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49 comments on “Gary Farrell”

  1. I worked alongside Gary and Justine at the Bulla Family Dairy Innovation workshops , and I cannot remember another time in my life where I have had so many belly laughs. We were always so grateful for his time as there was always so much wisdom shared, and always a cheeky remark alongside it. He had a spark, and it’s rare to see these days. My condolences to Renae, the kids and all who are feeling the void. Don’t worry, he’ll be up there working out the best way to prank you and let you know he’s ok.

  2. Gary, it was a true honour to have met and worked on the road with you all those years ago at Clams, you gave me my nickname that has stuck to this day, 15 years later and makes me think of you all the time.
    Many laughs in the car driving to those many restaurants and I was so crap at the job and you were ever amazing trying to teach me.
    I will never forget you.
    My deepest condolences to Ren and your beautiful children.
    All my thoughts and prayers,
    Narel “Chavi”.
    Ps: my Cheese Rounds Wedding cake that you and Ren put together for me was the best and is still spoken about!
    You will be very missed.

  3. Dearest Ren, Maci, Kiki and Saxon,
    Wishing you all my deepest sympathies. I will always treasure the memories I have of Gary, they will always make me smile.
    Love to you all. May he Rest In Peace.

  4. I still can’t believe it, so sudden. It was always an honour to judge with Gary together allover the continents. Rest in peace!

  5. Rest In Peace Gary.
    My thoughts are with all of your families, both here and the UK.
    Many memories.

    1. Nicky,
      I really appreciate your condolences, I’m sorry for any hurt I may have caused you. I can honestly say that I didn’t know.
      I hope you have found happiness and you are safe and well.
      Take care

  6. Gary my brother I am broken hearted I will never see you again , you was taken to soon from all of us and your family Renae , Maci , Kiki, Saxon . We all had ups and downs but if we needed each other we would be there .There are no words that can express how I am feeling , hope you ae looking down and smiling you and dad . You loved your family and we all have memories of you which will always been in our hearts until we meet again love you always .

    My dear brother now that you are gone
    you’re no longer here to share
    The bond we had together
    A bond of love and care ,
    yet , somehow something tells me
    you are watching over me
    Now that from worldly care
    you finally are free.
    I miss you so much
    And my tears I cannot hide
    Yet, within my heart ,I feel
    You are always by my side
    Ever since you went away
    Life has never been the same
    Yet, it comforts me to know
    That one day we’ll meet again .

    Love always

    Tricia ,Trevor, Matt , Tom, Becks Dan , Ffion Carys xxxxx

  7. RIP Gary, was a pleasure working with you and so sad it all ended so soon. My heart goes out to your family and loved ones. Cheers mate. Ben

  8. Gary,
    You showed me the other part of life in this industry.
    I am sure that you encouraged and effected many people and friends to move better way.
    Never forget about you.
    Rest in Peace…

  9. Rest In Peace Gary.
    You will be so missed by so many.
    Such a huge capacity for friendship, love and joy.
    I am blessed to have called you my friend.

  10. Beautiful & emotional service.
    So many memories of a great man liked by many. A true gentlemen of our industry.
    You would be highly missed.
    R.I.P my friend.
    My sincere condoléances to Renae & family.

  11. Beautiful service
    Rip Gary , so sorry for your lose Rene and kids
    So lovely to hear tales about Gary and all his past , happy memories of him
    Love to you all Anton ,Jas and Ruby xoxox

  12. It was a great services. R.IP. Garry gone to soon you will be missed .My thought and prays go out to your family

  13. Renae Maci, Kiki and Saxon our heart goes out to you all. Thinking of you all at this time.

    BROTHER- We just wanted to let you know having a brother like you was very special, as kids we lived, cried, fought and laughed along with our wonderful parents. We had very happy times together. You would always play the joker and wind us up, then you would step back and smile at us with that wicked smile. Even through we were miles apart, you were always in our hearts and thoughts. We always picked up were we left off, as we were never apart. We were a very lucky family to know you and how talented you were.

