate the call for a change to the attitudes of car drivers towards bike riders, both pedal and motor bikes, and pedestrians. The lack of respect for life that drivers appear to have, who blithely answer phones whilst they should be watching out for life, and safeguarding one another.
    With love and appreciation to you all, from one of the families who has been inter wined with you thanks to Gareth’s ability to connect and conserve. We loved him, we love you.

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