    Rest in Peace our little brother Love Mum, Mary, Michael, Eugene, Tricia and Lizzie and all your family around the world. XXXX ❤❤❤

    1. Thanks Gary for your very frank words when I needed to hear them, you made me laugh the last time I spoke with you, and I will never forget what you said and told me. Xxx Xxx

  14. RIP Gary, we will miss you. We have many happy memories of you over the years which we will treasure always. Condolences to Renae and family.

  15. My thoughts are with you, Rhen, Macey, Kiki & Saxon . He has an unforgettable character & a way of drawing enthusiasm at every turn. An awesome fella and an honour to have spent time with

  16. I cannot honestly remember the first time I connected with Gary. It was like he was always there – throughout chef competitions and industry events, to give you a boost at the right time, grab an extra ingredient or lend an encouraging word. I am grateful to have assisted him on many occasions, and when he called for a favour it was a easy ‘ yes chef!’
    Much respect and admiration.

  17. Absolutely heartbreaking, my thoughts go out to you Ren and the kids.
    Never has a chef made such a huge impact on me professionally as Gary did. The year we spent working together is still one of the highlights of my career!
    He was an amazing human being and the world is a lesser place now.
    Sending my love. R.I.P
    One Team One Dream❤️

    1. My thoughts are with you. We will miss Gary so much. He was an amazing man and you could not fault him in anyways. Gary, I know your wife and kids will always look after another and kids will be amazing just like you was Gary. Fly high and look after your dad in heaven ❤

  18. Gary,
    You were one of the first in my ACF family, & we all know how family comes first, my trial by fire was trying to arrange Paco-Jet canisters from Australia to be delivered to you in Germany at the Olympics in 2004. Pete spoke tonight of 14 movements on a plate – another fond memory that we all remember for most of the team dishes. Thank you for your inspiration, your attention to detail, for encouraging me eat rabbit & giving me the nickname Twisted Sister. Even if it was just between U & Me

  19. Gary, you have been taken so suddenly and far too soon. We are all still shocked and heartbroken that you are no longer with us, but thappy memories of you will always be forever in our hearts.

    A beautiful service for a beautiful, funny and very talented man.Very touching and poigniant tributes to Gary my cousin. Our thoughts are with you Renae, Maci, Kiki and Saxon.

    Love Sharron, Gary, Ellie and Beth. West Midlands, UK

  20. Gary, thank you for your friendship, cheekiness, mentorship and support you gave to me and all those around you. A huge contributor to the culinary industry- also generous with your time and advice. Condolences to Ren, the kids and to all of your family and friends. Rest in peace Chef -never forgotten ❤️

  21. Rest In Peace Gary – Farewell and thanks for your friendship and your creative force.

    Always humble, always stirring the pot in more ways than one! He was hilarious, reliable and endlessly generous with his vast culinary skill set and patience for those with L plates.

    Gary was the chef of chefs ….. he did so much incredible work in support and development of our food industry. I want to particularly note the body of work he completed for Bulla Family Dairy working with the product development teams to road test the performance of innovative Bulla culinary products that are staples used in home kitchens all over Australia.

    Gary worked tirelessly with boundless energy long hours with a fabulous sense of humour along the way. I was so lucky to know him and sending much love to his family who have lost a father and husband. Sending you all big hugs. Justine

  22. I was shocked & saddened the day I heard Gary had passed away. My normal morning texts from Jav contain something that puts a smile on my face but not this one.
    My sincere condolences to Gary’s family in Australia & here in the UK.

    May you Rest in Peace

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond xx

  23. Gary you were taken far too soon, may you rest in peace thinking if you all Renae and your family and all the family in England especially Claire. Frank, Sinead, Isabella, Hope & Samuel Downey, Wicklow, Ireland.

  24. Gary was my boss at the Melbourne Aquarium. I will miss his professionalism comedy and genius in the kitchen.thank you Gary for everything you gave to me and for being a decent man.Condolences to Gary’s

  25. Dear Renee and family, please accept our deepest condolonces. Gary was loved by all that knew him and it’s such a shock that he has gone far too soon. Your hearts are heavy with grief but please take comfort in the fact that he knows he was loved by you all. Thinking of you all at this terribly difficult time. With love and deepest sympathies Stuart, Caroline and Daniel xxx

  26. My little brother Gary
    Heartbroken today. All our love to Renae, Maci, Kiki and Saxon.
    You will be forever in our hearts.
    Miss you and love you so much.
    All our love
    Lizzie, Kevin, Sophie and Sian

  27. A great service and some great memories to be shared, Peter hit it on the head the respect the Industry and his team mates had for the larakin but we all loved his passion and determination. The words I want to say, I cannot express as such a sad day, To Renee and the kids, you guys were so strong like Gary.
    He will live on in our hearts

  28. You may not know me but I’m a good friend of Micheal and Rosie what a lovely respected man and a beautiful service god bless all your family and may Gary RIP love dawn and family xxx

  29. Gary’s larger than life personality will be very much missed, think of you, Renee and the kids at this time.

  30. Gary thank you for your inspiration, great memories and knowledge . You were so respected in industry and it was always amazing to be in your company.

    I’m still in shock and disbelief.

    Thinking of you and your extended family at this sad time

    Vale Chef Gary Farrell R.I.P

  31. Gary you gave so much to the industry and your initiatives really MADE A DIFFERENCE in the commercial cookery industry. Your legacy is without doubt. There are hundreds of Australian Professional Chefs who are much better professionals today because of your initiatives and leadership. Thank you for always seeking excellence and achieving it.
    Thank you for my honor and privilege of knowing and being associated with you.
    My condolences to the Family

  32. Rest in peace Gary, my sincerest Heartfelt condolences to his family. you will be Missed Gary.

  33. Please accept my deepest heartfelt condolences, I am thinking of you, Ren and the kids, Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, R.I.P. mate, a true gentleman, friend, father and husband.

  34. Another cook leaving the kitchen, rest in peace, you deserve to have some well earned rest. Your name will live on in the annals of culinarians.

    1. It was a great services. R.IP. Garry gone to soon you will be missed .My thought and prays go out to your family

  35. agh Gary, Im stil last for words, i do know i am for ever gratefult to you for making me feel so welcome when i first arrived, and then having the privaledge to work along side and judge along side you, you have taught me a huge amount about life, myself, and cooking,
    I will miss our catch ups, in hotel lobby bars, waiting for the nxt event or in chef lounges at comps.
    you have left us with so much to think about,
    will miss you and your humour,
    Condolences to Ren, the kids and to all of us that have lost a friend a mentor, a top bloke.
    RIP Gary

  36. To Renae and all of the extended family, Wishing you Long Life.
    Gary was a force to be reckoned with, he made us smile, laugh and he was the culinary technician. Missing his wise words, his cheeky grin and we know this is a huge loss for you all. Thinking of you at this sad time.

  37. Mate, Rest In Peace.. you will be remembered with love & friendship.. sincere heartfelt condolences to all your loved ones.

  38. You have given so much to Industry Gary, your cheeky personality and forthright approach to every day life is a unique attribute. You never held a grudge, never minced words and was a passionate advocate for cooks everywhere. Gone but never forgotten mate. One In A Million. Take a bow mate.

  39. Still hard to come to terms with your passing chef, I will forever be grateful for all you have given to me. Rest well Chef, till we meet again. My deepest condolences Ren and the kids.

    Lots of love and respect My Mentor My Chef Gary Farrell

  40. Still in shock and disbelief at the sudden loss of such a great talent. Every strength to his family, friends and colleagues. Vale Gary

  41. My sincerest condolences to the family of Gary Farrell and whom else concerned. ……..Vale Chef Gary Farrell……….R.I.P….

  42. Thinking of you and the kids Renee at this terrible time. I remember many good times and meals shared years ago.
    Stay Strong

  43. Our hearts are broken for the huge loss that Gary has left behind. He was a remarkable man and sincerely loved by all who met him❤️ Thinking of you all and sending love from Ireland

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